Would you like to know about ways to sweeten Bubble Tea Pearls and enjoy your drink guilt-free? Well, in this blog, I am going to share some ways that will want to drink it more often.

As a passionate tea drinker, who runs a tea cafe in Kolkata City, I witness how bubble tea is gaining momentum each day in my city. Boba lovers are looking to prepare the drink at home,  let me tell you how you can make your drink yummy to get those taste buds craving for more. 

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls

How To Sweeten Bubble Tea Pearls – Incredibly Amazing Options

While the traditional bubble pearls are sweetened with white sugar, that is surely not the only way to do so. Here I am sharing with you 31 appetizing ways of sweetening bubble tea pearls.

I am sure that after reading the ways mentioned you would want to run to the kitchen or look for an excuse to whip up a glass of pearl milk tea.  You can also check my helpful tips shared towards the end for getting the perfect amount of sweetness in your boba pearls. 

Trust me, by the end of the blog, your doubts about how to sweeten bubble tea pearls will be answered.

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

1. Sweetening Bubble Tea Pearls Using Raw Honey

Honey is found in households across the globe and is known for the natural goodness it offers. It also happens to be a great way of sweetening boba pearls.

Soak the cooked boba pearls in honey for 15 minutes or till you are happy with the consistency. 

Tip: If you seek a classic taste then make the pearls with acacia or clover honey.  To get a richer taste use buckwheat honey(honey collected from buckwheat flowers).

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

2. The Sweetening Of The Bubble Tea Pearls With Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar is actually palm sugar and this can be used as an alternative to sugar to sweeten bubble tea pearls.

The method of sweetening the pearls with Coconut sugar is really simple. Sprinkle 2- 3 tablespoons of the sugar to allow it to be absorbed by the pearls before combining with the drink.

Tip: Coconut sugar needn’t be added in large amounts as it will overpower the drink. 

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

3. The Natural Way To Sweeten Bubble Tea Pearls With The Goodness Of Fruit Syrups

Fruit syrups add a punch to your drink by sweetening it with natural goodness. To enjoy their natural taste let the pearls soak in the syrup and let the magic unfold.

Some syrups worth trying are berry-based syrups (blackberry, blueberry, cherries), oranges, and peaches to name a few.

Tip: Store the syrups in air-tight, clean, and moisture-free containers so as to preserve them for a longer time and keep pests away.  For best results “Refrigerate but do not freeze.”

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

4. Getting The Perfect Sweetness Into Bubble Tea Pearls With Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is made from the sap of maple trees. The sap is boiled till all that remains is a thick sugary syrup and the syrup is then filtered to remove impurities.

Maple Syrup is one of the best ways to sweeten your boba pearls. It also happens to be a better substitute for sugar as it contains more minerals. You can let the pearls soak in 1-2 tablespoons of syrup for half an hour before using them.

Tip: Maple syrup should be treated like milk as just like milk it has a limited shelf life. Therefore, it should always be stored in a cool place. 

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

5. Using Artificial Sweeteners Like Splenda, Sugar-free To Sweeten Bubble Tea Pearls

Artificial sweeteners work just like normal sugar. They are gaining popularity amongst people who are looking to control or reduce their weight, or simply want to cut down on sugar so you enjoy your drink without missing on your sugar fix.

Today markets across the globe are flooded with options to choose from. Sugar-Free, Stevia, Splenda, Sugar-Free Gold, Sugar Lite to name a few. Just coat or soak boba pearls in them and enjoy your drink with a taste just like sugar.

Tip: Using liquid sweetener gives a smoother and refined texture than pellets. As a result the drink becomes more enjoyable as the pearls have an even sweetness across. 

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

6. Taking the Sweetness Of The Bubble Tea Pearls To The Next Level With Date Syrup

Dates are little pieces of goodness with immense benefits. Also, contrary to popular belief, dates are diabetic-friendly.

Just take 2 tablespoons of the syrup allowing the pearls some soaking time before adding them to the drink.  

Tip: Date Syrup can be stored in a glass jar for 3 weeks. If the syrup becomes thick just add normal water and stir till smooth.

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

7.  Use Sugar Alcohol To Sweeten Bubble Tea Pearls

Sugar alcohol is derived from sugar and can be extracted naturally or industrially. You can try incorporating sugar alcohol in your drink by sprinkling a few teaspoons over the pearls or by coating them. 

Sugar alcohol is a better alternative to sugar for your bubble tea as it contains about half to one-third fewer calories than normal sugar. 

Tip: Though less on calories but sugar alcohol should still be taken moderately.  Else, it might overpower your drink. 

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

8. Taro Powder To Add An Umami Flavour & Attain The Perfect Sweetness On The Pearls

Taro powder when used to sweeten bubble tea pearls gives a new meaning to the sweetness quotient.

Measuring 2 tablespoons of taro powder, coat the pearls allowing ample time for them to absorb the powder. You can sprinkle the leftover powder on the pearls too if desired.

Tip: The taste of taro is sweet and nutty.  When cooked or mixed with milk it tastes like sweet potatoes. 

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

9. Yummylicious Mangoes Will Add Just The Right Sweetness To The Pearls

One of the reasons people love bubble tea is that it allows for the infusion of real fruits. Combine one tablespoon of mango puree with the pearls giving the pearls ample time to absorb the juices. Alternatively, if making it from scratch you can combine the puree with tapioca starch in the very beginning.

If you’re someone like me for whom summers are incomplete without heavenly mangoes then I can vouch you would want to sweeten your boba pearls with mangoes. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and splurge on mangoes with bubble tea.

Tip: Mix the syrup with the tapioca pearls to enhance the taste minus sugar.

10. Using Lychee Syrup To Add A Twist And A Flavour Bomb To Your Drink

Lychee is a small round sweet fruit that has an aromatic taste to it.  When mixed with your drink it will be one concoction that you will swear by each time.

Pour one cup of lychee syrup into a mixing bowl. Let the cool tapioca pearls sit in the syrup for 30 minutes. 

Tip:  Always soak boba pearls in the syrup when they are cool enough. This will give an even taste across each bubble and a rich taste that you will love. 

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

11. What better Way To Up The Quotient Than Sweetening Bubble Tea Pearls With Chocolate?

Yummy and all-time favorite chocolates need no introduction.  It aids in uplifting the taste of the beverage mixed its added with.

The best way to incorporate the sweetness of chocolate into boba pearls is that you make them from scratch. Mix tapioca starch with liquid chocolate and make pearls using this dough. Trust me, you will absolutely love the sweetness and the flavour.

Tip:  One can never go wrong with chocolate but, adding too much will make the pearls too sweet. Hence, being a little cautious will work in your favor.  

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

12. Using Honeydew Melon To Uplift The Sweetness Of The Bubble Tea Pearls

Honeydew melon or honey melon has all the goodness Mother Nature has to offer of being naturally sweet so one doesn’t miss out on sugar.

Blend the fruit in a mixture. Now take 2-3 tablespoons of this puree and add it to the pearls. Allow the liquid to be absorbed by the pearls.

Tip:  For best results use honeydew immediately after cutting or slicing. Store in air-tight containers and Refrigerate the remaining fruit. 

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

13. Show Your Love For Apple Or Apple Syrup By Using it To Sweeten Bubble Tea Pearls

Apple is a fruit that needs no introduction and is relished across the globe. Rich in fiber, apples are blessed with being naturally sweet.

Use the syrup or puree the fruit and combine it with tapioca pearls to get fruit-sweetened and flavored bubble tea pearls.

Tip:  Opt-in for toppings like avocado or any topping with a creamy texture so as to avoid a clash of flavors. 

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

14. What Better Way Than Jellies To Sweeten Bubble Tea Pearls

Jellies are made with coconut meat (white flesh of the coconut which is edible and dried) and come in a variety of flavors.

Just take a spoonful of liquid jelly. Pour the cooled boba pearls in the liquid and let sit till a shiny glaze is formed.

Tip:  Make sure the jellies are semi-liquid else, they will overpower the taste of boba completely. 

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

15. Combine The Goodness of Yam (Ube) to Sweeten Boba Pearls

Yam, Ube, or sweet potatoes is a root vegetable that is and is easily available across the globe. It is known by different names but, the characteristics remain the same.

Coat the pearls in two ounces of yam powder and let the bubbles absorb the sweetness for 20 -30 minutes. Sprinkle more if the need be.

Tip: Before coating the pearls, drain and rinse under cold water to prevent the pearls from sticking together. 

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

16. Sweet & Delicious Grapes Or Grape Concentrate Makes A Great Sweetener For The Pearls

Grapes are small spherical fruits and are blessed with natural sweetness. They are available in different colors like red, black, green; each has its own quality and benefits.

You can use grapes as a way to naturally sweeten your boba pearls.

Tip:  While using the syrup be sure that you add a few drops only. Also, be careful that you use the sweet version and not the sour one as the acidic content will curdle the milk.

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

17. Using Delicious Plums For The Sweetening Of Bubble Tea Pearls

Plums are seeded fruits and a closed cousin of pears. Plums come in a sweet and sour taste and can be eaten raw.

Blend the fruit in a mixer. Then in a mixing bowl combine about 2 tablespoons of the liquid and boba pearls. Let the bubbles sit in the mixture for about half an hour or till the sweetness isn’t absorbed.

Tip:  Use diced, cubed, or cut pieces of plum, it will uplift your drink and naturally enhance the flavor. 

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

18. Rose Syrup To Uplift The Sweetness On The Bubble Tea Pearls

Rose syrup has a fruity and sweet taste to it. Also, when added to drinks adds a pinkish hue. The pinkish hue or color takes the drink to a drink for a king

Take about 2 tablespoons of the syrup and soak boba pearls in. Add more if desired to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Tip: To preserve store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight in a glass container or jars. 

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

19. Watermelon Is Your  Perfect Answer To The Question How To Sweeten Bubble Tea Pearls Naturally

Watermelon is a fruit that is no stranger and is known for its sweet yet, watery texture. 

Coat the pearls in the juice and also, allow some time for the pearls to absorb the liquid. Add more liquid if you want later if you like.

Tip:  Watermelon and water when combined together tend to have an acidic nature and thus, it is advised to add herbs and spices to the drink.

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

21. Let Caramel Be The Perfect Answer To Sweeten Bubble Tea Pearls 

Caramel is a dark orangish liquid that is used worldwide as a tastier option for sugar.

Just soak the bubble tea pearls in the liquid for about 30 minutes so that it is absorbed completely.

Tip: If you prefer making caramel at home use a stainless steel utensil else, the caramel will burn and end result a burnt flavor in the sweetness of the pearls. 

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

22. The Combination Of Ripe Papaya Adds Just The Right Sweetness To The Bubble Tea Pearls

Papaya is a large seedy fruit that doesn’t taste good when eaten raw but, is a hidden house of benefits.

Blend the fruit in a mixer and then add the pearls to this liquid. Take out once the pearls have been absorbed.

Tip: For best result use only ripe papaya as unripe papaya have no taste and can ruin the taste of bubble tea

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

23. Use Pomegranate To Give Your Bubble Tea Pearls A Natural Sweetness

Pomegranate is a seeded fruit and is a quick thirst quencher.

Just combine the juice with the pearls letting them soak the liquid stirring occasionally. This will naturally sweeten boba pearls. 

Tip: Always wash the pomegranate before using it to get rid of the harmful chemicals. 

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

24. Bananas Are a Great Option When You’re Looking For Natural Ways of Sweetening Bubble Tea Pearls

Banana is a fruit which is eaten on the whole and the peel along with the fruit is used in various food. Bananas can be used to naturally sweeten boba pearls. 

When making boba from scratch, add the banana puree to tapioca starch. This resulting sough will not only be sweet but will have a nice flavour when turned into pearls. 

Tip: For a more liquid consistency or texture add more milk and if you want a smoothie or slush concoction add ice. 

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

25. Peach With Its Sweet Taste Will Leave You Craving For More Of Bubble Tea

Peach is a fruit packed with natural sweetness and can be used as a syrup too in food to give a distinguished taste.

Now, imagine the taste you will get when you add it to the pearls of bubble tea for that sweet quotient.

Tip: Maple syrup and peaches are a match made in heaven and only go further in uplifting the taste when added to the pearls minus the harmful effects of processed sugar. 

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

24. Almond Or Orgeat Syrup As A Substitute To Sweeten Bubble Tea Pearls

Almond is a nut and is known for the multiple ways it can be used. Apart from being known for its rich in oil content, almond is now being used in milk too.

The nut when combined with the pearls will give you a nutty, sweet taste.

Tip: Almonds are packed with flavors and since milk is also made from them hence, using normal or condensed milk is not required. 

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

25. Beetroot To Act As Yet Another Solution On How To Sweeten Bubble Tea Pearls?

A root vegetable that packs in a punch of nutritional value. Beetroot is naturally sweet and when mixed with food or drinks naturally enhances the sweet quotient and thus, you don’t miss sugar.

Remember that once the beetroot has been blended in a grinder it is important to pass it through a sieve so that the juice is extracted and then it can be used to sweeten bubble tea pearls.

Tip: To add a little zest to the drink and to further enhance the taste just add a few drops of lime. 

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

26. Use Cane Sugar To Sweeten Bubble Tea Pearls & Uplift The Taste

Cane sugar or golden cane sugar is a minimally refined form of sugarcane.

Having residual molasses adds a flavor similar to caramel. Just take one or two teaspoons of liquid cane sugar and allow the pearls to absorb it completely.  

Tip: Keep in a cool, dry, and dark place(away from direct sunlight).

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

27. Use Peanut Butter and Jelly That Will Blend Perfectly & Enhance The Taste Of Bubble Tea Pearls

Peanut butter and Jelly are commonly known as PB&J and have a nutty and sweet texture.

Add this as an alternative to sweeten the boba pearls by just combining a spoonful into the boba pearls when making them with tapioca starch. 

Tip: Store the jar in the fridge and the peanut butter will last for 3 to 4 months. 

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

28. Using Condensed Milk To Add  The Sweet Factor In Each Bubble 

Condensed milk is milk derived from cow’s milk from which the water has been removed. 

In a mixing bowl pour in a good quantity of the milk and let the pearls sit in the liquid. This will allow them to absorb the sweetness from the liquid.

Tip: Pour the milk into an airtight container and store it in the fridge for 3 weeks. 


How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

29. Use Figs To Sweeten Bubble  Tea Pearls Once & You Will Want To Come Back For More

Figs are juicy edible fruits that are a powerhouse of goodness and what adds to their appeal quotient is their sweetness.

Imagine the flavor you will get when you combine figs with boba pearls to sweeten them. I will definitely try one. What about you?

Tip: Keep in a cool, dry, and dark place(away from direct sunlight.

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

30. Oranges Will Ensure A Flavor Packed Drink When Used To Sweeten Bubble Tea Pearls

The humble orange will go a long way in helping you get the sweetness you so desire in the pearls.

Oranges come in acidic and sweet versions. Opt-in for the sweet version and you will never crave sugar in bubble tea.

Tip: Once you’ve peeled the fruit blend it in a mixer and soak the pearls in the syrup for 10 minutes. 

How to sweeten bubble tea pearls?

31. Guavas To Do The Trick When The Question is How To Naturally Sweeten Bubble Tea Pearls

Guavas are fruits that have the best of nature’s goodness in them.

Being naturally sweet you have the right amount of sugar ensured in your boba pearls.

Tip: Place in an airtight container or zipper bags for best results.

Unique & Handy Tips To Sweeten Bubble Tea Pearls

Now that you know how to sweeten bubble tea pearls, here are a few tips that will help you get the perfect amount of sweetness in your bubble tea and your pearls as well:

Use Brown Sugar –  Brown sugar is basically unrefined sugar and hence, less sweet when compared to normal white sugar. Replace your sugar with brown sugar for a lighter and tastier option on your boba pearls

Preparation of Boba Pearls – If you are using ready-made pearls, after cooking the pearls rinse them in cold water to get rid of extra starch. Then soak them in a sweet liquid of your choice to get the perfect amount of sweetness.

Allowing Boba Pearls to Rest  – Soak the pearls in a sweetener of your choice only after the pearls have cooled down a little. The ideal time is to allow the pearls to rest for 12-15 minutes.

Soaking the Boba pearls – Soak the bubble tea in the sweetener for a minimum of 30 minutes. This is a good enough time for them to absorb the sweetness of the source.

Prevent Over Sweetened  Boba – When using a source that is already rich in sugar for your bubble pearls, do not add more sugar to your bubble tea. Otherwise, the drink will turn out too sweet.

Serve Cold – The sweetness of the pearls gets enhanced when the drink is served cold.

Making Boba Pearls from scratch –  When making boba pearls from scratch, make sure you add an adequate amount of your sweetener while mixing it with tapioca starch. This way you won’t have to soak them again.

So, I hope you are willing to try these amazing ways to sweeten bubble tea pearls.  Do give them a try and let me know in the comments section which one did you like the best. Also, if you have any questions, I am more than happy to answer.

Happy Sipping!