If you’ve been wondering is tea a good Christmas gift, then my blog about 27 selected ideas will raise the holiday spirits. Let’s check them out.

I am a passionate tea blogger and a self-proclaimed tea enthusiast. I have my own shop in Kolkata city and during festivals, I keep tea-related accessories that sell like hot tea cakes. Thus, the idea of the blog came to mind.

Is tea a good Christmas gift?

Is Tea A Good Christmas Gift: 27 Inspiring Ideas To Make You Shine Like The North Star

Christmas is celebrated the world over. Who doesn’t love the festive spirit and the vibes that this festival brings with it? Now, the cold weather is sure a reason for many to throw parties and what better to warm the yuletide spirit than tea. Keeping this in mind, I have come up with my list of 27 cherishable gifts that make for an ideal Christmas give-away.

 Tea Memoribilias When You Want To Play Safe

Tea is a giving drink and for a tea-lover, a gift that screams tea is one to cherish. Being a tea lover, I would be jumping in joy if I am to ever receive a tea-inspired gift. Now, we tea lovers understand that when invited to a tea party you want to play it safe but, still give an apt gift as per the occasion. What better a gift than items that have tea written all over?

Is tea a good Christmas gift

1. Kettles Will Help Your Host Brew Tea Like The Brits

Kettles are types of equipment used to boil water.  A lid, handle and a sprout sums it up. Nowadays, they are available as an electric appliance too. No matter the type, the purpose of boiling water or keeping it warm till needed is best solved with a kettle in hand.

To keep up with the times, the kettle has changed its game. Available in different sizes and colour they can be made as per specifications too.

Is tea a good Christmas gift

2. Take Full Command of Your Brew With Infusers

Tea infusers, tea balls, tea eggs, and tea maker are the most economical device that allows you to control the infusion time & you get the brew you want. You just need to add loose or dried tea leaves that you would be using to brew the tea and can easily be placed in a teacup or kettle to which hot water has been added beforehand. It is advised to clean it at regular intervals.

To get the job done right, follow the steps mentioned to clean a strainer though you needn’t soak it for 3-4 hours. I suggest 15-20 minutes as the ideal time. 

Is tea a good Christmas gift

3. When A Smooth & Clear Drink Is on Your Mind Tea Strainer Is Your Choice

Tea strainers are meshed items that are placed over a teacup or mug. The brewed tea is passed through this wired mesh with the aim of getting a smooth and residue-free beverage. These are available in both plastic and steel options. However, it is important to clean it after a few strains.

Just combine hot water and 1 tablespoon of baking soda in a bowl and allow the strainer 3-4 hours of soaking time. Rinse thoroughly with a dishwashing liquid and under tap water. 

Is tea a good Christmas gift

4. Nothing Is More Inspiring Than TeaCups To Sip Your Tae

Teacups make tea drinking easy. It comes with a saucer too so you do not even have to hold the cup and fear the hot beverage might burn you. Also, the handle makes it easier to hold the cup and offers a wide range that one can choose from.

I suggest personalizing it with cute little graphics that signify Christmas or you can just buy them off the shelves. 

Is tea a good Christmas gift

5. Fridge Magnets To Remind You of Tea Each Time

Tea magnets are cute ensembles that easily stick to your refrigerator’s door. From being just round balls of charged items that attracts iron, the humble magnet has come a long way.

I was once given a tea-inspired fridge magnet and what made it more appealing was a red and white notebook signifying Christmas. 

B. Some Unique Christmas & Tea Gift Ideas That Will Make You Stand Out

Is tea a good Christmas gift

6. Look No Further Than An Indoor Tea Garden Starter Kit When A Unique Gift Is on Your Mind

Nowadays indoor or terrace farming seems to be the vogue as many people are opting for a healthy lifestyle. Tea is all set to join this race and this is where starter kits come into the picture.

This kit allows you to grow your own herbal or tisane tea and offers varieties like Mint, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, and at times Lavender. They come with set instructions and you just need to follow them to set up a home tea garden.

Is tea a good Christmas gift

7. Consider An All-Purpose Beverage Tumbler As A Christmas Gift For Your Tea-Addict Friend

A dainty-looking bottle that can be carried quite easily with minimal space occupied is the need of the hour. This is exactly what an all-purpose beverage tumbler does.

I am a tea addict and this equipment allows me to carry tea brewed in my style anywhere I want. I am assured of a hot or a cold beverage whenever and wherever I want. 

Is tea a good Christmas gift

8. Cute Little Tea Sampler Pouches Will Raise The Christmas Spirits

Tea samplers as the name suggests are little pouches of selectable varieties. What makes them appealing is that you can select from the available options and gift a variety instead of just one flavor. 

Now, you can opt for a DIY(do it yourself) box too and watch the excitement flow of having to choose from the varied options. 

Is tea a good Christmas gift

9. Nothing Can Get More Personalized Than A Towel That Reminds The Receiver About Tea

Towels, in my humble opinion, are a quintessential gifting item that screams personalization. From photos to a witty tagline or quotes, choose the color and just let your imagination run wild.

For a tea lover, I suggest opting in for tea towels (the size of tissue papers)that can be re-used. Inscribe them further with tea quotes. For your information, I have written a blog on 91 alluring tea with friends’ captions that will warm the heart. Please do mention me.

Is tea a good Christmas gift

10. Consider Organic Tea Samplers As Another Exceptional Gifting Purpose

Organic tea range is the latest talk of the town and has seen a humbling growth in terms of takers. So what does organic mean? Food that is completely chemical-free is often called organic.

I suggest gifting a sample pack when exclusiveness is on your mind. Trust me, you will be remembered in good faith. 

Is tea a good Christmas gift

11. Ever Considered Herbal Tea Samplers As A Gifting Item?

Tea samplers are more than just a selection of the choicest tea. It is a symbol of your undying love for one common drink that binds the whorl together. We all know that tea contains caffeine and the amount depends on the tea leaves used.

Any variety of tea that is sourced from plants is called herbal tea or infusions. Now, if you want to know tisane and tea differ, read my blog about 31 comparable differences between tea v/s tisane. 

Is tea a good Christmas gift

12. Consider A TeaBox With Mouthwatering Assortments As The Ideal Accompaniment With Tea

Let me as you a question. If you receive a teabox with the choicest teabags and mouth-watering delicacies, would it pique your taste buds? As a tea addict, I would be salivating by now and you would win me there and then itself.

You can take your pick from the many options available online and offline. Throw in some cookies or tea-time crackers as delectable eats. 

Is tea a good Christmas gift

13. Tea Party Favors Is Another Idea That Cannot Be Ruled Out

Tea party favors are small gifts or tokens given to your guests as a token of gesture for gracing the occasion, as memorabilia, or simply to bring a smile on their faces.

Digital teabags, tea-inspired bookmarks, tea calendars, printable tea quotes, etc are some amazing tea party favor ideas worth considering.

Is tea a good Christmas gift

14. Who Can Resist A Vintage TeaCup?

Want to drink tea like royalty? Then a vintage teacup ought to be considered. Vintage teacups tell of an era gone by.

I was gifted a vintage teacup which I take out only on special occasions when I want to treat my guests to loyalty. 

C. Christmas Gifting Ideas When In The UK

Is tea a good Christmas gift

15. Nothing Signifies A Cup of British Tea Than Earl-Grey Tea

Earl-grey is the most recognized black tea with citrusy notes that is a result of it being blended with Bergamont oil and many people often call it tisane. But, is the tea really tisane or herbal? To put an end to this debate, I have written a blog titled Is Earl-Grey Tisane and my 13 facts will help you decide. Do give it a read.

Being a tea fanatic and when in Britain, I would surely love getting Earl-grey as a Christmas gift.

Is tea a good Christmas gift

16. Treats From Yorkshire Bakery Is Quintenssially British

Yorkshire bakery is a cozy bakery that has a rich history of 50 years in selling bread loaves, tea time cakes, and biscuits. A trip to this bakery when in town is a must and the treats are highly sought after.

Brits know their tea well and love to pair it with a cake or cookies. Now, getting a box of delectable treats from the bakery is oh! so desirable. Give this to a friend, loved one, or colleague and win them over.

Is tea a good Christmas gift

17. Ever Considered Lemon Cakes With Cute Little Christmas Toppings?

Lemon cakes offer the right sweetness with a hint of tartness which acts as a perfect munch on with tea. Try one with your cup and it will not disappoint you.

I would opt for any breakfast tea or Earl-grey for a bitter and sweet flavor throughout my tea and I would further customize it with Christmas toppings to add to the holiday spirit.

Is tea a good Christmas gift

18. Twinings Tea Is Another Lovely Christmas Gift

Twinings tea company sells all kinds of tea like black tea, fruit tea, green tea, and herbal infusions or tisanes. Their teas can be light to heavy-bodied and are perfect to be used in iced teas.

Let me tell you that the tea is available as samples too and which can be gifted when in doubt or variety is on your mind. 

Is tea a good Christmas gift

19. Samples Curated That For The Holidays Is A Must Gifting Item

During the festive season, tea companies across the globe want to increase their sales and often come up with samplers to lure people.

Samplers are nothing but, little pouches of loose tea leaves or tea bags that are packed in such a way that one is bound to catch the eye & make gifting easy. Do, I need to say more?

D. Wondering What Present Would Please An Indian Tea-Holic?

India is The Largest Tea Society in The World and rightly so, for each state has its own variety of tea and an interesting history behind it. So, then what can one give to a native? Read on further and discover some amazing options.

Is tea a good Christmas gift

20. Discount Coupon Or A Pass To The Most Popular Tea- Bistro

In India, you will find cozy tea cafes in every lane that is frequented by young and old alike. I run a tea cafe myself and know that it ain’t an easy feat. Now, there are some big players in my city and I know some can burn a hole in your pocket.

This is where a pass, discount voucher, or coupon comes in the picture and which gives you access to not only the upmarket cafe but, you can also get your hands on some exquisite items without a pocket pinch.

Is tea a good Christmas gift

21. Ever Thought Tea Calendar Can Be Counted As A Gift Item?

Calendars need no introduction. They help us to keep track of important dates, events, and occasions too. From being wall-mounted, the humble calendar has come a long way.

To add to the gifting charm, I suggest you add quotes, tea-related pictures, or a photo of the person drinking their favorite tea. Trust me, nothing can get more personalized than this.

Is tea a good Christmas gift

22. Who Doesn’t Love A Tea Journal?

A tea journal helps you to keep a track of your tea tasting experience and express your thoughts in an organized manner. This way you can enhance your brewing technique or style and improvise it further.

I suggest including some vital points like the brand’s name, type of tea, time or date about your first taste, etc. I suggest you further add bookmarks that remind you about Christmas and help ring in the festivity. 

Is tea a good Christmas gift

23. A Trip To A Tea-Estate Is A Good Option To Strengthen Bonds With A Tea-Lover

India is a land that boasts of its tea- plantations or estates and each is worth a visit. Many tea plantations are open to visitors and some even offer a place to stay.I would like to suggest that you do a thorough research about the best time to go and the hours.

Assam, Darjeeling and Coonor tea plantations are some note-worthy names. 

Is tea a good Christmas gift

24. Photo Mugs With Christmas Drawings Are In Vogue

Who doesn’t love a mug with their photo on it? They offer an easy sip and your tea is warm for a prolonged period.

Now, when adding the receivers’ picture I suggest getting it inscribed with drawings or markings that remind you of Christmas. Mistletoes, stars, snowflakes, etc are some cute ideas. 

Is tea a good Christmas gift

25. Nothing Is More Indian Than Earthern Pots To Drink Tea

Earthern pots are called Kulhads in India. These are usually made from clay and tea drunk from these cups lends a smoky flavor.

This humble pot is now available in a hue of patterns and colors that can be used for gifting purposes too. Gift a set to someone and make them remember you for making their holiday special.  

E. Hassle-Free Christmas Gift Ideas For The Tea Lover

Is tea a good Christmas gift

26. A Book of Christmas and Tea Quotes

A book about tea and Christmas captions or quotes is an ideal gifting option. As a child, I had my own dairy about quotes and I now realize that writing has always been my calling. You can add cute little stickers or drawings for a personal feel.

I would love to receive a black diary as a gift that I can use it to pen down my thoughts about tea and the holiday season. 

Is tea a good Christmas gift

27. Ever Considered Soaps Inspired By Tea?

Tea soaps are hand-made soaps and can be made from any tea variety. When packed in colorful boxes, they surely make a delightful gift item.

Green, black, Lavender and Matcha are some popular choices. 

This concludes my blog and I hope I was able to give you some cool ideas to gift this Christmas. Do feel free to ask me questions and I will be happy to answer them for you. Just drop them in the comments section below. Let me also tell you that I have written quite a few blogs till now on tea and to read them, you need to visit my site. 

Happy Sipping!