Should you drink tea after eating fish? This question might have crossed your mind at some point in time and even if hasn’t, my blog will make you think. So, let us find out if we can drink the beverage after eating fish and gain 17 factful insights. 

I am a passionate Indian tea blogger and also am a proud cafe owner in the northern part of Kolkata city. Now, I also plan to make and launch my own blends along with other items that include tea, of course. 

Should you drink tea after eating fish

Should You Drink Tea After Eating Fish-17 Answers That Will Challenge Your Thinking At Each Step

I am a proud owner of a tea cafe in an area of Kolkata city that is predominantly ruled by non-vegetarians & my bistro sells veg food items only. I love to sit in my shop during the evenings as at times I get some amazing ideas for my blogs. This blog is a reflection of my thoughts over a random conversation at my cafe.

Should you drink tea after eating fish

1. Can I Drink Milk Tea After Consuming Fish?

Let us start by retrospecting if we can drink milk tea after we have had a fish meal.

This is a very interesting question and at the same time one that is quite debatable. Some will tell you that if you are blessed with a strong digestive system there is no harm in drinking tea while some would strictly advise against the practice. I too face the same situation most of the time and when this is the case, I simply seek the answer within ie, I listen to my body & this has proved to be beneficial for me. What road you take depends on you completely.

Should you drink tea after eating fish

2. Is White Tea Safe To Drink After Consuming Fish?

White tea is by far the most delicate tea in the world as it is plucked when the leaves still have white hairs growing on them. Now, if you want to know more about the tea, do read my blog about 23 comparable aspects between white tea v/s black tea. Let us now see if the tea can be drunk after one has just eaten fish.

Did you know that white tea is considered the best variety to pair with fish? Yes, and the reason is simple. The tea is processed delicately and will not overpower the delicateness of the meat but, keeps the flavors intact. This makes it a great choice to be included as a meal too and many Asian households have started using the tea to make a paste or include it in curries. 

Should you drink tea after eating fish

3. What Is The Ideal Time That Should Be Maintained In Between Eating Fish & Drinking Tea?

You must have heard people advising you on the above-mentioned question and which one should you incorporate is what we will be discussing here.

I have been born and brought up in a city where the locals just cannot do without fish curry and I have also mentioned earlier that many Asian households have started including tea in their food too. So, there is no reason why you shouldn’t drink tea after eating fish. However, I would suggest waiting for a minimum of 4 hours just to be safe from any allergies if you are to drink milk tea. 

Should you drink tea after eating fish

4. I am a Green Tea Addict, Can I Drink The Tea After I Have Eaten Fish?

Green tea is the best variety to drink when losing weight and also has tons of other benefits. If you want to explore its benefits, I urge you to read my blog about the 27 crucial differences between white and green tea. Now, let us see if the tea can be drunk after eating fish.

Green tea can be safely consumed after you’ve eaten fish and did you know that it is a recommended tea? The reason cannot justify the tea further. We know that it is our best answer to shed those extra kilos and burn belly fat. Also, the tea will help digest the food faster and is another reason why it should be added to your diet.

Should you drink tea after eating fish

5. Is Drinking Tea After Eating Fish Permissable Under Islamic Law?

This is a very crucial point and this is why I decided to include it in my blog. So, let me come straight to the point.

As per the law, there is no restrictions or rule stating that fish and tea cannot be combined or consumed together. So, we can safely say that you will not be taken as a wrong-doer if you consume tea after eating fish. Do read the attached link for further clarifications. 

Should you drink tea after eating fish

6. Can I Drink Milk Tea After Eating Fish Oil Capsules?

Fish oil capsules are known to contain certain fatty products that are needed for the body. These are taken as supplements when your daily diet fails to deliver the essential elements.

This might shock you that fish oil capsules are often taken with milk. Fish is known to have an overpowering and pungent smell, that might not be easy for everyone to handle. Drinking milk alters the smell of fish and makes it easy to swallow. This is the top reason why it is advised to drink milk with the capsules. So, I don’t see any reason why milk tea cannot be taken after eating fish capsules. However, I will leave it up to you. Do share your opinions with me in the comments section below.

Should you drink tea after eating fish

7. Can Lemon Tea Be Drunk After Eating Fish?

Lemon is a citrusy fruit that forms a staple grocery item. No food is complete unless dashed with lemon drops. Tea too has recognized the vast benefits of lemon, giving way to lemon tea. Well, let us ponder if lemon tea can be consumed after one has eaten fish?

As mentioned earlier fishes are known for their pungent smell. Lemon not only adds freshness to food items but, also safeguards against foul breath and I highly suggest drinking lemon tea especially after you have eaten fish. This will not wade people away but, will also help you digest the food faster, keep you feeling fresh, help you stay hydrated, and leave you energized. I would suggest a cup of hot lemon tea to aid in faster digestion and obviously for some amazing reasons mentioned above.

Should you drink tea after eating fish

8. Should You Drink Tea After Eating Fish? From The Perspective Of A Bengali

I am born and brought up in Kolkata city & know how much Bengalis love their fish. Macher Jhol or Fish gravy with rice is a staple diet that is prepared in all Bengali households. Fish is synonymous with Bengalis and no Sholo Aaana Bangali(True blue Bengali) can stay away from their fish meal. Now, comes the classic question of drinking the drink after eating fish and I will gladly answer them for you.

Tea when drunk without milk is known to clear the stomach and aid in faster digestion by breaking down food evenly. So, I highly suggest drinking tea after having fish. Green tea, White tea, Lemon tea, Herbal tea, or tisanes aresome recommended varieties. Want to know what tisane is? Read my blog about 31 comparable aspects between tea v/s tisane and find out how they differ from each other.

Should you drink tea after eating fish

9. Can Black Tea Be Drunk After Eating Fish?

Black tea is the most oxidized tea and is often drunk without milk or sugar. But, can it be drunk after having eaten fish? Let us find out.

Black tea owing to the high level of oxidation is a bitter tea, with an acidic taste. This is why many prefer adding lemon juice or honey to their cup of black tea. Now, when drunk right after eating fish will hinder the digestion process due to the release of tannins. Thus, I would suggest a time gap of 1-2 hours before you grab your cup of black tea. 

Should you drink tea after eating fish

10. Can Hot Tea Be Drunk After Eating Cold-Watered Fish?

Before we move ahead let us understand what it means when someone mentions a fish to be cold-watered fish. These fishes can survive in water typically below 20 degrees Celsius. Salmons, Sardines, Tuna, Cod, haddock, etc are some known types and these are healthy too. Now, let us see if we can drink hot tea after eating the fish.

Combining hot tea and cold fish is the biggest gastronomic mistake that one can make. Both have adverse temperatures and when the two are paired you may face serious digestive issues. This weakens the system and may cause vomiting, lethargy, uneasiness, stomach pain, etc. Thus, I highly recommend allowing yourself a gap of 2-3 hours before drinking hot tea. 

Should you drink tea after eating fish

11. Should You Consume Tea After Eating Raw Fish?

When someone says raw fish, Caviar(fish eggs), Sushi& Sashimi(Japan) Tuna Tartare(USA), Ceviche(Australia), etc are some dishes that pop in the mind. Well, these are also countries that enjoy their tea. So, is it recommended to drink tea after eating raw fish?

Raw fish is not cooked but can be cured in salt to get rid of the scales. These are then diced into small pieces and seasoned with lemon juice, spices, salt, herbs, etc. A cold tea will go down well with the fish as it is devoid of the astringency level that’s found in hot tea. Iced tea, cheese tea, fruit tea, sun tea, etc, are some cold tea that will act as the icing on the cake and help you stay cool. want to know more varieties of iced tea? Read my blog about How long to steep iced tea and find out 17 cooling options that’s worth a read.  

Should you drink tea after eating fish

12. Should You Drink Tea After Eating White Fish Meat?

The term white fish refers to a variety of fishes that are white-fleshed. These fishes are light on your stomach and easy to digest. Cod, Flounder, Halibut, Snapper, Catfish, Haddock, Grouper, etc are examples of white fishes. 

I would highly suggest White, Green, and Lemon iced tea that should be considered drinking after eating any variety of white fish. The mentioned teas not only offer amazing taste but at the same time instantly refresh the breath, keep hunger at bay, and helps you stay cool too for a longer period of time as compared to hot teas. 

Should you drink tea after eating fish

13. Should You Drink Tea After Eating Fish Salad?

Fish salad comprises a fish of your choice and has been garnished with herbs. Now, other condiments like salt, pepper, lemon juice, onions, garlic, olive oil, etc are some items that add some flavor. 

Fish salads are a summer favorite and can be prepared in minutes. I surely would opt for lemon tea, fruit tea, or any cold tea & avoid a hot option altogether. I have already mentioned the reason why hot fish and cold tea or vice versa should never be paired together. I suggest you give it a thorough read and feel free to ask me any questions.

Should you drink tea after eating fish

14. Should You Drink Tea After Eating Fish Starter?

Starters are defined as a wide variety of hot and cold dishes that are served before the main meal of a luncheon or a formal meal. You can add any food items and there are absolutely no restrictions on the menu. But, can you drink tea after you’ve just had a hearty starter; which was comprised of fish?

As I have mentioned previously, there is no theory or study that proves tea and fish cannot be taken together. However, one should always listen to their body and make wise decisions. If the fish starter is made from milk, then you should have white, black, green, or herbal teas. Mixing milk will increase the protein and calcium levels which will hinder the digestion process. 

Should you drink tea after eating fish

15. Is Drinking Tea Safe After Consuming Fish Soup?

Fish soup is a dish that is prepared by using fish, other seafood, and vegetables all cooked together to form a stock. Juice, water, spices & herbs are added to the stock as taste enhancers. These can be cold or hot and offers a satisfying meal in itself. Now, let us retrospect if, one can drink tea after having had a fish soup.

Drinking tea immediately after the soup has been practiced for ages in Japanese culture is a testimony. It is a deep-rooted practice in Japan to drink tea after each meal. This helps get rid of the excess oil or fat and clears the digestive tract. As a matter of fact, I reckon Green, Matcha, or Hot Lemon tea as palette cleansers. 

Should you drink tea after eating fish

16. Can Lactose Intolerant Drink Milk Tea After Eating Fish?

Let us see if lactose intolerant people can drink milk tea after they have eaten fish.

Lactose intolerant people have difficulty in breaking down the natural sugar that is present in milk and this is why fish and dairy should be avoided. Now, this doesn’t mean that you stay away from drinking tea. The market today is flooded with dairy alternatives like almond milk, soy, coconut, etc are some amazing substitutes. Also, it is important to remember that the mentioned milk varieties are rich in oil, and boiling them will curdle the milk. So, it is advised to just heat them and never allow them to boil.

Should you drink tea after eating fish

17. Can Tea Be Drunk Right Before Going To Bed When One Has Just Eaten Fish?

The last point that I would like to talk about is if you can drink tea before going to bed especially when you have eaten fish.

Did you know that herbal teas like Chamomile, Green, fruit, or any teas that are caffeine-free can be drunk right before going to bed? In fact, if you have issues with sleeping, a cup of Chamomile tea will help you sleep like a baby. Tea is also known to have a calming effect on the mind along with other reasons that make it popular. Now, if you want to know why tea is such a loved beverage, read my blog 27 practical reasons to love tea & decide on the one that you associate with the most. 

With this, I conclude my blog and I hope I was able to answer some questions if you can drink tea after eating fish. I am open to answering any questions that you think you might have for me. Do drop them in the comments section below and I will gladly answer them for you. Also, please do subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss out on new articles. You can subscribe to my newsletter by clicking on the About tab and scrolling to the bottom. 

Happy Sipping!