If you like many are wondering is taro a bubble tea, let me tell you 13 never before considered reasons that will prove taro is indeed a bubble tea and an awesome one at that too.

I am a self-proclaimed Tea blogger and a tea cafe owner in the Northern fringes of Kolkata city. Boba is my latest craze and after having taro boba, it was love at first sight. Through this blog, I am sharing my experience in 13 amazing points that will make you see taro boba for the amazing flavor it is.


Is Taro A Bubble Tea- 13 Ethereal Reasons Worth Sticking Up For

Taro is a  root vegetable that is used globally as a popular food item and its purple color only adds to its charm. Let us get to know the 13 amazing reasons that have added to the aesthetic appeal to boba drink.

1. Why The World Cannot Stop Talking About It?

Taro boba is nothing but, bubble tea that has been infused with taro.  An ideal glass of taro tea has milk, chewy tapioca pearls, ice(optional), and taro made into a paste or at times the drink is infused with powder.

No matter how it is prepared, the underlying fact is that this drink has earned a place for itself amongst the most desired bubble tea flavors.

2. Taro Tea Draws You Like Fireflies To Light

Taro boba can be identified from a distance by its beautiful purple color and the chewy bubbles further define the taste making it an artist’s dream come true.

One needs to drink it to experience why taro tea has the world wrapped around its straws.

3. Taro Bubble Tea Isn’t A Seasonal Drink

The most lovable aspect is that taro boba can be enjoyed in both the hot and cold varieties. Let me share an amazing tip with you to make it more worth your while.

When drinking hot boba add some cold taro balls and reverse the pattern when you desire cold taro bubble tea. This awesome combination will make your taste buds tingle with such a contrasting flavor bender. 

4. Let Us Consider The Awesome Taste Offered

Taro boba is a mildly sweet flavored drink that isn’t overpowering. This natural sweetness will make you want to skip the sugar. However, if you cannot do without a little sweetness let me tell you that instead of flavoring the drink, sweeten the pearls. Trust me, you will want to drink bubble tea again and again.

Wondering how to sweeten bubble tea pearls? Well, I have written a blog about 31 ways to sweeten tapioca pearls. Do give it a read and be amazed by the taste profile.

5. The Many Ways Of Making A Tapioca Milk Like A Professional

Let us now consider the methods by which you can make this flavor at home like any professional boba shop would and tat too within no time at all. Let us see how the job can be done.

The first method involves cutting the vegetable into small pieces that can be blended in a food processor to make a paste. Then add this paste and mix it well with the pearls and milk. Our second method involves using taro powder. Just take a spoonful of the powder and mix it with the milk. Then add the pearls. 

6. Any Particular Tea That Needs To Be Used?

Taro tea is made either from jasmine or any black tea variants. I suggest using black tea with a strong flavor to help retain the flavor.

When ice cubes are added, they tend to dilute the milk which will weaken the taste profile. In such a case, using a strong flavored tea will help in retaining the flavors. 

7. The Pearly Options That Adds To The Craze

Milk, taro(paste or powder), chewy boba pearls & tea form the base. Sweeteners and ice cubes can be added and excluding them will not have any impact on the flavor whatsoever.

Let me tell you that any milk works well with the flavor and I have written a blog too about 19 cool milk options that work best with boba. I hope this blog will help you to decide your favorite milk that can be used to make a perfect glass of taro milk tea.

8. Can Taro Bubble Tea Be Made Without Sugar?

Amongst the many benefits of taro, the fact that it is naturally sweet is a reason why it has gained popularity. Thus, skipping sugar will save the drink from making it too sweet. I suggest adding brown sugar, honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, or any liquid sweeteners as liquids dissolve better giving you a uniform taste in the drink. 

Now, if you are wondering how you can use brown sugar to flavor taro boba, let me tell you that I have written a blog about 3 easy and doable ways to use brown sugar to flavor bubble tea at home. I am sure that this blog will help you in using brown sugar to flavor boba.

9. The Varied Fruits Taro Bubble Tea Can Be Paired With Is Another Aspect Worth Mentioning

Nowadays many boba shops are pairing taro bubble tea with seasonal fruits that have boba noobs crazy. Fruits like mangoes, strawberries, peaches, apricots, plums, raspberries, blueberries all go so well with taro. Oh by the way did I mention that the fruits mentioned can also substitute pearl milk tea bubbles?

In fact, I suggest that you re-invent taro tea with some awesome replacements. I have written a blog about 27 yummy items that can be used to substitute the pearls? 

10. What Goes Into The Making of Taro Tea

Taro bubble tea is nothing but tapioca tea that has been fused with any strong black tea leaves as the base, milk, taro, and tapioca pearls. Sweeteners and ice are further added.

For taro tea to wow! you, even more, it is advised to use real or whole taro paste instead of the powder. Real taro will give you an umami flavor making your drink so desirable. 

11. The Toppings Are Another Wonderful Point To Consider

Toppings further increase the whole appeal of boba and the options are as unlimited as the possibilities that taro milk tea offers.

Grass jelly, coconut meat, marshmallows, fruits, chocolate syrup are just some preferred toppings to use. 

12. Can Taro Milk Tea Be Caffeine Free?

Caffeine acts as a stimulant and tea offers you a caffeine boost that when compared with coffee is comparatively less and by now you have a good idea about some amazing attributes that have contributed to taro bubble tea. I always prefer saving the best for the last. The fact that taro bubble tea can be made caffeine-free is another feather in its cap. 

Real taro is devoid of caffeine & the only way to add caffeine is by mixing it with a strong black tea.

13. Customizing Your Cup of Taro Tea Is So Relaxing

Nothing is more satisfying in the world than designing your own cup of taro tea. Right from choosing the base, to the sweeteners, the toppings and re-defining the texture of the drink is so much fun and if you have ever wondered why the world is crazy about bubble tea, read my blog about 27 reasons that make bubble tea one amazing drink. 

I get an adrenaline rush every time I customize a cup based on the various specifications by boba lovers that come to my shop. Taro milk tea relaxes me too after a day well spent at the shop and I love to walk home sipping on my taro tea.

This concludes my blog. I hope you helped you in getting the answers you wanted. Also, if the above amazing aspects aren’t an inspiration to make you fall in love with taro bubble tea, I don’t know what will. This is one flavor that never goes out of season and customers flock to my shop for their daily dose of taro boba. I have also written blogs on various other aspects of bubble tea. To read them you simply need to visit my website and from the drop-down menu, select the “Blogs” tab. I will be back soon with a new yet interesting topic that will pique your interest.

Happy Sipping!