Ever wondered what tea goes with brie cheese? Let us consider 13 pairings that will uplift the cheese and you get to enjoy some lucrative options.

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 What tea goes with Brie cheese

What Tea Goes With Brie Cheese- 13 Carefully Steeped Brews To Uplift The Cheese’s Flavor Profile

Brie cheese is an unripened yet a soft cheese that is traditionally made from cow’s milk. The cheese has a mild buttery and creamy taste; making it an idle choice to be used in sandwiches, as pizza toppings, with fruits, etc amongst many other usages.

I love my cheese when served with sauteed greens or a sweet yet sour fruit like figs & drizzle it with syrups like fruit, caramel, or chocolate. Did you know that baked brie cheese with fresh strawberries and chocolates is a delight to eat? Oh! Let me also tell you that this variety of cheese can be enjoyed in both its hot and cold versions.  Now, owing to these characteristics it is no wonder that The Queen of Cheese makes for a befitting pair with tea. Let us know about the 13 varieties that taste awesome when paired with the cheese. 

What tea goes with brie cheese

1. Darjeeling Tea Will Set The Right Mood When Paired With The Cheese

Darjeeling tea called ” Champagne of Teas” is known for its taste that resembles Muscatel wine. I serve this tea at my shop with sandwiches made from the mentioned cheese and customers love the contrasting flavor that it gives to their palettes.  Want to know more about Darjeeling tea? Do read my blog Is Darjeeling tea black or green and find out through 27 facts. 

Serve some chili sauce and slaw on the side for a gastronomical experience. 

What tea goes with brie cheese

2. White Tea and Queen of Cheese Is Another Remarkable Pairing

White tea is the most delicate tea that is harvested when the leaves are still young ie, have white hair growing on them. This is also an expensive tea with sweet notes that resembles honey. Brie, on the other hand, is known for its mildly sweet flavor, salty content and its soft buttery texture makes an erstwhile pairing with the tea.

I would sprinkle it with cinnamon powder to add some spice to the smooth and sweet taste of the pairing. 

What tea goes with brie cheese

3. Why You Should Pair Green Tea and Brie Cheese Together?

Green tea is a popular tea variety and is considered the best tea to drink after workouts. When drinking the tea expect vegetal to spicy notes with a bland taste. Brie cheese is a mild sweet cheese variety and when paired with the tea will add some sweetness along with some saltiness that will balance the insipid taste of the tea.

I suggest baking the cheese and pouring 1-2 tablespoons of honey for a more refined sweet taste. 

What tea goes with brie cheese

4. Consider Japanese Green Tea As Another Credible Tea With The Cheese

Hojicha tea is a kind of Japanese green tea variety that is roasted to give it its brown color. It is also called Kukicha and Bancha. The roasted flavor makes it a befitting after-dinner tea. If I am to describe its taste I would say that it has a mild earthiness to it with toasted or nutty notes.

Brie will add some creaminess and I reckon pairing it with a fibrous fruit like apple to add some juiciness and sweetness. 

What tea goes with brie cheese

5. Ceylon Tea When Teamed With The Cheese Will Not Disappoint

Ceylon tea or Sri Lankan tea is another black tea variety and can range from bitter to sweet depending on the tea leaves used. I would certainly love to pair it with a cheese that offers me a creamy texture with mild sweetness and brie cheese fits the bill in more ways than one.

I would further serve them together with crackers for an element of crunch to make it more appealing. 

What tea goes with brie cheese

6. Brie Cheese and Butterfly Pea Tea Pairing Summarized

Butterfly pea tea is commonly known as blue tea and is a herbal tea. The tea is known for its floral aroma and slightly sweet flavor. In other words, it can be described as having similar traits to Chamomile tea.

Brie will add a salty taste with a creamy texture that will add umami notes when paired with the tea and make your taste buds sing. 

What tea goes with brie cheese

7. Why You Should Consider Pairing Brie and Fruit Teas?

Fruit teas are herbal tea range that is made from fruit juices or their concentrates. Rich in natural sweetness gives one the option to ditch sugar. Its option to enjoy as a hot and cold beverage makes it suitable for ice teas.

Brie is a cheese variety that is not too sweet. I suggest incorporating the rind too so that you can get some earthiness that will be a perfect addition to the tea. 

What tea goes with brie cheese

8. Yellow Tea When Paired With The Queen of Cheese Won’t Disappoint

Yellow tea is considered as a tea variety that is quite rare and at the same time is also an expensive tea to drink. The tea on brewing acquires a golden hue similar to alcohol and its color is the reason why it got its name.

The tea resembles green tea in taste but with a sweet and mellow taste. I reckon sprinkling brie with some nuts for a nutty, creamier, salty, and slightly sweet taste for the perfect flavor bender. 

What tea goes with brie cheese

9. Who Thought That Lavender Tea Would Be Paired With Cheese?

Made from the buds of the lavender flower is a reason why the tea is called Lavender tea. This is another herbal tea and if you are wondering what herbal tea is read my blog tea v/s tisane wherein the differences have been explained with the help of 31 prime points.

I would incorporate the rind for a woody or earthy flavor profile with the tea that would elevate the taste. 

What tea goes with brie cheese

10. Indian Masala Chai Screams Pair Me With Brie

Indian masala chai or Indian spiced tea is made by using black or green tea leaves to which sugar, milk, and common spices like cloves, cinnamon, ginger, cardamon are added giving it its distinguished taste.

Walnuts would not only add some crunch but also balance the sweetness of the tea and cheese. 

What tea goes with brie cheese

11. Classic Black Tea Is Your Answer to Cheese & Tea Pairing

Black tea is known for its acidic and bitter taste owing to the high level of oxidization and this is why it is a perfect choice to be paired with the cheese.

Brie will add the desired sweetness and creaminess making black tea more appealing. 

What tea goes with brie cheese

12. Let Us Consider Mushroom Tea and Brie As Another Pairing

Mushroom tea is made by infusing diced mushrooms with water and is brewed till the liquid turns brown in color. The taste can be rustic to sweet depending on the mushrooms used. Thus, when paired with brie the tea attains a sweet and creamy flavor.

I recommend cooking the mushrooms in butter till the odor vanishes before making it into tea. 

What tea goes with brie cheese

13. Pressed For Time But Want A Quick Bite With Nilgiri Tea? Consider Brie As The Answer

Nilgiri tea, an Indian tea variety is somewhat similar to Assam and Darjeeling tea. The only characteristic that makes it stand apart from other black teas is its sweet and floral notes. Thus, it is devoid of the astringency that is common in black teas.

I recommend eating Brie with its rind so that you get some nutty or earthiness in each bite and enjoy your tea. 


This concludes my blog and I hope you will want to try out the pairings. Feel free to share your opinions or ask me any questions. Just drop a message in the comments section below and I will gladly answer them. Also, let me tell you that I have written quite a few blogs on tea and if you want to get some tea-able tit-bits, just visit my website, pick a topic that interests you and get reading.

Happy Sipping!