Looking for Instagram-friendly rain and tea captions? Rest your worries with my list of 97 rain and milk tea headings that are designed for Insta users and are sure to get you likes and clicks.

I am a passionate Tea blogger and run a tea cafe in Kolkata city. Tea is what drives me and my raincoat when it pours. Hence, I thought of writing 97 brewable captions to wow! your Insta stories. 


97 Rain And Tea Captions For Instagram

Here we go-

Witty 2 Liner Rain And Tea Captions

1. Everybody wants happiness without any pain

Let rain and tea be the balm that soothes the pain.

2. Rain rain pour down every day

Little cups just want to play.

3. Know what can stop me from drinking a cup of hot tea on a cold rainy day?

Another cup of hot, freshly brewed tea.

4. Just like there’s no smoke without fire

Similarly, a rainy day without freshly brewed tea ain’t no rainy day to me.

5. If people are like raindrops on Earth

Then tea is the raincoat meant to protect.

6. Monsoon gives relief from hot and humid days

In a similar fashion, tea relieves the mind, body, and soul from normalcy.

7. Learn to be strong in a storm

And calm inner storms with tea.

8. Some people feel the raindrops, others want to get wet

Then there are people like me who get like to be called tea drenched.

9. Rain is merely the soul and

Tea the mirror that shows the reflection of a rainy soul.

10. Rain cannot fall upwards

But, tea can surely pour downwards into cups and kettles.

11. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass.

But, it is all about, looking straight in the storm’s eye with tea by your side.

12. Wanted rain? Now handle the mud

And cleanse it all with tea.

13. Rain has long blessed the Earth and

Now it’s time for tea to bless the soul.

Funny Rain & Tea Captions

14. Don’t threaten me with rain and thunderstorms. Refuse me a cup of tea and see me getting threatened.

15. When the sun shines, that’s when you should make hay & pour tea when it rains.

16. When life is all about rain, then the heart is all about tea.

17. Create your own rainbow when it rains and leave the rest unto tea.

18. Singing in the rain, singing in the rain, singing, singing, singing for some tea yet again.

19. If rain is God’s bolt, let our answer be in the form of a Tea-bolt.

20. Know why the storm screams? Coz it hasn’t tasted tea.

21. Rainy days are God’s gift to gardeners so, they can hear the pitter-patter while drinking tea.

22. When all people want is to drench you further, hand them a teacup and enjoy being drenched.

23. Save some brewed tea in case rain prefers to take a vacation today.

24. On a rainy day just offer tea and be blessed with the sheer aroma.

25. On a rainy day, a tea kiosk isn’t far away for a romantic date.

26. Raindrops are reminders that clouds have a heartbeat. Tea time is a reminder that we humans too have a heart that beats.

Make Captions More Interesting With Some Puns To Set The Mood Just Right

27. It’s been raining Oolong while. Thank God! I have tea by my side.

28. Don’t be guil-tea on a rainy day. Let tea act as an umbrella to protect you from rain.

29. A rainy day that is enjoyed with tea is brew-tea-ful indeed.

30. Steep carefully on a rainy day you must but, fret not if welcomed by a puddle or two.

31. Let nothing but tea come in between U & Rain.

32. Let rain and tea act as a setting for a brew-t-ful saga called ” Happily ever after with You, me & tea”.

33. Don’t know why they call it deja-vu? I’d rather prefer deja-brew.

34. When it rains better worry about your safety first and then make other reach safe-tea.

35. Get the rain dance started with tea.

36. Sudden cloud bursts fills the atmosphere with positivi-tea so there’s no room for negativi-tea

37. People love the monsoons as they are at their cre-a-tea-vity best.

38. Wanna know what the umbrella said to tea? Let us pave the way for some comfort with tea.

39. Raindrops pouring are nature’s song and tea the lyrics.

Raindrops Headlines To Make Moments Worth Capturing

40. If raindrops are blessings in disguise, then tea is the factor that makes blessings more worthwhile.

41. A raindrop on the cheek is a plea from someone up above and tea from someone close below.

42. If smiles were raindrops I would wish them each day. If only tea was a rainbow, I would make you wear it each day.

43. Just like raindrops changes nature making it more beautiful each time, tea with its aroma makes the changes worth your time.

44. When rains fail to wash away the grime, you know tea will do the job right.

45. When all that you have is rain, pour some tea and feel the rainbow beneath.

46. When heavy showers drenches your soul, lend it some comfort with a blanket called Tea”.

47. Where oh where did the little cup go snuggled between my arms it was, offering me tranquility from the outside storm.

48. Raindrops are Mother Nature’s source of inspiration. I draw my inspiration from little teacups in the kitchen platform.

49. Raindrops bring life to Earth and tea does it for the soul.

50. Let raindrops fall on every part of your body and replenish your cells with tea.

51. Raindrops are cute little pieces of sky hugging the Earth, just like tea drops hug the mind, body, and soul.

52. Oh! cute little raindrops, tell me where you keep your kettles in Heaven’s up above?

Thunder And Tea Captions To Add Value To Your Rain And Tea Moments

53. When thunder makes the sky shine bright, be guided by tea no matter the time.

54. Be like tea that illuminates the mind driving rain clouds away.

55. Thunder on a hot summer day is a respite from heat just like tea offering relief to a weary soul.

56. Thunder might make you feel it’s the end. I say when there’s tea never say it’s the end.

57. Follow the path of thunder to a beau-t-ful land called “T land”.

58. Am I Scared of thunder? Nay, I say. But, tea getting over is a rainy day horror story.

59. Know the difference between rain and tea? One’s made to create havoc and the other built for peace.

60. If I am accepting the warmth that comes from tea, I must also accept the cold synonymous with rain.

61. Hear the roar of thunder and come running to me. Believe me, that’s what I want for I am just your humble tea.

62. How many thunderstorms will you have in life is merely a question. The correct answer would be when the two are enjoyed in equality.

63. If thunder offers peace then tea is the path that you walk on.

64. Thunder may be powerful but, so is tea.

65. Sound of thunder mesmerizes me but, water changing color with tea leaves holds a special meaning to me.

Rain And Tea Captions To Inspire

66.  The sky is incomplete without the clouds. In a similar way I am without tea.

67. When you feel things aren’t going your way just watch rain and drink tea.

68. Rain and tea are the keys to the door that will set regrets free.

69. Today might be the stormiest day but, with tea there ain’t any storm greater that can make you shiver.

70. Just like there’s a rainbow after the rain. Similarly, there’s tea after the water has brewed.

71. I ain’t the rain bearer, but am the bearer of tea and it’s kind of same.

72. Be like rain and tea that speak the language of love, peace, and tranquility.

73. Not every rainy day promises a rainbow but, a kitchen smelling of tea does promise tea without fail.

74. Like rain clouds, open yourself up once in a lifetime if only to smell the tea.

75.  Just like rain doesn’t fall on one ground alone, tea doesn’t fall into one cup alone.

76. Keep something for a rainy day to offer comfort and let tea be the perfect excuse.

77. Storm may come without any sign. Tea will ensure it follows the right trail.

78. With heavy rains comes a tumbler of tea.

Romantic Rain & Tea Headlines

79. Falling in love is like rain, hard to predict what lies ahead. Though with tea only sweetness is guaranteed.

80. When the rain was pouring the only thing that held us close was tea.

81. Rain brings out the romantic side of a person. The secret is the countless tea glasses that’s doing the talking.

82. The first cup of tea like the season’s first rain is ever so fresh.

83. Oolong with me early in the morning as you are whom I seek.

84. Let our fingers be entwined in the handle of a teacup.

85. No rain has ever been so beautiful till you came along offering some tea.

86.  The kettle’s stout is the reason that I want to get out of bed each morning.

87. They say true love lasts for a lifetime. Tea and rain sure have made me a believer in the age-old saying.

88. Is there a feeling of being head over heels in love? If yes, then find me you will wherever there’s rain and tea.

89. I stopped for a moment & your thoughts made me blush, reached home to be greeted by your smile and hands holding a cup of tea. You make me feel like a lost puppy by offering tea and I cannot thank you enough.

90. Whenever someone asks me how do I see myself when I am old? Just sit with rain and tea to find the answer to the question that you’ve asked me.

91. I do not worry about going to sleep on a rainy day. Tea has me protected like a warm blanket and lightning guards my place.

How To Say I Love You In True Rainy Style

92.  ” Would you like to take shelter under my umbrella? I will offer you tea for comfort”.

93. Hold my hands to never let it go. We will drink tea and watch the rain fall.

94. Grow old along with me for we shall brew tea till death do us apart.

95. Will you be by my side when am toothless and old to offer the same warmth & comfort like you do? Yes, I know you will, for you are my dear friend Tea.

96. I will walk with the help of a stick one day watching the rain from my window and see you smile when you drink tea.

97. Never leave my fragile hands when rain darkens the sky but, be like tea that warms the old bones.


Hope you find your tea calling with my captions and would want to add some freshness to your daily cup. Let my blog stir the senses and set you free. Now, just like tea is unlimited so is my blog. Do check my website and read more amazing tea blogs. 

Happy Sipping!