In the mood for something quick to munch on with bubble tea but, unable to think of what goes well with bubble tea? 

As a self-proclaimed tea lover and who also has a tea cafe in Kolkata, I am faced with a question all the time, “What snacks can be paired with bubble tea?” Thus, I have decided to make it easy and bring you my list of 51 items that you can munch on as you sip bubble tea.


What Goes Well With Bubble Tea – 51 Pairings That Deserve Your Attention

While sipping on bubble tea not many would have thought about the pairings that work with different kinds of bubble tea.

Trust me when I say this as I am sure that by the end of the blog, your doubts about what goes well with bubble tea will be answered. Let us have a closer look at each pairing.

Snacks That Go Really Well With Matcha Bubble Tea

Matcha tea is a high-quality green tea powder that over the years has become very popular. So, if you haven’t tried matcha bubble tea before, just let my 51 items be a perfect excuse.

Now, there are certain food pairings that should be kept in mind so, the drink is complimented further. Let’s read.


1. Mochis Will Pack A Sweet Element  With Matcha Bubble Tea

Mochis are traditionally Japanese desserts but, are gaining popularity with bubble tea drinkers across the globe for their sweet flavor.

The tea can be bitter especially if you’re drinking it for the first time. or developing a taste. Mochis offers just the right amount of sweetness against the bitter taste of matcha bubble tea.


2. Avocado Toast As Another Accompaniment To Pair With Matcha Bubble Tea

Avocado is a green seeded fruit that is quite versatile. The versatility includes avocado paste and oil to name some usages.

The fruit has a nutty flavor and when had with matcha bubble tea there is a balance in the flavor.


3. Pineapples Make For A Great Combination With Matcha Bubble Tea

Pineapple is a tropical plant that is quite sweet. It makes for a good pairing with the otherwise bitter matcha tea. 

For long, tea and fruits are known as perfect accompaniments so there shouldn’t be any excuse why pineapple cannot be combined with boba.


4. Pair Salads With Matcha Bubble Tea  

Salads are a powerhouse of energy & when a citric or sour element is added the taste is further enhanced.

I recommend tossing oranges or berries  You can however add any citric fruit you prefer to add zest with boba tea.

What goes well with bubble tea?

5. Belgian Waffles To Pair With Matcha Boba Tea

Belgian waffles are thick and larger waffles compared to regular waffles. You can add honey, fruits, cream, or have it with ice cream on the sides.

I recommended seasonal fruits with honey for a great taste as the combination helps to balance the bitter flavor of the matcha tapioca tea. 

Food Items You’ve Got to Try With Classic Bubble Tea

Classic bubble simply means milk, tapioca pearls, a sweetener of your choice, and ice incorporated into a single drink.

Let us take a look at the food items we can pair with a classic bubble tea.


6. Sandwiches Compliments Classic Boba Tea Perfectly.

Sandwiches are bread items that can be customized in terms of ingredients, the kind of bread, and the toppings to name a few. As a food, they are a preferred choice when looking for a quick yet filling bite to go with tea.

I recommend a coleslaw or a cheese sandwich with salt and black pepper powder. The mild heat from the spices will help balance the sweetness. 


7. Pair Hot Potato Wedges With Cold Tapioca Tea

Potato wedges are unpeeled slices of potatoes that can be baked or fried. Now, when paired with cold boba tea it is sure to tingle taste buds, making bubble tea more special. By the way, I have mentioned 27 reasons why bubble tea is special. 

Topping potato wedges with cheese will add a salty element when paired with bubble tea. 


8. Scones To Pair With A Classic Boba Tea

Scones are baked food items that are not overly sweet.

This attribute makes scones a perfect combination with milk pearl tea.


9. Cookies & Boba Make For  A Classic Combination

Cookies are baked goodies that can be made with a number of ingredients. No matter the flavor they make for an amazing tea-time snack.

I prefer blueberry as the tart from the fruit helps in striking a balance and the drink is not too sweet. 


10. Tea Time Cakes Is a Preferred Snack With Boba

Tea time cakes originated in Britain and are served with afternoon tea. These cakes are light, fluffy, and not high on sweet quotient which makes them a great pairing with bubble tea.

A sponge cake would make for a classic pair and I would definitely love to have one with my evening or afternoon tea.

Delish Food Pairings With Green Bubble Tea

Green bubble tea is nothing but tea that is brewed with green tea bags and then tapioca pearls are added. Add any sweetener of your choice and just enjoy your boba drink.

11. Opt-In For Tea Time Crackers  With Boba Tea

Crackers are crunchy baked food items that come in many shapes and sizes and enjoyed with tea across the world.

Green bubble tea is devoid of sweeteners & has a bitter after effect. Thus, pairing it with a sweet biscuit will add some sweetness to the tea.

12. Pair Toasts With Green Tapioca Tea

Toasts are slices of bread that are passed through a toaster. Buttered or jammed they taste great anyways you prefer.

Since green boba is quite bland to drink, a sweet element like jam will elevate the drink & add an element of sweetness.

13. Rice Cakes To Accompany Boba Tea

Rice cakes are flat hard food made with puffed rice. These cakes are light and this attribute makes them a perfect food with pearl tea. Some flavors include buttered cakes, cheese, sweet chili, and caramel.

Cheese rice cake adds just the right amount of sweetness against the bitter taste of green boba tea.

14. Sushis Are A Perfect Accompaniment With Green Boba Tea

Originating in Japan sushis are small pieces of raw fish wrapped in rice and seaweed. They come with assorted dips.

Sushi is a mild-flavored food and when dipped in soy sauce adds a sweet and salty taste. This helps to balance the bland taste of green tea.

15. Pair Green Boba Tea With Muesli & You Will Keep Coming Back To This Snack

Muesli is a cold oatmeal dish. Fresh fruits, nuts, and yogurts make for a great combination.

When pairing with green tea combine it with nuts and fresh fruits for a crunchy taste which makes for a great taste when paired with green boba tea. 

Foods That Are Perfect Accompaniments With Thai Bubble Tea

Known for its bright orange color Thai Bubble Tea is a sweet drink that is made with black tea leaves infused with spices and coloring.

Let us see some food items that make for a great pairing with the tea.


16. Try Dumplings With Thai Boba Tea

Dumplings are cute little doughy pockets stuffed with various fillings like meat, corn, vegetables, and cheese.

Steamed or pan-fried(shallow fry) they taste great either way. Have them with a sweet and spicy sauce to cut down on the sweetness from Thai boba tea. 

What goes well with bubble tea?

17. Hot & Spicy Spring Rolls With Thai Tapioca Tea

As the name suggests Spring rolls are food items that are filled with stuffings like meat, vegetables, cheese, or any stuffings that you would want to incorporate and then rolled before they are deep-fried.

Thai bubble tea is a sweet tea and hence, a little spice helps in balancing the sweetness and thus, a mild spicy sauce will work wonders. 

What goes well with boba

18. Tarts Will Add An Element Of Crunch When Paired With Thai Tapioca Tea

A tart is a baked dish that consists of a pastry base and fillings are added to it. The fillings range from sweet to savory.

If eating a sweet-tart add a citric fruit with it to balance the sweetness of the tart and the bubble tea.


19. Ramen With Its Varied Flavors Is A Perfect Pairing With Thai Pearl Tea

Ramen is a Japanese soup that has noodles as the prime ingredient. Meat or seafood is added to the broth. Miso and soy sauce uplifts the taste

Ramen offers a sweet & sour flavor that is perfect when paired with sweet Thai bubble tea. I recommend adding an egg on top for a more satisfying meal. 


20. Quiches For A Quick Bite With Thai Tapioca Tea

A savory dish popular worldwide quiches can be sweet and savory. These are baked tarts and fillings like cheese, meat, seafood, vegetables are stuffed inside the crust which is then baked.

I recommend the savory version with Thai bubble tea so the sweetness is balanced.

Try These Foods as The Perfect Compliments With Your Fruit Bubble Tea

If this is a question you ask yourself quite often Well, now you have the answer.

Fruit bubble is the name given to boba tea which has fruit as the main ingredient and tapioca pearls.  Let us see what food we can pair the tea with.


21. Bagels For A Satisfying Bite With Fruit Boba Tea

Bagels are round ring-shaped bread items preferred the world over for the versatility they offer.  You can have them with eggs, buttered, or a meat of your choice.

I suggest sour cream cheese with bagels as the tanginess will compliment fruit bubble tea in a perfect way. 


22. Hot Fried Egg Rolls & Cold Tapioca Tea Make For A Classic Pair

Fried egg roll is a savory dish that is filled with shredded cabbages, vegetables, and meat. It is then rolled and coated with cornflour before deep frying.

Add a citric element that will cut down on excess sugar derived from the fruit tea. 


24. Light & Fluffy Boa With Boba Tea

A boa is a steamed bun that can be sweet or savory. Boas have recently taken the global market by storm and have become a favorite tea-time snack.

A savory option is an ideal choice as the sweet quotient will be balanced.

What goes with boba?

25. Try Egg Tarts With Fruit Boba Tea & You Will Want To Come Back For More

Egg tarts are flaky pastry that is made by combing eggs and custard. The custard gives the tart a rich and creamy texture; which adds to the taste appeal of boba tea by balancing the sweetness.

Egg tarts can be sweet and savory. Always go in for the savory option as too much sugar might ruin your drink.


26. Cinnamon Rolls For A Spicy Element With Fruit Bubble Tea

Cinnamon rolls are baked confectionaries that have a woody, sweet and spicy flavor.

Thai bubble tea is a sweet tea and hence, a little spice helps in striking a balance in the level of sweetness. 

Food Items That Goes With Any Kind Of Boba Tea No Matter The Flavor, Type Or Sweeteners Used

Apart from the mentioned pairings, there are some food items that work quite well when paired with any kind of bubble tea irrespective of the flavor, type of tea, and sweeteners used.

By not mentioning them, would be unfair on my part. Thus, I’ve chosen to write them as separate entities altogether. So, let us read about the items.

What goes well with bubble tea

27. Pretzels Are Slowly Gaining Popularity As An Accompaniment With Boba Tea

Pretzels are savory bread.  What sets them apart is the knot right in the middle and they are baked goodies.

Incorporate jalapenos for a perfect balance of flavor especially if paired with a sweet boba tea.

28. Enjoy Popcorn With Your Tapioca Tea

Popcorn is made by popping corn kernels and it is a popular item with people of all ages. As a child, I loved to see the way fresh popcorn was made in a movie hall, and the popping sound only adding to the charm.

The crunchy taste of popcorn works well with any flavor & type of tea making it a preferred snack with tea.

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

29. Hot Noodles To Go With Your Bubble Tea

A bowl of noodles is your perfect accompaniment with bubble tea. No matter whether veg. or non-veg noodles are a favorite with boba tea.

I reckon tossing noodles with vegetables as they add a crunch elevating the flavor. 

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

30. Cakes Make For  A Treat With Boba Tea

Cakes are sweet confectionary that comes in a variety of flavors and toppings.

I love a chocolate cake and cannot say no to one. Chocolate with nuts will add a crunchy element with boba tea and make snacking more worthwhile.

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

31. Egg Waffles Go Really Well with All Kinds of Tapioca Tea

Egg waffles are spherical waffles that originated in Hong Kong. They are also called bubble waffle as it resembles bubbles. These are the latest fad in the food industry and when paired with bubble tea make for a great snack.

I recommend adding fruits like strawberry or raspberry(you can add any citric fruit) and topped with chocolate syrup to stop egg waffles from overpowering sweet boba teas. 

What goes well with boba?

32. Crumpets To Pair With Any Flavor Of Boba Tea

Crumpets are small griddle cakes. As the name suggests they are cooked using griddles on a gas stove and are eaten warm.

Warm crumpets with melted butter add a salty element derived from the butter, helping in elevating the taste and flavor of bubble tea paired with.

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

33. Fruit Bowl To Pair With Tapioca Tea

Fruits are Mother Nature’s gift to mankind and each season brings its own variety that is loved by one and all.

Mix 4 or 5 different varieties of fruits and have it for a hearty yet wholesome meal with tapioca tea.

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

34. Croquettes To Consider With Boba Tea No Matter The Flavor Or The Type

Croquettes are fried snack items that can be molded into any shape and range in the stuffings used.

My mother makes corn croquettes with vegetables and cheese which I have with tea. Sure is a mix of sweet and spice blending in with any type of boba tea.

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

35. Onions Rings Are A Perfect Treat With All Kinds of Bubble Tea

Onion rings are deep-fried snack items. Being round in shape has earned them the name. Onion rings are traditionally served with ketchup. The tartness from the onions will aid in balancing the sweetness level.

I recommend a sour cream cheese dip with rock salt sprinkled on top right before eating. 

What goes well with boba?

36. Pair Petit 4s With Your Favourite Tapioca Tea

As the name suggests petit 4s are bite-sized sweet or savory confectionaries. The bite-size makes them a perfect combination with tea.

Opt-in for a savory flavor if pairing with fruit or Thai boba tea as you do not want the sweetness to ruin your tea time. Petit 4s are also called mignardises.

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

37. Hot Dogs As Accompaniments With Boba Tea

Hot dogs are savory food items that are available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Being a savory item they work great when paired with a sweet boba tea as excess sweetness is cut down upon.

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

38. Croissants To Consider With Bubble Tea

Croissants are flaky baked confectionery items that are best enjoyed with tea. Nowadays, they come in many flavors like strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. Choose one according to the type of bubble tea.

I suggest applying butter on them and them warm in an oven for about 30 seconds. The melted butter will make them softer. Trust me snacking with bubble tea will be more pleasurable from now on as the flaky taste will add crunchiness to boba tea. 

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

39. Accompany Sauteed Vegetables With Any Boba Tea

Sauteed vegetables are stirred in a wok with very little oil to help retain the green color.

I reckon adding crushed nuts with a pinch of salt and have with boba tea. This will save you from too much sugar.

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

40. Corn As A Perfect Snack With Tapioca Tea

Maize, also known as corn is popular for its seeds that are roasted on heat or the kernels are taken out and eaten.

I suggest taking the kernels out and with very little oil mix in salt, pepper, and a dash of lemon juice for a powerful snack with tapioca tea which doesn’t add to the sweetness and at the same time tastes great with matcha or green boba tea. 

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

41. Relish Some Mashed Potatoes With Boba Tea

Mashed potatoes are potatoes that have been boiled and made into a semi-liquid consistency by stirring it with milk, salt, butter, and added spices.

The spices help by not only balancing the sweetness but, also helps in uplifting the otherwise bland taste of the dish.

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

42. Marble Cakes As A Sweet Treat With Tapioca Tea

Marble cakes are sponge cakes that aren’t overly sweet. In fact, it has just the right amount of sweetness which makes it a perfect treat with tea.

If you have a sweet tooth pour chocolate sauce on a slice.

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

43. Fluffy Pancakes Is Surely A Treat With Bubble Tea

Light and fluffy pancakes are an immensely popular dish that is known for its versatile quality. One can have it plain, with honey, fruits, chocolate, or maple syrup.

Pancakes aren’t sweet making them a perfect food item to pair with bubble tea.

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

44. Canapes Are the Best Bite-Sized Snacks To Pair With Boba

Canapes are small pick me up food that can be made out of bread, pastries, or a cracker. They are then decorated with fruits, olives, or tomatoes. Just pop one in your mouth and gulp your boba tea for a flavor explosion in your mouth.

I recommend a cheese canape as the salty flavor of cheese helps in striking a balance between sweet boba tea and the canape. 

What goes well with boba tea?

45. Appetizing Flans Can Taste Heavenly with Your Tapioca Tea

Flans are baked food that can be sweet or savory. You can fill them with ham or bacon, fruits like strawberries or bananas, or any stuffing you would want to fill it with.

Now, if you’re drinking a fruit bubble tea opt-in for the savory option so you are able to strike a balance when sweetness is concerned. 

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

46. Creme Brulee For A Sweet & Custard Flavor With Boba Tea

Creme brulee is a sweet dish that has a custard base and a burnt sugar top.

You can also try passionfruit or strawberry creme brulee. The tartness from the fruits will stabilize the sweetness of boba and creme brulee.

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

47. Lemon Meringue Pies To Compliment Any Type Or Flavor Of Bubble Tea

Lemon meringue pies are sweet and sour pastries filled with lemon curd and when paired with boba tea balances sugar level making bubble tea more lovable.

The citrus from the lemon when combined with the smoothness of the meringue is sure to make you come back for more.

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

48. Eclairs Make A Delectable Treat When Combined With Boba No Matter The Flavor Or Type

Eclairs are oblong pastry that is not too sweet making it a preferred choice for boba lovers.

Eclairs are served cold and I would love to pair one with boba so I am able to balance sugar level. 

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

49. Pair Some Mini Pizzas With Tapioca Tea, To Satisfy Your Soul

Who can resist a pizza? Topped with cheese pizzas are highly customizable foods. Be it a vegetable pizza, plain cheese, or nonveg pizzas they sure make for an irresistible food.

Sprinkling some herbs creates a perfect harmony between savory and sweet which makes bubble tea more enjoyable. 

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

50. Muffins For A Light Yet Sweet Snack To Much On With Boba Tea Irrespective Of The Type Or Flavor Chosen

Cute little muffins are sweet goodies that are baked and can be eaten plain or with a variety of flavors to choose from.

Add some nuts for a salty taste that will elevate the taste of bubble tea no matter the flavor, type, or sweetener you choose.

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

51. Consider the Humble Banana Bread As An Accompaniment With Bubble Tea

The combination of bananas and bread is a treat for any taste buds.

Being diabetic myself, I would definitely take a slice of banana bread with my bubble tea, now and then.

I hope that you would want to try the options mentioned the next time you sip bubble tea. Do give the snacks a try and let me know your opinion on them in the comments section. Feel free to contact me in case you have any questions. 

Happy Sipping!