Want to pair hot tea and alcohol together but, not sure or a first-timer in mixing tea and alcohol? My blog about 27 boozy options that go well with hot tea is a perfect answer to your dilemma.

I am a passionate tea blogger and an individual who thrives on Tea. I also run my own cafe in Kolkata city. I decided to write a blog about alcohol and hot tea pairings when I drank a cup to ward off my cold & it worked like magic. 

What Alcohol Goes Well With Hot Tea?

What Alcohol Goes Well With Hot Tea: 27 Knock-out Yet Brewing Options To Give You a High

I am a tea addict and alcohol is once in a blue moon drink for me though, I cannot deny the fact that it does taste awesome when mixed with tea and hence, I thought why not write a blog about it so that I can share my findings with you all. Now, I have also mentioned a glossary of the boozes that would be mentioned.

Glossary of All The Alcohol That Have Been Paired Respectively.

This section will give you an idea about the spirits that we would be pairing with tea. 

Rum: This is a distilled spirit that is made from fermented sugar or mostly, refined sugar. The alcohol ranges from 20 % to 75.5 % ABV(Alcohol by volume). Rum is available in light or clear, dark, gold or pale, and aged amongst some common varieties.

Gin: This is a clear and distilled spirit that is characterized by its sweet and floral taste. 

How to best define spirits?

Spirits are alcohols that are made from grain, vegetables, or fruits. This section will shed light on these alcohols that are further paired with tea. 

Whiskey or Whisky: This is another type of spirit as it is made by fermenting grains like rye, corn, wheat, or maize). 

Sherry: Belongs to the wine family as it is made by fermenting grapes. Its nutty and fruity flavors make it ideal to be used in drinks however, like any wine, this is generally preferred to be had as a stand-alone drink.

Baki: Also called Raki this spirit is native to Balkan countries & is made using grape and aniseed. 

Wine: The most popular alcohol by far made by fermenting grapes. It would be worth mentioning that the taste of wine will be a put-off for you if you are a first-time drinker, have little to no knowledge, or have had too much. I prefer red wine over white wine. 

Bourbon: A common drink in America and its taste resembles chocolate with a hint of sourness. I remember drinking a glass of bourbon when I was in America as a pretext to keep me warm during the harsh winter months and quite loved it. The best way to sum it up is flavored whiskey.

Cream Liqueur: These are alcoholic drinks or liquor that include cream. They are said to be low on alcohol due to the presence of cream. Baileys and Irish Cream are the most popular varieties with the former being my favorite. 

Vodka: This is a clear spirit and is called Ladies Drink. I love the fact that vodka can be mixed with any fruit-based drinks, aerated drinks and now the latest feather in its cap is its ability to be added to tea.

Rye Whiskey:  As the name suggests this drink is made by fermenting rye(wheat). Its taste is best described as grassy and peppery. This has a rough taste when compared with sweet and mellow Bourbon.

Irish Cream:  A type of cream liquor that is had as a standalone drink or mixed with beverages like coffee and tea.

Brandy: Belonging to the wine family this is best when drunk on its own. Brandy when drunk in moderation is a great way to protect against cold and keep the body warm during the winter months. 

Bacardi: The largest privately-owned company that sells a number of drinks worldwide and some teas taste great with either Bacardi rum, or vodka and hence the mention.

Kahlua: This is a coffee-based liquor that is made from coffee beans, rum, and sugar. It can be served straight, cold, and even warm. It tastes like a sweet coffee syrup and thus, is ideal to be used in cocktails or even hot teas.

White Wine: A clear wine that is made from fermenting white grapes and the taste is described as sweet, bitter, or even fruity depending upon the way it is processed. 

Wheat Beer: This is a fermented beer that is high on toasted wheat in terms of barley(generally used to make beer). It tastes sour and can be citrusy too. 

Red Wine: Made by fermenting red grapes, red wines are generally considered to be sweet but one has to be prepared for tasting tartness at intervals.

Cognac: Belongs to the brandy family, the taste can range from being nutty, fruity, caramel, sweet with honey-like taste, vanilla, and sp

Dark Rum: This is a kind of rum that is prepared using molasses, caramel coloring, or as a result of a high fermentation level. Now, owing to how they have been stored rums can offer a heavy feeling and are much sweeter than compared to other types of rum.

Chardonnay: This is a wine and is considered the best amongst white wines. Depending upon the area grown the taste is best described as sweet with a richer and fuller feeling to having fruity notes and aroma. 

Now, let’s get exploring and check some pairings that I personally recommend and are a must include in your list. 

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

A. Hot Tea and Alcohol Pairings To Treat Common Cold or Warm The Holiday Spirits

I love winters but, it affects me pretty bad and in this case, a cup of hot tea alone doesn’t suffice. I have to resort to hard drinks but, it proved to be a major turn-off. Then, I remembered an advice from a friend; fusing hot tea and alcohol as one. Trust me, since then I have never looked back and stopped worrying about being under the weather. 

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

1. Ever Considered Pairing Hot Black Tea With Alcohol?

The rich history of tea suggests that it was discovered as a medicinal drink and many drink alcohol as a medicine too. What if tea and your favorite alcohol are fused as one?

Yes, in fact, hot black tea can be paired quite well with Dark Rum and Whiskey.

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

2. Consider Turkish Tea as Another Amazing Option

Turkish tea is nothing but black tea that is traditionally served in a small, tulip-shaped glass. When one thinks about Turkish tea, Baki deserves a mention. This is locally made alcohol by using sumac and anise seeds. 

Baki might not be easy to procure and thus I suggest using Vodka instead as it is easily available. Now, let me tell you that though the usage depends on your preference, I suggest keeping the level moderate so you don’t overpower the tea. 

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

3. Masala Chai Makes For an Ideal Choice When Alcohol is on Your Mind

Masala chai or spiced tea is something I learned to brew at an early age and never timed it. I had my first stint at tea infused with a hard drink when I had turned 18 with my man, my father and this holds a special place in my heart. 

I would add Wine to my masala tea as not only does it mix well but, the clear yet distilled taste will not overpower my tea. It would also be deserving to mention Rum as another note-worthy booze that can be used in the tea. 

What alcohol goes well with hot tea


4. Consider Bourbon and Mint Tea To Drive Cold Away

Peppermint tea or mint tea is known for its soothing properties and I remember drinking a flavored liquor in America called Bourbon. Before knowing why I recommend it with mint tea, I suggest you read the glossary for a better understanding.

Mint tea mixed with Bourbon is my kinda drink and when I am pumped under the weather(which I am during the winter season), this is another favorite that I love to prepare in my kitchen and drink up.

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

5. Ever Considered Toddy Tea?

Toddy is a drink that needs no introduction and as mentioned here I am with my own version of this favorite alcohol drink. Let me share a brief method with you. 

Brew the tea as per your preference and when the liquid is still hot add any alcohol that you desire. I highly recommend Dark Rum. However, it can be mixed with Whiskey too. 

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

B. A Lover For Fruit And Alcohol? Then This Is Your Calling

Fruits and alcohol have always complimented each other perfectly and thus, it is only fair that I talk about some great fruity tea with spirited pairings.

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

6. Ever Considered Luscious Strawberry & Some Tippy Pairings

Who can say no to sweet and sour strawberries? Now, if you are looking to amp the appeal of the tasty fruit I suggest ditching chocolate and pairing them with spirits instead. Read further to know some options that work well with strawberry fruit tea.

Strawberry fruit tea is a tea that has black tea as the base and the pulp or juice of the fruit is mixed. The fruit is known to blend well with drinks and Gin, Bourbon, Vodka, Champagne, Red wine, Prosecco, etc, are some great boozes that the tea can be mixed with.

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

7. What Happens When Mango Is Teamed With Intoxication?

Mango for me is what makes summer bearable and the ways the fruit is used is another story. Now, have you ever considered whisking mango tea with alcohol? If no is your answer, let me guide you with some options that will make you sing.

Mangoes can be sweet, sour, or both, and what makes it more amazing is the fact that this flavored tea can be paired with any booze of your choice. I recommend Gin, Vodka, White Wine, and Wheat Beer as ideal choices for they will blend well with the fruit and at the same time aren’t overpowering.

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

8. Rich Coconut Tea & Spirits Is a Party Pleaser

Coconut is probably the only hard-shelled fruit that is used in its entirety. It is also rich in oil which gives it a sweet yet rich taste. Thus, if you are thinking of pairing it with alcohol, it is important that you select one appropriately. 

I recommend drinks that have a light texture and when added with the fruit tea will add its own twist and blend well too. Thus, White Rum and Vodka comes to my mind and if you are to ask my opinion about other pairings, I would suggest otherwise. Vodka is known to be a ladies’ drink for it is light on alcohol content and unlike its counterparts isn’t hard hitting. 

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

9. Cherry Infused With Liqueurs Is Another Tea That Deserves A Mention

Cherry cocktails have been around for a long time but little is known about its hot side and the booze that it can be paired with. So, let us see some amazing options that have rightfully earned their place. 

Brandy, Gin, and Red Wine are what you should be opting for. Red Wine is my favorite as it pairs well with fleshy fruits. However, I would suggest you experiment a little and come up with your own version. Do share it with me in the comments section below so that I too can learn a new thing or two from my dear readers.

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

10. Sweet Raspberry Tea Infused With Alcohol Only Gets The Mood Set

Raspberry tea with alcohol has been a party pleaser for as long as I can remember. As is the case always, good things take time to be discovered and as a blogger, it is my duty to dig these hidden gems. So, I am here with my raspberry tea that has been adulterated with shots.

Sweet and citric raspberry tea gets a more pronounced taste when it is correctly paired with spirits like Cognac and Vodka. The clear yet strong taste of the two mentioned drinks will help strike a flavor balance and trust me, you will surely love this flavorful drink. 

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

11. Try Blueberry Tea That Has been Tweaked With Alcohol

The next and last choice that I would like to mention is raspberry tea. Like its counterparts, the fruit is a mixed bag of sweet, sour, or both and when using alcohol, it is necessary that we choose an option that isn’t overpowering. So, let us know the options that we have.

Blueberry known for its sweet and pungent taste is best when paired with Vodka and Gin. As mentioned earlier, the two spirits in discussion easily lend with food or beverages and at the same lend their own characteristics without being overpowering. This makes them the ideal choices and I highly recommend them.

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

C. The Surprising Herbal Tea & Some Alcohols That Make For The Choicest Selection

Herbal tea, tisanes, or medicinal drinks are tea ranges that need no introduction but, are different from tea and if you want to know about the differences between tea & tisane read my blog about Tea versus Tisane to discover the 31 amazing truths 

I am going to be talking about 4 unique herbal teas and why I have chosen them is something you will learn as you read further. So, are you ready to check them out?

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

12. Ever Considered Lemongrass As an Option To Be Paired With Alcohols?

Now, if the answer to the question is no or Never heard before then you have come to the right place as I will let you the pairings and the befitting reason why. Let us read and find out.

Lemongrass is known for having a citrus and lemony taste with a hint of mint. Its taste isn’t quite mild and thus, it is best advised that its delicate flavors be infused with an equally light alcohol, and what better than Vodka. 

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

13. Hibiscus and The Brews That Are Guaranteed To Make Heads Turn

Let us now consider hibiscus tea and the boozy pairings that celebrate the tea further.

Hibiscus is not your overly sweet tea and its bitter notes help break the monotony that herbal teas are known for. Now, to help us strike a balance between sweet and sour Rum, Vodka, or any cream-based liqueurs are suggested. 

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

14. Let us Consider Lavender Tea As A Great Option That is Fit to Be Spiked

Lavender on its own has a distinctive taste & is known for its pungent smell yet a sweet, bitter taste. Thus, getting the right liquor is of utmost importance here.

A flavor profile like lavender can only be handled by boozy options like Gin and Vodka. I have already mentioned their attributes in the glossary made above and if you haven’t read it, I suggest you give it a read so you can get a better idea about why I have mentioned these two spirits. 

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

15. Mushroom Tea Makes For Another Great Option To Be Used With Alcohol

Let us now consider some drunken options that work best with mushroom tea. So, to make the tea appealing instead of appalling, I reckon using Dark Rum, Whiskey, Gin, Vodka as some classic options though you can use any spirits you like. 

classic tea pairings that are never outta style

D. For Some Classics Never Go Out of Fashion

This brings me to the last section of my blog and so, I decided to save the best for the last. Let us learn about some classic tea and their pairings with choicest alcohols that will remain in vogue.

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

16. Thai Tea Joins Hands With Booze To Level Up Its Charm

Thai tea is a classic tea that is best served with black or green tea leaves as the base to which sweeteners are added. This is enjoyed as a hot and cold option. Let us consider its hot version and see what alcohol it can be paired with.

Thai tea is known for its sweet taste and thus, alcohol that has an acidic taste to it will help strike the balance between sweet and sour. Thus, I recommend pairing it with Brandy, whiskey and white Rum that will not only add a little acidity to the tea but, the sweetness will be balanced out too. 

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

17. Bubble Tea In Its First Becomes A Spiked Drink

Bubble tea is the latest gift of tea to mankind and which was discovered in Taiwan has now taken the world by storm. I have written a few blogs on bubble tea aka boba and if you too want to learn all about its various aspects, head to my website and clock on the blog tab. 

Bubble tea is a drink that can be completely customized and thus, is capable of blending with any booze but, we are here to stand out from the crowd, and thus, I recommend opting for Bourbon milk tea, Kahlua, Fruit liqueurs, and rum. Trust me, you will want to conjure a drink each time. 

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

18. Ever Thought That  Oolong Tea Could Be a Great Tea To Be Mixed With Alcohol?

Oolong is considered neither black nor green but falls under its own category(different tea range like tisanes)and can have characteristics that resemble black tea in probably more ways than one. Let us consider some spirits that pair quite well with the tea. 

Known for its grassy notes, the taste of Oolong tea is personified when diluted with flavored liqueurs like Bourbon. Rum and Vodka can be considered as amazing pairings. 

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

19. Amp Your Average Matcha Tea By Mixing it With Some Spiky Options

Matcha tea is known for its bland and earthy notes that might not be appealing for some. Now, if you belong to the latter, ie, not a fan of the tea but, still want to have a quick sip, I recommend pairing it with certain liquors that will balance the taste profile.

Matcha when paired with spirited drinks like White Rum, Gin and Whiskey not only gets a taste elevation but, at the same time their sweet and acidic notes will help break the monotony. 

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

20. Earl-Grey Deserves A Mention As Another awesome Tea That Can Be Paired with Alcohol

When classic teas can be paired with alcohol, do you think Earl-grey would be behind? The tea too makes for an amazing option to be blended with some booze. Now, if you want to know about Earl-Grey do read my blog Is Earl-Grey Tisane,and find the answer via 13 fact-based points.

The tea is known for its sweet taste with a hint of citrus and thus, Bourbon is the only booze that comes to my mind. The liquor is known for its caramel, chocolaty and acidic notes that enhances the taste and you have an awesome hot tea infused with alcohol. 

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

21. Considering The Rising Tandoori Masala Chai and the Spirits It Works with

Tandoori Masala chai is nothing but hot Indian spiced tea that has been prepared in a clay oven instead of the traditional method. Served in earthen pots, the tea absorbs the aroma and the earthy yet smoky flavor from the pots makes it a desirable drink.

The tea should ideally be paired with alcohol that will blend well with the smoky, spicy and earthy notes of the tea in a subtle way. Thus, no spirit can do justice better than Dark Rum and White Wine. 

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

22. If Booze Is On Your Mind, Tandoori Chocolate Tea Ought To Be On The List

Tea joins hands with chocolate for the first time ever to form chocolate tea that is served in earthen cups that have been heated in a clay oven. Let us consider the decoctions that not only blend well but also add their own characteristics without being overpowering.

Nothing can complement chocolate better than Dark rum. This is a combination that has been considered as a classic pairing for as long as I can remember. However, using it cautiously is advised so that you do not overpower the tea. 

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

23. What Happens When WhiteTea is Spiked With Alcohol? 

White tea is the most delicate tea ever known and it has a sweet taste that resembles honey with a hint of sourness. Thus, pairing it with an alcohol that is equally airy is essential if you do not want to ruin the taste of the tea.

Now, after a lot of experiments done and contemplating the options I decided to settle with fruit based wines and the best example of this variety is Chardonnay.  Do give it a try and share your experience in the comments section below.

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

24. Let us Consider Moroccan Tea As Another Exemplary Option

Moroccan Tea is made from green tea leaves as the base and mint leaves too are added to the liquid. Sugar is added as an element of sweetness. Let us see what alcohol we can mix with the tea below.

I reckon pairing it with Beer and wine. You can try using any other decoction and if you find a better choice do share it with in the comments section below.  

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

25. Ever Considered Your Favorite Long Island Iced Tea In a Hot Avatar?

Long Island Iced Tea needs no introduction but, what if I am to tell you that the drink can be drunk hot too? In fact, I suggest trying it hot during the cold and harsh winters or to soothe the tired throat. Let us see what alcohol works best with its hot version.

The cold version can be made by mixing multiple alcohols together but, we are here to see the options that work great with the hot drink and I suggest Gin and Vodka for a great tasting drink with a smooth and light flavor. 

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

26. Hot Tea Lattes With Booze Anyone?

Tea lattes are in vogue nowadays and we shall see the tipplers that are used to enhance the flavor and make it a smoother drink than it already is.

Since lattes are quite creamy and this can make the tea overly sweet at times, it is necessary to use an alcohol that will cut down on the sweetness and add an element of tartness. Many people use cream liqueurs and that is a bad choice as the drink is only sweetened further. Don’t you think Spiced Rum would be the ideal choice? This cuts down on the sweetness with its spicy taste at the same time its acidic note packs a punch.

What alcohol goes well with hot tea

27. The Last But Definitely Not The Least Is Vanilla Tea

Vanilla tea is a herbal tea that is made from vanilla beans or vanilla extract. They can be had with milk and sugar. Now, on this note let us see the correct grog that can be paired with the tea.

The sweetness of the tea is best balanced with the addition of Bourbon, Spiced Rum, Baileys(for a strong alcohol-infused tea). 

This concludes my blog about the alcohol that goes well with hot tea and I hope you enjoyed reading it. I had a lovely time writing and if you think you have any questions for me that I can answer, please drop them in the comments section below. I will answer them at the earliest. Well, this isn’t all that tea has to offer and to know about such amazing findings that are happening in the world of tea, visit my website and click on the blogs tab. 


Happy Sipping!