Ever thought about the reasons why you love tea? If you haven’t, now is the chance to give it a thought. Read my 27 reasons to know why you should love tea or fall in love with it even more.

As a passionate Tea blogger tea is what drives me and this has led me to open a tea cafe in Kolkata. I come from Kolkata city, a city that loves tea as much as football. I am a self-proclaimed tea lover and my love dates back to my early childhood days. This love led me to become a blogger and I bring you my blog about 27 practical reasons that will not only make you fall in love with tea but, you will see it in a new light altogether. 

27 reasons to love tea

Reasons To Love Tea- 27 Fun Facts To Consider That Will Make You Love The Drink Even More

Love tea but, have you ever wondered why you love tea or what is about tea that it is always in your mind?  As a tea lover, this question has crossed my mind many times and I thought of sharing my 27 practical yet fun facts that you should consider. So, let us read about them.

1. Tea Is Your Answer To Your Daily Dose Of Caffeine

Coffee, a drink that is the go-to source for a caffeine fix and it is no surprise either that it is high in caffeine But, did you know that tea too contains caffeine? Yes, you read it right. Tea too has caffeine and the amount depends on the tea leaves used to brew your ideal cup. Let me tell you that the ideal range of caffeine found in a cup of tea is between 15-70 mg. 

Doesn’t this act as an incentive to drink tea? Sure acts one for me.

2. Spices Only Enhances The Taste Further

Spices like cloves, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon sticks are some popular spices added to tea to further enhance the flavor and taste. A classic example of a tea with the use of spices is The Indian Masala Chai.

Try adding spices to your cup of tea and keep ailments like cold and cough at bay.

3. The Never-Ending Herbal Options

Take your love for tea at another level with the wide herbal range the beverage offers. Chamomile, Jasmine, Peppermint, Rooibos, Hibiscus, and Ginger tea are some popular herbal tea. Each variety has its own taste and importance.

Also, it will not be wrong to say that not only will it leave you feeling fresh and energized but, fill your senses with a floral aroma too.

4. Drunk Hot Or Cold Tea Doesn’t Care & You Shouldn’t Too For The Drink Is Enjoyed In Any State

A drink as sparing as tea is enjoyed in both hot and cold variants. Some people have tea according to seasons while there are people like me who just cannot do with their hot cup of tea.

I say just forget all that’s bothering you and drink tea to rejuvenate every cell of your body.

5. Food Only Acts As A Bonus When Paired With Tea

Tea is a very giving drink and goes well with all types of food. Though there are some pairings that work best with the kind of tea they are not limited to the specified items alone.

Croissants, cakes, bagels, waffles, fruits, scones to name a few are some amazing pairings that go well with all tea types. 

6. Time Should Never Come In Between You And Your Cup Of Tea

Tea for me is my reason to live and no time is good enough to drink tea. I can drink it anytime with the same zeal and enthusiasm as my morning cup.

So, you can say that I  drink tea whenever my heart desires.

7. The Customizable Drink Called Seasonal Tea

Simply put, seasonal teas are tea that people enjoy as per the season. While on a cold winter day, a hot cup of tea is preferred similarly, summers call for iced tea.

So, you see that though the type might change but, tea remains a never-changing emotion.

8. Never Has A Drink Come Close To Being Further Classified According To Regions

The growing popularity of tea has made tea lovers across the globe come up with their own local tea as per the living conditions.  While people in The United Kingdom prefer their tea with a drop of lemon, India on the other hand has been termed as “The Largest Tea Society Of The World” and rightly so, for here you will find a variety of region-specific tea to choose from.

In West Bengal, milk tea and lemon tea go hand in hand, Kashmiris prefer Kahwa and Noon Chai. Then we have Maharashtra where people love masala chai(tea with spices like cardamom, cloves, and ginger added to it). Do share the kind of tea you’ve grown up to love in the comment section below.

9. Great Conversations Begins With Tea

Tea since long is known to be a great conversation starter. There is something about the aroma that instantly lightens the mood and you want to avoid sad or heavy conversations. By the way, I have written a blog on 97 captions for milk tea lovers. Do give it a read.

So, the next time you are in a board-room meeting, or just hanging out with friends drink tea and see the atmosphere change.

10. The Many Shades Of Tea Leaves

Tea leaves, decide the color, texture, and flavor of the drink and goes beyond the normal black and green tea leaves. Just pick one depending upon the texture you like and be transported to a magical land.

Oolong tea, white tea, and pu-erh tea are some teas that deserve special mention and are definitely worth a try. 

11. The Option To Sweeten A Cup Are As Varied AsThe Beverage Itself

When it comes to the sweetening part, the first choice is white sugar. But, have you ever thought that tea can be sweetened using tastier options than white sugar? If your answer is No, consider jaggery, brown sugar, sugar-free, honey, and maple syrup to name a few.

If you haven’t tried them yet, now is the time. Just take a spoonful and stir it in your drink.

12. Ever Thought That Tea Could Help You Shed Those Extra Kilos?

Yes, you read that correct. Contrary to popular belief that tea should be avoided if you want to shed some kilos, let me tell you there are some varieties that help in weight loss.

Green tea, matcha tea, lemon tea, white tea, and black tea are just some examples to prove my point. So, the next time someone tells you to avoid tea to help you in losing weight, you have an answer that will prove them otherwise.

13. Helps You Stay Hydrated So You Don’t Feel Tired

Teas like herbal tea, fruit-based tea, and iced tea keep you hydrated and you can drink them to quench your thirst. Oh! did you know that iced tea is the 2nd most thirst-quenching drink after water? 

Believe me, nothing works better especially on a hot and humid day. Just carry some iced tea if only as a backup and you needn’t worry about quenching your thirst even when you run out of water.

14. Tea Will Offer Warmth And Comfort When The Chill Becomes Unbearable

Imagine a cold winter day when all you crave is a hot beverage to drink. Tea is at your service always.

Ginger tea, masala tea and oolong tea are some classic examples of tea that will give you instant relief from the bone-chilling cold. They are quite easy to brew too. So, the next time you crave a hot drink, choose wisely and say goodbye to chilly winters.

15. Is Stress Getting The Better Of You? Drink Tea To De-Stress

Tea is also a great stress reliever. I drink tea all the time and when I feel stress getting the better of me. Studies have proved that tea has anti-oxidants that help in managing stress and anxiety. This itself is a great stress buster for a tea addict like me.

Green tea, herbal teas like chamomile tea, and lavender tea act as stress relievers. 

16.The Ideal Drink For The Social Animal Called Humans

Humans are known to be social animals and rightly said as we love to be surrounded by family, friends, and people in general.

Tea gives us an incentive and acts as a perfect medium. I have added this to my list. By the way, I have written a blog on 91  tea with friends’ captions. Do give it a read.

17. Did You Know Tea Can Help Cure Insomnia?

Tea aids in sleep too and if you find it hard to fall asleep just drink tea and sleep like a baby. Chamomile tea, turmeric tea, and green tea are some examples. 

So, the next time sleep seems a problem try drinking a cup of tea and sleep like a baby.

18. Great Puns Start With A Cup Of Tea

Did you know that tea makes for great puns? I have written a blog too about 97 captions for milk tea lovers. You can check some puns in this blog. 

So, the next time you hear someone saying that tea is boring you know what to tell them.

19. Tea Makes For Great Insta Friendly Moments

Another reason why tea is such a lovable drink and has its own cult following is that it makes for great picture-perfect moments.

If you happen to visit Instagram and search for tea, you will find millions of pictures under tea-inspired hashtags like #tea, #tealovers, #rainydayandtea, etc. Just to inform you I have written a blog too on 97 rain and tea captions for Instagram. Do give it a read and feel free to use them on your social media handles.

20. Tea Gives You Yet Another Excuse To Laugh In The Form Of Jokes

Tea has been known to bring people closer and also, make for great times to crack tea-based jokes that tickle the funny bone.

You will have a stomach ache laughing but, the jokes will not end.

21. Tea Lattes Only Add To The Aesthetic Appeal

A tea latte is nothing but a drink made with frothed and steamed milk with tea leaves as the main ingredient. Tea lattes are enjoyed as both hot and cold.

What is more appealing is that nowadays, many cafes are using innovative jugs & glasses to serve them that are so appealing to look at that you instantly want to strike a pose and share it on social media.

22. The Brewing Time Is Another Advantage Tea Lovers Get To Enjoy

Tea is a no-fuss drink and rightly said as the steeping or brewing time completely depends on how strong or mild you want your tea. There is a saying that tea lovers strongly believe in and that being ” One Cannot be so busy that there is no time for tea”.

For me just watching tea brew brings a smile on my face and it has a soothing effect on me.

23. The Fascinating History Is Another Feather In Its Cap

Did you know that tea was first discovered almost 5,000 years ago in China by the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung?

Yes, tea is China’s gift to the world and tea lovers will be indebted to China. Let us trace the map and see all the places tea has touched to be fascinated on learning about the way tea is writing its own history.

24. The Most Sought For Beverage After Water

Tea ranks only second in terms of drinkable quotient when compared to water.

Studies prove that there are other anti-oxidants essential for the body and which can be provided by tea alone. Yeah! Another proud moment for our celebrated drink don’t you think? Iced Tea is a classic example. 

25. The Preparation Is Another Aspect To Consider

Tea can be prepared well in advance and all it takes is a little stirring right before being consumed.

A classic example of a tea that still tastes amazing no matter when it has been prepared is Iced tea and which is generally made in advance and ice(optional) is added to it at the very last minute. However, you can enjoy it the cold-brewed way ie, without ice. 

26. The Milk Can Be Customized Depending Upon Lactose Tolerant Level

Love tea but, are lactose(allergic to dairy milk products)intolerant? Well, you needn’t worry for now you can enjoy your favorite cup of tea with plant-based milk varieties like coconut milk, almond, and soy milk.

While coconut and almond milk will add not only add a creamy texture to tea with a hint of nutty flavor, almond milk will help in a more thick texture with a sweet taste. An important point to consider is these kinds of milk should never be boiled as they will curdle. 

27. The Dairy Version Tea Has More Options Than Meets The Eye

When it comes to having my fix of morning tea, milk tea is what I love and it is what refreshes me. Let me tell you that dairy lovers get to choose from a wide variety of milk like skimmed, toned, and full cream milk to name a few.

Some classic examples of tea that cannot be prepared without milk is Indian Masala Chai and Ginger Tea. 

I hope that after reading the above-mentioned pointers you will fall in love with tea all over again or if you are not a tea lover but, reading my blog somewhat intrigued, I hope I am able to convert you into a tea aficionado.

This brings me to the end of this blog. I would love to hear your opinion about the facts. Which of the facts do you relate to? Do share your feedback or drop your answers in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you.  Let us bond over tea coz great stories and bondings start with tea. 

Happy Sipping!