Ever wondered about bubble tea flavors that are popular across the globe? Let me offer you the solution with my list of 31 popular bubble tea flavors that should be on your checklist. Let’s read about them.

I am a Tea blogger and a tea fanatic who also runs a tea cafe in Kolkata city. Now, coming from a city where bubble tea is slowly gaining popularity got me thinking about how the world must be drinking bubble tea. Thus, I decided to come up with my list of flavors that are surely worth trying and which I plan to keep in my shop too.

Popular Bubble Tea Flavors- 31Flavors That Deserve A Special Mention

Ever thought that the bubble tea you enjoy might be there on the list of popular bubble tea flavors? Read my list of 31 popular bubble tea flavors and see if your favorite boba has made it to the menu. Let’s begin.

Popular Fruit Based Bubble Tea Flavors To Make You Salivate

Fruits taste good in any season. Imagine the flavor and the texture of a typical boba glass when infused with delicious fruits. The combination is enough to make you drool and why not especially when you can have the choicest of fruits and your favorite drink fused as one. Do I need to mention any more reasons? But, hole there for a moment and read my list of the flavors that I have curated keeping my readers in mind. So, let us get familiar with some flavors mentioned below.

Popular bubble tea flavors

1. If Honey With A Hint Of Subtleness Is What You Seek Then HoneyDew Melon Boba Ought To Be On Your List

Honeydew melon is blessed with honey flavor. Now, since it has Mother Nature’s goodness and is blessed with naturally occurring sugar, there is absolutely no need for added sweetener(s).

Just mix the syrup or throw in small pieces and you are set to enjoy your tapioca tea.

popular bubble tea flavors

2. Lychee Is Another Fruit That Elevates The Flavor Of Boba

Lychee is blessed with being naturally sweet and incorporating the fruit in bubble tea gives a sweet taste. Also, the whiff of the floral yet fruity aroma will set the right environment so you can spend some ‘Me’ time.

Lychee, like any other fruit, is blessed with fructose(a natural sweetener found in fruits that makes them sweet). However, if you crave more sweetness I suggest using honey or maple syrup for the purpose, and if you are still unsure about the sweeteners to use you can always read my blog about  31 ways to sweeten bubble tea pearls. Do give it a read.

popular bubble tea flavors

3. Looking For A Sweet & Sour Flavor In Your Boba Then Peaches Should Definitely Be On Your List Of Fruit Flavored Bubble Tea

Peaches are known for their sweet and sometimes tart attributes and this makes them so much more desirable. Now, one can only imagine the flavor effect when mixed with bubble tea.

Just add some ice cubes to your tea, find a nice book, a cozy corner and you are good to go.

popular bubble tea flavors

4. Incorporate PassionFruit In Your Boba For Some Tartness That Will Help To Balance The Sweetness

Passion fruits are more on the acidic or tart side and incorporating them in your bubble tea will help you strike a perfect balance between sweet and sour.

This is one flavor boba lovers swear by and I don’t see why it shouldn’t be on your list either.

popular bubble tea flavors

5. Sinful Mangoes And Bubble Tea Make For A Great Pairing

The month of summer brings with it heavenly mangoes and this according to me is what makes the season worth it. Rightly said so, that summers are incomplete without sinful mangoes. Now, have you ever thought that you can combine your love for the fruit with your favorite bubble tea? Yes, it is now a possibility.

Just add the syrup and stir with the pearls. Your mango bubble tea is ready.

popular bubble tea flavors

6. Plums Will Ensure Your Boba is Packed With Flavors

Plums are fruits that are enjoyed raw though they can be used to make a variety of products. Thus, it is no surprise that they are now being combined with bubble tea to make the drink more desirable. Plums though known to be sweet can at times be a little on the tart side. I can only imagine the flavor so created when the fruit is incorporated with bubble tea.

So, what are you waiting for? Just rush to your nearest bubble tea shop and treat your senses to plum flavored boba tea.

popular bubble tea flavors

7. When Avocaodo Is Infused With Bubble Tea The Taste Well Is Simply Next Level

Avocado is a green seeded fruit and a versatile one at that too. Dips, spread or even eaten as a fruit, avocados scream adaptability is thy middle name. I reckon considering this drink. The fruit will pack in a nutty and buttery texture when paired with boba. So, if you are missing a sweet element, ditch sugar granules and opt-in for sweeteners like honey, maple, or brown sugar.

By the way, have you ever wondered about the food or snack pairing with the tea? Do read my blog about 51 yummy food items that can be paired with bubble tea. 

popular bubble tea flavors

8. Bananas Will Ensure The Taste Of Boba Is Elevated

Banana simply tells you to just peel the skin and enjoy. The fruit is also known for its various benefits and one can only imagine the effect it will have in beverages especially when mixed with tea. Well, as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Similarly, one cannot be too sure unless tasted right?

I reckon mixing the pulp well with the bubbles and enjoy a banana flavored bubble tea.

Popular bubble tea flavors

9. Opt-In For Kiwi Bubble Tea For A Flavor Sensation

Kiwis are green seeded fruit that is available in both sweet and sour flavors. However, they are more on the tart side. Well, it doesn’t matter if they are sweet or sour, ko eat it. iwis are a much-loved fruit and no excuse is needed to eat it.

Little do people know that contrary to popular belief kiwis is safe to be consumed by a diabetic patient. This news gives diabetics like me a reason to rejoice and I can hardly wait to find a boba place where they serve this flavor.

Popular bubble tea flavors

10. Add A Nutty Texture To Your Fruit Bubble Tea With Coconut

Coconut is a hard-shelled fruit that has a white and tender meat and it is this meat that forms the crux of coconut being used in so many different ways. From coconut water to the oil, one can only wonder if there is any part of the fruit that isn’t used?

Since coconut is a plant-based product it is Vegan-Friendly. Moreover, adding this to your fruit boba tea will give you a nutty element that will only make the drink an experience to remember.

Popular bubble tea flavors

11. Grapes Bubble Tea To Strike A Balance Between Sweet And Sour

Grapes come in both sweet and tart varieties. The best way to eat them is by just popping them in your mouth. Let me ask you that have you ever considered using them in bubble tea? Well, if you haven’t now is the chance to incorporate them into your boba. Sweet and tart grapes when converted into a syrup(without adding sugar) will create a flavor sensation that will make you craving for more.

Try one today and be amazed by the flavor combination.


Popular bubble tea flavors

12. Cantaloupe Boba Is A Must Try To Experience Next Level Sweetness

One fruit and many names with one fact remaining constant and that is cantaloupe is one fruit that leaves little to be desired.

What makes it more amazing is that when combined with boba, it adds its own sweetness that you don’t miss out on sugar. I reckon adding a nutty element that will help balance the sweetness. 

Popular bubble tea flavors

13. Add An Element Of Crunch To Your Bubble Tea With Apples

Apples are seeded fruits and is known for the instant refreshing feeling. Needless to say then, that it is among the widely consumed fruits in the world. Let us see though how we can use the fruit to our advantage by using it to flavor bubble tea.

Just slice the fruit and after you have blended in a mixture, incorporate it with the pearls and some water. Mix the contents well and you have a smooth and refreshing glass of apple flavored boba.

Popular bubble tea flavors

14. Try Lemon Bubble Tea If Tartness Is What You Prefer

Lemons help balance the flavor of food perfectly with their acidic properties. Now, what if I am to tell you that the zingy taste of lemon can be combined in bubble tea for some tartness? Yes, it is possible though let me warn you that this can be a little tricky. Let me tell you how it is done.

 Juice the lemon properly and whisk in some sugar. Dilute with cold water and then mix well with the pearls. 

Popular bubble tea flavors

15. Pineapples With Its Sweet Taste Will Leave You Craving For More

Pineapple is a naturally sweet fruit and which is also used as a syrup in food for a distinguished taste. Now, what if I am to tell you that the fruit can be used in bubble tea? Let us see how we can use it in boba.

You can easily buy pineapple syrup or make it at home. Then combine the syrup with water and finally stir it with the pearls. Also, if you want a more sweet flavor then I reckon using brown sugar & to help you I have written a blog about 3 ways in which you can flavor the pearls at home using brown sugar. Do read it to flavor your boba the way you want.

Popular bubble tea flavors

16. Make Your Taste Buds Explore With Watermelon Bubble Tea

Watermelon is a many-seeded fruit that is high in water content and this aspect makes it a popular bubble tea flavor that has won the hearts of boba lovers across the globe. Let us see then how we can incorporate the fruit into our beloved boba below.

Cut the fruit into small pieces and blend well in a blender. You may need to pass it through a sieve so that the liquid is free of pulp. Add some water if the liquid is too thick and the last step is to pour in a glass to which the pearls have been added already. Stir well before consuming.

Popular bubble tea flavors

17. If An Umami Flavor Is What You Seek Then Jackfruit Bubble Tea Should Be On Your List.

Jackfruit is blessed with natural sweetness but, the slightly crunchy texture that jackfruit offers has managed to win the hearts of jackfruit lovers. Let us see how to incorporate it in bubble tea. Cut into small pieces and blend in a mixer with some spices(this will help balance the flavor). Let the mixture cool down.

Then combine it in the glass to which bubble tea pearls have been added already and stir it well with an element of sweetness.

Non-Fruit Based Bubble Tea That Should Be On Your List

Non-fruit bubble tea as is evident from the name is boba that isn’t derived from any fruit or fruit-based products. So, let us have a closer look at some flavors below.

Popular bubble tea flavors

18. Almond For A Subtle Hint Of Nuttiness In Your Boba

Almonds belong to the nut family and along with having a nutty flavor, they are also rich in oil. Thus, to help balance the richness of the oil, it is only sensible that we use it sparingly. Let us first crush the almonds well and then combine the well-crushed pieces in a mixer with milk and a sweetener(for some sweetness).

Now, carefully empty the contents to the glass to which you’ve added the pearls beforehand. Mix well and enjoy.

Popular bubble tea flavors

19. Consider Adding Coffee For A Caffeine Kick In Your Boba

Coffee lovers will describe the taste of coffee as a mix of sweet and bitter. Moreover, coffee is known to give you an instant caffeine boost and if you are looking for some added caffeine, then coffee infused bubble tea should be on your list.

To get the flavor in your boba be careful of adding just a teaspoon of coffee powder(so that coffee will not overpower the tea) to boba tea. I reckon adding brown sugar so you get some sweetness too. Mix well with the pearls and your drink is ready.

Popular bubble tea flavors

20. Try Taro And Enhance The Way You Drink Boba

Taro a tuberous root is a combination of sweet and savory. This when added to pearl milk tea enhances the taste by adding its own natural flavors and goes a long way in enhancing the taste. To infuse it in your boba cut it into small pieces and blend in a blender to form a syrup.

Strain the syrup & mix it together with milk and tapioca pearls. Empty the content into a glass. You have Taro Bubble Tea at your service.

Popular bubble tea flavors

21. If A Sweet And Buttery Flavor Is What You Prefer Caramel Boba Tea Is The One To Opt For

Caramel is known for its sweet and buttery flavor that has a creamy texture. Now, when caramel is added to boba not only will it make boba creamier but, will add so much more flavor than one can only imagine. Just take a spoonful of yummy caramel and stir it in your drink.

I am salivating and cannot wait to gulp down a glass or two.

Popular bubble tea flavors

22. Let Your Love For Chocolate And Boba Come Together When You Choose Chocolate Boba

Chocolate is a sweet item that needs no introduction and is a chef’s favorite. But, have you ever thought about chocolate-flavored boba? If not, this is one flavor that should be taken into consideration.

The best way to infuse chocolate would be to take 1 or 2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup and mix it in your boba. This way the drink will absorb the goodness of chocolate making it an unforgettable drink. By the way, did you know that you can also use chocolate to flavor the pearls? In fact, I have written a blog about 31 delicious ways to sweeten the pearls and where sinful chocolates are also mentioned. Do check it out. 

Popular bubble tea flavors

23. Looking For An Element Of Crunch? The Answer Lies In Cookie Flavored Pearl Milk Tea

Ever thought that sinful and decadent cookies can be added to your favorite boba? If the answer is no then I suggest you try this flavor the next time and just let the taste take over your senses.

Cookies come in all flavors imaginable plus they add an element of crunch too. Just crumble the cookies, then add them at the base of the glass. Next, spoon in the pearls and then gently pour the milk. Stir the contents together and enjoy your cookie flavored boba tea.

Popular bubble tea flavors

24. If You Prefer A Roasted Flavor In Bubble Tea Sesame Boba Tea Is What You Should Opt For

Sesame seeds have a sweet and nutty flavor. They are baked or toasted which gives them a roasted flavor and when mixed with boba adds a level of crunchiness to the otherwise bland boba.

Try sesame flavored boba and share your experience with me in the comments section below.

Popular bubble tea flavors

25. Jellies And Boba Join Hands In Coming Up With Jelly Flavored Pearl Milk Tea

Jellies are wobbly little desserts that can be customized into any shape and flavor combination. No matter the shape they are a treat for sore eyes. Imagine the texture of flavors in boba when jellies are incorporated. Just take a spoonful of liquid jelly and mix it with the pearls. Now add milk and enjoy cold. 

Since jellies are high on sweetness, you needn’t add sugar to it.

Coz Some Flavors Never Go Out Of Fashion

Apart from the above-mentioned flavors, some varieties will always rule our hearts irrespective of the introduction of new flavors. Let us learn about some flavors that will always remain in vogue.

Popular bubble tea flavors

26. Love To Enjoy Classic Flavors? Brown Sugar Bubble Tea Should Be On Your Tick Box

Brown sugar is a much better alternative to white sugar and doesn’t require hours to make. You can make it at home too & use it to flavor bubble tea. Wondering, how to use brown in your boba? Read my blog on 3 simple and doable ways of using brown sugar to flavor bubble tea. 

Still, if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments section below & I will be more than happy to answer them.

Popular bubble tea flavors

27. Green Milk Tea Is An All-Time Favorite & Worth A Try

Green milk boba is nothing but, green tea that has been infused with milk and tapioca pearls added to it for an aesthetic appeal.

This is one of the most sought-after as it is considered a much befitting option as compared to normal pearl milk tea.

Popular bubble tea flavors

28. Cold Milk Bubble Tea To Offer Some Comfort On A Scorching Afternoon

Cold milk bubble tea consists of just 3 ingredients, cold milk or ice cubes, tapioca pearls, and a sweetener. This not only offers relief from the heat but, will keep you hydrated too. What makes this drink more appealing is that you can pair it with a number of dishes and make it more worth your while.

Wondering what food can be paired with this flavor of bubble tea? Read my blog 51 food items that are an excellent combination with boba tea.

Popular bubble tea flavors

29. Treat Your Taste Buds To A Flavor Sensation With Matcha Bubble Tea

Matcha tea is a high-quality green tea powder that over the years has become very popular. Its sweet, bitter, and nutty flavor is what has made it a flavor to be reckoned with. One simply needs to add the desired amount in their drink and give it a good stir. Your matcha bubble tea is ready.

So, if you haven’t tried it yet, go grab a glass, and don’t forget to add a sweetener that will increase the drinking quotient.

Popular bubble tea flavors

30. Being A Boba Noob Classic Bubble Tea Simply Cannot Be Missed

You might be wondering what do you mean by a classic boba? Simply put, classic boba is nothing but, the inclusion of milk, tapioca pearls, a sweetener of your choice, and ice incorporated into a single drink.

This is very easy to make and there are a number of ways you can sweeten the drink. Honey, nectar, maple syrup are some recommended sweeteners. Liquid sweeteners blend well with the tea giving you a smooth and uniform taste. Hence, it is advisable to include liquid sweeteners. 

Popular bubble tea flavors

31. Sugar And Boba Lover? Try Thai Sweet Milk Bubble Tea

Thai Bubble Tea is a sweet drink that is made with black tea leaves infused with spices and coloring. Thai bubble tea is a bright orange-colored drink and in my humble opinion, this color is what makes the drink appealing.

While sipping on your favorite boba, have you ever wondered about the factors that makes bubble tea so amazing? Read my blog about 27 cool reasons on what makes bubble tea so special and fall in love with the drink even more. 

This concludes my blog. I have only mentioned some of the popular flavors and if you think that you would like a particular flavor to be included do let me know about it in the comments section below. I will surely, try to include them in my blog. Also, if you think you have any questions that I can answer do ask me in the comments section and I promise to answer them at the earliest. 

Happy Sipping!