Is It OK To Use Two Tea-Bags? As tea- lovers, we all have at some point or the other used teabags and many of us use more than one pouch to make our tea. However, it’s time to re-think if what you have been doing it right? Well, my blog is right here to guide you through 11 deciding factors. Let’s read and find out.

I am a passionate tea blogger and a tea enthusiast who runs her own cafe in an upcoming North Kolkata locality. I plan to open my own label one day. 

Is it ok to use two tea bags

Is It OK To Use Two Tea Bags- 11 No-Nonsense Facts Written To Change The Way You Perceive Your Tea

As a tea cafe owner, I have to keep teabags stocked at all times for I don’t know when a customer might demand a teabag. Lately, I have observed that a trend seems to be on the rise and that being, of using two teabags. Had I been using the bags to make my tea, I would definitely have asked myself the question, ” Is using two teabags a good practice?” and to be honest, this is what led me to write the blog.

1. When Should I Use Two Tea Bags?

At my cafe, the gas stove has a hard time brewing cups of tea after another and the only respite it gets are summer afternoons when people prefer quick tea or tea brewed from tea bags.

Often, customers at my shop take two bags and this made me think is it okay to use two tea bags? After a lot of thinking, I can say that two teabags should only be used if you have to brew a large cup or making tea for an army and is certainly not meant to be used for single brews. 

2. How Much Tea Can I Expect In A Normal Tea Bag?

We all have used tea bags at some point or the other to make tea? However, how many of us have actually thought about the amount of tea a normal pouch contains? Time to get updated with the fact.

A typical tea bag usually contains 1.5 milligrams to 3 milligrams of tea leaves and is build for an 8 ounce cup or let me frame it in a better manner. The bags are usually suited to cater to a single cup and I suggest brewing tea for 3 to 5 minutes approximately. 

3. Is It OK To Use Two Tea-Bags In Terms Of Caffeine?

Caffeine is a natural stimulant that helps us stay awake and which is present in both tea and coffee. Now, when we talk about this in tea, it is called “Theine”. Let us then consider how we actually alter the level when we use two tea pouches.

An average serving of tea(8 oz.) has 17 milligrams – 70 milligrams of caffeine which will vary depending on the tea leave used. Now, when you use more than one pouch you not only increase the caffeine but, also make the tea bitter to the taste. So for these reasons, I would say using two pouches to make tea should surely be ruled out.

4. Is It OK To Use Two Different Flavored Tea Pouches Together?

A couple of days ago a regular patron at my cafe asked for two different flavored tea bags as he wanted to experiment with his beverage. Well, I did deliver as per his needs but, kept the flavor combination in mind. So, I would surely say, that Yes, two different flavors of tea bags can be used together as long as you are pairing them correctly.

Chamomile works great with white and green tea, Rose tea can easily be combined with black and Oolong teas, Lemongrass with green tea, and so forth.  So, the next time you face a similar doubt just head to, for any doubts on tea. Drop them in the comments section and it shall be answered.

5. How Much Tea Can I Make With One Teabag?

Let us now see the quantity of tea that a single tea bag will give us. Tea pouches are used in my cafe at all times, and I always advise my customers to re-use the same tea bag if another cup or two is on their minds.

The customers seemed amazed knowing that teabags can be re-used. Well, a tea bag is good for 1 to 2 cups after which it loses its texture. This is what is ideally recommended by tea experts too as using it more than the suggested cups will result in an unpleasant tea. Teabags on the whole are made with broken down leaves that are further mixed with tea dust and fannings that makes the tea watery. Want to know about tea bags? Read my blog about Tea granules vs tea bags and find out everything through 11 facts

6. Busting A Common Myth That A TeaBag Should Not Be Re-used?

Many tea drinkers out of habit or due to lack of awareness dip their tea bags in hot water and dispose them. However, this is not something I would advise, and am sharing my reasons below.

The ground or thumb rule is one bag per cup. However, you can use a bag to make 2 cups also depending on the teabag in use, the quality of the tea leaves, etc. Some tea bags like nylon teabags or tea sachets offer better quality leaves and can be used to make 2-3 cups. Intrigued? Read my blog about Tea sachets v/s teabags and get to know how through 17 considerable aspects. 

7. The Trick Behind Using Two Tea Bags Together

I hope by now have an idea if two tea bags can be used together? Let us now understand the trick to getting the maximum benefit by using two tea pouches at the same time.

Water is the most vital part of making tea and sadly is also the most neglected. Room temperature filtered water is advised to make the tea always as this is free from impurities and gives better infusion too. Now, when making tea with a tea bag and water this becomes all the more essential. The second thing that needs to be kept in mind is the brewing time which shouldn’t exceed 3-5 minutes. This is the same when making milk tea. Also, don’t forget to read point number 4, where I have spoken about the combination of different types of tea. 

8. What About The Infusion That I Will Get When I Use Two TeaBags?

Tea gives us a rich infusion along with the required caffeine kick are some reasons that have made the drink popular. Now, let us talk about the infusion that one expects.

Talking about the infusion some people believe that the more the tea bags the better the infusion. Now, I won’t completely rule out this theory as it is suggested that if you want a strong taste, using two bags is the right decision to make rather than squeezing the bags to help aid in a stronger brew. Now, to help you get better clarity, I request you to read my blog, Should teabags be squeezed and be guided by 11 logical reasonings. 

9. Can Two Green TeaBags Be Used Together?

Green tea is the preferred drink in the world, especially after a workout and if you want to know how the tea sums up as compared to other teas, read my blog White tea v/s green tea to know how they fare on 27 crucial aspects. Let us now see if we can use two green tea bags together?

Using two bags of green tea is quite alright as long as you don’t steep it more than the required time. Over-steeping the leaves is the same as over-boiling which makes the tea bitter. Green tea is known to have a bitter taste that may seem off if you are trying it for the first time. Thus, as long as you keep the mentioned pointers in mind, you are at a good place.

10. Can Green TeaBag & Black TeaBag Be Combined Together?

Let us now see if we can use black and green tea bags together.

Black and green tea are known to have similar profiles like aiding in digestion and reducing belly fat among some known benefits. Now, there are no known issues when it comes to them being used together and Tetley has recently come up with their own blend that fuses both the teas as one. Being a tea enthusiast and a cafe owner, I would never combine the two teabags together unless, of course, a bitter-tasting beverage is on my mind.

11. What Should The Ratio Of Two TeaBags Be In 1 Litre Of Water?

The last point that I would like to talk about is whether two teabags can be used in 1 liter of water.

Experts will say that there is no harm in using 2 tea bags but, my opinion is different. I would experiment a little before settling on the number of tea bags based on the ground rule of one bag per cup. Now, the average serving size of a traditional teacup is 250 ml & I will use one tea pouch. However, this rule would again depend on the kind of tea I am using & their steep or brew time as each variety differs. Cold-brew teas take a  longer time which again differs from one variety to another. Want to know how to brew iced teas? My blog How long to steep iced tea will tell you about 17 cooling options that’s worth a read. 


This brings me to the end of my blog and I hope I was able to answer your doubts on if two teabags can be used together? If you think you need to ask me something, drop them in the comments section below and I will gladly answer them. Also, I have written quite a few blogs on different teas along with their brew time. To read them, just head to my website and click on the Blogs Tab to take your pick for some awesome tea reads. 

Happy Sipping!