Have you ever wondered if your favorite Earl-Grey is tisane(herbal)? If you haven’t, allow me to put you out of your anxiety and let us consider the question through my 13 thought-provoking points that ought to be considered.

I am a Tea blogger and needless to say the beverage is always on my mind. I also run a tea shop in Kolkata city and that is the place where I get my ideas while sipping on Tea of course. Earl Grey is a tea blend that confuses many & my blog through 13 facts will help you get the required answers. 


Is Earl Grey Tisane- 13 Reasonable Findings To Reflect Upon

If you wanna drink the way Brits do, then Earl-Grey should be your choice. However, this tea is the most speculated drink and thus, I thought to end the debate through 13 practical findings mentioned below.

1. The Origin Is a Fascinating Story Worth Knowing

Earl grey is believed to have been named after Charles Grey who was the second Prime Minister of Britain. He reigned from 1830-1834 is the top theory that is believed at large.

The theories are many, but the undeniable fact that shall remain is that the tea makes for a smooth concoction.

2. Ever Considered The Source of The Tea?

Earl grey is one of the most recognized tea flavors across the globe. This classic British tea is black tea and like all black tea is sourced from Camellia Sinensis. 

Thus, it would not be wrong to call it a tea blend.

3. Busting The Myth Associated With The Tea

Earl grey like any other black tea is derived from the leaves of the Camellia Sinesis plant. The leaves are dried and then packed before hitting nearby markets. Tisanes on the other hand are tea that uses various parts of a flower and at times spices are mixed too. After knowing about this I hope you will stop considering the tea as herbal.

Now, if this has you confused let me tell you that I have written a blog about 31 eye-opening differences between tea and tisane. Do read it and I am sure by the end you will have some much-needed clarity. 

4. Can Earl Grey Be Had With Milk?

Earl Grey is a black tea blend that is flavored with the oil of Bergamot orange. This gives the tea its sweet and citrusy notes. Another aspect to consider is that the oil is mixed with the tea leaves as a mere flavoring agent to help set the tea apart from other teas.

Yes, milk can be added to Bergamot tea. This will make the tea creamier and sweet with a hint of the oil from the rind of the orange. 

5. Some Blends That Are a Perfect Pairing with Bergamot Tea

Earl grey is also called Bergamot Tea and being a tea blend can easily be paired with other tea. However, if you want to maximize the taste it is highly recommended that the tea be paired with black teas like Ceylon, Assam, or Darjeeling for a strong flavor profile. 

Let me also tell you that tea connoisseurs are constantly experimenting and have come up with some unique blends that are worth a try. London Fog Tea, French Earl Grey Tea, Earl Grey Cream are some blends or flavors that deserve a special mention. 

6. The Fascinating Method The Tea Is Made

Have you ever considered the ways the tea can be made ie with milk and without milk? Yes, you read that right. Bergamot tea can be had with milk too. By now you know that it is made from the extract of Bergamot Orange and thus if you add too much milk it can curdle. I recommend adding milk to a warm cup and that too only in the quantity required ie; till a creamy texture is reached. 

If you prefer your blend without milk then adding a few drops of lemon will minimize the sweetness and you will get a flavor that has a hint of sweet and sour. 

7. Considering The Caffeine Level That The Tea Offers

Tea and coffee both contain caffeine that helps to stay awake and aid in opening sleepy eyes by giving an energy booster. This is yet another reason that it cannot be considered herbal as tisanes are caffeine-free. 

The range varies as the amount depends on the blend though on average one cup has approximately 30 mg of caffeine. 

8. The Taste Profile Makes For a Great Drinking Experience

Earl Grey lovers swear by its sweet-sour taste and floral aroma. One just has to take a sip and let the tea do its magic. Now, having said this have you ever wondered how the tea got its flavor profile that has the world talking?

I am sure by now you know that it is made from the extract of Bergamot Orange or more often the rind is used. Rinds are the closest part to the flesh of a fruit that tends to be bitter. This is why the tea has a hint of sourness to it. 

9. What Sets The Tea Apart From Other Black Teas?

A typical cup when had without milk has a sweet and floral taste that occurs naturally as the tea is made from the oil of Bergamot Orange(a fruit that has a lemony taste). Now, when you add milk it becomes creamy and sweet. 

I am yet to find a black tea blend that offers such a contrasting flavor and if you haven’t tried it yet make this as an excuse to drink up.

10. Types Of Bergamot Tea That Tastes Equally Good

Earl Grey is a black tea blend that can be paired with other black teas like Darjeeling & Ceylon Tea for a more robust flavor. Types like Lady Grey Tea, Russian Earl Grey, Green Earl Grey are some varieties that stand out and each has its own flavor profile each unique from the other.

Do try them and share your favorite one in the comments section below.

11. The Role Of TeaBags To Make A Perfect Cup Of Bergamot Tea

Teabags are small pouches filled with tea and are used in most tea-loving countries. All you need to do is just dip it in hot water till the desired color is reached.

Earl Grey tea is no exception to the rule and many prefer using these cute pouches to make their favorite tea on an everyday basis.

12. How To Differentiate Between Herbal & Normal Bergamot Tea?

The world is constantly changing with people looking for herbal options and to keep up with the times, tea experts are constantly trying to stay up-to-date. Thus, it didn’t surprise me when I learned that Earl Grey like many of its counterparts is available in the herbal range too. Now, the one thing that needs to be kept in mind when choosing between a normal blend and a herbal Earl Grey is to check for Bergamot usage.

The non-herbal range is made from the oil of Bergamot orange(a fruit that is widely grown in Italy) that is extracted from the peels of the fruit whereas when making herbal Earl grey Bergamot herb is used. This herb is also called Bee Balm or Oswego. 

13. Let Us Consider The Benefits Of Earl Grey Tea

I am sure by now you must have learned that Earl Grey isn’t a tisane and the suitable reasonings too. This brings me to the last but a very important aspect and that is the benefits the tea offers. I have written a blog too about 27 practical reasons that will make you fall in love with tea. Do read it and share your reasons in the comment section below.

Low caffeine, a great source of energy, aids in digestion, helps keep teeth shiny(as it contains Vitamin C that is a great way to whiten teeth)are some ways the tea is beneficial. 


This concludes my blog and I hope that I have been able to clear your doubts about Earl Grey being Tisane.   I would love to hear your opinion on the tea and if you think you might have a question for me, just drop them in the comment section below.  I will be more than happy to engage with my precious readers and chit-chat over tea. Also, if you want to know more about tea, do visit my website

Happy Sipping!