If that pile of leftover pearls is creating havoc in your brains, let my blog be the solution. I have mentioned 57 whacky options that not only guarantee a yummy mouthful but, will elevate the whole experience and make you feel bubbly.

I am a passionate Tea blogger and also run my own cafe in the northern fringes of Kolkata city. Just like you, I also face the dilemma of utilizing the leftover pearls and this problem made me want to write a blog about 57 drooly options that will make you want to use the last bubble too. 


What To Do With Leftover Boba- 57 Scintillating Options To Redeem That Last Bubble

Ever thought about what can be done with leftover boba? Let me tell you that there’s more to this question than meets the eye. I am sure that by the end of the blog, not only will you have the answers in a yummy fashion but, the next time leftover tapioca pearls will not make you sweat. So, ready to find out the easy yet delicious ways?

What To Do With Leftover Tapioca That’s been Made In Excess?

Have prepared tapioca pearls in excess and fear it going to waste? well, let me tell you that there are so many things one can do with leftover cooked boba and which we will see in detail below. So, ready to find out? Let’s see the options we have at hand.

35 Ways To Inculcate The Cooked Surplus Tapioca Pearls In Savory Dishes

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

1. Use The Pearls To Uplift That Boring Bowl of Porridge

Porridges can be quite bland and elements like fruits, yogurt, vegetables, or meat help us by not only elevating the taste but, also improving the aesthetic appeal. However, have you ever considered that your favorite boba can be used to flavor porridge? Yes, you read that right and I will tell you how to get the job done right.

Just take a spoonful of the cooked pearls and very gently place it in the center of the bowl. Then pour the porridge into the bowl in such a way that it mixes with the bubble tea pearls.  I am sure you will be amazed at the transformation. 

What to fo with leftover Tapioca?

2. If The Idea Of Adding The Cooked Pearls Intrigues You Then Taho Should Be On Your List

Taho is a sweet dish that is popular in the Philippines. Taho is made from silken tofu, simple sugar syrup, and bubble tea pearls. Served warm, or room temperature it is delicious no matter the way it is savored. 

All you need is to grab a spoon and spoon in the dish with the pearls for a sweet and chewy texture in your mouth.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

3. Curd When Topped With Bubble Tea Pearls Make An Irresistible Combination

Curd is a semi-liquid white savory item and we Indians love it in its frozen state or use it to churn out a variety of dishes. Curds are little bowls of versatility and though they taste quite good on their own, the addition of elements like the chewy pearls increases the whole taste quotient. Let us see how to utilize tapioca pearls in curd.

Try garnishing your bowl of curd with cute pearl milk tea bubbles. The combination of the chewy pearls when paired with sweet and soft curd will give you an enriching experience. This sure makes my mouth water and I cannot wait to serve it in my cafe if only to see how it goes down with my customers.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

4. Yogurt When Topped With Boba Pearls Gives A New Meaning To The Word Appealing

Yogurt is a semi-liquid food item that is available in many flavors. But, did you ever consider topping them with chewy tapioca balls? Well, if you haven’t now is a good excuse to try one.

Nowadays, many joints give you the option of adding a topping of your choice, and needless to say that milk tea pearls tops the list. I reckon 5-6 pearls as toppings to do the job. Yum! Doesn’t this scream ” Dig In?”

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

5. Did You Ever Think That Tapioca Can Be Used To Make Fritters?

Fritters are deep-fried snack items that are best enjoyed with some ketchup on the side. Let me ask you a question ” Did you ever think that bubble tea pearls can be made into tasty fritters?” Being an Indian, I vouch that this is one dish that will not disappoint you. Indians relish this item each time it is served.

Combine the tapioca pearls with a batter that is prepared by mixing chickpea flour, water, salt, baking soda, and caraway. Roll into soft balls and fry till they turn golden brown. Shed off any excess oil and behold! yummy tapioca pearl fritters are ready. Serve with tomato ketchup and enjoy.

Ever wondered that this can be made more irresistible when paired with bubble tea? I have written a blog about 51 food pairings that taste great with bubble tea. Do read if only to check the boba flavor you can pair your plate of fritters with. 

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

6. Try Tapioca Pearls As Toppings For Juicy Kebabs

Kebabs are grilled food items consisting of juicy and tender pieces of meat. This succulent dish is loved by vegetarians too. Usually served with dips, onions, or pieces of lemons on the side let us drift away from normalcy and use bubble tea pearls instead of these regular adornments.

To add the pearls as a garnish simply take the pearls and sprinkle them on top of the kebab pieces. The plate will now have a more appealing look with the pearls acting as a garnish or kebab dressing.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

7. Ever Considered Tapioca Crisps As A Yummy Snack Or Simpy A Tasty Side For That Bowl Of Rice Or Bread?

Tapioca crisps or “Sabudana Vada”(as is commonly called in India) is another fried item that is light to eat and tastes yum.

You can buy it easily at any Asian food store or in the Asian section. Just toss one crisp in hot oil for deep frying and see it swell up. Now, take it out from the pan, and right before consuming sprinkle with salt and pepper.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

8. Dumplings When Combined With Tapioca Pearls Will Add A Chewy Texture

Dumplings are steamed food items that are stuffed with various fillings in them like vegetables, meat, and seafood to name a few. But, did you ever think of using bubble tea pearls as a stuffing item?

Adding the pearls to your dumplings will not only aid in uplifting the taste quotient but, will also add some chewiness to the dumplings. Ideally, you can also sprinkle some on top to give it a more appealing look. 

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

9. Combine The Magic Of Beetroot With Tapioca Fritters & Hear Your Taste Buds Screaming For More

Beetroot is a red-colored root vegetable but, when combined with food items it adds a pinkish hue that is pleasing to the eyes. This vegetable when combined with the pearls to be made into fritters will not only add an element of sweetness but, the pink color will uplift the overall appeal of the dish.

Cut the beetroot into small slices to be made into a paste. Now, simply blend in a mixer, and once the desired consistency is reached mix together with the batter & tapioca pearls. Roll into softballs and deep fry till golden brown.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

10. Tapioca Pearls When Used As Meat Stuffing Will Only Want You Craving For More

Tapioca pearls are as versatile in usage as the beverage named after them. Thus, it is no wonder then that the pearls are used to stuff your favorite cut of meat. Simply mix them with the prepared stuffing and cook it the way you want.

The pearls will not only adapt to the flavors but, will only add some chewiness that will leave you wanting more. You can also utilize them as a garnish. 

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

11. Nothing Can be more Innovative Than Utilizing the Pearls In Salads

Salads as an item need no introduction and can be made with any ingredient. However, did you ever think about using the tapioca pearls as a topping in salads? If your answer is no, let me tell you that by doing so not only will it be more appealing aesthetically but, will also give you a reason to love salads even more.

Just sprinkle some of the pearls on your bowl of salad and enjoy the chewiness in each mouthful that you take.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

12. Try Inculcating Tapioca Pearls Into Your Bowl Of Sweet Potato Porridge

Porridges on their own are bland to taste. They are combined with a number of food items that act as incentives. This dish can be eaten both hot and cold. Now, let me ask you that have you ever considered adding bubble tea pearls as a topping?

Just sprinkle a spoonful of the pearls on the porridge and be enthralled by its chewiness.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

13. Get That Bowl Of Oatmeal Crackling With Some Tapioca Pearls

Oatmeal is another food item that is known for its bland taste and other food items like fruits, syrups are added to make the taste profile interesting.

However, did you ever imagine that you can take the taste to a new level by adding tapioca pearls to your oatmeal? Yes, and for this just sprinkle a handful of the pearls into your regular bowl. Mix well and enjoy.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

14. Replace Your Normal Pizza Toppings With A Sprinkle Of Chewy Milk Tea Pearls

Olives, jalapenos, bell peppers, corn, and pepperoni are some of the items that are used as pizza toppings. Now, have you ever considered cute and chewy milk tea bubbles as toppings instead? Yes, you read it right. Bubble tea pearls are now slowly gaining their mojo as food toppings and I highly reckon you try this option if only to test your palate.

Just sprinkle a few pearls over your slice of pizza or on the whole pizza. Press it gently so that it sticks to the gooey surface and blends with the sauces and cheese.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

15. Ever Thought That Jam Can Be Infused With Tapioca Pearls To Uplift The Taste Even More?

Jams are sweet liquids and are used in various ways. They are used as toppings in biscuits, or as spreads on toasts. They at times are also spread on bread to make a great meal for children. However, no one would have thought about the taste quotient when your favorite jam and bubble tea pearls join hands in creating a power-packed palette.

You just need to allow the pearls ample time to soak the sweetness of the jam. Just take a spoonful of the pearls and add to the jar of jam. Stir in well and combine it with any food of your choice.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

16. Sweet Jellies Is Suddenly The New Craze With The Addition Of Tapioca Pearls

Jellies are wobbly and sweet items that like jams are used in a number of dishes. Let us add some tapioca pearls and see the flavor profile change. The pearls are known for their sinewy texture and when combined with sweet jams adds a contrast in the flavor that helps in striking a balance in the flavors. 

To get the desired result, just combine the jelly in its liquid state with the pearls and allow it to set. Once set, take the desired quantity and combine it with a food of your choice. 

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

17. Soup Has A New And Crunchy Visitor In The Form Of Tapioca Pearls To Add A Chewy Texture

Soups are liquid food that is enjoyed in both the hot & cold versions. They are further served with an assortment of items like buns, salads, or breadsticks. Although, soups are a preferred choice before a meal let me tell you that at times soup can be quite boring and this is where bubble tea pearls step in.

Simply add the pearls to the soup and feel chewiness with each sip. Not only is the taste enhanced but, the texture helps break the monotony too.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

18. Make Curries More Drool-Worthy With Tapioca Pearls As Toppings

Curries are an important part of a dish that often gives food its taste. They can be made from any ingredient you have handy and spices are further added to enhance the taste factor. The texture can range from mild spice to sweet or a combination of sweet & sour. Let us see what happens when the pearls are added to a typical curry bowl.

Now, just take a spoonful of the cooked pearls and stir it in the curry preparation. Eat with bread, vegetables, or meat and enjoy the chewiness with the silky texture of the soup.

What To Do With Left-over Boba

19. Ever Considered Chewy Tapioca Pearls As Pie Stuffings?

Pies are baked items that can be both sweet or savory. These baked items are often stuffed with your choice of ingredients. But, did you ever give bubble tea pearls a thought as a stuffing for your pie? Time to say goodbye to the ordinary by incorporating tapioca pearls and increase the flavor.

The method is quite simple too. Just take a few pearls and mix it well with the rest of the stuffing. Cut a slice and sink your teeth to feel the soft and chewy pearls with each bite.

What To Do With Left-over Boba

20. Make Your Breakfast Bowl More Lovable With Pearl Milk Tea Bubbles As Toppings

Breakfast bowls are the first meal of the day. Highly customizable bowls of goodies and range from cereals to fruits or a combination of various food items thrown in together. However, ” has the thought of making the humble bowl more attractive ever crossed your mind?” Yes, you can achieve this feat. by simply adding some cooked yet leftover pearls as toppings in your breakfast bowl.

Just mix the desired amount in your bowl and make your morning breakfast as the most enjoyable meal of the day. 

What To Do With Left-over Boba

21. What Happens When Tea And Tapioca Pearls Join Hands?

When tea and tapioca pearls join hands they form our beloved bubble tea. Now, when one thinks of tapioca pearls the idea to incorporate them in tea, then boba tea is the first choice of the planet. This is a drink that needs no introduction.

The drink is as versatile as the bubbles that give it thy name. While sipping on your bubble tea did you ever think about what makes it so special? Read my blog about 27 reasons that make bubble tea special.

What To Do With Left-over Boba

22. Tapioca Pearls When Incorporated As A Side Item Increases The Taste Quotient

Tapioca pearls, the core ingredient of bubble tea can be used as a side item too. Don’t believe me? Let me tell you how.

After you’ve arranged a plate of food just take a few pearls and arrange them neatly on one corner of the plate. Garnish with salt and enjoy. You have yourself a chewy element that will enhance the flavor and make the dish more appealing.

What To Do With Left-over Boba

23. If You Are Looking For A Chewy Element To Top Pancakes Let Tapioca Pearls Be Your Answer

Pancakes are topped with fruits, maple syrup, honey, chocolate chip, and any toppings of your preference. However, have you ever considered using tapioca pearls as a topping? If you have never considered it before let this be an excuse to use them.

Let me share a tasty tip with you. Top your pancakes with a syrup of your choice and then sprinkle the pearls on the top layer of your pancake. By the way, did you know that you can also sweeten the pearls? Read my blog about 31 ways to sweeten the pearls. 

What To Do With Left-over Boba

24. Consider Tapioca Pearls As Waffle Toppings

Waffles are flattened dishes and can be molded into any shape and size. Enjoyed in both sweet and savory versions the toppings are another yum story. Let me tell you that while nuts, syrups, and chocolate tops the list the idea of using tapioca pearls is an idea that will not cross the mind.

The pearls are known for acquiring the taste of ingredients paired with and this makes it an ideal choice to be used as a topping in waffles. Sprinkle some pearls on top and enjoy their chewiness with every bite. 

What To Do With Left-over Boba

25. Incorporate Tapioca Pearls Into Your Tarts And Enhance The Taste Even More

Tarts are baked goodies that can be sweet or savory. These baked items are topped and stuffed with fruits, nuts, syrups, berry compote to name a few. With so many options, why don’t we try swapping the toppings with boba pearls?

Just take 1-2 teaspoons of the pearls and sprinkle on the tarts. The pearls will help in breaking the monotony by adding some much needed sinewness to the pie. Do try it and share your experience in the comments section below.

What To Do With Left-over Boba

26. Ramen When Sprinkled With A Dollop Of Milk Tea Pearls Makes For A Great Treat

Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup and various items like meat, vegetables are added to the stock. The best way to eat a bowl of Ramen is to add an egg yolk or a boiled egg. What if I am to tell you that you can add bubble tea pearls can be used as a topping too?

Don’t believe me? Let me tell you how. you can incorporate the pearls. Empty the cooked Ramen in a soup bowl and just sprinkle the cooked tapioca pearls on top.

What To Do With Left-over Boba

27. Tacos Taste Better With The Inclusion Of Tapioca Pearls As A Tasty Topping

Tacos are deep-fried items that are stuffed with various ingredients. By the way, did you ever stop and think that the pearls that have made bubble tea into the drink it is can be used to adorn your perfect taco? Let me tell you that this is a no-hassle method.

Once you have the taco ready ie, the stuffings & dressing taken care of already just sprinkle 4-5 bubbles on top and see the taco come alive with vibrant colors. The bubbles will also add a chewy element to the tacos.

What To Do With Left-over Boba

28. Sushi Never Tasted Better Till Bubble Tea Pearls Weren’t Used As Topping

Sushi is a Japanese dish that has rice as the prime ingredient and various assortments like seafood, vegetables & meat are added to it. Let us consider tapioca pearls as a topping on your sushi and let it be a treat for sore eyes. Just sprinkle some cooked pearls on top of the sushi for an elevated taste.

By the way, have you ever wondered what kind of bubble tea will be a perfect pair with sushi? Read my blog about 51 food pairings with bubble tea and check the options yourself. 

What To Do With Left-over Boba

29. Subtle Salmon Is Enhanced In Taste When Topped With Tapioca Pearls

Salmon lovers describe the taste as subtle and mildly flavored meat that’s right out of the sea. The fish is garnished with salt and pepper before eating. Don’t you think that in order to make it more appetizing, a chewy element should be added?

You have the answer in the form of tapioca pearls. Just sprinkle a spoonful of the pearls and enjoy the chewiness against the smoothness of the salmon. 

What To Do With Left-over Boba

30. Smoothies Gets A New Avatar With The Addition Of Tapioca Pearls

When you need something to fill your stomach & that too in a jiffy, smoothies are the go-to option for many. This is a drink that is made from fruits or vegetables blended in a mixie for a smooth and even consistency. Have you ever speculated using tapioca pearls in smoothies? Let me tell you how you can incorporate it.

Let us Just add 4-5 bubbles in the center of your glass and then give it a good shake. The bubbles will add some much needed chewiness and redefine how a smoothie should taste.

What To Do With Left-over Boba

31. Baked Dishes Gets The Missing Chewy Factor With Bubble Tea Pearls

Baked dishes as the name suggests are baked items made in both non-veg and veg options. One can even include rice or noodles into it. Let us add the tapioca pearls and see how the dish flips.

Just take the desired amount and evenly sprinkle it on top of the baked food. This will add the perfect chewiness without altering the taste.

What To Do With Left-over Boba

32. Ever Tried Straight Out Of The Oven Cookies With Tapioca Pearls?

Cookies are baked items that are enjoyed plain or in flavors like chocolate chip, fruits, and nuts to name some. Let us give a new meaning to cookies by baking a batch with tapioca pearls instead. Intriguing isn’t it? Let me tell you that a handful of cooked pearls is what is needed for a satisfying result.

Just add the pearls to the dough and knead in such a way that the bubbles get mixed too.  Once you are happy with the quantity simply bake them and your cookies with tapioca pearls are ready. 

What To Do With Left-over Boba

33. Avocado When Topped With Boba Tea Bubbles Will Aid In Striking A Balance In Chewy And Crunchy

Avocado is a green seeded fruit that is a powerhouse of versatility. Now, much as we love this fruit one cannot deny the fact that it often lacks an element that we can fall back on when chewiness is what we seek. Your answer to this comes in the form of bubble tea pearls.

Bubble tea pearls themselves are tasteless and thus, when added to food and beverages they quickly adapt to their surroundings. This is why they are a perfect pairing with avocado. You can either add them to your jar of avocado spread or use it as a topping and enjoy the chewy factor. 

What To Do With Left-over Boba

34. Wafers When Combined With Bubble Tea Pearls Will Strike A Balance Between Crunchy & Chewy

Wafers are thin and light cookies that are enjoyed plain or in flavors like strawberry, vanilla & chocolate to name a few. Let me ask you that while you use it in more ways than one did you ever think of combining it with tapioca pearls?

Now, to inculcate the pearls firstly add a sticky syrup so that the pearls don’t topple. Then taking 4-5 pearls stick them on the wafers. Carefully place another wafer on top and your layer wafer with pearl milk tea bubble is now ready to wow your senses.

What To Do With Left-over Boba

35. Try Nachos Drizzled With Tapioca Pearls & Add Some Crackle

Nachos are chips that can be baked or fried and topped with yummy items like cheese, salsa, olives & jalapenos to name a few. Nachos as a dish is quite experimental and you can add any topping you like.

Let us try something new here by adding tapioca pearls as toppings. You just need a small cup of cooked tapioca pearls and generously sprinkle the pearls on top of the nachos. Coat with cheese, salsa, or anything you fancy.


I have listed some of the possibilities of using tapioca pearls in savory items. You are free to come up with your own method too. Do share your experience if you have tried some of the ways mentioned or invented one in the comments section below.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

How To Make Use Of Leftover Boba By Incorporating Them In Desserts

Desserts are yummy post-dinner treats and nothing works better than ending a meal on a sweet note. Desserts offer a wide range of options to choose from and each option is scrumptious than before. Ranging from chocolate cake to cheesecake, ice creams to brownies, the list here seems never ending.

However, let us come back to the topic and see how we can utilize leftover boba by inculcating them in yummy desserts. Let us find out.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

36. Yummy Ice Creams When Topped With Bubble Tea Pearls Gets Enhanced In Taste

Ice creams as desserts need no introduction and I will only say that they are preferred the year round. These frozen treats come in flavors galore and the toppings are another thing. Chocolate sauce, nuts, wafers, chocolate chips, and cookie crumbs are some famous toppings. However, did you ever consider the chewy tapioca pearls as a topping?

Yes, the tapioca pearls can be used as a topping too. Not only will they give you a reason to chew on an element but, since they do not have any taste of their own the balls will easily adapt to the flavor you’ve chosen to pair them with.

Just sprinkle a few bubbles on your scoop of ice cream and treat yourself to a mixed flavor that comprises of smoothness and chewiness. 

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

37. Pudding Gets A Twist In Texture When Garnished With Boba Pearls

Puddings come in both sweet and savory versions but, in this section, we will focus on the sweet version, and thus, let me ask you if you’ve ever thought of garnishing the pudding by using pearl milk tea bubbles? The idea sounds absurd, right?

What if I am to tell you that not only will this help you by adding something to chew on but, will help strike a balance between the smooth pudding and wriggly pearls? Well, you have to try to believe it. So, let us see how this can be done.

Just take a few pearls and I reckon 5-6 in quantity which we will use to decorate the pudding. The only thing we have to ensure is that the tapioca bubbles are evenly cooked for a raw one will ruin the whole experience. Now, take a spoonful of the pudding with the pearls and see your taste buds explode with a flavor sensation.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

38. Ever Tried Popsicles With Tapioca Pearls To Beat The Heat?

Did you ever think that the bubbles that give bubble tea its name can be used in popsicles? Sounds intriguing right? Let us see how we can do it.

Mix in a handful of the pearls to the mix that will be made into popsicles. This will ensure that the pearls blend well so you get a uniform texture. The next step is to freeze the churned mix in the blast chiller. Oh! don’t forget to add the sticks before freezing in the chiller.

Once you’re happy with the consistency take out from the freezer and enjoy your popsicles with the tapioca pearls.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

39. Cute Little Tapioca Tea Bubbles Will Increase The Aesthetic Appeal Of The Custard

Custards are yet another loved dessert and can be customized as per the season. They are topped with honey, chocolate syrup or shaved chocolate pieces and even fruits like berries. Let us swap one topping with tapioca pearls and be pleasantly surprised.

Once you have prepared your custard just adorn the top part with milk tea bubbles thrown in randomly. Take a spoonful of the dessert with the pearls and let your taste buds explore the flavor of sweet, soft, crumbly, and chewy at the same time.

Wishing you a great time as you take a bite of your sweet little custard.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

40. Increase The Taste Factor Of Brownies With Bubble Tea Pearls

Brownies are chocolate-based confectionaries that are eaten with chocolate sauce, nuts, praline, and ice cream too at times.

Now, what if I am to tell you that too much sweetness will ruin the whole experience and you can earn some brownie points by treating your taste buds with an element that will balance the sweetness by adding tapioca pearls? Yes, you read that right.

Simply, sprinkle a few cooked tapioca pearls on top and enjoy the chewy texture of the pearls with each bite of brownie that you take.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

41. What happens When Creamy & Sweet Parfaits Meets Chewy Tapioca Tea Bubble?

When tapioca tea bubbles and creamy yet sweet parfaits come together it is only a match made in heaven as the sweet and creamy texture of the parfaits are balanced by the chewy boba pearls. I reckon you incorporate the bubbles in your parfait and see the dessert take a new look in terms of appeal and flavor.

Now, once you have prepared the parfait simply, decorate it with the cooked pearls or you can even add them while baking the parfait. Find a cozy corner and sit back to enjoy parfait with tea.

I reckon incorporating the pearls into the parfait mix so that you get the taste of the pearls throughout the parfait.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

42. Coconut Ice Cream Takes A Flavor Twist With The Addition Of Tapioca Pearls

Coconut is a hard-shelled fruit that is popular for its versatility. Coming from India nothing is closer to home than coconut. This tropical fruit is known for its oily and rich nutty flavor. Now, when we think of coconut ice cream one cannot help but, salivate. However, have you ever thought of striking a balance between the oily & nutty flavor of coconut with an element of chewiness?

Your answer comes in the form of tapioca pearls. Yes, the very pearls that form the core essence of bubble tea can help in striking a perfect balance by simply adding a chewy texture in each bite that you take.

Just sprinkle the desired amount on your ice cream and sink your teeth into a world of goodness.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

43. What Happens When Cupcakes Meets Tapioca Pearls?

Cupcakes are cute little desserts that are known for just the right amount of sweetness. They come in many flavors and often frosting is added for an aesthetic appeal. What if I am to tell you that now you have another feather to add to your list of toppings and that too cooked tapioca pearls?

You might not believe me but, let me tell you this is an option that you should consider. The method too is quite simple. Just take 1-2 pearls and place them directly on the cupcakes. You might want to give it a little press so that it stays and doesn’t topple.

If you are a fan of the pearls you can mix a handful of the bubbles in your cupcake mix so that you get an element to chew with each bite. This is one option I highly recommend. 

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

44. Carrot Cake Gets A Flavor Twist When The Pearls Are Used In The Cake

Carrot cake is known to be a little spicy and to balance, this bitter taste sugar and frostings are added to it. Now, what if I am to tell you that you can balance the overall sweet flavor of the cake by simply adding an element that you can chew on?

Let the bubbles of tapioca tea be the answer to adorn your cake. Just sprinkle the pearls on the cake and enjoy the chewiness derived from the pearls.

I reckon mixing the pearls with the cake batter. This way the pearls will absorb the flavor and which will give a uniform taste throughout the cake.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

45. Make Cheese Cake More Appealing With Tapioca Pearls Added To It

Cheesecakes are sweet desserts and are often topped with fruit sauces, berries or, any element that might help in managing the sweetness level.  Let me tell you that you can cut down the rich, creamy texture by adding tapioca pearls to the cake batter. This way you ensure that you get the chewy texture with each bite. Let us see how it is done.

Take a handful of the pearls and mix it with the cheesecake batter before putting it in the oven for baking. You can also top the cake with some pearls and turn it into a treat for sore eyes.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

46. The Nuttiness Of Coconut Cake Meets Chewy Tapioca Bubbles To Make Taste Buds Wanting More Each Time

Coconut cake has a nutty and oily taste that is balanced by adding sugar to it. Now, to improve the overall taste frosting is applied which adds an element of sweetness. What if I am to tell you that the monotony can be broken by simply adding pearl milk tea bubbles? Let me tell you how to do it below.

Now, there are two choices: a) you can use it as a topping and b) incorporate it into the batter.

I reckon the latter as this will give you a chewy texture throughout and in a more uniform way. 

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

47. Indian Fried Donuts Gets A Global Look With Boba Pearls

Indian fried donuts aka ” Gulab Jamun” as it is called in India is a deep-fried sweet item that has its own fan following and is a very popular sweet item. Now, needless to say, that when you have a dish that is overly sweet one looks for options to cut down on the sweet quotient by adding an element that will help in balancing the item.

Let tapioca milk tea bubbles be the answer. Boba aficionados will vouch for the fact that the bubbles themselves are quite tasteless and they acquire the taste of the sweet element paired with. Owing to this attribute, I would recommend using them as a topping in the dish. Let us see how.

Just take 1-2 pearls approximately and press the bubbles gently so that it fits with the dessert. The only thing you have to ensure is that the pearls are evenly cooked throughout else the addition will ruin the whole experience.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

48. Opt-In For Tapioca Pearls With Strudel For A Sweet And Chewy Texture

Strudels are layered pastry desserts that are known to be overly sweet and dishes like these often need an element that will help balance the sweetness. What if I am to tell you that you can seek recluse in bubble tea pearls? Yes, this is a solution that ought to be considered and we shall see how below.

Firstly, we have to make sure that the pearls are cooked. Then, we just incorporate them in the strudel filling. Take half a cup of the cooked pearls and add it to the filling so that you get the desired chewiness from the pearls in each bite.

This way, you ensure that the sweetness is cut down and you can enjoy this dessert guilt-free.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

49. Tea Cakes Becomes More Desirable When Chewy Boba Pearls Are Used As A Topping

Teacakes as the name suggests are cakes preferred with tea. These aren’t overly sweet and this front makes them a perfect pairing with tea. The only thing they lack in terms of texture is an element that gives it a chewy flavor and bubble tea pearls offer just the right solution. Let me tell you how to use the pearls.

Just take 3-4 cooked pearls and pour them over the cake. This will give you a sinewy texture & help break the smoothness of the cake.

You are free to add more pearls if you like. However, do not overdo the method as too many pearls will give you a rubbery flavor that will ruin the taste completely.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

50. Make Sundaes More Appealing With The Inclusion Of Tapioca Pearls

Sundaes are dollops of ice cream mounted on top of the other and toppings like wafers, sauces, fruits are added for a more appealing factor. Now, when we talk about sundaes the only thing that is constant is the sweetness got from the ice-creams and the various accompaniments that go into making an ideal sundae.

Let me tell you that tapioca tea bubbles can help us to balance the sweetness and I am going to tell you how.

Tapioca pearls will lend a sinewy feeling to your bowl of sundae & help balance the sweetness. Just sprinkle a handful of the pearls randomly and enjoy the contrasting texture of the pearls.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

51. Black Forest Cake Gets A Stringy Taste When Tapioca Tea Bubbles Are Combined

Black forest is a cake that has cherries and frosting as the main ingredient. What makes it more appealing is that unlike other cakes a slice of black forest cake will not make you feel guilty as this is one cake that has just the right sweetness.

The cake has a smooth consistency throughout & the tapioca pearls will be a good option to break the smooth texture & add a sinewy texture.

The best way would be to sprinkle the pearls on top. The aesthetic appeal too will increase and make it more desirable.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

52. Pair Light & Airy Chiffon Cake With Tapioca Pearls For A Pulpy Taste

Chiffon cake is a soft and light cake and with sweetness in just the right amount. This makes it an ideal choice for people who want to eat cake but, at the same time are calorie conscious or for weight watchers. Now, the only thing that is missing is the addition of a gelatinous element and the solution comes in the form of bubble tea pearls.

Yes, the pearls have the perfect chewy texture that will offer a pulpy taste and balance the flavor of the cake.

Just sprinkle some of the cooked pearls on the cake and enjoy a gelatinous effect from the pearls. I am sure this combination will leave you craving for more.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

53. Indian Rice Pudding Gets A Global Touch With Tapioca Pearls

Indian rice pudding(kheer) is a sweet item that is prepared by combining milk, rice, and white sugar. It is often garnished with pistachios so as to add a nutty element that will help break the monotony of the sweet dish. Now, the thought of adding tapioca pearls would have crossed the mind of a few.

Let us give it a twist by adding the pears only to experience a wobbly taste in the mouth with the pudding.

To get this effect, just mix a handful of the cooked pearls in the pudding right before consuming. 

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

54. Balance The Sweet & Tart Flavor Of Pineapple Cake With Boba Pearls Infused Into The Food

Pineapple cake is known for its sweet and sour attributes. This often makes it a dense and heavy cake. Now, it is but natural that an element of balance be added and what better than bubble tea pearls to do the job right.

Yes, you can either mix the pearls with the cake batter or use it as a topping. The option is completely yours.

I can only say one thing, this will just add a chewy texture and will not alter the taste in any manner. Worth trying I say.

What To Do With Left-over Boba?

55. Appetizing Flans Taste Better When Boba Pearls Are Added To It

Flans are baked foods that can be sweet or savory though we will be talking about sweet flans. Now, what makes them appealing is that they are not high on sweetness and on the contrary are known for being sweet in just the right amount.

The only thing they lack in luster(taste) is an element of stringiness and what better an option to lean on that bubble tea pearls. Yes, the chewy pearls will be a perfect bet.

One just needs to sprinkle a handful of the pearls as a topping and the work is easily done without any effort.


This covers how to use tapioca pearls in desserts. I have only mentioned some possibilities. If you find more dessert items that taste great & at the same time are fun to make with the addition of cooked boba pearls do share your ideas with me in the comments section below.

Let us check one last option under this section and a very interesting one at that. Trust me when I say this for I wouldn’t be doing justice to the blog if I do not talk about it. Time to see how the ways we can use raw tapioca to its full potential.


Let us now see what we can do with uncooked(raw)tapioca pearls.

What To Do With Uncooked & Leftover Tapioca- Utilization Done In 2 Super Fun & Delish Moments In The Kitchen

Uncooked and left tapioca bubbles leave little to imagination one would say? What, if you come to know that being raw the bubbles can be molded to suit your need completely? Yes, let me share 3 super fun and easy method of ensuring that even the raw pearls are utilized to the best and you get a chance to show your prowess. Let us learn about them below.


What To Do With Left-over Boba?

56. Ever Considered Making Rainbow Pearls From Leftover Boba With Easily Available Ingredients?

Uncooked boba shouldn’t be taken lightly for the pearls will not only save you the hassle of rolling them again but, you can use them to make colorful bubbles that will go a long way in increasing not the taste but, the drink will be so much more appealing. Let us see how below.

Consider everyday ingredients like citrus fruits, chocolate syrup, jellies, and jams to infuse their unique flavor. The best and quickest way to get the effect is to take the desired quantity in separate bowls. Now, since we already have the pearls made beforehand, there is no need to roll them again.

Make sure that the pearls have absorbed the syrups, and combine them into a pot. Keep stirring them constantly so they do not stick to the bottom & burn. Once they are soft and warm, take off the heat and allow them to reach room temperature before adding them to your drink.  

What To Do With Leftover Boba?

57. Make Raw Boba Resemble Jellies That’s Been Made At Home With Pantry Staples

The beauty of raw boba is that it can be molded into various shapes too and this is something that we are going to see in this concluding part. Molds are easily found in every household or you can use ice trays that come in different shapes.

Firstly, we would need to grease the containers that are going to be used to give the pearls the desired shapes with some tapioca flour so that they do not stick to the surface. Then, take the pearls out from their respective molds and cook them in a large pot stirring continuously.

Now, once they are cooked through evenly, take off the heat and let them come down to room temperature. Add a sweetener of your choice and gently stir in with the drink. Your drink is ready to wow your senses.


This concludes my blog. I hope that I was able to answer your questions regarding what to do with the leftover pearls. I hope you loved reading the ideas shared and cannot wait to try them out. I had a lovely time writing about them and hope you did too. Do share your experience with me in the comment section below.


Happy Sipping!