Ever wondered about underrated bubble tea flavors? Yes, you did read it right for bubble tea too has its fair share of flavors that are yet to see the limelight and we are going to read about them in this blog.

I am a passionate Tea blogger and run my tea shop in Kolkata. Being a boba freak it makes me feel sad that though the drink is on everyone’s lips but, still many are still unaware of some flavors that will make you drool. Read my blog about 49 yummy flavors that will make you drool and have you hooked. 


Underrated Bubble Tea Flavors – 49 Mouth-Watering Options That Should Be On The List Of All Boba Lovers

Boba is a drink that needs no introduction. It is a perfect match of tea and dessert rolled in one cup and its patrons are growing by the day. However, In spite of this fact, there are still some flavors that have yet to see the limelight and we shall read about 49 such flavors that will make you question yourself “Why didn’t I try them before?”

So, let me guide you through my list of underrated bubble tea flavors that are sure to make you drool.

Ever Considered Herbal Tea Infused With Tapioca Pearls?

Herbal teas are becoming popular for their varied benefits and hassle-free brewing. What makes them more desirable is the fact that since they are plant-based herbal bubble tea is the ideal choice for vegans & lactose-intolerant people.

Underrated bubble tea flavors

1. Nothing Better Than Ginger Tea To Soothe The Nerves

Ginger is a spice that is often added to milk tea and the flavor only gets enhanced with its addition. Now, what if I am to tell you that by just adding tapioca pearls you can turn the humble ginger tea into bubble tea?

You just need to add a sweetener and tapioca pearls and ginger bubble tea is ready. I reckon using brown sugar to add some sweetness. Wondering how you can flavor bubble tea using brown sugar. Read my blog about how to flavor bubble tea at home with brown sugar in just 3 easy and doable ways. 

Underrated bubble tea flavors

2. Lavender Will Stir Your Senses And Leave You Feeling Fresh All Day

Lavender is a plant that has an aromatic smell and an equally soothing effect. Let us use this flower and upscale it into a phenomenal cup of Lavender Bubble Tea.

Lavender when infused with bubble tea will not only emit a sweet and aromatic smell but, will add a creamy texture too that is sure to make it your go-to boba drink. For a more power-packed boba experience, I recommend drinking a cold version.

Underrated bubble tea flavors

3. Ever Considered Sweet And Floral Jasmine In Bubble Tea?

Jasmine is known for its sweet and floral taste. Now, imagine the effect when mixed with bubble tea. Being naturally sweet you can skip adding sugar.

Best enjoyed cold this flavor of bubble tea deserves a special mention and ought to be on your list. Do try and let me know your experience in the comment section below. 

Underrated bubble tea flavors

4. Barley Will Add A Nutty Element In Your Bubble Tea

Barley, a wheat look-alike has a nutty and earthy taste to it. But, did you ever stop to think whether barley can be combined with bubble tea?

Barley when added to sweet bubble tea will help balance the sweetness by balancing the excess sweetness with its nutty texture. This is definitely worth a try.

Underrated bubble tea flavors

5. Add Oats To Your Bubble Tea To Feel An Instant Connection With Mother Nature

Oats on their own are quite tasteless and when added to any food or beverage it camouflages with the food or drink and acquires its taste.

This might be bland to taste and thus, sweeteners like honey, brown sugar, or maple syrup will give you a great boba experience.

Underrated bubble tea flavors

6. Peppermint When Infused With Bubble Tea Will Give You A Sweet After Taste That Will Refresh You Instantly

Peppermint is known to have a strong yet sweet aftertaste that leaves your breath feeling fresh. People often chew its leaves or use them in various food preparation. Now, it is no surprise that a versatile drink like bubble tea stays behind. However, this is a combination that is still not very popular and thus, I chose to write about the flavor in my blog.

I reckon drinking this as a hot concoction so that the cool & minty taste of peppermint tea can be experienced in all its glory.

Underrated bubble tea flavors

7. Sweet, Fruity, Or Pungent Oolong Will Surprise Each Time

Oolong tea is a semi-oxidized tea and can range from mild brown tea leaves to dark tea leaves. The color depends on the oxidization time though it tastes great either way.

The taste of oolong tea is described as earthy, grassy, floral, and nutty. Now to balance the flavor just add a sweetener of your choice along with the pearls and invoke your senses.

Underrated bubble tea flavors

8. Consider Sweet Pea Flower For An Earthy And Woody Flavor In Your Boba

The butterfly sweet pea plant has an earthy flavor to it. Now, when you combine it with boba it will not only appeal in an aesthetical way but, will also wow you with its flavors that occur naturally. The method is quite simple and one which we shall read about below

To get a great butterfly pea boba experience it is recommended that this drink be consumed cold. You can add a sweetener of your choice if you like.

Let Us Explore Some Forgotten Classic Boba Drinks

Boba is a versatile drink and at the same time can be customized as per liking. By the way, I have written a blog wherein I’ve mentioned 27 amazing reasons about what makes bubble tea so special. Do give it a read.

No doubt then that people are willing to experiment with their glass of boba(s). However, in our tryst to constantly try new flavors we tend to forget some flavors that have made bubble tea the drink it is. Let us see some classics that have been forgotten.

Underrated bubble tea flavors

9. Rose Milk Will Add A Sweet Yet Floral Taste In Your Cup Of  Tapioca Milk Tea

Rose is known for its sweet yet floral smell and when added to boba adds a pinkish color that pleases the eye. Now, since rose is known for being sweet you needn’t add sugar. Don’t you think that this attribute makes it more appealing?

Wasn’t that simple? I hope you will want to try it out for yourself. Do let me know your experience.

Underrated bubble tea flavors

10. Opt-In For Brown Sugar Boba To Enrich Your Bubble Tea Experience

Brown sugar is unrefined or partially refined sugar and is considered to be better than white sugar. Did you know that brown sugar can be used to flavor the pearls too? I have written a blog about the 3 ways by which you can flavor bubble tea at home with brown sugar.

This flavor of bubble tea is best enjoyed when it is consumed cold. Let me share a secret with you that will add to the aesthetic appeal and you will want this effect each time brown sugar boba comes to your mind.

The trick is called the “Tiger Stripes Effect”. It is quite simple and satisfying too. You just need to take a spoonful of the tapioca pearls and then by keeping it tilted at 360 degrees keep adding the pearls that have been sweetened with brown sugar. Once the pearls have settled at the bottom, add the milk. 

Underrated bubble tea flavors

11. Nothing Better Than A Glass Of Iced Tea Boba To Keep Yourself Hydrated

Yes, you read that right. Iced bubble tea after water is the second most sought-after drink that keeps you hydrated and works winders during the summer months. It is quite simple to make at home.

Made the traditional way or by using the premixed powder any method works. Just add the pearls and you have a refreshing glass of iced bubble tea at your service.

Underrated bubble tea flavors

12. Drink Earl Grey Boba To Experience The Way London Drinks Their Bubble Tea

Earl Grey tea is black tea that is the preferred choice of the Britishers. Traditionally it is consumed without milk and with a drop of lemon. But, did you know that the tea can be used in your favorite boba? Yes. You read it right. Let us see how we can incorporate it with tapioca pearls.

The first step is to make the tea as per your preferred method. Now, add the pearls to your tea and your Earl Grey Tapioca Tea is ready.

Underrated bubble tea flavors

13. Drink Classic Bubble Tea And Celebrate Your Love For Boba

Classics never go out of fashion and similar is the case with classic boba. This flavor has its own fan base but, owing to new flavors somewhere it is losing a few loyal patrons and this is why it has earned a place in my blog.

Classic bubble simply means milk, tapioca pearls, a sweetener of your choice, and ice incorporated into a single drink. Let me throw an incentive here for you to make it more worth your time. Did you know that some loved food items make for a great pairing with this flavor? Read my blog about 51 food pairings that go well with bubble tea. 

Do share your experience with me in the comment section below.

Underrated bubble tea flavors

14. Get Your Sugar Fix With Thai Bubble Tea

Thai bubble tea is a sweet drink that is known for its bright orange color. Black tea leaves are infused with spices and coloring to give it the bright orange look that helps the drink stand apart.

Let me tell you a little secret to make bubble tea a great drinking experience. It is always advisable to add the pearls beforehand and letting them slide to the bottom of the glass before pouring the tea. Mix well and serve cold. 

Underrated bubble tea flavors

15. A Mix Of Sour, A Dash Of Sweetness Is What Matcha Bubble Tea Is All About

Matcha bubble tea is a drink that is full of surprises. The taste can be anywhere between sweet, earthy, or bland depending on the way it is processed.

I highly suggest adding brown sugar to enhance the taste even more and enjoy cold. 

Underrated bubble tea flavors

16.  If Nutty Flavor Is What You Seek Then Green Bubble Tea Should Be On Your List

Green tea is known for its various benefits and this makes it an ideal choice for bubble tea. Let us see how we can incorporate this flavor into pearl milk tea.

Green tea is famous for its bitter taste and thus, an element of sweetness is required. Opt-in for any liquid sweeteners as that will give you an evenly sweetened boba.

 Fruit And Tapioca Pearls Join Hands To Form Fruit Flavored Bubble Tea

Eating fruits in their raw form or in salads is now a thing of the past. What if I am to tell you that you can now enjoy the goodness of fruits in bubble tea? Yes, it is possible and we shall read about some flavors that are worth trying.

Underrated bubble tea flavors

17. Sweet And Tart Is What Strawberry Is All About

Strawberry is a fruit that is a preferred choice across the globe and is used in making desserts or shakes. Let me tell you that with strawberry flavored bubble tea you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Being high on sweetness one can skip adding sugar. A glass of strawberry boba tastes great when had cold.

Underrated bubble tea flavors

18. The Goodness Of Mango Is Now An Option In Your Favorite Drink

Mangoes are a loved fruit and need no introduction. For many summers are worth only because it brings this mouthwatering fruit in abundance. Mango is a versatile fruit and this adaptable nature has earned it fame in the bubble tea market. Let us see how to incorporate the fruit in bubble tea.

If you want to add a sweetener you can add any from the variety of sweeteners available. I recommend honey. Did you know that you can use mango to sweeten the pearls? Read my blog about 31 ways to sweeten bubble tea pearls and check it out for yourself. 

Underrated bubble tea flavors

19. A Little Bit Of Sweet And A Little Bit Of Sour Is What Blueberry Is All About

Blueberries are cute little round fruits that can be sweet or sour depending on the plucking time. Did you know that blueberries can also be used to substitute the pearls? In fact, I have written a blog about 27 yummy substitutes for the pearls. Do read it and let me know your views about it in the comments section below.

Just add them to your drink with the pearls. Give the drink a good stir and enjoy cold.

Underrated bubble tea flavors

20. Love Sweet And Sour? Then Passionfruit Flavor Ought To Be On Your Boba List

Passionfruit is a seeded fruit known for its edible seeds and has a sweet and citric flavor to it. The flavor combination has made it popular as a fruit and boba aficionados looking to experiment vouch for the flavor.

If the tartness is too much to handle you can add a sweetener. Add some ice cubes and enjoy a cold boba. 

Underrated bubble tea flavors

21. Welcome Floral Sweetness And A Taste Resembling Honey In Your Boba When You Opt For HoneyDew Melon

HoneyDew Melon has a sweet floral taste which is very close to the taste of honey.

Owing to its sweetness you needn’t add sugar to it and enjoy it in its raw state. This flavor like all fruit flavor boba is best enjoyed chilled.

Underrated bubble tea flavors

22. Sweet Sour Lychee In Bubble Tea Makes The Drink More Enjoyable

Lychee is a fruit that has a hard skin and is a seeded fruit. People say the taste can be sweet with a hint of tartness. No matter the taste, the fruit can be enjoyed in bubble tea.

Just gently add the pearls to lychee tea and enjoy topped with 3-4 icecubes 

Underrated bubble tea flavors

23. Creamy Buttery Avocado Will Make Your Bubble Tea Experience More Worth Your While

Avocadoes on the whole are quite bland and this makes them easy to adopt with any food. Though some say that it can be creamy and buttery. No matter the taste bubble tea lovers should surely try avocado-infused bubble tea.

To help balance the buttery taste of avocado add a nutty element. 

Underrated bubble tea flavors

24. Sweet & Nutty Coconut Will Have You Coming Back For More

Coconut is a tropical fruit that is famous for its nutty yet sweet flavor. It is rich in its own oil and thus should be used cautiously so as to avoid it from overpowering food or drinks. Let us see how we can combine coconut with bubble tea.

The best way to combine the flavor of coconut with bubble tea use coconut water and make

Stir and enjoy.

Underrated bubble tea flavors

25. Incorporate Peach In Bubble Tea For A Sip Of Sweetness, Extra Juiciness & Tartness

Peaches can range from being sweet to tart and can be very juicy too. This attribute has made them a preferred choice of people and for bubble tea aficionados who are on the lookout for a new flavor, this should be on your priority list.

Being a boba lover, I would surely try this flavor as I can skip sugar that will only ruin the taste by making it overly sweet.

Wanna Have Desserts And Bubble Tea Then Desserts Inspired Bubble Tea Flavors Is Your Ideal Choice

Desserts make the mouth drool and bubble tea invokes the senses. Now, what if bubble tea and desserts are combined into a single drink? This combination sure has found a royal patron in me. Want to join me? Then hop on and let’s get tasting.

Underrated Boba Flavors

26. Tutti Frutti Will Add Myriad Flavors In Bubble Tea

Tutti Frutti is made from various fruits like apples, cherries. raisins. You can make your own version and use it in bubble tea for a flavor explosion. Let us see how we can incorporate it into our loved beverage.

Add them to your drink with the pearls and give it a good stir. The only twist I would love is to pair it with a nutty snack that will help balance the sweetness and I am sorted. 

Underrated bubble tea flavors

27. Rich Creamy Tiramisu Will Add An Element Of Sweet And Sour In Your Bubble Tea

Tiramisu is a sweet dessert that is made from cocoa, mascarpone cream and is topped with chocolate syrup. I once had this dessert at a party and it became my favorite.

I won’t stop you further for I too am going to grab my share of tiramisu flavored bubble tea and cannot wait to eat and drink.

Underrated bubble tea flavors

28. Creamy And Sweet Pudding When Combined With Bubble Tea Enriches The Taste And Adds A Rich Texture And Flavor

Pudding is a confectionary item that can be sweet and tart but, no matter the taste it sure is loved by all. However, let me tell you that you can now combine the goodness of pudding into bubble tea. This sure makes me salivate and I am running to my shop to make a glass for myself.

Since this will be high on sweetness(though it’s something I don’t mind)I would top with citric berries or add a crunchy element that would help me in striking a perfect balance. 

Underrated pearl milk tea flavors

29. Try Panna Cotta Bubble Tea For A Sweet And Nutty Taste

Pannacotta is known to be a mildly sweet dessert and thus,  when added to boba can be too sweet.

I recommend adding an element of crunch or fruits like figs that will help balance the sweetness and make the drink an experience you will never forget.

Underrated bubble tea flavors

30. Cookie Crumbs Will Add A Crunch To Bubble Tea

Cookies are small baked items that can be made into any flavor and can be termed as little powerhouses of goodness. The best attribute is that they aren’t overly sweet and this makes it an ideal choice to be used in bubble tea.

Just add some ice cubes and enjoy cold. Oh! don’t forget to shake the drink. 

Underrated bubble tea flavors

31. Creme Brulee Will Help Balance The Sweetness With Its Tarty Lemon Flavor

Creme brulee is a baked lemon tart dessert that has a sugar frosting on top. The sweet and acidic(from the lemons)flavors will leave you craving for more.

Now, if the sweetness is too much to handle add fruits like berries or mangoes. The tartness will help in striking a balance of sweet and sour.

Underrated bubble tea flavors

32. Subtle Combination Of Sweet And Spice Is What GingerBread Is All About

Gingerbreads are baked cookies that are not overly sweet. They have just the right balance of sweetness and this makes it a perfect accompaniment with tea. Let me tell you that you can use gingerbread in bubble tea and have a refreshing float that is quite easy to make too. Let me share my cheat secret here.

Crumble a few gingerbreads, combine them with the pearls and add to a glass of warm milk. Feel the gingerbread with each sip that you take.

Try The New Vegetable Flavored Pearl Milk Tea And Treat Your Taste Buds

What if I am to tell you that root vegetables and legumes can be used to flavor bubble tea? This section focuses on vegetables fused into bubble tea. Let us check what flavors we can choose from.

Underrated bubble tea flavors

33. Starchy Taro Will Add A Nutty Element In Pearl Milk Tea

Taro is a root vegetable that has a sweet and starchy flavor. When mixed with bubble tea it gives a nutty texture that makes for a great drinking experience.

Taro when combined with milk adorns a purplish color and when the pearls are further added only makes the drink an item to behold. No wonder then that a picture with bubble tea is sure to get likes and comments. Now if you’re looking for suitable yet cool captions do read my blog about 95 unique boba captions for Instagram. 

Underrated bubble tea flavors

34. Filled With Nature’s Goodness Sweet Potato Is A Flavor That Is A Must Try

Sweet potato is high on sugar naturally and thus, there is no need to add any sweetener to it. Now, imagine the flavor it will create when mixed with pearl milk tea. Let us see how to mix the vegetable and bubble tea together for one power-packed drink.

To help balance the sweetness I suggest adding nuts or combining it with fruits that have a citric attribute. 

Underrated bubble tea flavors

35. Ever Thought That Azuki Can Be Used To Flavor Boba?

Azuki also known as red beans is a legume that has a creamy and earthy flavor. Made by combing red beans paste with tea and then adding the pearls.

This drink can be enjoyed as a hot and cold variant. No matter the version you choose, this flavor is sure to wow! each time.

Introducing A Range Of Bubble Tea With A Nutty Twist

In my humble opinion, no other beverage can be as versatile as our very own bubble tea. Now, its versatility is an aspect that makes us love this drink. By the way, have you ever considered about reasons that makes this drink is so special? Read my blog about 27 reasons that make bubble tea special. 

Bubble tea can be flavored with a nutty twist to it too and if you are a fan of nuts, then nutty-flavored boba should be on your list. Let us explore some flavors.

Underrated bubble tea flavors

36. If Crunchiness Is What You Seek Opt-In For Almond Flavored Tapioca Milk Tea

Almonds are known for their various benefits and are used worldwide in various ways. Now, let me tell you that almonds can be used to flavor bubble tea. Try it if only to get a nutty sweet taste. I am sure you will fall in love with its flavor.

I love the fact that one can enjoy this flavor in both its avatars ie, hot and cold sides. 

Underrated bubble tea flavors

37. Hazelnuts Will Ensure A Nutty Yet A Toasted Flavor When Combined With Bubble Tea

Hazelnuts are known for their earthy, nutty, and toasted flavor and fans swear by its flavors.

I love hazelnuts and would drink it either way ie; without bothering if my bubble tea is hot or cold as both versions taste equally good. 

Underrated bubble tea flavors

38. Add Cashews In Your Tapioca Tea For An Umami Flavor

Cashews are known for their rich nutty and earthy flavors. Now, when combined with food it not only packs in an element of crunch but, also gives a toasty flavor. Don’t you think that adding cashews to bubble tea will elevate the taste?

At times the oily and nutty taste of cashews can be too overpowering and if you feel the same add brown sugar or honey. The sweetness will curb the nutty flavor and you have a winning drink with this new addition in the form of a sweetener. 

Underrated bubble tea flavors

39. Nutty & Rich Flavored Coffee Comes Together With Bubble Tea To Make For A  Great Drinking Experience

Coffee is another popular drink and which like tea needs no introduction. Known for its rich and bold flavors coffee adds a roasted almond-like taste to drinks. This sure is an incentive for coffee and tea lovers to incorporate these classics into one common drink called Pearl Milk Tea aka Bubble Tea.

My only suggestion would be to use coffee in moderation else it will overpower the tea with its strong and rich distinguished flavor. 

Underrated bubble tea flavors

40. Caramel With Its Sweet And Nutty Texture Will Make Your Bubble Tea Drinking Experience More Enjoyable

Caramel is a sweet and nutty liquid that is used in its liquid form to elevate the flavor of foods further. Now, the goodness of caramel comes together in bubble tea giving you another reason to fall in love with bubble tea yet again.

Did you know that you can even sweeten the pearls? Yes, and I have even written a blog about 31 super delectable and easy ways to sweeten the pearls. Do give it a read.

Having mentioned all the above flavors let me ask you a quick question, ” Don’t you think that bubble tea is indeed a force to reckon?”. Do share your views with me in the comments section below.

Coz Some Flavors Just Scream ” The Heart Wants More”

This section brings me to the end of my blog about “Underrated bubble tea flavors”. However, I still have couple more flavor recommendations up my sleeves and which I will cover in this section. I wanted to save the best for the last as I am sure that this is one section that will take your heart away and make you scream ” I want more.”

Underrated bubble tea flavors

41. Tangy Lemon Will Add A Citrus Element So You Get To Enjoy A Sweet And Sour Flavored Pearl Milk Tea

Lemon is a citrus fruit that has a tart taste and which when mixed with the sweetness of bubble tea helps in striking a perfect balance between sweet and sour.

Do Not Add milk as it tends to curdle on coming in contact with the tart lemon. Now, if you are adding ice be sure to add more tea leaves as ice will dilute the drink and you will have an uneven flavored tea. 

42. Consider Jelly Bean Flavored Boba And Let Your Taste Buds Enjoy The Varied Taste

Jelly beans are sweet forget me not that come in many flavors and are a big hit with adults alike. But, did you consider that your favorite jelly bean can be used to flavor bubble tea?

Since this flavor will be high on sugar owing to the presence of jelly beans you needn’t add sugar. Enjoy your tapioca pearl milk tea.

Underrated bubble tea flavors

43. Peanut Butter Jelly Aficionados Try Incorporating PB&J In Bubble Tea

Peanut butter and jelly is a favorite spread option on toast and is loved for the sweet and nutty flavor texture it offers. As a lover of bubble tea, I can vouch that if you are a PB&J fan you will love this flavor in your bubble tea.

Just a small suggestion. Since PB&J is high on sweetness use it cautiously so it doesn’t ruin your boba. 

Underrated bubble tea flavors

44. Chocolate Flavored Boba Is A Flavor That Is Sure To Tingle Your Taste Buds & Leave You Wanting More

I have yet to come across someone who can resist chocolates. Imagine the outcome when your favorite drink and irresistible chocolate join hands as one great drink. Sure makes mouths water right?. Did you know that chocolate can be used to flavor tea pearls too? Read my blog about 31 ways to sweeten the pearls.

I would stir in chocolate syrup in my tea being mindful of not adding too much as I do not want the chocolate to overpower my tea. Then I would add the tapioca pearls and give it a good shake and enjoy it chilled.

Underrated bubble tea flavors

45. Sweet & Bitter Mocha Will Only Leave You Craving For More When Infused With Tapioca Tea

Mocha is a variety of coffee that is popular for its chocolate-like taste and for being a little sweet and bitter. Now, what if I am to tell you that you can now enjoy mocha and bubble tea as one drink? Yes, it is possible and one we shall read about.

Use brown sugar to sweeten your boba so that you can enjoy the taste of mocha & not miss the sweetness.

Underrated bubble tea flavors

46. Try Mojito Bubble Tea For Your Fix Of Boba With A Hint Of Cocktail And A Fruity Twist Too

If you’re someone on the lookout to infuse cocktails with boba then you should definitely add mojito to your list. Let us see how we can add tapioca pearls to it for what is bubble tea without its pearls.

In the same glass as you’ve prepared your mojito, add the tapioca pearls that have been soaked in a sweetener of your choice. Stir in well and add ice cubes at the very last minute.

There you are your mojito-infused bubble tea is ready.

Underrated bubble tea flavors

47. Nutella Will Add A Creamy Yet Nutty Flavor To Boba That Will Help In Balancing The Sweetness  In Bubble Tea

Nutella is known for its creamy, rich, cocoa, and nutty flavor. The nutty flavor thus helps in attaining a balance and makes for a great drinking experience.

I insist on incorporating just 2-3 teaspoons in the milk and then adding the pearls. This way you save yourself from a drink that is too sweet to consume. 

Underrated bubble tea flavors

48. Vodka Will Ensure You Experience A Flavor Combination When Added To Bubble Tea

Vodka enthusiasts swear by the creamy and smooth texture that it offers. However, one must not forget that the taste might be too overpowering and thus, when we use it in bubble tea we would need to add a sweetener so that we get some much-needed sweetness. Let us now read about how we can make a great-tasting bubble tea.

In a glass gently pour in the bubble tea pearls. It is advisable to add a sweetener to the pearls beforehand and one can choose from the many options available. Just to inform you that I have written about 31 ways in which the bubble tea pearls can be sweetened. Do give it a read.

Underrated bubble tea flavors

49. Try Bourbon For A Flavor Explosion In Your Tapioca Tea That Will Wow You With Each Sip Taken

Bourbon is a type of whiskey that has earned a name for itself owing to the nutty, caramel, and sweet flavors that the drink offers.

Bourbon when infused with bubble tea is best enjoyed cold. 


This concludes my blog. I hope you will want to try these flavors the next time you visit a boba shop. Do share your experience and the boba flavor(s) you liked best in the comment section below. Also, feel free to reach out to me in case you need to ask me something and I will be happy to answer them. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it for you. 

Happy Sipping!