Should tea bags be squeezed? If you have been squashing that tea pouch, let me tell you that you are headed towards a dark hole. Read my blog and get to know 11 valid reasons as to why squeezing teabags should be avoided under any circumstances. 

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Should tea bags be squeezed

Should Tea Bags Be Squeezed-11 Straight-Forward Explanations Why You Should Never Squeeze Teabags

Teabags are cute little pouches that hold tea leaves and are further used in most tea-drinking countries to brew the beverage. However, if you too often squeeze the bags, well it is time to say goodbye to this dogmatic practice. Read my blog and through 17 no-nonsense citations put an end to the debate.

1. Should Teabags Be Squeezed? Not Unless You Want The World To Know The Last Time You Had Tea

Dregs or tea stains are very common and we all agree that they can be difficult to get rid of. Nothing can be more embarrassing than that speck of stain and we do loathe it. Then why let the world know the type of tea you consumed by just showing your teeth?

When you squeeze teabags this is a phenomenon that you will notice often for squeezed teabags makes for a darker-colored beverage and which stains the teeth. Thus, I strongly suggest that you stop doing it and save your teeth from doom. Trust me! You will save lots of money by not having to pay your dentist money to clean your teeth.

2. Protect Your Precious Hands From Getting Scalded When You Squeeze Teabags

The second point that deserves a mention is how teabags can burn our hands. The answer is quite obvious too. We all know the usage of teabags. Now, when we dip them in hot water they absorb the liquid and become hot to touch.

I don’t want to scare you but, I wouldn’t think of squeezing the hot bag unless I want to burn my palms. When you squeeze the pouches, you are extracting the hot water too and which in turn scalds your hands. This is why I recommend against squeezing the tea pouches.

3. Should Teabags Be Squeezed? Not Unless You Are A Fan Of Tannis

Tannins can be considered as an element that increases the bitterness of liquids and makes them bitter. This is abundant in tea and coffee but is surely avoidable and I will tell you how.

The solution is very simple. Stop squashing the teabags and you will be able to avoid tannins from getting mixed into your tea and save your cup of tea from becoming harmful.

4. Want To Know The Science Behind Why TeaBags Should Never Be Squeezed?

Let us now talk about the science behind why you should never squeeze the teabags. Read the reason mentioned below and I am sure you will be shocked.

Squeezing is considered equivalent to over-boiling the leaves. This is another reason that often makes the tea bitter. Tea leaves emit their flavors and aromas into the liquid and when you steep the water more than necessary the tea leaves gets boiled in the process and turn bitter. This is why tea experts are against squeezing teabags.

5. Never Squeeze Tea Pouches Unless You Are A Fan Of Its Lack Luster Taste

As a tea lover, I rely on tea bags to brew tea but, let me tell you I am not a fan of tea made from teabags. Contrary to popular belief these little pouches are made from broken leaves, fannings, and dust that result in a flat beverage.

Let me ask you a very simple question. Now, that you know what goes inside that teabag would you still squeeze your tea pouch and add to a lackluster drink? If someone is to ask me after being a witness to the fact, I would ditch teabags completely.

6. Squeezing Tea Bags Is The Biggest Faux Pass That Should Be Avoided As A Tea Lover

Crushing your teabag off its last drop or speck of tea leaves is a grave mistake that all tea lovers should be wary of committing. I have mentioned some reasons above and am going to share another one that you should take note of.

Imagine yourself at a tea party where you are happily dunking the teabag. Now, comes the part where you want the color to be darker and have a more robust taste. You squeeze that tea pouch and immediately see people going away from you. The reason is you have dirty hands and are probably a living mess. Also, you might have made small blotches of tea stains and which has a devastating effect.  This is why squeezing that teabag is a sin that should be avoided at any cost.

7. Squeezing The Teabags Can Leave Traces Of Dust In Your Tea

As mentioned previously, dust, fannings, and broken leaves are what goes into your teabag & are the reasons why the beverage is flat.

Now, when you crumple the bag in order to extract the last drop, you are paving a way for tea dust or tea powder too. This mingles with the liquid and further adds to the sickly taste. So, the next time before squeezing the tea pouch, consider the dust or tea powder and decide the kind of tea you prefer.

8. Squeezing The Tea Bag Is Surely Not A Good Thing To Do When Introducing Someone To The Magical Drink Called Tea

Being a tea lover, I would be very happy the day when the planet is painted with the colors tea has to offer. I have even managed to convert a few acquaintances and contacts to a tea-drinker and consider it a big achievement. Having said this, I definitely will not want to push them away by squeezing my tea bag and making a bad impression in their eyes.

We drink and eat with our eyes first. A freshly brewed tea immediately fills the room with its aroma and energizes you with its rich taste. For me making tea by squeezing the bag is a nightmare and  I surely do not want the beverage to disappoint a first-time drinker as am aiding in a bitter tea by squeezing it further.

9. Stop Squeezing That TeaBag Unless You Want To Invite Deadly Cancer

Yes, you read it right. I don’t want to scare you but, research has proved that when a teabag is squeezed it causes cancer. Did you know that your tea bag is made from plastic and nylon that when goes into your cup releases a huge amount of the chemical? 

Imagine the harmful chemicals that you have unknowingly added to your cup and made it hazardous. This is another highlighting reason why tea bags should never be squeezed.

10. Stop And Think About The Caffeine Level When You Squash A Tea Bag

Caffeine is a natural stimulant that is present in high quantities in coffee. This helps us to stay awake and alert. As a matter of fact, the stimulant is found in tea too though when compared with that of coffee is comparatively less.

Now, when you squeeze the teabag the tannins released increases the caffeine level making your tea bitter. I am sure you will not want to ruin your cup by adding toxicity or other unwanted elements. Now, a foul-tasting liquid is surely an uncalled occasion and I would simply throw my tea into the sink.

11. Did You Know How TeaBags Are Produced? Consider This Question When You Buy A Pack of TeaBags The Next Time

The last point that I would like to mention is how your teabags are made. They are procured industrially which simply means being prepared in large batches and then packed appropriately.

This is a very good reason to consider why the bags aren’t fresh and lose their aroma too. I have already mentioned the contents of the tea pouches in a number of places throughout the blog and I recommend that you read them for a better understanding or better still as another ground why teabags should never be squeezed.

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Happy Sipping!