Looking for morning tea captions for Instagram? Let your search end with my collection of 99 morning tea titles that will win you likes on Instagram.

I am a passionate Tea blogger and run a tea cafe in Kolkata. Like many of you out there, tea is the first thing I need in the morning. I always wanted to share my love for tea. Since nothing does it better than words, I thought of writing captions. Feel free to use them and do remember to mention me. 

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99 Morning Tea Captions For Instagram – Freshly Brewed Taglines To Express Your Love For The Cup In A Perfect Manner

Captions To Express An Emotion Called Morning Tea

1.  My morning cuppa makes me excited to chase my dreams.

2. The reason and the force that drives my morning boat is an aromatic cup of tea.

3. I heart morning tea.

4. My mornings are the best when tea decides to bless me with its presence.

5. With tea by my side, a gentle breeze, and a quick read is my kinda morning.

6. I derive my Vitamin C by drinking tea.

7. Love the morning time I get with a cup of tea before the day’s rush begins.

8. Tea offers me some carefree moments in the morning.

9. Need nothing in the morning apart from tea.

10. Nothing can change my feelings for morning tea, except another cup.

11. Wake up sleepy eyes, tea is calling.

12. If you sleep more, you will lose some precious tea time.

13. No matter what they tell you, drink tea and let the world say things they wanna.

14. My mornings are dedicated to tea.

15. Mornings spent with tea makes life worth living.

Inspiring Morning Tea Conversations Between(Tea and Me)

16. Tea tells me, ” There will be many problems that I will not be able to fix for you, but I can surely listen with my cup’s handle and offer you good advice”.

17. A message I get from tea is: “Be like the boiling water, adaptable under any situation but, wait for the beautiful end result”.

18. Never let hot waters scare you. One knows their true valor only in hot waters.

19. People might hate your guts but, that’s not your concern. Your job is to drink tea and be yourself.

20. Be like tea leaves. Touching every one with sweetness.

21.  Just remember me when you feel low.

22. Be as large as the kettle’s spout so you can let go of things that seem to be a burden.

23. Life’s best enjoyed one sip at a time just like one savors their morning tea.

24. I plan my day while sipping tea and so far it has worked wonders.

25. Let your imagination reach new heights while drinking tea. A perfect way to show your love for a versatile drink called Tea.

26. Be true to yourself always.

27. Boil your ego just like the water and sweeten your life like sugar.

28. Humanity runs on tea.

29. Biscuits dipped in tea teaches us how to draw the line so we don’t fall in deep waters.

30. Rest all inner wounds with the healing power of tea.

Matcha Puns For A Bright Morning Smile

31. I cannot thank you Matcha enough.

32. If I want my morning tea extra-large, am I asking for matcha too much?

33. Mornings spent with tea is so matcha better.

34. If I get a little late for work I don’t matcha care for nothing can ruin my tea time.

35. The view from the terrace is so matcha better.

36. Life is matcha better when someone says the magic alphabet “T”.

37. I just cannot do without my matcha cup of tea.

38. Life with a touch of green is so matcha better.

39. Before judging someone, first matcha up to their level.

40. Hope your day is matcha better today.

41. Just wait for the perfect moment to feel matcha better.

42. Battery low. Just have some tea and you will feel matcha better.

43. Compete with yourself each day and you will feel matcha better.

44. Some run on coffee and then there are some who run on tea. Now, if you ask me the latter is a matcha better option.

45. Matcha and tea makes the whole world go round.

Tea Advice Captions Straight From The Heart Of A Tea Lover

46. Never trust a man, who is locked up in a room with tea and doesn’t look tea’s way.

47. A cup of tea takes you from darkness towards light.

48. Nothing works better than tea to make you smile.

49. Tea and I are in a committed relationship for life.

50. fell in love with tea and have never felt betrayed again.

51. The only true love apart from mother’s love is the love tea has for you.

52. The world will desert you one day but, tea will always have you covered.

53. No worship can come close to the worship of God apart from tea.

54. Behind every successful person, there are countless cups of tea.

55. Tea to the rescue always whenever you need it.

56. Days that my only problem consists of deciding how many cup(s)of tea I want to drink is by far the best day of my life.

57. Just kidnap me and take me to tea land, please.

58.  Drink tea to experience the finer things in life.

59. No cup is too small or too big for tea.

60. Life is best enjoyed when filled to the brim, just like tea.

What If(Mornings Spent Without Tea)Headlines

61.  Life suddenly will cease to have meaning.

62. When will this nightmare end?

63. I would think of it as a bad dream and sleep some more.

64.  My eyes wouldn’t want to open.

65. It would seem as if the wind has been blown from my body.

66. How will I survive?

67. No fun without tea.

68. Mornings will not be the same.

69.  Aargh! can someone tell the joker to call off his joke?

70. Can someone stop it, please? It ain’t funny anymore.

71. I want tea and will not settle for anything else.

72. I would be without any direction.

73. Darkness shall prevail!

74.  Oh! Lord of darkness. Have mercy on us, poor souls.

75. Why am I even alive?

Funny Titles On Morning Tea

76. I need tea only on days that end with the letter “Y”.

77. Last night, I met a colleague, and seeing his not so stout figure, I was pleasantly surprised.

78. They say get paid for the amount you work. If only they could make it equal portions of tea and money.

79. The only true and the greatest survivor is Tea.

80. I adore T-Rex for he has the most appetizing alphabet in his name.

81. My otherwise strong heart skips a beat whenever it sees tea.

82. Sugar in my tea and sleep at night are amongst a few things I wouldn’t trade for the world.

83. Life, come let us have tea together. You must be tired of listening to people complain all day.

84. The whole world can be on one side. I will prefer to be on the side where Tea is brewing.

85. Someone asked me: “Why do people drink tea?” I asked, ” Know any better a drink than tea?”

86. My feet stop on their own when someone says 3 magical words, “Tea is here”.

87. While the world is busy envying each other, I am busy drinking tea and watching them turn green.

88. Love a staycation with tea.

89. Someone mentioned something about the night being magical. I said, “What’s magical about it without tea?”.

90. If my words have hurt you and you feel like cursing me, please let that curse be gallons of Tea that I might not be able to finish.

Morning Tea Captions That Deserve A Special Mention

91. There’s always room for tea.

92. If there’s an island called tea, I would prefer to be the only habitant.

93. Nothing warms me better than a hot cuppa.

94. Tea is happiness in a cup. What matters is tea and never the variety it comes in.

95. Be a vagabond with a cup of tea and halt only at destinations called “Tea-Kiosks”.

96. Be like a kettle. Always has a song up its stout, no matter the burning sensation.

97. Happy journeys start with tea.

98. There is tea for every mood.

99. Tea, my all-time ritual.


These captions conclude my blog. I hope your fingers are urging you to share them on your social media handles. Feel free to use them and do mention me. Also, if you want to ask me any questions you know where and how to reach me. Just drop your questions in the comments section below and I will be glad to answer them. 

Happy Sipping!