Want to drink bubble tea if only to understand why this drink is suddenly the talk of the town but, not sure if the much talked about drink a.k.a tapioca tea is halal, then let me help you in getting the answers in a practical approach. Read my 10 reasonings and find out yourselves.

I am a passionate and self-proclaimed Tea- blogger who runs her own tea cafe in Kolkata city. Recently, I had gone to a cafe where someone asked the cashier a question “Is Boba Halal? Nobody knew how to react or what to say and before I could butt in, the group had left the outlet. This bought me to write a blog that would create the required awareness. So. let us understand the reasons through my 10 practical points. 

Is bubble tea halal?

Is Bubble Tea Halal- 10 Practical Reasonings To Make You See Pearl Milk Tea In A New Light

Let me ask you a question, ” Have you too ever wondered if that glass of boba is permissible as per Islamic law?”. Chances are you might not have received a satisfactory answer as not many kiosks are educated about the below-mentioned explanations. I love to create awareness about tea through my write-ups and I am sure that after reading my 10 facts you will fall in love with boba even more.

Now, before we read further let us first understand what “Halal” means. Simply put, Halal means “Permissible under Islamic Law”, and any food or beverage that adheres to the rules is deemed for consumption. So, ready to get satisfying answers? 

1. Bubble Tea Is Devoid Of Gelatin

Who says that boba cannot be made using gelatin or has gelatinous products probably doesn’t know that pearl milk tea bubbles DO NOT contain gelatin(a product that is made by using animal parts like bones and the skin).

As a matter of fact, they are made from agar-agar or seaweeds. Seaweed is widely used in the food industry and can be classified as sea vegetables. In fact, it is considered rich in fiber too. Agar-agar on the other hand is a product that is derived from red algae(a plant) and hence, can be termed as a plant-based product.

So, would you still say that the pearls aren’t safe to be consumed?

2. Ever Heard About Cassava Plant The Main Reason Of Existence For Bubble Tea

You must have noticed the cute bubbles that sits at the bottom of your drink and can be easily sucked up by a straw is what gives boba its name.

The pearls are made from the starch of the Cassava plant. The flour is then rolled into small balls before adding to boba. 

Being a vegetarian, this often undermined fact sure makes bubble tea an unputdownable option for me.

3. Choose From The Available Flavors and See Boba Dominate Your Senses

Boba, bubble tea, pearl milk tea, or tapioca tea are some names by which the drink is popularly called. You can make the drink to your liking. Fruit-based boba or iced-bubble tea are just two popular flavors and options that tell you the level of customization that is possible when you have boba in your hand.

Name a topping or flavor and bubble tea has it. Like we boba noobs say, if a flavor isn’t in boba land, consider it non-existent.

By the way, if you are on the lookout to try different flavors of boba, let me tell you that I have written a blog about 31 popular bubble tea flavors. Do read it and check out the different flavors the drink has to offer.

4. The Bubbles That Makes Bubble Tea So Special Is Another Thing That Shouldn’t Be Missed Out

Tapioca bubbles or the small round chewy element is what gives bubble tea its name. Now, what if I am to tell you that the pearls too can be replaced with your choice of ingredients.

Grass jelly, popping boba, and coffee jelly are just small fishes in the vast pond called bubble tea.

Doesn’t this make the drink more desirable? Just for your knowledge, I have written a blog about 27 yummy substitutes that can be used in bubble tea instead of tapioca. Do read it and see the varied customizable options offered.

5. Be Surprised By The Varied Toppings The Drink Has In Store for You

Toppings are like cherries on a cake that adds to the aesthetic appeal. Bubble tea is a perfect example of this quote and fits the bill perfectly.

There ain’t a topping that cannot be used in boba. You name the topping and it is there. I am sure that if you enter a boba cafe and happen to look at the menu you will be taken back by the varied options offered.

By now, I am sure that you must be convinced that bubble tea can be called halal. However, if you still need more proof, read on further for there is surely more to explore.

6. Research Proves That Bubble Tea Can Be Drunk By Islamic Followers

Recently, it has been made a mandate that boba shops in predominantly Islamic countries get Halal-safe certificates.

We have seen how the drink can be customized on various fonts though, my blog still has a few points to be explored. we shall read about them too after, this crucial point is covered.

Studies have proved that the core components that goes into the making of bubble tea are permissible and so, can be enjoyed even if the outlet isn’t Halal-certified. 

I hope after reading this you must be heaving a sigh of relief. So, what are you waiting for? Just grab a glass of bubble tea & see the world slip by.

7. The Sweeteners Is Another Level Of Customization That The Drink Offers

Looking to shed those kilos, calorie-conscious, or simply hate sweet boba, let me tell you that you can choose the level of sweetness.

Honey, maple syrup, brown sugar are just options that are available. Choose one accordingly and you have yourself an ideal glass of boba. Let me tell you that it is a much better option to sweeten the pearls to make for a great-tasting tapioca tea.

I have written a blog about 31 delectable ways of sweetening the pearls. Do read it and see the drooling options.

8. The Tea Leaves Too Can Be Tailored As Per Need

Tea leaves that are used in the making of a great cup of boba can be customized too. Nowadays, one can choose from a wide range of herbal tea like oolong, chamomile, matcha, green tea, or jasmine.

Now, if you are wondering about the herbal teas that can be used in bubble tea let me tell you that I have written a blog on 49 yummy yet underrated bubble tea flavors that will make you see boba in a new light.

Do give it a read and share your experience in the comments section below.

9. Make Your Drink Stand Out By Choosing Bursting Boba

Bursting boba is just a fancy name for popping boba that is used in place of bubble tea pearls. Have you ever wondered what is popping boba?

As the name suggests, popping boba are pop-in-your-mouth juicy balls that are made from fruit pulp. Choose from strawberries, watermelon, raspberry for a fruity burst in your mouth.

This is another exemplary reason to consider bubble tea as halal.

10. What To Expect When Ordering Boba?

By now, I am sure you have understood that bubble tea is halal and the components that go into the making. Let me summarize the drink for you as we conclude the blog

Bubble tea pearls that are made from the starch of the Cassava plant, milk, tea, sweeteners, and tea leaves. 

Everything about tapioca milk tea can be completely tailor-made to suit your palate. So, forget all worries and let nothing come in the way of you and bubble tea.


With this, I conclude my blog. I love writing on topics that help me bring something new each day and at the same time add value for my lovely readers. I hope after reading my blog you will be to say “My cup of boba is completely Halal”. Just be sure that you choose the right ingredients and check for Halal Friendly or Halal certificate. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments section & I will gladly answer them. 

Happy Sipping!