Is pink tea prepared from green tea? If bewilderment is your middle name, let my blog be the respite you need as you read the 8 amazing explanations. 

I am a passionate Indian tea blogger and the drink is my elixir. I also run my own cafe in Kolkata city and am planning to open my own label one day. This will let the world know my craziness for the beverage. 

Is pink tea prepared from green tea

Is Pink Tea Prepared From Green Tea- 8 Note-Worthy Points To Make You See The Drink In A New Hue

Pink tea, noon chai, Kashmiri tea, Sheer chai, Savory Tea, and Gulabi chai are all names that denote the drink. The underlying truth is that the preparation method, ingredients used, and its appealing pink color are some factors that cannot be ruled out. Want to know some more amazing attributes of the tea? Do read my blog on Why is sheer chai pink and with the help of 19 amazing facts, get to know the tea better. Let us get brewing.

1. The Tea Leaves That Should Be Used To Make Gulabi Chai

If you have read my other blogs that highlight some delightful areas of the drink, then I am sure you know the tea leaves that are recommended. However, if you have come to this blog straight away, don’t worry for I would be covering this important point here as well so you be enlightened about this variety of the tea that is slowly becoming a rage.

Now, in the Kashmir valley, the natives use Kashmiri tea leaves to make the beverage. What sets the leaves apart from the regular variety is their dark blackish-green color. They are different from green tea and that is what I will be talking about in the point that follows. Now, since the leaves are native to the valley Only, getting them may be hard and at times expensive too. I highly suggest you use Gunpowder tea which is a green tea variant and shaped like pellets. Hence, the name. 

2. What Are The Differences Worth Knowing When We Compare Green Tea & Kashmiri Tea Leaves?

The proof about the tea lies in the leaves and knowing how they differ won’t harm right? So, let us read further and find out their contrasting attribute(s).

When we talk about Kashmiri tea leaves, we often mean a variety that is minimally oxidized that gives the tea its distinguished taste and aroma. In fact, if you happen to visit Kashmir, don’t forget to visit Gulmarg’s tea plantation if only to learn about the whole process involved behind a rich tasting cup of Kashmiri noon chai.

Kashmiris have an undying love for the beverage and drink green tea a lot. They call their green tea Kahwa and my next blog will be all about the various differentiating aspects between Kahwa v/s Green tea. Now, talking about green tea, it is an ideal drink that helps in weight loss and is considered a workout drink. Want to know more about this variety of tea? Read my blog; 27 crucial differences between white tea and green tea. 

3. What Is The Method Of Making Gulabi Chai From Green Tea?

Kashmiri pink tea is made from green tea and this point will cover the process in detail below.

Take a vessel of filtered water. Then add the leaves, baking soda, and salt. The seasoning ie salt will stop the leaves from losing their moisture and the soda will break the leaves release their green pigment and turn it pink. I would add milk and spices like star anise when the liquid has turned a reddish shade. Also, adding cold water is equally important. The drink is also dependent on the brew timing and to read about the whole process in details, read my blog Is baking soda added in noon chai that will help you clear your doubts through 10 straight-forward answers. 

4. What Is Sun Rouge & How Can I Use It To Turn The Tea Pink?

The newest green tea that has taken the Japanese tea industry by storm is Sun Rouge. The tea is known for its therapeutic benefits and it is a medium greenish-purple plant that turns red when it reaches its heights or brewed as per liking. 

The tea also called Purple tea and turns pink when brewed in the correct manner. I further recommend adding lemon juice for a more pronounced pink color that catches the eyes instantly. 

5. Can Pink Tea Be Made Without Green Tea?

Some people claim that Noon chai can be made without Kahwa and this point will unveil if the tea can be made without green tea or if it is just a tall claim.

As a tea cafe owner, pink tea is a hit during the rainy or cold winter months, and churning out glasses after the other is challenging at times. But, what’s life without challenges?  We know for a fact that the longer the steep time along with some note-worthy ingredients will only give a richer and more dignified cup of Kashmiri tea. I highly suggest adding milk 5 minutes before service time so you allow the milk to infuse with the liquid. You can also use tea concentrates to make the tea though I wouldn’t make it a practice as nothing can beat the traditional or old-school method. 

6. Decoding The Hype That Is Green Tea

Green tea or Kashmiri Kahwa is the secret ingredient behind the tea and let us understand the fuss behind the tea.

Green tea is a great drink to lose weight and reduce tummy fat. In the valley of Kashmir, you will find a different variety of tea and it is called Kahwa. Kashmiris love to add saffron, honey, spices, etc to their tea giving it a golden brownish color. 

7. The Ideal Brew Time To Make The Tea Turn Pink

Let us consider the ideal brew time that further adds to the pink color.

I usually brew my tea for 20- 30 minutes as this gives me the desired pink color on my tea. Many would also tell you that 20 minutes to an hour is what you should aim for. Now, though there is no harm in this method too, I would advise that owing to the delicate tea leaves, you have to make sure that you never over-boil the leaves and as long as you can manage to do it, the timing would depend on the consistency and texture you want.

8. The Trick Behind Making Green Tea Turn Pink

The last point that I would like to talk about is how green tea turns pink. So, let us weigh all the possibilities based on the fact.

I hope thatyou know the reasons why sheer chai is pink and what could [ossibly have gone wrong if the tea doesn’t get its pink color that it is known for? In case, you still have doubts, read my blog, Why is your Kashmiri chai not turning pink, and be familiar with 12 easily made goof-ups that ought to be avoided no matter what.

This concludes my blog on Is pink tea prepared from green tea and I hope I was able to answer some questions that might have been bothering you. If you still think you want to ask me something, feel free to drop them in the comments section below and I will be happy to answer them. Also, so that you do not miss out on newly published blogs, I request you to sign up for my newsletter. Just visit my website, click on the About tab, and scroll to the bottom. 

Happy Sipping!