If you are amazed by the popularity of taro milk tea but, unable to get satisfying answers my blog about 31 logical points will be the perfect answers to your question “Why is Taro tea popular?”

I am a tea lover and a passionate tea-blogger who also runs her own tea cafe in the northern part of Kolkata city. Bubble tea is a slowly catching trend and the sole reason why I chose to start writing blogs on this variety of tea. Let us read this blog & find out the 31 cheerful reasons as to why taro tea is so popular. 


Why Is Taro Tea Popular- 31 Gratifying Reasons Worth Thy Bubbles

Taro tea, a bubble tea flavor has become immensely popular, and if you too are unaware of the reasons read my blog about 31 cheerful reasons and find out the answers yourself.

1. The Fascinating History Of Taro Milk Tea

Taro tea originated in Taiwan in the early 1980s and in due course, its popularity spread far and wide. Did you know that it is amongst the most consumed boba flavor?

What makes it more desirable are the chewy tapioca pearls that sit at the bottom.

2. The Taste Sensation Created By Taro Is Another Aspect To Consider

The mild sweetness that the flavor offers is what makes it a perfect drink for all sectors. Now, if you are a newbie let me tell you taro milk when made with real taro(not the powder)will be grainy. This grainy texture is not overpowering but, only adds to the taste appeal.

Since taro is naturally sweet you can skip adding sugar. For the sweet tooth, the flavor can be made appealing by adding honey, brown sugar, coconut sugar, sugar-free and other sweetening agents. 

3. Let Us Take Caffeine Level Into Account

Caffeine is a stimulant that is synonymous with coffee. Tea too has caffeine though not as high as coffee and taro tea fits the bill completely. Yes, your favorite taro milk tea is caffeine-free.

A typical serving of taro pearl tea has chewy tapioca pearls, tea leaves incorporated with milk, and taro powder or paste. Some boba shops will give you a drink that has tea leaves infused. However, you can omit the tea and just opt for taro mixed with milk. This way you have further ensured a caffeine-free drink for yourself. 

4. Taro Tea Is A Carefree Crowd Puller

When you enter a boba shop and scroll through the vast menu, taro immediately catches your attention and you cannot resist a drink or two. Having said this, have you ever wondered why you are drawn to the tea?

As a newbie, keep in mind that taro or fruit teas are your safest bet and one that you cannot go wrong with. A  few pointers that ought to be remembered are that you can always ask for the smallest serve the shop has to offer and if the taste appeals to you gradually increase the portion. I can assure you that the taste of taro will have you hooked in no time.

5. The Proficiency Level Is Yet Another Commendable Characteristic

Taro tea is quite simple to make and can be churned up in no time. Cut taro into small pieces that can be blended using a mixer( a thick paste is what you are looking for). Now, combine the paste and the dough together and roll into small logs. Boil the round pieces and add them to your tea.

To get a more pronounced purple color boul sweet potato with taro and then add the two into your drink. Now, all you have to do is just sit back and relax.

6. Food Pairing Is Another Delicious Font To Consider

Taro is a versatile drink and any food pairs well with it. If you ask me, I generally don’t consume any food with taro but if I am given a choice pancakes, berries, mangoes, cheese sandwiches, scones, tea time cakes, boiled corn kernels(tossed in oil or butter and garnished with salt, pepper, and lemon) would certainly go down really well.

Seeking more options? Read my blog about 51 food pairings that go well with bubble tea and see some drooling options that will wow! you each time. 

7. Should I Use A Sweetener In My Taro Tea?

Taro is known for its mild sweetness and this is another reason why taro is so popular. However, this is a question that is asked by many at my shop and I happily guide them. As mentioned earlier, taro has a natural sweetness to it and when added to milk becomes sweeter.

Now, if you are one of those people who have to get your sugar fix, then I suggest using sweeteners like honey, brown sugar, syrup, or jaggery syrup. Liquid sweeteners mix easily giving you a smooth flavor.

8. Being A Vegan Is Taro Milk Tea A Drink To Consider

Taro is a plant-based product and this makes it a perfect choice for vegans. Nowadays, one can choose from some amazing plant-based milk too. Soy milk, coconut milk, hazelnut milk are some amazing options that vegans can opt-in for when ordering taro milk tea.

In fact, I have written a blog about 19 milk options that go well with bubble tea. Do give it a read and decide which plant-based milk suits your taste buds.

9. Lactose Intolerant But A Boba Fanatic? Taro Tea Is Your Ideal Drink

Taro milk tea like any other boba tea can be completely customized and taro tea is no exception to the rule. Now, the fact that milk forms an important part cannot be missed. In this case, plant-based milk is your safest bet. The most preferred plant-based milk is undoubtedly coconut milk though soy milk, hemp milk are some other suitable options.

Now, if you are using coconut milk Never Boil The Milk. Coconut is known to be a rich source of oil and which on boiling will separate and you will get split milk. So, it should be HEATED Always and NEVER BOILED. 

10. Taro Tea Is Another Halal Flavored Bubble Tea

Halal simply means food items that are permitted under Islamic laws. Taro tea is one such flavor as i) it is a vegetable and (ii)the chewy pearls are made from the starch of the Cassava plant. By the way, I have written a blog about 10 logical points on Is Bubble Tea Halal? Do read it and be decide for yourself.

I serve taro tea in my cafe too and have people of all religions visit my shop every day. Being a vegetarian, dairy products are the only animal-derived items. Thus, I again say that taro milk tea is certainly halal. 

11. Knowing The Tea Leaves Is An Integral Part

Taro tea can be made using any type of black tea. However. to pack in more flavors black tea leaves known to be strong in taste and smell is recommended. 

Now, if the cold version is more appealing to your taste buds, a strong flavor profile tea like black tea or jasmine tea is recommended. The reason, when water or ice cubes are added, the drink will have a thin consistency that will alter the taste by diluting the tea a tad notch. In such a case, using tea leaves that have a strong and robust flavor will help retain the taste and flavor. 

12. Considering The Many Benefits Is Another Point That Should Be Taken Into Account

Taro and milk are powerhouses that benefit our bodies in more ways than one.  While the benefits of milk is no stranger, little is known about taro. Packed with water, nutrients taro energizes the body like no other root vegetable would. We, Indians call it Arbi and use it as a sweet and savory item.

Taro milk with ice will keep you hydrated during the scorching summers and had with a glass of hot milk during winters will keep you warm. Needless to say that the pearls when paired with cold taro tea will taste chewy and the same pearls incorporated in warm taro tea will just melt in your mouth. 

13. Taro Milk Tea Can Be Consumed Eve When On A Diet

Contrary to popular belief, taro milk tea can be consumed even when on a diet or looking to shed those kilos. Like bubble tea can be made completely as per liking, in a similar fashion taro milk tea too can be completely customized.

Instead of regular milk, opt for low-fat or skimmed milk. Also, taro tea is naturally sweet, one can safely skip adding sugar. So you see, how just by tweaking a few basic elements one can completely alter the tea and make it fit for consumption when losing weight is your aim. 

14. Taro Tea Makes For Cool Hashtags

Taro milk tea with its purplish color makes it a winning drink and you want to show your love for the drink by sharing it with cool hashtags on various social media handles. Talk about some hashtags like #tarolove, #purplelove, or #loveadornsanewcolor; whatever be the reason or the tag the fact that it remains worth capturing is undeniable.

By the way, if you are looking for some cool Insta worthy hashtags do read my blog about 95 unique boba captions for Instagram. You can use any captions that take your fancy but, please do mention me.

15. Ever Wondered How to Get An Even Sweetness In Taro Milk Tea?

Taro being blessed with natural sweetness doesn’t need to be tweaked with additional sweeteners. However, taro tea lovers will recommend liquid sweeteners as they will blend well and you get an even-tasting tea.

Let me share my trade secret that I do on slow days at my shop. I sweeten the pearls instead and boba at my shop hasn’t looked back since then.  I have written a blog about 31 super-delectable ways to sweeten tapioca pearls. Do read it and flavor the pearls to increase the flavor. 

16. Toppings Further Make The Drink More Worthwhile

Toppings are cute little adornments that are used to make bubble tea more appealing aesthetically. Marshmallows, cream, or even chewy tapioca pearls are used to embellish taro milk tea. Marshmallows, popping boba, jellies, chocolates, wafers, cookie crumbs are some usual toppings found in any boba shop.

The interesting part is ditching these everyday toppings and using Sago instead and to put an ease to your questions, I have written a blog about 11 riveting reasons to consider using sago for bubble tea. Do read it and share your experience in the comments section below.

17. Consider Blending Fruits With Taro Milk Tea

Talk about juicy apples or yummy mangoes fruits since time immemorial are known to be a great pairing with tea and when paired right enhances the flavor further. 

Coconut and taro are made in heaven flavor and a combination I highly recommend. Apart from coconut, berries, plums, peaches, apricots make for amazing pairings. In case you have your own pairing and want it to be shared, feel free to drop them in the comments section below and I will include them in my blog. 

18. Will Taro Tea Work As A Herbal Option?

Taro is a root vegetable and is mixed with bubble tea to make the drink more thick and creamy so that the taste is further enhanced. Having said this, have you ever considered that taro milk tea can be made with the herbal tea range too? Let me tell you some varieties that it can be paired with.

Oolong, green tea, matcha tea, or in-trend jasmine tea are some herbal tea options that can be used to make a great-tasting taro tea. I suggest skipping milk for a more floral taste in the tea. 

19. Did You Know Your Glass Of Taro Tea Is Gluten-Free?

Gluten is a binding agent that is found in wheat and maize & it is what gives the food its desired shape. Though boba has redefined the way the world drinks tea still many people are of the opinion that the chewy tapioca pearls are made from gluten.

Let me tell you that the pearls are made from the starch of the Cassava plant which is dried after harvesting before it reaches you. So, you can rest assured that that glass of taro tea you’re holding is gluten-free. 

20. Not A Fan of the Pearls & Looking for Options to Ditch Them?

Taro bubble tea will not be classified as bubble tea if not for the pearls. Off lately, boba noobs are constantly looking to experiment with the bubbles, and boba shops gladly accommodate their wish. I too fall in the latter and have come up with my own version of some yummy tapioca pearls substitutes.

Read my blog about 27 yummy substitutes for the chewy pearls. Do give it a read and see some awesome options that are doing the rounds.

21. The Many Ways It Is Consumed Is Another Reason For Its Increasing Popularity

Taro boba is amongst those flavors of bubble tea that within a short span has seen exponential popularity and still a lot needs to be known or brought to the limelight.

Taro tea like any flavor of boba can be enjoyed in both versions ie, hot and cold. Hot taro tea with cold taro balls will have a melting effect on the drink & cold taro tea with hot balls will have a tingling effect on your mouth. I prefer my taro tea this way and I suggest you should too. 

22. Revel In The Sheer Ecstasy Of Ordering A Taro Milk Tea

Imagine a day at a boba shop where you are placing your order right from scratch. Right from choosing the base, to the milk or the sweeteners and even the toppings can be quite overwhelming but, enough to get your adrenaline pumping.

Boba shops generally have portions like small, medium and large depending on the flavor. If you are a newbie, I suggest going for a small glass and increasing your pint as you get accustomed to taro milk tea. Believe me, this is a moment you will never forget. 

23. Let Us Consider The Way Boba Shops Serve Taro Tea

Taro tea is generally served in a glass with a thick straw that will help you in sucking the pearls so that you enjoy some chewy goodness with each sip you take.

Nowadays, it is a norm for boba shops to serve bubble tea in bottles called “Ready To Drink Bubble Tea Range” and let me tell you that they taste great too.  So, just pick one and enjoy pre-made taro milk tea.

24. One Drink Many Names Is What Taro Tea Is All About

Boba noobs love coming up with new names for their drink and taro tea is no exception to this rule. Let us then check out some names by which the drink is popularly addressed.

Taro tea, taro milk tea, taro pearl milk tea, taro pearl tea are some names that it is called by. 

25. Can Diabetics Drink Taro Tea?

By now, you must be aware of some amazing reasons for the popularity of the tea. Before I end my blog there are a few more points that needs to be mentioned. So, let us know about them too.

Contrary to popular belief taro tea is suitable for diabetics too. I am a diabetic myself and this doesn’t stop me from enjoying taro milk tea so why should you? I would though like to suggest that you skip adding sugar and enjoy the drink in its natural form. 

26. What Is The Best Way To Make Taro Tea?

There is no ideal way to make taro milk tea and tastes great irrespective of how it is made. Some boba shops during rush hours make taro tea with taro powder that is easily available.

I though am not a fan of taro powder and prefer making taro tea the traditional way that comprises of using real taro to make taro tea. I dice the vegetable into pieces suitable to be blended and then add the liquid to my milk. Call me old-fashioned you may but, taro tea made the age old way has a different and more likable appeal. 

27. Taro Tea Is Fit For Vegetarians Too

Taro is a plant-based product and at the same time is free from any gelatinous product too. This makes it for to be consumed by the vegetarian population.

Some regular patrons at my cafe happen to be vegetarians and will highly recommend taro tea for all the awesome facts imparted to them. Well, when the owners are vegetarians the cafe will be too. Taro is a vegetable and the prime reason why it has found a place in my shop.

28. Taro Inspired Snacks are a Foodies Paradise

By now you must be well acquainted with why taro bubble tea is such a sought after drink. This popularity has paved way for taro-inspired snacks as well.

Popular bubble tea outlets will serve you snacks like taro ice cream, taro chips, taro sauce, taro pasta and taro pancakes to name a few items. These items are readily available on almost a regular basis at any boba shop but just in case you don’t see them on the menu feel free to ask at the counter. Most shops will gladly make them for you too. 

29. Taro Tea Makes for a Perfect Comfort Drink

People love taro tea for many reasons and it’s being a comfort drink is yet another key reason for its demand.

Days I feel low or stressed, I prefer to make my own taro tea and it instantly makes me feel better. Let me also tell you that many customers at my shop will act as a testimony that taro milk tea calms them instantly. Maybe, it has got to do with the sweetness, the way you can customize your drink, or maybe the pearls I don’t know. But, whatever be your mood taro will ensure a happy feel and make you shun blue. 

30. The Distinctive Texture of Taro Milk Tea Is One Of a Kind

Taro milk tea is quite unique from other bubble tea varieties. Imagine sipping on taro milk tea and you are hit by a grainy texture that fills your mouth. That my friends is taro boba for you.

So, you see how the texture makes it stand out from other boba tea? Try it to know what I am talking about.

31. Taro Tea Merchandise Add to the Popularity of the Drink

The ever growing demand for taro boba has paved way for a range of taro inspired merchandise as well. This, in turn, has further, increased the popularity.

Taro t-shirts, keychains, DIY taro kits are some awesome give-aways that have further created a sensation and make for perfect gifting items too. 


This brings me to the end of my blog and I hope my 31 reasons have answered your question ‘why is taro tea popular?’ In case you need to ask me any further questions or have something to share please do drop them in the comments section below. I will be happy to read and answer them. Do read my blogs about the various aspects of bubble tea. I will be back soon with another blog. 

Happy Sipping!