If you have ever wondered what milk is best for bubble tea but, unable to find a satisfactory answer my blog about 19 trendy and relatable pearly options is the perfect solution. So, ready to learn about them?

I am a passionate Tea-blogger and have my own cafe in Kolkata city. Tea offers so much scope for experimentation and this makes me come up with new varieties every day.  What makes these experiments worthwhile is the happy look on my customer’s faces. So, here I am with my chronicle called ” The Celebrated & Whacky 19″ which will focus on the various milky options that will taste awesome with bubble tea. 

What milk is best for Bubble tea

What Milk Is Best For Bubble Tea- 19 Raging & Acquainted Choices

Bubble tea is a drink that allows you to be as inventive as you can. You can literally customize the whole drink from scratch and it won’t complain. So, don’t you think it is time we experiment with a basic yet core component “The Milk?” Yes, even the milk can be tweaked with a flavor you like. So, let us unveil the super 19.

Some Preferred Milky Options(Dairy) That Makes For an Amazing Boba Experience

Dairy milk is derived from lactating animals and cow’s milk tops the list. Milk tea lovers will agree that a cup of tea becomes more desirable with the addition of milk. Having said this, let us take a look at some options that cow milk has in store.

What milk is best for Bubble tea

1. Try Making Boba From Unadultered Whole Milk

Whole milk is a variety of milk that hasn’t been rendered off the fat. Simply put, it is packed and made available exactly as derived. Whole milk has a richer and creamier texture as compared to other milk. Imagine the milk being used in bubble tea.

So, if a frothier and a creamier flavor is your style this milk ought to be on your list.

What milk is best for Bubble tea

2. Opt For Reduced Fat Milk & Still Enjoy Your Glass Of Boba Tea

When we talk about reduced-fat milk it means milk in which the fat has been toned down a tad bit. This is another option that should not be taken lightly. Tea made from reduced-fat milk changes the whole experience. It has a light consistency yet makes for a wholesome variant. The only loathsome attribute is the layer of frothiness that forms on top of the drink(happens when using hot milk)& which needs to be spooned out.

For a uniform milky taste, I reckon soaking the pearls in the milk before you customize your tapioca tea. 

What milk is best for Bubble tea

3. Low Fat Milk Is Another Option To Consider In The Milky Chase

Low-fat milk as the name suggests a category of milk from which 90% of the fat has been toned down. This makes it perfect for weight-watchers or calorie-conscious people as this will not add to the pounds.

This milk blends well with any flavor without altering the texture or taste and thus, is a preferred choice in the boba market. 

What milk is best for Bubble tea

4. Skimmed Milk Is Another Milk Option That Should Be On Your Milk List That Can Be Paired With Boba

Skimmed milk, better known as Fat-free milk is an ideal choice when we speak about whether this variety can be used to make boba.  True to its name, the fat has been completely toned down. This makes it a strong contender and is the number one choice for many.

Skimmed milk tastes great when honey is used as a sweetener. 

I have mentioned popular milk options derived from cows though the options don’t end here. There are a few more varieties of milk derived from other milking animals that taste great and we are going to learn about these awesome possibilities. 

Alternatives To Cow Milk That Are Easily Available and Pack A Punch In Tapioca Tea

Animals like goats, yaks, and buffalo milk are slowly climbing the popular ladder. These options are as easily available as cow’s milk but still unknown. Let us get acquainted with these yummy options and spread the word around.

  1. Goat’s Milk: Goat’s milk is slightly sweeter compared to cow’s milk. It is mild in taste but, has a rich creamy texture and if you are thinking of using this in bubble tea, I reckon using it sparingly.
  2. Buffalo Milk: Buffalo milk offers a rich, creamy taste and smooth taste. Use this in bubble tea to get a smooth even taste profile throughout that will only have you craving for more.
  3. Yak’s Milk: Used widely in Tibet or The Himalayan region,  yak’s milk is sweet yet has a fragrant texture. This milk can take time to adjust to the taste buds but, its natural sweetness will blow you over and you will want to use this in boba every time. 
  4. Camel’s milk: This is another substitute for cow’s milk and one milk alternative I highly recommend. Camel milk can be drunk even if you are lactose intolerant. The taste can be mildly sweet or have a slightly salty taste with a creamy texture. It can be nutty and smoky too at times. One has to try it to get a taste of its myriad flavors. Wow! I can only imagine the twist it will make to my boba. 

The above are just 4 popular alternatives that I decided to mention. Each country has its local variety that is worth tasting. Since these options are yet to be discovered by many thus, I recommend doing a tester first to see if it suits your taste buds. Use only, if happy with the results. 

Plant-Based Milk Options That Are Highly Recommended

Plant-based milk is derived from plants making it an ideal choice for vegans and lactose-intolerant people. I am going to talk about a few popular options. Let us check them out.

What milk is best for Bubble tea

5. Try Soy milk and be Pleasantly Surprised With Its Taste Quotient

Soy milk is derived from plants and has a mild sweet yet creamy flavor. However, what makes this amazing in taste is that it tastes exactly like dairy milk.

I definitely recommend using soy milk in your boba and it will not disappoint. 

What milk is best for Bubble tea

6. Light Yet Sweet Oats Milk Adds To A Great Tapioca Tea Experience

Oats milk is another plant-based option that is a strong contender in this category. Talking about the taste one can safely say that it is naturally sweeter and offers thicker milk as compared to non-dairy milk.

The combination of sweet and nutty flavor sure makes it deserving milk to be used in making an ideal glass of pearl milk tea.

What milk is best for Bubble tea

7. Coconut Milk Will Offer A Rich & Nutty Taste To Your Boba

Coconut is a fruit that is known for its various uses. The tender white meat is used in foods and made into a paste too(known as coconut chutney in India). Also, each part of the fruit is used too, each with its own benefits.

Coconut milk should never be boiled as it is known for being rich in oil. On boiling the oil will separate and curdle the milk which will make it unpleasant to drink. So, heating is the best workaround. 

What milk is best for Bubble tea

8. Hemp Milk Will Lend A Mix Flavor Profile To Bubble Tea

Hemp milk is another non-dairy milk that is slowly climbing the ladder. The taste and texture are described as a combination of creamy, earthy, and nutty flavors.

Use this in your boba and let it command your taste buds. Trust me, you will fall in love with its flavor profile.

What milk is best for Bubble tea

9. Spelt Milk Is Another Plant-Based Milk To Consider

Spelt milk is low on calories and the taste is described as malty. The malty(grainy)taste makes it bland and one needs to add a sweetener to it. However. the grainy texture isn’t overpowering and when used in a milky form makes for a great tapioca tea. 

Since this variety is known to be on the milky side, it needs to be shaken well before being used for an even consistency throughout the drink. 

What milk is best for Bubble tea

10. Try Pea Milk & See Boba Adorn Myriad Flavors

Pea milk is the latest addition in plant-based milk and thus, not many are akin to its varied flavor. The taste can range anywhere between being sweet, sour & creamy. It is made by grinding yellow split beans into flour, The protein is separated and added to water along with sweeteners or vanilla extracts. 

This milk option is often unsweetened that can taste like raw flour and needs to be sweetened. 

What milk is best for Bubble tea

11. Subtle Sweet Rice Milk won’t Make For A Sweet Boba

Rice milk is known for being slightly sweet. The consistency can be compared to skimmed milk(a dairy option) and can be used like any dairy product.

These attributes makes it an ideal choice for pearl milk tea.

What milk is best for Bubble tea

12. Flax Milk Is An Option To Try Before Turning It Down

The plain & oaty flavor of flax is enough to make you instantly put it down. However, let me tell you that before ditching it for good give it a try if only for its taste similar to almond milk.

What makes it more amazing is the fact that it can be used in the same fashion as any dairy milk. 

Consider 7 Nuts Flavored Milk For A Great Boba Experience

Nuts flavored milk is the last segment of my blog and here I will be talking about 7 nuts that have become immensely popular and are being used to whip boba flavors by the dozens. So, let us read and see what they are and why the reason for their claim to fame.

What milk is best for Bubble tea

13. Almond Milk To Raise The Flavor Profile of Boba

Almond belongs to the nuts family and the nut is enjoyed in its entirety. This nut is often soaked overnight and had in the morning or added as garnishes in desserts. It has a rich, crunchy, and sweet taste.

These characteristics surely make it a great contender to be used amongst the various milk options that work best with bubble tea. In fact, I have mentioned this in a blog too that speaks about 49 underrated boba flavors and why you should try almond bubble tea. Do give it a read.

What milk is best for Bubble tea

14. Hazelnut Milk Is Another Nut Flavored Option That Shouldn’t Be Taken Lightly

Hazelnuts are known for their earthy, nutty, and toasted flavor hazelnuts pack a punch in boba. This is one nut that ought to be included in your list of milk options that goes well with boba. 

The roasted nutty flavor with a hint of sweetness is what calls for an ideal tapioca tea. Do use it and let me know your experience in the comments section below.

What milk is best for Bubble tea

15. Cashew Milk Is Another Nutty Flavored Milk To Consider

Cashews are nuts that need no introduction and are often used to adorn foods. Called Kaju in India, we use it to make confectionaries during the festive season. Shaped like a bean these make for great munchies too.

Cashew milk should always be heated. The result will be a thick liquid that when combined with boba will give a rich yet flavorsome boba experience. 

What milk is best for Bubble tea

16. Opt For Peanut Milk If You Love To Experiment With Taste

Known for its sweet, nutty, vegetal, and roasted flavor peanut milk changes its characteristics. When added to bubble tea it will taste different each time that will keep you guessing till the very end.

These attributes makes it a popular milk choice for bubble tea.

What milk is best for Bubble tea

17. Opt For Pistachio Milk And See Tapioca Milk Adorn a Greenish Hue

Pistachios are naturally green in color that offers a mild nutty flavor. I love pistachios for their nutty and slightly roasted texture.

When used in bubble tea it will add a mild rich and nutty flavor. Also, when added to milk it changes the color giving it a purple hue increasing its aesthetic look. 

What milk is best for Bubble tea

18. Opt-In  For Walnut Milk If Thick Textured Milk Is What You Prefer

Walnut milk tastes like chocolate and also offers a hint of toastiness. This certainly makes it a strong contender and can surely give other milk options a run for their money.

I would love to try this and see the taste profile it adds to my boba.

What milk is best for Bubble tea

19. Macadamias Will Offer A Fruity Flavor To Pearl Milk Tea

Macadamias are known to be mildly sweet and have a hint of fruit that will help you in striking harmony of sweetness and the rich, nutty flavor that the milk offers in its natural state.

This milk can be enjoyed on its whole but, when used to make pearl milk tea makes for a great experience that will have you craving for more.


This brings me to the end of my blog. I cannot wait to try the nutty milk options in my shop. Do share your experience and the milk you liked best in the comments section below. Also, feel free to ask me any questions and I promise to answer them at the earliest. Well, let me tell you that if you are intrigued by why bubble tea has taken the market by storm read my blog about 27 reasons that make tapioca tea so special. Do share your favorite reasons in the comments section below.

Happy Sipping!