Should you drink tea after eating mutton? Meat-lovers love ending their meal with tea but is this the right thing to do or unconsciously, you are harming your body? My blog will make you re-think and also help by taking a wised decision through 11 guiding factors that should be paid heed to.

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Should you drink tea after eating mutton?

Should You Drink Tea After Eating Mutton-11 Aspects That Will Make You Think About Your Food Choices

My cafe is pre-dominantly an abode for vegetarians where the only non-vegetarian item is the humble egg. Meat lovers know what mutton is but, for the unversed, Vegans or the vegetarians of the world let me tell you what mutton is in brief before proceeding ahead. The meat that is derived from an adult sheep or an adult goat is called mutton which falls under the red meat category and is high in both proteins & fats. So, let us straight jump to the question and with the help of 11 logical explanations, understand if the beverage can be drunk after eating the meat.

1. Why Should Tea Be Avoided After Eating Mutton

You might have heard people say that tea should never be drunk after you have eaten mutton but, have you thought about why you are advised against it? Let me tell you the reason in this point.

Mutton is considered high in protein and tea leaves are known for their acidic properties. Now, when we combine the two together, the protein becomes hard and is difficult to digest. Also, the fact that tea hinders the digestion process is another factor that cannot be ruled out. 

2. When Should Tea Be Drunk After Eating Mutton?

From the above point, we know why it isn’t advisable to drink tea after one has consumed mutton and so let us see when exactly should tea be drunk.

I recommend drinking tea an hour after you have eaten the meat for all the above-mentioned reasons. However, if you aren’t allergic to milk or suffer from stomach problems, then this shouldn’t stop you from taking sips of your favorite beverage. I had a customer(who happened to be a dietician) at my shop who had eaten a mutton meal and wanted to wash it down with tea. We were having a casual talk and he told me that if your system permits, then drinking the concoction right after having eaten the meat is okay. I hope this would be a relief for my readers.

3. Can Milk Tea Lovers Drink Their Favorite Tea After Eating Mutton?

I am a milk tea lover and a vegetarian. However, as a blogger, I cannot restrict my knowledge to just milk tea or veg. items. Also, since I am a cafe owner, I have to be open to entertaining all sorts of customers and it might surprise you that the majority of the customers are non-veg. Having said this, can we consume milk tea after eating mutton is a question you should ask yourself.

Milk and mutton are both rich in protein and as a ground-rule two same food categories should never be taken together. I follow the food group closely and refrain from taking two items that fall under the same category. This has certainly cured the severe gastric problem I used to suffer from. Hence, I urge my readers to pay heed to my advice and stop this practice. So, for the mentioned reasons, I advise staying away from drinking milk tea right after having eaten mutton and allow your body a time period of 1-3 hours before consuming your drink. 

4. A Friend Told Me That Drinking Cow’s/ Goat’s Milk After Eating Mutton Is Alright. Is It True?

The above is a theory that unfortunately many of us believe and if something happens we blame everything but, our folly. As an individual who has learned to be in sync with her body will laugh at this absurd theory. Let me tell you the reason why I chose to say so below.

Dairy milk irrespective of being sourced from cow, goat, or yak is naturally high in protein and hence, should be avoided if you have just eaten mutton. Overdose of protein can make you lactose intolerant or even cause food poisoning in some individuals. I also would advise waiting for a day before drinking milk tea though an hour or till the food is digested is also okay. 

5. As A Green Tea Lover, Can I Drink It After Eating Mutton?

The question if green tea can be drunk after eating the meat is an interesting one and we will discuss this below.

Green tea is best drunk without milk or sweeteners though some prefer to add honey to make the otherwise bland tea appealing. Want to know more about green tea? Read my blog about white tea v/s green tea and discover 27 amazing things about the tea. Green tea has a bitter, earthy, and spicy taste to it that is believed to aid in faster digestion. Also, since the tea is had without milk makes it a safe bet to drink after having consumed mutton keeping the time gap in mind. 

6. Drinking Black Tea After Eating Mutton. Is It Safe?

Black tea is another popular variety of tea that is taken without any milk and at times sugar. I am an occasional black tea drinker and the times that I drink it, I prefer to add a few drops of lemon to my tea. The lemon helps me to tone down the bitterness.

Coming to the question of if the tea can be drunk after eating mutton, I would advise against the practice for the same reasons mentioned previously. The tea leaves are known for their acidic nature which is a result of the withering or oxidation process. Now, when the tea is drunk after meals, it hinders the digestion process and can cause stomach problems thus, I advise drinking the tea an hour or two after having eaten the meat. 

7. What Are Some Vegan-Friendly Milk Options That I Have After Eating Mutton?

The tea market over the years has seen a drastic rise in vegan-friendly milk. What is vegan milk? Any form of milk that isn’t derived from animals but, sourced from plants directly falls under the vegan sector. Soy milk, coconut milk, butterfly pea milk, oat milk, hemp milk, etc are some noteworthy options that deserve a mention.

Having said this, the question still remains and I will answer it now. Some people will tell you that if you have a strong digestive system there is no reason why you cannot take milk after eating meat. However, many are unaware that plant-based milk is high in fats and proteins which has the equivalent effect as meat. This is standard even if you have plant-based meat that is made in such a way that it tastes and feels like meat. 

8. Is Lemon Iced Tea Safe To Drink After Consuming Mutton?

Drinking lemon water the first thing in the morning and on an empty stomach helps in weight loss is a thing we all know. However, if lemon iced tea can be drunk after eating mutton is something we need to speculate and I am here to tell you the answer.

Lemon helps cut down the excess oil and fats from food and is a great reason why people often suck lemon slices after meals. Lemon tea is nothing but tea that has been prepared beforehand and the juice is added to the tea when it is still warm. This will not only cut the acidity of the leaves but, adds other essentials and is a great thirst quencher. So, for all the known reasons that lemon will add to the tea, I would definitely suggest drinking lemon iced tea after eating mutton in moderation though.

9. A Regular Drinker Of Herbal Tea, Can I Drink It  After I Have Eaten Mutton?

Herbal tea is also called tisane and is your best option when a refreshing drink is what you want but, without milk. Tisanes are known to cleanse the palette too and thus, many prefer drinking it after meals. Now, let us see if the tea can be drunk after you have had mutton.

Known for their benefits like a great stomach cleanser, which acts as a relaxant, a refreshing drink, etc, tisanes make for a great beverage that can be drunk after one has eaten mutton. Now, if you want to know more about this variety of tea, do read my blog about tea v/s tisane and compare them based on 31 aspects. 

10. Hot  Chai Or Tea Lattes Are Known To Cut Fat From Food & Can Be Drunk After Having Mutton

Tea or chai lattes are a fancy take on steamed milk that is infused with spices and topped with foam to give it an aesthetic appeal. Let us see if they can be drunk after having eaten mutton.

Lattes irrespective of hot or cold cannot be had after one has eaten mutton for obvious reasons like its rich amount of protein that is hardened when it mixes with milk’s protein and may cause stomach-related issues.  Red meat takes a long time to digest & I reckon drinking a latte the next day. However, if you aren’t prone to stomach-related issues then also I would suggest waiting for an hour at the least before drinking your glass of latte. 

11. Can Fruit Teas Be Drunk After Eating Mutton?

The last point that I would like to talk about is if fruit tea can be drunk after eating mutton.

Fruit tea is an infusion that is made from plant or fruit pieces.& can be fresh or dry. The tea is also tweaked with spices to strike a balance of sweet & sour and when drunk after eating mutton makes the digestion process easy as the oil or the fat is toned down. I certainly recommend fibrous fruit teas like an apple or tart ones like lemon, orange, etc. Now, if you are thinking of making your tea at home, I suggest you read my blog about do fruits and tea go together where you will be guided by 27 amazing pairings that will help you take the plunge confidently. 


This brings me to the end of my blog and I hope I was able to answer the question, should tea be consumed after eating mutton? If you think you need to ask or share something, do drop them in the comments section below and I will be happy to answer them. I publish blogs quite often and so, you don’t miss out on recently published blogs I request you to sign up for my newsletter. You can do so by visiting my website and clicking on The About tab. Now, simply scroll to the bottom and enter the required credentials(information) and all newly published content will be mailed to you right in your inbox.  You will not be spammed! 

Happy Sipping!