Ever wondered how tea and supper differ? Learn about how they are poles apart through my 23 practical reasonings that will break pre-conceived notions.

I am a Tea-blogger and also run a tea cafe in an upcoming sub-urban part of Kolkata city. Tea and supper are both age-old concepts but, little is known about them and so I thought of shedding some light through my blog about how Tea and supper differ. Read my 23 reasonings that will make you reconsider your thoughts. 

Tea V/s Supper

Tea V/s Supper: 23 Never Considered Approach To Make You Put On Your Thinking Caps

To understand how tea and supper differ I have made a table so you know what are the prime factors that will be covered.


As a medicinal drink


A light meal












North America


Cures Insomnia

Helps in metabolism

Keeps hydrated


Easy on the stomach

Keeps you full

Curbs over-eating


Camellia Sinensis






Late evening


With or without milk


As a late evening snack


Tea time cakes




One pot soup

Stuffed sweet potatoes







Evening meal


An informal meal


No slurping

Raise only the cup

Place the cup on the saucer


Eat slowly

Chew with your mouth closed

Follow the BMW rule




500-700 on an average


Bubble tea

Matcha Tea

Herbal Tea


Fish and chips

Sautéed Vegetables



Do not steep more than 5-15 minutes

Avoid cooking the tea leaves

Using bad quality water


Greasy foods

Spicy foods



Clean your teapot regularly

Be wary of the steep time

Use proper amount of tea-leaves


Eating at the right time

Avoiding oily/greasy foods

Not eating sweets


Black tea

Green tea

Milk tea


Mac & Cheese

Fish and Chips



Turkish Tea

Moroccan Mint Tea

Russian Caravan Milk Tea


Buckwheat Pasta

Quinoa Salad

Black Rice Pudding


Peppermint Tea

Ginger Tea

Mushroom Tea



Stuffed Zucchini

Chicken Skewers


21st May


Second Sunday of January










Panda Dung Tea


Russian Brick Tea




Seafood Paella


Herbal Tea

Bubble Tea

Indian Masala Chai








Dependable on dinner time

Let us now take one differentiating point at a time that has been mentioned in the table above and understand each aspect so we know how tea and supper differ.

Tea V/s Supper: 23 Prime Defining Aspects That Should Be Taken Into Account

1. Getting To Know How The Concept Was Born

The concept/history of tea and supper the most intriguing difference and I will tell you how the difference starts with the history itself.

Tea as we all know by now was first discovered in China as a medicinal plant. Though it was an accidental discovery, it is now the second most sought-after beverage.

Dinner can be traced all the way back to early France when it was considered as a casual supper for the center or common individuals who following a tiring day returned home to hot prepared food. Afterward, it advanced as a casual supper and for its different advantages, it is presently known as an after supper feast.

2. The Origin Of Tea and Supper Is The Second Interesting Yet Defining Point

This point will tell us about the origin of both the drinks and is something which is very interesting to know.

Tea originated in South-west China in the Yunnan region during the reign of the Shang dynasty. From China, it travelled the world. Legend has it that India discovered tea when the country was invaded by the Mughals and then the Brits though I beg to differ. Tea, in India, was used as an Ayurvedic medicine in ancient times to cure many ailments. 

Supper on the other hand originated in the 1300s as the last meal that Lord Jesus Christ had. “Souper” as it was termed literally means” Evening Meal” Since then supper is considered as the last meal of the day and is often an informal meal from the comfort of one’s home.

3. Comparing Tea and Supper Based on Countries Where They Are Popular

Tea & supper are both popular concepts and we shall see some countries where they are popular.

Tea was discovered in China so it is natural that it is popular in China. Apart from China, it is immensely popular in my country India and I can proudly say that we are termed as” The Largest Tea Society Of The World”.

Other places where tea is equally widespread are The UK, USA, France, Russia, Turkey, Ireland, Malaysia, Canada, Pakistan, Iran, Japan, Tibet, Morocco to name a few tea drinking countries.

Supper has its roots in France so is but natural it will be popular in France. Apart from France countries like the UK, Australia, Italy, Rome, Spain, Germany, Europe, USA, Japan, Ukraine, Africa, Belgium, and Greece follow this concept religiously.

4. Considering The Benefits That Tea & Supper Offers

By now you must have got an idea about the prime defining factors and in this point, we shall now see the reasons that have paved the way for their popularity.

Tea has been perceived for its caffeine content that goes about as a characteristic energizer for some. Aside from offering caffeine support, it likewise helps with rest, is valuable for teeth and hair, keeps one hydrated, assists stay with warming, and helps in processing. To know more motivations behind why tea is adored, read my blog around 27 practical reasons to love tea. Do share your own reasons in the comments section below.

Dinner then again isn’t behind when we talk about the reasons that have made it well known. Controlling 12 PM eating, simple to process, causes you to feel lighter and lively, mornings are more useful and since you don’t hit the sack hungry you rest soundly as the night progressed

5. Comparing Tea and Supper Based On Their Source

Let us now consider their source.

The source of tea has always fascinated me and this section will cover exactly the point. Tea is derived from a plant called “Camellia Sinensis”. 

Supper on the other hand is a secondary meal and thus, has no fixed source, Thus, we can say that it is derived from various sources.

6. Time to Know The Ideal Time When They Are Consumed

The time when they are preferred is another polarity that cannot be ruled out.

Tea is an anytime drink and The Brits legitimize this hypothesis down to the T. They have it in the morning, early afternoon, and even as an evening tea. India isn’t behind and being an Indian I will say that tea is an excuse to drink up. We can have our tea anytime.

Dinner then again is an auxiliary feast and not at all like tea can’t be delighted in according to wish. It needs to be devoured at a proper time and which is after the essential feast ie, as a late-night bite when you need a light meal not long before bed.

7. Considering How The World Prefers Them

Tea and supper are both long time concepts and we shall see how they differ in terms of the way they are preferred around the world.

Tea as a beverage is by and large had without milk and sugars however I love The Indian Masala Chai(tea made with flavors like ginger, cardamom, cloves). Truth be told, every locale in India has its own interpretation of the drink that is worth trying.

Dinner then again as the idea proposes is for the most part delighted in as a late yet light evening nibble.

8. Considering  Some Pairings That Makes It a Delightful Experience

Let us now see some items that call for a pleasurable experience.

Tea is delighted in with various things. I suggest squanders, avocado toast, break time cakes, treats, hotcakes, wafers, crisps, scones, crumpets, sandwiches, mixed greens, fruits(known as an incredible matching) and pureed potatoes are a few yummy pairings.

Dinner isn’t the one to take the insult easily and has its own fair share of items to invoke the foodie in you. I suggest Indian treats, turkey or cheddar sandwiches, chips, eggs, wellbeing bars, breadsticks, one-pot dinners, cheddar cuts, pasta, gnocchi, cream rolls are a few delish items.

9. Ever Considered How They Are Addressed?

Tea and dinner have different names by which they are affectionately called and we will find out with regards to certain names.

Chai (Indian and Arabic), Te (Italy and Armenia), Tee(Finland), and Tae (Ireland) are a couple of famous names that can be credited to the way in which tea is called. Well, in case you are wondering how tea & chai differ, read my blog about tea v/s chai and through 27 crucial points, find out the areas where they differ. 

Dinner is known as a late evening nibble, a spread, or a casual feast.

10. The Etiquettes Is an Often Missed but an Important Point That Sets The Bar in how Tea and Supper Differ

Tea and dinner both have a few habits that are frequently disregarded or relatively few know about. In any case, I will inform you about a few implied decisions that ought to be followed when you taste tea or have plunked down to eat dinner.

Tea follows a straightforward funda and that is, no slurping, raise just the cup and not the saucer, in the middle of tastes or when you have completed your tea the cup ought to be put on the saucer and not in any case. Likewise, as another ground rule. This is a major NO. Likewise, when making tea(when utilizing milk or flavor) it is inferred that first, the tea must be poured, and afterward the milk or half and half.

Dinner also has a few set principles like tea and the main rule to recall is THE BMW RULE. No, I don’t mean the vehicle. BMW infers Bread, a dinner plate, and afterward water. Confused? To work on when preparing the table for dinner recall that the bread plate ought to be on the right, trailed by the supper plate(where you may keep a side thing) and water is dependably on the left of the plate.

11. Comparing Them On The Basis Of The Nutritional Value

Allow us to gauge them based on the wholesome substance they offer.

Tea when burned-through without milk/half and a half and sugar has around 2 calories. I suggest utilizing low-fat milk that will assist you with restraining the fat.

Dinner relies upon the quantity. Notwithstanding, one can anticipate that the calories should be 150-500. Thus, I recommend that you stick to items that will be easy on the stomach. Shy away from oily or greasy foods.

12. Checking Some Popular Options That Tea and Supper Offers

Tea and supper both have their fair share of preferred items and this point will tell us a few of them.

Tea has flavors like Bubble tea(which is an energized cousin of The Indian Falooda), green tea, lemon tea, Matcha tea, natural tea, and dark tea among a few famous flavors.

Dinner too has its varieties ready, and items like Fish n Chips, sandwiches, sauteed vegetables, wafers, hotcakes, crisps, ramen are a few items that speak normalcy but, cannot be disregarded.

13. Breaking Some Age Old Practices That Tea and Supper Patrons Follow

Tea and supper both have their fair share of takers. However, the fact that some practices aren’t right cannot be missed and I will tell you all about them. 

When making tea we as a whole might suspect that the more extended the blend the better the taste, This is a totally off-base practice. Tea shouldn’t be fermented longer than 5 minutes and on account of tisanes or natural teas, it is 15 minutes. The tea leaves ought to never be cooked(a consequence of over blending) as it will make it excessively severe. Regular water or spring water is what you ought to follow.

Dinner also has a few practices that demonstrate against it. Let me tell you a few basic rules.

This is a secondary meal no doubt, still has a few pointers as rules that cannot be neglected. Slick/oily food sources are to be kept away from. Many individuals stuff themselves and this is the greatest mix-up one can make.

14. Tea V/s Supper: How To Obtain Maximum Benefits 

Let us now consider how they differ in terms of obtaining the maximum benefits.

To get the most advantages from tea, clean the tea kettle or the utensil utilized consistently. Steep as required, Never utilize sifted water. Use lukewarm(room temperature)water for a uniform taste. Use tea leaves sparingly. I would not steep my tea for more than 1-4 minutes. This is a standard I figured out how to observe at an early age.

On account of dinner, don’t eat sweets that are high on calories(chocolate cakes, brownies) or on sugar. Select a piece of chocolate, after supper teas, and furthermore keep away from fried or oily food varieties.

 15. Considering Tea and Supper On How Soon They Can Be Prepared

Tea and dinner both have their own things that are less tedious. I like to call them handy solutions that I follow at my bistro. Prepared to find out with regards to them?

Milk tea itself isn’t tedious by any stretch of the imagination at the same time, actually has choices like green tea, dark tea, lemon tea, and moment chilled teas that can be ready in a jiffy.

Supper sure depends on the items. Now, since this is a secondary meal, I suggest you stick with light snacks like tea-time biscuits, wafers, a bread slice, etc.

16. Ever Thought About Unique Items Or Flavors When Talking About Tea or Supper?

Tea and supper both have a couple of fascinating flavors that ought to be praised from time to time.

Turkish tea, Moroccan mint tea, Russian Caravan milk tea, Purple tea, Green Rooibos, Yerba Mate are some tea improvements that should be on your summary.

Supper which isn’t behind and offers its allies things like Buckwheat pasta, Quinoa salad, Black rice pudding are a couple of things that dinner can be credited with.

17. Comparing Tea and Supper For Healthy Items Options

This segment is an ode to all of you who place health above all things or if you are a careful eater. I will tell you about some items that will not add to the weight or make you feel guilty.

Mushroom, ginger, peppermint, low caff tea, homegrown tea, and natural product teas are a few solid teas that have become well known.

Now, supper isn’t going to take the insult easily and drool-worthy items like salmon, stuffed zucchini, chicken sticks, sandwiches as a few solid choices.

18. Tea and Supper Both Are Celebrated on Different Days

At this point, you probably found out with regards to how tea and dinner contrast. We will presently see the days they are praised.

21st May is a much celebrated day for us tea lovers.

Dinner then again is commended each year on the second Sunday of January by its benefactors.

19. Comparing Them Based on Diet-Friendly Options Offered

Let us now see some diet-friendly options that tea and supper offer.

White tea, Green, dark, Oolong, Rooibos, Chamomile, Lavender, Lemon tea are a few kinds of teas that can be appreciated when on a careful nutritional plan.

Dinner then again has bubbled eggs, Greek Yogurt with berries, low-fat cheddar are some eating regimen cordial dinner choices.

20. Tea Versus Supper: Options To Serve Hot or cold

The choice to serve hot or cold is one more separating point in tea v/s dinner.

Tea is a drink that is delighted in as a hot and cold choice. Masala tea, English tea, mushroom tea are a few assortments that are best appreciated when served hot. Chilled tea, Thai tea, and a couple of Japanese teas (Iced Sencha, Iced Genmaicha, and Iced Hojicha) taste wonderful when served cold.

Dinner has sandwiches, mixed greens, yogurts, salsa with prepared chips, stuffed peppers, key lime pie, lemon tarts are a few cold things that can be appreciated as a light tidbit, and after supper.

21. Tea versus Supper: Some Classy Serves

Let us now talk about some upmarket options that tea and supper offers.

Panda Dung Tea, Zavarka, Russian Brick tea are some selective tea that are a far cry from normalcy.

Dinner has truffles, fish paella, and Carbonara as a few choicest selections that the meal has up its sleeve.

22. Comparing The Level of Creativity That Tea and Supper Offers

Let us now consider the level of customization that tea and supper have up their sleeves. 

Tea as a beverage is very adaptable and choices like boba, Iced tea, tisanes, Indian Masala chai are a few choices that can be made instantly and are exceptionally adjustable.

Dinner then again has Ramen, eggs, tacos as some relished items that can be conjured up within no time.

23. Tea V/s Supper: The Required Time Gap

I trust at this point you are familiar with how tea and supper contrast. All things considered, before I end my blog there’s this last point that can’t be missed and I certainly would like to talk about it.

Tea can be consumed anytime and anywhere you deem fit. I am a tea addict and I don’t shy from drinking my next cup as soon as I have sipped the last drop. However, if you drink tea with sugar, then I suggest you cut down on your intake or look for more advisable varieties of tea(green tea, Oolong, Rooibos, etc).

Dinner then again can’t be eaten according to wish. It has been authored with the term for an explanation and is intended to be an optional quick bite after the fundamental dinner. Now, I have already mentioned some items and I hope you will give them their due respect.

This brings me to the end of my blog and I hope I was able to offer some clarity on how tea and supper differ. Do feel free to reach out to me in case you have any questions and I will be happy to answer them. Just drop them in the comments section below. Also, if you want to explore the amazing world of tea, just head to my site’s homepage and click on the tab that reads “Blogs”. A new blog is published each Sunday. 

Happy Sipping!