What to add in a tea gift basket? If this is often a concern for you, then do read my blog and get your answers via 19 items that will invoke the senses of every tea lover.

I am a passionate tea blogger who just cannot do without this drink. I also run my own tea cafe in Kolkata city and dream of curating tea-based items along with my own tea blends.

items that can be added to your tea gift hamper


What To Add In A Tea Gift Basket- 19 Amazing Ideas That Will Lighten The Mood of A Tae Lover

Need ideas for some items that would please a tea lover? If your answer is Yes, then this blog is the solution you were looking for. Read further and discover some stand-out ideas.

What to add in a tea gift basket

1. Tea Infusers Will Give You A Perfect Brew

A tea infuser is a round mesh ball to which loose tea leaves are added and this ball is then dropped into hot water that will be used to make tea. 

We can also call it a tea egg, tea filter, tea maker, or infusion ball. 

What to add in a tea gift basket

2. Want To Drink Tea Like The Japanese?

If you want to drink tea like the Japanese do, then use their specially designed teapot, also known as a Kyusu and which is used to brew green tea. Their tea culture is very fascinating and often different-sized tea-pots are used to make tea depending on the tea leaves.

Now, an interesting theory is that the Kyusu should always have a side handle inspite of the literal meaning “Teapot”. 

What to add in a tea gift basket

3. A Thermos Will Keep Tea At The Desired Temperature

A thermos or a flask is your ideal companion to carry your tea with you wherever you go. Now, what I love about a flask is that it keeps the drink insulated(forget about the tea being hot or cold) so you can just enjoy the beverage.

I suggest using a stainless steel flask that offers vacuum insulation as this will keep the tea hot for approximately 24 hours. 

What to add in a tea gift basket

4. Teaspoons To Get The Right Measurement When Used To Add Some Sweetness

Teaspoons solve the purpose of mixing sugar or sweeteners evenly in the tea and you can rest assured that you have just the right amount of sweetness the heart desires.

I would surely gift a set with tea quotes written. Now, if you are looking for some inspiring quotes, my 99 refreshing morning tea captions for Instagram is guaranteed to bring a smile on your face. Do mention me.

What to add in a tea gift basket

5. Ever Thought of Gifting Tea Samplers?

Tea samplers are little packets or pouches filled with loose tea leaves and when variety is on your mind, a pack of tea samples cannot be ruled out.

Gift someone a box of unique tea samplers and see the smile never leave their face. 

What to add in a tea gift basket

6. Gift Something Unique With Tetsubins

Tetsubins or Japanese tea kettles are cast-iron kettles, that are equipped with a handle, a lid, and a sprout that helps to pour water. This is used for boiling the water for tea and is decorated on the outside.

What will draw you to one such kettle is the unusual shape that they generally come in. 

What to add in a tea gift basket

7. Vintage Tea Cups Rule The Heart and The Shelves

Vintage teacups can be called souvenirs of an era gone by. The intricate drawings, carvings, or embellishments say a lot about the era they so represent.

Did you know that just by examining the writing below a cup, you can know the year they belong to? 

What to add in a tea gift basket

8. Tea Box Will Keep TeaBags Neatly Arranged

The purpose of a tea box is simple and that is to keep your tea bags arranged in little compartments or simply keep them organized.

You can gift see-through boxes, personalized cases, wooden boxes, or anything that takes your fancy. The list and the option are endless.

What to add in a tea gift basket

9. Set The Mood Right With Assorted Tea Treats That Makes Drinking Tea More Pleasurable

Tea treats are munchable items that accompany the drink and make it a pleasurable experience. I would personalize my gift and add in a variety of assortments.

Oatmeal or a berry cookie, tarts, dried fruits & nuts, tea time buns, lemon tarts, etc are some highly recommended items. 

What to add in a tea gift basket

10. Chocolate Bars Are By Far The Best Treat With Tea

Chocolates are known to compliment tea like no other food item can and I would surely pair my variety with a slice or a bar of decadent sin. 

I suggest its dark counterpart as the bitter taste will compliment your sweet beverage.  

What to add in a tea gift basket

11. For There’s A Fruit For Every Tea

Fruits are powerhouses of energy and are known to be a great pair with tea. However, do you know how to pair them correctly? Read my blog Do fruits and tea go together and find out the 27 thoughtful combinations. 

Giving fruits can be tricky for their short shelf life. Hence, I recommend apples, citrus fruits, pears that last longer than any other fruits, making them ideal for gifting. 

What to add in a tea gift basket

12. A Spoonful of Honey Will Help You Drink Bitter Teas

Honey is a natural sweetener that is commonly found in households across the globe and makes any food or drinks appealing.

I would gift raw honey or honey that is unfiltered as it is known to be the purest form of honey.

What to add in a tea gift basket

13. Books Are The Best Thing With Tea

Books are the best thing that can happen to mankind and act as a medium to write ideas or share our thoughts with the world. They are available as hard-bound, soft-bund, jacketed(with cover), or unjacketed(without cover).

I would suggest some classics that will help you play safe when the preference is unknown. 

What to add in a tea gift basket

14. Doilies Will Glam Your Tea-Table

Doilies are mats made from paper or any fancy fabric and are used as a decorative item to increase the aesthetic appeal of a dining table.

Lace, crochet, or paper-cut-out doilies are highly suggested items that surely should be added to a gift basket. 

What to add in a tea gift basket

15. Coasters Will Help Protect The Table-Top

Coasters are used to protect the tabletop from stains that are a result of food or glass kept for long on a naked surface. Often, they are also used to cover beverages so as to keep them free from any unwanted elements.

Wooden, colored, glass, plastic, etc are some classy options that surely should be considered. 

What to add in a tea gift basket

16. Tea Candles Will Illuminate Every Nook And Crevice

Tea candles or T lights are wax blocks with a wick in the center that is burned for light. The candle business is huge and chandlers(person who makes candles)are having a tough time keeping up with the demand.

I would surely opt for a scented candle set that would remind me of tea every time I light one. 

What to add in a tea gift basket

17. Never Miss Out On Important Dates With Pocket Calendar

Pocket calendars as the name suggests can be carried easily and at the same time, you can mark important dates on the go. I would surely take the idea least explored. Let us see it below.

I would let my creative side take over and opt for a mixed bag calendar and make it quirky by throwing in some quotes, having marked important tea dates, and attaching a mini note-pad to write tea-related thoughts.  

What To Add In A Tea Gift Basket

18. Share The Rich History of Tea With Tea Towels

Tea towels are small towels used in the kitchen for keeping hands dry, covering food or drinks, or to pat dry dishes. They are made from soft materials that can easily absorb water.

Did you know that tea towels can be traced to early 18th century England and were used to insulate teapots at tea ceremonies?

What to add in a tea gift basket

19. Bathe In Style With Tea Bombs

Tea bombs are spherical bath products that have a cooling and calming effect. They are used before a bath and are available in varied color, shapes and scents.

Matcha, green tea, lavender, black tea, Thai tea soap bars, etc are some exclusive buys. I highly recommend them for their distinctive advantages and aromas. 


This concludes my blog and I hope you will consider the mentioned items when adding items to your tea gift hamper. Well, this is not all & if you are looking to know more about tea, then head to my website. Also, if you want to ask me something, do drop them in the comments section below and I will be happy to answer them.

Happy Sipping!