Is Loose Leaf Tea Better For The Environment? If this question has created havoc in your mind or maybe you want to be a more responsible citizen, then my blog through 19 unearthed points will strike a chord.

I am a passionate tea blogger who to take my love for the beverage runs her own tea cafe in Kolkata city. Apart from brewing tea related topics, I plan to open my own label that will take my love for the drink to new heights. 

Is loose leaf tea better for the environment

Is Loose Leaf Tea Better For The Environment: 19 Grounded Reasons That Will Make You Re-Think Some Known Facts

I am a tea enthusiast and have always advocated that loose tea is better than tea bags. This blog is just a reflection of my mind about why I have always emphasized using loose tea leaves but, with a practical approach. I sincerely hope that you will agree with me and start using loose tea leaves. So, let us explore the 19 reasons that will make you re-consider the way you’ve been brewing the beverage.

1. The Role Of The Harvesting Method Is An Important Aspect To Take Note Of

The harvesting method is very fascinating. I had the opportunity to visit darjeeling tea plantation and it was during this trip that I truly understood why the tea has earned a name for itself amongst tea lovers. Now, if you too want to know the reasons, then do read my blog Is Darjeeling tea black or Green, and be guided by 27 facts. 

Tea plantations follow the traditional method of plucking the leaves of Camellia Sinensis(an evergreen tea shrub) by hand. The leaves are just nipped by a few inches and never the full plant.  I highly suggest visiting a tea plant for an enthralling experience.

2. The Packaging Style Is Another Fascinating Aspect To Consider

Let us now see how loose tea leaves are packed. Did you ever think what the packet of tea leaves is called? They are called barrier bags and are by far the best method to pack loose leaf tea. This helps them retain their texture and flavor for a long time so it is fresh when you pick one such packet.

Apart from the above mentioned technique, you will often find the leaves packed in plastic containers. I though am not a fan of the plastic containers for we all know the harmful effects plastic has and thus, I suggest opting for barrier bags or standup pouches as they are also called at times. Foil pouches are another exemplary method to pack the leaves in.

3. Be Chemical Free By Opting For Loose Leaf Tea

Teabags are full of chemicals as they are sealed using glue and they further contain plastic. I am sure that you surely do not want to taste plastic in your tea right? Now, if you want to avoid plastic and go chemical-free loose leaf tea is your best bet. If you want to know how a teabag is made, my blog are nylon teabags safe with 12 eye-opening facts is what you should read. 

Loose tea leaves when mixed with water releases the aromas, and color that gives you a full-bodied tea with a rich yet smooth consistency. The leaves as mentioned above are hand plucked though some estates use machines to do the job and undergo a process called CTC(crush, tear, curl)method that ensures freshness.

4. Loose Leaf Tea Are Great Fertilizers Too

We at one point of time have thrown away that left-over tea leaves thinking taht its job is done. Stop and take a look at it once again for you may want to re-consider the fact.

Tea leaves make great compost and when mixed with the soil yields a rich crop. The leaves are rich in antioxidants and other elements nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorous, etc that form an important component for a good yield. Do try using it as a fertilizer and share your experience with me in the comments section below.

5. When A Quick Brew Is What You Want, Loose Leaf Tea Is Your Answer

Loose tea leaves are quite easy to brew too and there is no fixed method that you need to follow. This is another starry reason why tea experts tell you to switch to loose tea.

You can always keep the water boiling or warm by using an electric kettle. Once you are happy with the liquid’s temperature, just add the tea leaves and strain.

6. Loose Leaf Tea Can Be Processed From The Comfort Of Your Home Too

I always laid emphasis on the fact that life is as simple as making tea until I tried my hands on processing my own tea and I had to eat my own words at the sheer marvel that it is. You have to try it to believe how simple the whole process is. I had processed black tea leaves and thus, will share its process in detail.

You first have to pluck the youngest leaves and their buds  Then keep rolling the leaves between your hands and crush them till you attain a reddish color on the leaves. Then you just need to spread them in a tray and let it sit for 2-3 days to allow the oxidation or withering process to set in. Dry them further in the oven for about 20-30 minutes and store it in air-tight containers. 

7. When A Rich Infusion Is What You Seek, Turn To Loose Leaf Tea

I am a tea cafe owner too apart from being a blogger and when customers flock to y shop just to drink cups of tea after the other, I feel I have made an advised decision by choosing loose tea leaves instead of teabags.

I have already mentioned in brief how tea leaves are sourced and prepared. Also, I have mentioned my method of making tea. I brew my infusion for 1-4 minutes. Rarely, do I oversteep the tea, but let me tell you that still, the brewed liquid is drinkable as opposed to a cup prepared from teabags that makes it bitter. Want to know the science behind it? Read my blog should teabags be squeezed and get your answers through 11 facts. 

8. Loose Tea Leaves Are Known To Contain Essential Oils

Our ancestors were well aware that tea leaves are a good natural source of essential oils and now, modern science too has accepted this. This is a reason why so many products are being made from loose tea leaves. However, did you know how the oils are obtained?

The oils are derived from the tea seeds and when they are pan-fried the oils are extracted into the pan. This prevents the leaves from sticking to the bottom of the pan and getting burned. The oils are then used in varied products to treat common problems like dandruff, pre-mature greying, acne, pimples, tan removal, etc. 

9. Want To Do Your Bit For The Planet? Switch To Loose Leaf Tea

Our planet is heading towards disaster and we are to be blamed. We are dependent on plastics for our day-to-day lives and this callous behavior only adds to the pollution. Plastics remain in the atmosphere as they cannot be destroyed. Even if you think of burning them the smoke is hazardous too. Now, loose tea leaves offer the perfect getaway from plastics.

The leaves are plucked from Camellia Sinensis and can be recycled as easily too. Used as compost in gardens or made into soaps, shampoos, etc the leaves have many after uses too & each of which helps you to control the carbon footprint. I am doing my bit for the environment by using loose tea leaves. Are you?

10. Loose Tea Leaves Can Be Strained With EveryDay Items

Many people cannot function without a strainer for strain tea. Now, when you do not rely on a fixed way to make tea why can’t you make use of everyday household or kitchen items to strain tea?

Cups, muslin cloth, cheesecloth, slotted spoon, etc are some amazing utensils that can be used to strain the tea. As a matter of fact, I have written a blog about 23 unconventional ways to strain tea without an infuser. Do read it and discover some unique methods. 

11. The Tins Used To Pack Loose Leaf Tea Is Re-Usable

Loose tea leaves are packed in aluminum or tin foils and they can be recycled. Now, if the world ditches plastic our planet will surely start breathing again.

Well, aluminum is the most recycled packaging container in the world and they are100% recyclable. Decorate it and use it asto grow plants, to store food items, etc. Also, they do not loose their quality irrespective of the times they are recycled, crushed, or even worn down. So, you see how even the material used to pack the leaves is used to make amazing things.

12. Loose Tea Leaves Go Through Delicate Plucking Methods

The next point that deserves a special mention is the plucking of the leaves. Sourced from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, the shrub is not destroyed but, tea pickers make sure to nip the leaves with the buds very gently using their hands.

This is done to ensure that when you procure the leaves the package is fresh with all its aromatics intact. Also, great measures are taken that the leaves are never ripped by the bud but, by a few inches so that the leaves can grow back easily.

13. Loose Leaf Tea Helps You Do Your Bit By Returning What You Have Taken From Nature

The next vital point that I would like to discuss is how we can contribute to a greener planet by using loose tea leaves.

Loose tea leaf blends with nature easily and when mixed with soil acts as an amazing fertilizer. This in a way helps Mother Nature re-produce some of the resources that we have taken from her. Some varieties like herbal tea, fruit teas, and Indian masala chai use spices & herbs at large. Now, these also work as great composts. Not familiar with herbal tea? Read my blog about 31 comparable aspects between tea v/s tisane and discover some amazing facts.

14. Loose Leaf Tea Helps Preserve The Most Precious Natural Resource

This is a very vital point that deserves a mention and justifies just why loose tea leaves are indeed a boon for the planet. Yes, I am talking about “Water”. Let us see how exactly we can save water.

Water is as essential a component to make tea as are the tea leaves. Now, you can always control the amount of water. When I am making milk tea, I use just about 2 cups of water and infuse it with the leaves. After the water starts to boil and has turned dark red, I then add milk. So, you see just how everything can be controlled when you use loose tea leaves.

15. Save Electricity With Cold-Brewed Tea

Many of us rely heavily on inductions or electric gas stoves to make tea. These pieces of equipment can increase your electricity bill and there are still many places on our planet where this is still a luxury. Make cold-brewed tea and save electricity.

Cold-brewed tea can be brewed within limits but, it depends upon the type. My blog on how long to steep ice tea will tell you about 17 cooling options along with their respective brewing time. Do read it and find out.

16. The Utensils Used Are As Easy To Go As The Beverage Itself

Tea is a versatile drink and isn’t dependent on either the way it is made nor on the utensils used to make or serve the drink. I am sharing the best utensils that are suggested by tea experts and which are environment friendly too.

I love making tea and it relaxes me in more ways than one. I use a saucepan that’s made from stainless steel though at my shop, I rely on a teapot with an infuser that helps me save time. If this has you thinking and you want to buy one for yourself, then my blog what is the best teapot with infuser will guide you through 11 amazing buys. 

17. Ever Considered The Organic Range of Loose Leaf Teas?

The next point I would like to talk about is the organic tea range that is a cut above the rest and boosts of tea leaves that are completely chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Organic tea is available in a wide range too. I recently read an article and I was awestruck by the current size and the target they aim to reach. Do give this article a read and let’s exchange our opinions about it.

18. The Amount Of Tea Leaves Needed To Make A Cup Depends On The End User

As the heading suggests the usage of leaves to make your ideal cup can be controlled by you. Let us see what I mean when I say this.

The amount of the leaves used, cups, steep time, etc depends on the end-user. Did you know that loose tea leaves are pocket friendly too it lasts longer than teabags that are just good for 1-2 dips? To re-instate my question, my blog loose leaf tea v/s teabag cost through 19 segregating yet speculative points will help you make the right decision. 

19. Time To Look At The Leaves Beyond Just Making Tea

The last point that I would like to talk about is the amazing after usages of the leaves that will make you want to think twice before throwing away the brewed leaves.

Tea is more than just a drink nowadays and as buyers, we are spoilt for choices. Used in ice creams, cakes, soaps, shampoos, face masks, scrubs,etc the list is endless. These are great gifting items too and I have included some of them in my blog ” What to add in a tea gift basket where my 19 amazing ideas will make tea more enjoyable.


This brings me to the end of my blog on is loose leaf tea better for the environment? I hope after reading this, you too will hop on to the band of loose tea leaves users and switch to a plastic-free lifestyle. Feel free to ask me any questions or share something. Just drop them in the comments section below and I will be happy to answer them. I publish new blogs every week and all you have to do is sign up for my newsletter. Just go to the About page on my website and scroll to the bottom. We don’t spam and send you information only when a new content is published. 

Happy Sipping!