What tea goes well with whiskey? Read my blog about 17 intoxicating options and let spirits soar high.

I am a self-proclaimed tea lover and a passionate tea blogger. When I am not blogging I love to sit in my tea cafe(in the northern parts of Kolkata city) and discuss tea with my husband in length and breadth. I get high on tea and when paired with booze makes for a perfect reason to unwind. 

What tea goes well with whiskey

What Tea Goes Well With Whiskey-17 Boozy Tea Ideas To Be Tea-Toxicated

On a chilly winter evening, I told my husband that I want to infuse whiskey and tea together and see how the two work out. The next morning my kitchen had turned into a cellar and after hours spent in the kitchen, the result made me jump in joy. This gave birth to my blog idea. So ready to know about 17 whiskeys that work wonders with tea?

What tea goes well with whiskey

A. Whiskey & Tea Pairings To Treat Cold

We, at some time or the other, have suffered from the common cold. I am always under the weather, and at times love to tweak my tea with whiskey. So, let us see some spiked tea options that work great in treating a cold.

What tea goes well with whiskey

1. Hot Toddy Tea Is The First Considerable Drink & An Effective Way To Treat Cold

Toddy is basically a hot concoction(enjoyed cold too), that can be made using any alcohol. Many people use tea bags to make it, I suggest using loose tea leaves as the base, pouring hot water, and finally adding the booze you want. Now, I suggest using whiskey more than other decoctions & if you want to explore Toddy more, then my blog about what alcohol goes well with hot tea where my 27 spirited options will uplift you instantly. 

Whiskey gets diluted easily with water and you get a smooth and even tasting Toddy that is effective in treating a cold and is also effective in keeping ailments at bay.

What tea goes well with whiskey

2. Do You Know The Name For Whiskey & Tea Paired Together?

The second and the most interesting option in my opinion is whiskey and tea fused as one. The concoction is called “Whiskey tea” is nothing but hot tea that has been tweaked with alcohol.

Now, the thing that should be kept in mind is to use the liqueur sparingly as we do not want it to overpower the tea.

What tea goes well with whiskey

3. Considering Black Tea as Another Spirited Option

Black tea has a strong flavor and is known for its bitter taste. Now, when we talk about pairing it with alcohol it is important that we pair it in such a way that the tea retains its texture and at the same time the alcohol shines through.

So, keeping the above-mentioned reasonings in mind, I recommend Whiskey. Talking about its taste it can range from acidic to sweet and malty and which would depend on the kind you are using.

What tea goes well with whiskey

4. Did You Ever Think Mint Tea Can Be Used As A Spiked Drink?

Mint tea is known for curing colds, coughs and gives instant relief to a sore throat. However, not many would consider it an apt pairing with alcohol. I believe in setting a new trend with my blogs and thus, settled on green tea as my fourth option.

The tea is known for its cooling effect with a smooth and refreshing taste and thus, instead of normal whiskey, Bourbon is recommended. The flavored whiskey when mixed with tea will lend its own characteristics and you will get a taste of sweet, caramel, nutty with a hint of alcohol.

What tea goes well with whiskey

5. The Surprising Tea Called Kombucha Is Yet To Be Discovered

Kombucha unknown to many is a fermented tea that is made by using black or green tea leaves as the base and is diluted with whiskey.

Now, it is important to know that store brought whiskey has 0.5% alcohol, and using this in the tea will not have much impact on the taste but, one can expect a tingling taste.

What tea goes well with whiskey

6. Treating Cold The Irish Way As The Last Option In This Section

The last option I would like to discuss is called “The Irish Way”. Let us see what this is below.

This method involves the use of whiskey with other ingredients like ginger, honey, and lemon incorporated into hot tea without milk. Irish drink it to keep cold at bay as the ingredients used are known for their effect on cold and cough.

What tea goes well with whiskey

B. For Some Names Need No Introduction

Classics never go out of fashion and we shall consider such amazing options that will always be in trend.

What tea goes well with whiskey

7. Lipton Yellow Label Tea and Its Alcohol Counterpart

Lipton is a popular Indian tea brand and is available in both black and green tea. Let us see the whiskey that can be used with it.

I have already spoken about the characteristics of the alcohol and the tea brand is known for its mild taste irrespective of the tea leaves used. The alcohol will highlight the delicate flavor of the tea.

What tea goes well with whiskey

8. Ever Considered White Tea As An Awesome Bet With Whiskey?

White tea is the most delicate tea and is plucked when the leaves still have white hairs growing. Now, if you want to know more about the tea, read my blog about white tea v/s green tea and find out through 27 crucial differences. 

White tea has a sweet taste that resembles honey with a delicate flavor. Whiskey can range from having mild to strong characteristics that depend on the type of alcohol you are using. This when paired with the tea helps balance the flavor and makes it desirable.

What tea goes well with whiskey

9. Contemplating Why Assam Tea and Whiskey Make For Yet Another Awesome Pairing

Let us now consider why classic Assam tea and Whiskey are considered as a great and never-out-of-style pair.

The taste of the tea is described as malty with a rich and savory aroma. These attributes makes it a perfect blend to be used as a breakfast tea. Now, when whiskey is added to the tea, the taste so acquired is a mix of sweet, sour with a little acidity that makes for a great boozy drink.

What tea goes well with whiskey

10. Champagne of Tea + Scotch Is Another Pairable Spiky Tea Worth Considering

Let us now consider Darjeeling tea and scotch as another wonderful pairing. Want to know how Assam and Darjeeling tea compare? My blog about 27 never before considered facts will help you get some answers.

Scotch has a sharp and distinguished flavor that is different from the kind of drink used. Blended versions tend to be malty, buttery with a spicy finish. Whereas, single malts, are known for their woody and earthy notes.


What tea goes well with whiskey

11. Gunpowder Tea and Why It Should Be Paired With Scotch

Gunpowder tea is a kind of tea wherein the tea leaves are rolled in such a manner that they resemble pellets. Use Oolong or green tea for best results.

The tea has quite a contrasting flavor profile and can range from woody, spicy or minty at times too. Now, when we pair it with Scotch whiskey a little bit of acidity & sweetness are added. All said and done, you have a spiked tea to reckon.

What tea goes well with whiskey

12. Another Tea Worth A Mention Is Earl-Grey With Scotch

When it comes to pairing tea and scotch together, Earl-Grey cannot be left out. The tea is known for its orange and lemon flavor with a hint of grapefruit which makes the tea too sweet.

Scotch, on the other hand, is known for its spicy, buttery, and malty characteristics and when added to the tea helps by balancing its taste.

What tea goes well with whiskey

13. Another Classic That Deserves  A Mention Is Green Tea

Let us now consider why green tea makes a befitting tea to be used with the liquor.

The taste of the tea is bland with earthy notes.  Scotch is known for having a spicy, sweet, buttery taste. Now, this when infused with the tea will add some much-needed sweetness and the presence of spice will make sure the infusion isn’t sweet.

What tea goes well with whiskey

14. Masala Chai+Bourbon Warms My Heart

My favorite masala chai and its ability to be made into spiked tea warms my heart and makes me happy. Let us then see why they make for such an amazing pairing.

Masala chai as the name suggests this tea is made by using a number of spices like cloves, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and the only thing that is missing is an element of sweetness. Thus, bourbon with its sweet and floral taste makes for a perfect choice.

What tea goes well with whiskey

15. Vanilla Chai and Whisky Make A sweet and Boozy Tea Drink

This is a combination I certainly would like to discuss more.

Vanilla Tea is a sweet tea with a smooth flavor and texture. Now, a drink like this is best paired with Bourbon that will not only add some acidity to the drink but, its nutty taste from the caramel will make the aplomb with myriad flavors.

What tea goes well with whiskey

16. Chai Latte Is Another Spiky Option That Has Earned Its Righful Place In the List

Chai latte when flavored with whiskey is called Spiked Chai Latte.

A typical serving of the tea has green or black tea leaves as the base which is further enhanced with cream or milk. This makes it too sweet and thus, tweaking it with liquor with characteristics like whisky fits the bill completely.

What tea goes well with whiskey

17. Sweet Tea Is Another Strong Contender That Is A Note-Worthy Pairing With Whisky

The last option I would certainly like to mention is Sweet tea. This is a tea that is made by adding either sugar or sugar syrup is further added to the tea while it is still brewing. It is generally made from black tea.

Now, the tea is quite sweet, and thus, I recommend blended whisky as they will add a spicy element to the tea.

This concludes my blog and I would love to hear your opinion on the tea and their whisky pairings. Having said this let me also tell you that whiskey is just not limited to the above mentioned tea varieties and can be seamlessly paired with other blends too. Now, if you are looking for your daily dose of tea, do visit my website. 

Happy Sipping!