Have you been hearing a lot about Bubble Tea off late?  Are you wondering what is so special about bubble tea? Well, this is a one stop blog to address all your questions.

Boba Tea has made its place in menus of popular food joints around the planet. From local eateries to corporate chains, Bubble Tea is being relished everywhere. Let’s find out why.

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What Is So Special About Bubble Tea – 27 Inspiring Reasons That Contribute to Its Claim to Fame!

If you love tea, I am sure you must have come across the term ‘Bubble Tea’. In the last couple of years, this drink had become increasingly popular all over the world.

The popularity of the drink has increased so much in recent years that the global bubble tea market size which was USD 2.1 billion in 2019, is expected to rise to around USD 4.3 billion in 2027.

So, without any further delay, let’s head straight into the question of what is so special about bubble tea:

1.   Bubble Tea’s Origin & Its Quick Rise to Fame Is Quite Special in Itself

The very first reason that makes bubble tea so special is its origin and the subsequent rise to fame.

Bubble tea originated in Taipei, Taiwan in the 1980s when a store owner decided to add tapioca balls, ice, and milk tea together. It quickly became a hit all around Taiwan and later in other southeast Asian countries.

The popularity of this tea spread fairly quickly outside the Asian subcontinent and within a few years, the drink could be seen across Europe & North America.

2.   Bubble Tea Comes in a Variety of Flavours

One of the main reasons that make Bubble tea so loved is the range of flavours that are available in it.

Over time as boba tea or bubble tea has evolved, so have the flavours. Just name a flavour and you will have a bubble tea corresponding to that.

From classic milk bubble tea to strawberry, from jasmine to chocolate, bubble tea is sure to have a flavor that suits your taste and preference.

3.    The Unique Texture Makes Boba Tea One of Its Kind

Bubble unique is quite special when it comes to its texture. Imagine sipping through your favourite tea and suddenly your mouth is filled with chewy delicious tapioca balls. That’s bubble tea for you!

The tapioca balls in bubble tea provide you with that break is the constant monotony of the drink, which I personally love.

So, honestly, in terms of uniqueness, no drink even comes close to boba tea or bubble tea. Try it once and you’ll know what I am exactly talking about.

4.   Bubble Tea is Simply Delicious

The main reason why bubble tea became a hit among people because of its taste. The lovers of boba will swear by its taste.

If I had to describe boba to a newbie, I would say that bubble tea is a well-balanced sweet beverage with a twist. This twist is added by the chewy bobas.

Since so many flavours are available in bubble tea, you can get the one you like the best.

5.   The Aesthetic Appeal of Boba Tea Makes It Insta-Friendly

Another reason Bubble tea has become quite popular is that it looks beautiful. Whether it’s the classic milk bubble tea or the one with flavors, the aesthetics make them perfect for pictures.

The classic bubble teas were served in go-to plastic cups, but now I see a lot of cafes serving them in really cool and innovative jars and jugs. That adds to the whole Instagram appeal of these drinks. Talking about hashtags, let me tell you that I have written a blog on 95 unique boba captions that make for perfect hashtags. 

If you just visit Instagram you will find millions of pictures under the bubble tea-inspired hashtags like #bubbletea, #bobalife, #bobalove, etc.

6.   Bubble Tea Is Special as It Can Be Consumed Both Hot and Cold

While most boba lovers like their bubble tea cold, (including me) if you are someone who likes their tea hot, you can definitely try the hot versions.

The hot and cold versions of bubble tea are quite different in taste and texture. When you have the cold bubble teas, the tapioca feels chewy but in warm teas, it just melts in your mouth.

So, whether you try a cold or a hot bubble tea,  in both cases, the experience is going to be really amazing and unique.

7.   Bubble Tea Is Made From a Vegetable Root

The distinguishing feature of bubble tea are the small pearls or boba, i.e. the tapioca pearls.

Tapioca pearls are made from the starch extracted from the roots of a cassava plant. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about what really goes into the boba tea.

Tapioca starch is a completely safe product for consumption.  Other than the pearls, the starch from tapioca is also used in the preparation of noodles, bread, etc.

8.   Bubble Tea is Highly Customisable

Another answer to what is so special about bubble tea is the range of customization it offers.

If you ever visit a cafe or tea shop exclusively dedicated to Bubble tea, you will be literally amazed by the kind of customisation that can be done for a single cup of bubble tea.

Right from choosing the base tea, to flavour and toppings, you can get yourself hundreds of variations in Bubble tea. A bubble tea outlet’s menu can leave you dizzy and confused with the number of choices. Wondering about some flavors to make your experience worthy? Read my blog about 31 popular bubble tea flavors and check it out yourself. 

9.   Bubble Tea is Special as Its Flavours are Adapted With Regions

Although Taiwan is said to be the birthplace of boba tea, boba tea today is not Taiwan-specific when it comes to flavours.

Bubble tea shops around the world are adding flavors that originate from their home country or from other countries.

Region-specific flavours such as saffron, cardamom, and rosewater are increasingly becoming popular across boba tea shops. If you are a tree lover. you have got to try them!

10.   Bubble Tea is Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Another reason that makes bubble tea so special is that it is a vegetarian and vegan-friendly drink.

The tapioca balls are made from a plant, so it is suitable for vegetarians. For Vegans, bubble tea does come with non-dairy options as well.

So, in a classic bubble tea, instead of adding milk, vegans can choose to add oat milk, almond milk, or coconut milk. Most bubble tea outlets will provide you a vegan-friendly option.

11.   Boba Tea Can Be Both Dairy and Non-Dairy

No milk, no problem! Bubble teas are available in both dairy and non-dairy versions.

So, if lactose intolerance is your problem, or you are vegan, there isn’t a reason why you can’t enjoy Bubble Tea. Available in both dairy and non-dairy versions, you can choose the non-milk versions or plant-based milk bubble teas.

Some of the popular non-dairy milk bubble teas that I personally love are – coconut milk bubble tea and soy milk bubble tea. Even a simple bubble tea like lemon bubble tea is quite delicious and soothing.

12.   Bubble Tea’s Speciality Lies in the Fact That It’s Both a Sweet Snack and a Drink

There are only a few things on that planet that qualify both as a drink and a snack. Bubble tea is one such drink, which qualifies as both.

Since Bubble tea contains the little chewy tapioca balls, it can be considered both as a sweet snack and also a drink.

Since bubble tea compliments so many flavours, a variety of toppings can be added to it. This makes it the perfect choice when you want to indulge in a sweet treat.

13.   For the Calorie Conscious, Low-Calorie Versions of Bubble Tea Are Readily Available

Bubble tea faces criticism on account of the fact that the calorie count of bubble tea is on the higher side.

However, off-late lower-calorie options such as matcha bubble tea, less-sugar versions, etc. are becoming available which is attracting more lovers of bubble tea.

The customizable nature of bubble tea has allowed even health-conscious tea lovers to enjoy a drink now and then. Low-fat and calorie-free versions of this drink are increasingly becoming available at more and more outlets.

14.   Bubble Tea Became Extremely Special When It Won over a Health Hazard Scare in Germany

In 2012 when a German study claimed that samples of bubble tea contained harmful substances. They also said that this could negatively affect health.

Owing to the revelations of the study, for obvious reasons, the consumption and sale of bubble tea took a hit. Following this, in-depth research was done and the bubble tea industry was monitored.

From the studies and checks, It was ruled that consumption of Bubble tea was completely safe. There has been no looking back ever since.

15. Boba Tea Is Special as It Is a Good Source of Energy

Another factor that makes bubble tea so special is that it is a quick and good source of energy.

The caffeine and sugar in bubble tea can provide you instant energy when you need it badly. So, when you’re feeling a little low on energy, bubble tea is a good choice.

However, since it is high in sugar, it is best to limit the quantity of your bubble tea intake especially if you are trying to watch your weight.

16.   Bubble Tea Is a Gluten-Free Drink

Of the many distinguishing features of bubble tea, another one is that bubble tea is a gluten-free option.

The basic version of bubble tea containing tea, sugar, milk, and tapioca contains no gluten and is a safe option for people who have a gluten allergy.

Due to this reason, it is becoming popular among people with varied tastes and preferences.

17.   Bubble Tea Makes for the Perfect Comfort Drink

People love their boba tea for several reasons and one prominent reason is that it acts as the perfect comfort drink.

On days I feel a little low or down, bubble tea serves as my go-to comfort food. And it’s not only me, for a lot of people bubble tea is a comforting beverage.

There is something about boba tea that is so soothing and satisfying.

18.   Pearl Tea Allows You to Pick Your Choice of Tea as the Base  

Since bubble tea is so customisable, a tea lover has several choices when it comes to picking the base of their bubble tea cup.

As someone who loves tea, you can experiment while choosing the base of your bubble tea.

Depending on your preference, you can pick your favourite type of tea as the base. You can choose black tea, oolong tea, even matcha tea for your glass of bubble tea.

19.   In United States, Boba Tea is Seen by Many as a Symbol of Asian – American Identity

In the United States, bubble tea was first introduced in California. Bubble tea was introduced by Taiwanese immigrants for the first time.

After its introduction, bubble tea became popular with the Asian community and later everyone joined into the buzz. Today, bubble tea is available and consumed all across the United States.

In fact, the boba trend caught up so much that it inspired a subculture called Boba life in the US.

20.   Bubble Tea Inspired Snacks are a Treat for Foodies

By now you know how and why bubble tea became so popular. This popularity has inspired many foods as well.

Since the popularity of bubble tea has grown leaps and bounds, many bubbe tea-inspired snacks have also become readily available.

Popular bubble tea outlets will also serve snacks such as bubble tea ice cream, bubble tea candy, bubble tea sandwiches, bubble tea ice cream, etc.

21.   The Specialised Pearl Tea Stores Are a Great Hangout Spot

If you reside in a relatively urban area, you might have seen several boba tea shops coming up.

These boba tea shops have a very aesthetic and quirky design. This makes the drink all the more appealing to the customers. They are the perfect hangout spots for all boba lovers.

Truth be told, I myself have spent hours in my neighbourhood boba tea shop just sipping through my favourite glass of boba.

22.   The Consistency of Bubble Tea Can be Customized

Apart from the customisation of flavors and tea bases, Bubble tea also allows you to choose the consistency.

While classic bubble teas are shaken with ice, if you want a thicker drink, bubble tea can also be blended with ice. Blended bubble teas have a smoothie-like consistency.

Although I prefer the classic versions of bubble teas, the blended ones do taste spectacular especially on hot summer days.

23.   Boba Tea is Inspiring Other Non-Tea Beverages 

If you are someone who doesn’t like tea but still wishes to experience this beautiful beverage, there are options for you.

Although tea is one of the main components of bubble tea, many non-tea versions of the beverage are also coming up.

A typical bubble tea shop will offer many bubble beverages where the base is not milk. Some popular versions are fruit-based bubble drinks or flavoured milk bubble beverages.

24.   Bubble Tea Can Be Enjoyed By People of All Age Groups 

Another specialty of bubble tea is that it can be enjoyed by people of all age groups. The beverage is quite a hit among kids, teenagers and older adults as well.

Since bubble tea offers lots of variations, it is possible for people across ages to modify it according to their needs and tastes. While kids can get their fruitier versions, adults can try other flavours too.

However, having said that, I would suggest limiting your consumption of bubble tea since the calorie content in these drinks is generally higher.

25.   Boba Tea Merchandise Added to the Popularity of the Drink 

The popularity of boba tea has inspired a range of merchandise as well.  This, in turn, has increased the popularity of the drink even further.

You can find many items inspired by bubble tea such as bubble tea phone cases, Bubble tea keychains, bubble tea soaps, bubble tea lamps, pillow cases, and what not!

These bubble tea-inspired goods are a perfect gift for a boba lover.

26.   You Can Choose Among a Variety of ‘Toppings’  in Bubble Tea 

The ‘toppings’ in the bubble tea refer to the chewy balls in your cup of bubble tea.

Traditionally in bubble tea, the toppings were made out of tapioca pearls dipped in brown sugar. However, off late more and more variants of the pearls are becoming available.

Bubble tea outlets will offer you a variety of options. You can get the popping bubbles, the traditional tapioca bubbles, white pearls made from seaweed extracts, and many more.

27.  Just Ordering a Cup of Bubble Tea is So Much Fun 

Okay, now some of you may feel that ordering a bubble tea at an exclusive boba shop is a hassle because of the available options.

However, I feel that the whole process of ordering a cup of Boba Tea from scratch is so much fun. You can pick between base, flavours and toppings and the texture of your drink as well.

For a newbie, ordering their first boba tea can be a scary thing, However, I would definitely try stepping into a shop and exploring the boba work.

I hope my 27 reasons shared in the current blog have answered your question on, ‘what is so special about bubble tea?’ If you have more questions, feel free to drop them down below in the comment section.  I will be more than happy to answer. Do read other useful blogs of mine on various aspects of Bubble Tea.

Happy Sipping 🙂