Have you ever thought that a drink like boba can have its fair share of worst bubble tea flavors? After a lot of contemplation, I decided to write about 17 pearl milk tea flavors that are a far cry from being desirable. Let us read about these flavors.

I am a self-proclaimed Tea lover and a passionate blogger. I run my tea cafe in Kolkata city and love to write about Tea; with boba being my chosen variety for my blog these days. Boba is a drink like no other but, sadly has its own fair share of flavors that just aren’t fit for consumption and I am going to talk about 17 such flavors. Let’s read about them. 


Worst Bubble Tea Flavors – 17 Flavors That Have Missed The Mark

Imagining a drink like boba has its share of flavors that are best left untouched can be like a scary dream for its patrons. Sadly, it is the truth. So, let us check the flavors so the next time you order a boba you know which ones to avoid.

 Worst Bubble Tea flavors

1. Winter Melon Flavored Bubble Tea Tops The List When It Comes To Worst Bubble Tea Flavors

Winter melon is a fruit known to be high on sweetness. Bubble tea is a drink that has to be sweetened as on its own it lacks sweetness and, the only chewy element is the pearls.

Winter melon is rich in sugar and when mixed with the tea leaves it is further sweetened. This makes the drink too sweet and it is hard to get a taste of any other ingredient(s) that might be present.

 Worst Bubble Tea flavors

2. Black Licorice Is Yet Another Put Off In The List Of Worst Boba Flavors

Licorice is famous worldwide for its medicinal properties. High on sour with a hint of sweetness, this tastes like a bitter medicine and an obvious option to avoid.

No one wants a drink that tastes like medicine right? These attributes make it a flavor to avoid.

 Worst Bubble Tea flavors

3. Bacon Flavored Bubble Tea? Definitely A Disastrous Flavored Boba

Bacon flavored boba was introduced to celebrate “World Bacon day”. However, even bacon lovers will swear that the taste is a complete put-off.

Having heard about this from a customer at my tea shop I thanked my stars that my taste buds are more inclined towards vegetarian foods. Definitely, a flavor that is a complete No.

 Worst Bubble Tea flavors

4. Oolong Tea With Whole Milk Will Make The Tea Heavy

Oolong tea has a light texture that is served without milk and sugar for obvious reasons. When mixed with milk it tends to become so heavy that all you can taste is cream.

This is a reason why this flavor has proudly earned its spot in my blog.

 Worst Bubble Tea flavors

5. Hot Almond Bubble Tea Is Yet Another Flavor That Speaks Sweetness Galore

Almonds when mixed with hot milk tend to lend a sweet flavor and only increase the sweetness. This would make the whole drink lose its essence for sweetness is what you will in abundance.

So, for this reason, it certainly deserves a place amongst the worst bubble tea flavors.

 Worst Bubble Tea flavors

6. Truffles Will Add A Meaty Flavor To Boba

Truffles are edible fungi and are known for their earthy flavor and when mixed with boba will taste meaty. Who wants meat in their boba right?

This is another flavor that screams Nay!

 Worst Bubble Tea flavors

7. Egg Pudding Is Another Such Flavor That Deserves A Blind Eye

Egg and milk are both dairy products that are high in calcium and proteins. Now, when the two are incorporated together in boba, the result will be a rich, creamy flavor and buttery flavor from the eggs and milk simultaneously that will overpower the chewy bubbles completely.

Moreover, the egg will blend with milk and leave behind an eggy boba. I highly suggest otherwise and will give this flavor a miss.

 Worst Bubble Tea flavors

8. Cotton Candy Will Leave A Trail Of Sweetness Behind

Cotton candy is sweet fluffs of sugar and is available in different colors and flavors. The favorite treat during childhood which caused more harm than good is now also available in boba flavor.

Ugghh! I simply do not want a bubble tea where sugar is all I can taste. So, we can proudly put it in the worst bubble tea flavors list.

 Worst Bubble Tea flavors

9. Frothy & Creamy Bubble Tea? I Can Only Turn My Head In The Opposite Direction

Bubble tea incorporated with cream will make the drink buttery and oily. These attributes will leave a foul after effect on your taste buds.

I reckon to run in the opposite direction when given an option of creamy bubble tea.

 Worst Bubble Tea flavors

10. Consider Durian Only If You Love A Smelly Bubble Tea

Did you know that durian is banned in some countries owing to its foul smell? Yes, this fruit is only on the negative list for its bad smell that can be sensed even from a distance.

Imagine boba that has been flavored with durian and you will get your answer why this flavor has been mentioned in the list of boba flavors to avoid.

 Worst Bubble Tea flavors

11. White Sugar Or White Poison Will Only Make A Glassful Of Boba That’s Too Sweet

We all are familiar with the saying, ” Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down” though that’s not the case nowadays. Research proves that white sugar is akin to “white poison”. Not only do they help build on calories but, at the same time are a powerhouse of illness.

I do not want to spike my cup of boba with white sugar and hamper my health. Thus, I highly suggest against this flavor.

 Worst Bubble Tea flavors

12. Rose Water Bubble Tea Tastes Gross

I recently had rose water bubble tea at a boba shop nearby and I can say that disgust was written on my face. Rose water has a sweet and fragrant smell.

Now, when incorporating it with milk, one should use it sparingly otherwise, the taste can be too sweet that will overpower all the other taste(not to forget the chewy pearls). Definitely, another flavor that’s worth skipping.

Worst Bubble Tea flavors

13. Bland Avocado Bubble Tea Leaves Little To Be Desired

Avocado is a versatile green seeded fruit and has a nutty flavor to it. The fruit is eaten raw, made into a paste, or even as oil.

Having said this, the fruit when added to bubble tea completely changes its flavor profile and tastes bland that will make you want to puke. Hence, this is best left sitting at the counter and watching its friends being picked up by boba noobs.

 Worst Bubble Tea flavors

14.  The Heavenly Combination of Chocolate & Strawberry Completely Misses The Flavor When Infused With Bubble Tea

“Strawberry and Chocolate”, the name itself is enough to make one salivate. However, when incorporated into bubble tea makes for an undesirable drink.

Chocolate and strawberry both have their own taste. Sadly, when combined together to form boba the taste profile: chocolate and strawberry fighting for dominance and making the drink overloaded in sweetness.

 Worst Bubble Tea flavors

15. Green Tea & Orange Screams Disaster

Green tea has a bland taste and when orange is infused in it to make an innovative boba the taste is a cross between nutty bland green tea texture and bitterness from the orange.

I mean imagine a glass of boba that has neither taste nor sweetness and the only texture so derived is from the chewy tapioca balls. I wouldn’t buy this drink or drink it even if they offered me this flavor as a free be.

 Worst Bubble Tea flavors

16. What Happens When Pudding Is Fused With Peach Milk Tea To Form A Boba Flavor?

When a delectable dessert like pudding is fused with peach milk tea to form world’s favorite bubble tea the result is nothing short of doomsday. The flavor is hot water that has pudding, peach, milk, and tea thrown into a glass.

I am not a fan of hot water and certainly do not want this drink to hit my taste buds. Definitely, worth a miss.

 Worst Bubble Tea flavors

17. Peach Crystal Bubble Tea Is Another Flavor That Misses The Mark

Peach crystal boba a.k.a  Peach Clear Tea is another flavor that misses the target of being a great tasting boba. 

The taste is best described as an overly sweet dessert that boosts sugar & which has completely overpowered all other flavors.

Opting for this drink is like having a liquid dessert that has stale tea incorporated into it.  I suggest giving it a complete miss. Trust me, your taste buds will forever be grateful to you.


This brings me to the end of this blog. I hope you will keep these flavors in mind the next time you decide to make bubble tea at home or when ordering at a boba shop. If you wish to give some flavors their true worth do share them with me in the comments section below and I will mention them in my blog. Also, drop your questions in the comments section below & I will gladly answer them. 

Happy Sipping!