How to strain tea without an infuser? As tea lovers, we should know about some off-beat methods that would help us in straining tea when an infuser isn’t an option. Read my blog and learn about the 23 unusual ways.

I am a passionate tea blogger, a self-proclaimed tea lover, and also run my own cafe in Kolkata city. I love writing about the drink, which I call the elixir of life and also plan to open my own label to showcase my love for the beverage even further. 

How to strain tea without an infuser

How To Strain Tea Without An Infuser: 23 Out Of The Box Techniques To Pique Your Interest

As an avid tea lover and one who runs her own tea cafe, I too have faced a dilemma called missing or misplaced infuser. However, this has never stopped me from drinking tea. Rather than just sitting down, one should always look for alternatives and this is what my blog will help you with. Read my 23 quirky ways that have been around but, went unnoticed.

I suggest you bookmark this blog as a handy guide so you can refer to it when faced with a similar situation. Now, let us see the methods that we can use in detail below.

How to strain tea without an infuser

1. Coffee Filter Is More Than Just Filtering Coffee

A coffee filter is used to make coffee and its mechanism stops the coffee beans or grounds from spilling into the liquid so it is free from particles. The result is a smooth and rich coffee. Paper, metal, and cloth are the three main types. We will be using it to strain tea when an infuser isn’t handy.

I suggest placing it directly inside your teacup and pouring hot water on the loose tea leaves.  This is a hassle-free method and by far the quickest method. I strongly recommend using this method the next time you strain the tea.

How to strain tea without an infuser

2. Consider Using The Double Cup Method To Make Tea Without An Infuser

Necessity is the mother of invention and we humans excel at it. We tea lovers will not let anything stop us from drinking our potion, so why should we stop when an infuser cannot be found?  Let us see what the method is below. This method can be quite messy and hence, I suggest making it near the sink. 

The double cup method requires two mugs and a cup, wherein one mug will be used to pour loose tea along with hot water. Now, place the cup that will be used to drink the beverage partially in the mug as you pour the drink. This acts as a barrier that stops the loose tea leaves from falling into the cup.  Make sure that the utensils should be clean and dry. 

How to strain tea without an infuser

3. Gaiwan Can Be Used To Strain When You Cannot Find The Tea Maker

Strain tea like old century China with a Gaiwan. This traditional Chinese tea brewing vessel is comprised of three parts, a lid, bowl, and saucer. Use this when a small or a single brew is on your mind. Let us now see how this can be used below.

I would brew the drink like I normally do and then use the plate or the bowl as a medium to stop the loose tea leaves. Now that I have a smooth liquid, I will pour it in separate cups or glasses. My concoction is ready and I did it without relying on the tea egg. 

How to strain tea without an infuser

4. Ever Thought of Using Lids To Strain Tea Instead Of An Infuser?

Lids can be used for many other purposes apart from protecting food items and can be considered a great utility item. Whenever a disc is on my mind, lids come in handy. Now, before we start I would like to add that this is pretty time-consuming and a tricky method that one may not get right the first time. So, ready to see how it is done?

Place a lid that’s completely flat(devoid of any raised surfaces, designs, or any other enhancements)over a mug that’s filled with tea leaves and water. Make sure to leave some gaps so that the liquid can seamlessly transfer into the second mug. Be careful that during the transfer no leaves pass through. 

How to strain tea without an infuser

5. Colander Is Another Alternative To Strain Tea Without An Infuser

The colander is an item that is common in kitchens across the world. Be it a domestic or commercial kitchen, one cannot imagine straining or cleaning food without a colander. Let us put it to good use by straining tea when an infuser cannot be found as mentioned below.

A colander works the same way as a strainer and when straining the beverage we have to use one that is smaller in size. I would also suggest using a separate vessel to strain the tea before pouring the liquid into your cup. This will block the tea leaves and you will get a smooth tasting tae.

How to strain tea without an infuser

6. Sieve Is What I Would Use In The Absence of A Tea Filter

A sieve is a kitchen utensil that is used to separate solid and liquid food items. Did you know that a sieve is an infuser in disguise? I do agree for it works in the same way as an infuser. Trying is believing I say and I surely recommend it. Let us see how we can use this instead of an infuser.

Sieve is preferred by Matcha tea drinkers as it takes just one sift to brew that perfect cup. Now, if Matcha tea drinkers can use it why can’t we use it to strain our tea? Do try it and share your experience in the comments section below.

How to strain tea without an infuser

7. A Pot With Lid Cannot Be Ruled Out To Strain Tea Without An Infuser

A pot with a lid is a cooking vessel that comes with a cover or lid and is available in glass or steel. I recommend a glass lid with a handle as you can see through and the handle gives a superior grip without worrying about touching the hot surface. Let us now see how we can use it to strain tea.

I would brew my drink in the usual manner, and then use the lid to block the loose leaves from gaining access to my cup. Let me also tell you that this is another messy method, and hence, I would make sure to strain it in a different vessel first and then pour it into my teacup. Also, carrying it out near a sink is advised. 

How to strain tea without an infuser

8. Use A French Press To Strain Tea Without An Infusion Ball

A French Press is used to prepare coffee. This is called by many names such as coffee plunger, Cafetiere, press pot. Coffee is prepared by putting coffee beans in hot water and which is then separated from the coffee grounds or coffee beans by pressing the filter downwards. Be careful of the water’s temperature so that you don’t get a burnt drink.

I would surely use the captured liquid as a result of the press as it is undoubtedly the purest form. This will give me a darker and a full-bodied beverage. Surely worth the effort for black and milk tea drinkers, don’t you think?

How to strain tea without an infuser

9. Consider Using Paper Filters As Another Cool Alternative To An Infuser

The paper filter is a type of coffee filter and one which we have already discussed at the start of the blog. Let us jump to how we can use it in place of an infuser. Now, before we start using it, the paper needs to be cleaned thoroughly in hot water so that the papery scent is emitted. 

After the paper has been cleaned, it needs to be placed in the mug, and then add loose tea leaves to the filter. Now, pour hot water in a circular motion and remove it once the tea is brewed. 

How to strain tea without an infuser

10. Kitchen Rolls Can Be Used As An Alternative To Tea Maker

Kitchen rolls or kitchen paper are used for wiping, cleaning, or keeping the kitchen surface clean. However, did you know that it can be used to strain the drink too? Let us see how we can get it right.

Grab a kitchen roll and fold it twice so that it forms a square. Now, fold-out one pocket and place it in the mug. I would also suggest that you clean it as you did with the paper filter. My beverage is ready and made without an infuser. 

How to strain tea without an infuser

11. Slotted Spoon Is A Handy Solution To Strain Tea When A Tea-Egg Isn’t Handy

We have seen a few methods that will prove handy in straining tea without having to worry about an infuser. Well, there’s definitely a lot more to be discovered. Let us get familiar with a slotted spoon and how it can help us to strain the beverage.

A slotted spoon is like a strainer but with holes and is another common piece of equipment found in every household. This works as a strainer blocking particles and ensuring that only the liquid passes through. Now, this can be a messy process. Hence, working near a sink and straining your drink in a separate vessel before pouring it into teacups is how this method should be carried out. 

How to strain tea without an infuser

12. Consider Humble Fork As A Utensil To Strain Tea Minus Tea Maker

Who said forks are only for eating pasta, spaghetti, or salads? Let us break the general rule and see how we can use the fork to strain tea as an alternative to tea egg or infuser.

I will brew tea like I usually do and then pass the liquid through a slotted spoon or a colander. However, I need to ensure that the liquid is free from tea leaves and thus, I would keep pushing the leaves back in such a way that they don’t gain passage into my cup. Just press and hold them steady so that a smooth liquid is all that remains in the cup. 

How to strain tea without an infuser

13. How To Use A Tin Foil As An Infuser To Strain Tea?

Has it ever happened that just when you need the infuser, it decides to play hide and seek? This happens with me quite often at my shop but, I cannot keep customers waiting and so I thought why don’t I use tin sheets to strain tea and serve my customers? Let me share my method with you.

I cut out a square tin foil of about 25 by 25 centimeters approximately. The size or the diameter would depend on the brew and the quantity. Now, I would fold it twice so that it forms a small square and then make small holes using a sharp object near the closed or sealed edges. Then I would fold another pocket and place it in my mug. Now, I would pass the brewed liquid through the paper giving it a good shake midway, and remove it once I have a cup of tea ready. 

How to strain tea without an infuser

14. Consider Muslin Cloth To Strain Tea In The Absence of An Infuser

Muslin cloth is a soft and thin cloth that is made from cotton or any soft food-safe material. This is a common kitchen cloth in households. Back in the golden days when our grandmoms didn’t have food processors, they used this cloth to squeeze fruits for juice, and purees. This is still used as a cover for bottles when making pickles. Let us use it to strain our drink.

I have used this once and will vouch that this process should be carried out cautiously. The brewed liquid is poured into the cloth which is then closed in such a way that it is in the shape of a parcel. Now, hold it from the top and squeeze its bottom. One has to be careful that the liquid isn’t too hot for you might burn your hand. Also, straining the brewed liquid into another vessel first and then pouring it into cups is highly suggested. 

How to strain tea without an infuser

15. Cannot Find The Infuser? Fret Not For Tea Basket Strainer Is Your Rescuer

As a tea lover, I cannot only rely on the infuser to strain my tea. The thought of staying away from my favorite beverage scares me and I have other means that always come in handy. Now, I would consider using the tea basket strainer at home as this is where I have to brew a small or single cup of tea and the basket fits the description.

The basket comes with a mesh strainer and one just needs to place it inside the mug. Then add the desired quantity of loose tea leaves and pour hot water over them. Remove the mesh once you are happy with the consistency and the texture. Your drink is ready and that too without an infuser.

How to strain tea without an infuser

16. Ever Considered CheeseCloth To Strain Tea Without An Infuser?

Cheesecloth is a lightweight fabric or cloth that is made from cotton. The reason is to make it absorbent yet porous enough for liquids to drain through. You can use this as a makeshift item to strain the beverage when the infuser is nowhere to be found. Let us see how we can use this cloth to our advantage.

I would follow the exact procedure as I did with a muslin cloth as both works in the same manner.  Pour the brewed liquid into the cloth, make a small pouch or parcel and squeeze it from the bottom. I also would ensure that the liquid is of the right temperature so that on squeezing it my hands aren’t burned. Now, I would also use a different vessel to strain the tea before pouring it into my cup. 

How to strain tea without an infuser

17. Put The TeaBags To Other Use Too Apart From A Tea Making Pouch

Teabags are small pouches of dried and loose tea leaves that are used in most tea-drinking countries to make the drink. It offers tea on the go and can be carried anywhere. Want to know the countries that are dependent on teabags for their tea? Then my blog about 27 differences between bubble tea v/s milk tea is what you should be reading. Now, let us see how we can use it to strain our concoction.

Cut the bag open and empty it of all its contents(the tea leaves). Now, pour the liquid and fold it in half making sure that the ends meet, and secure the edges firmly with a toothpick. I recommend wooden toothpicks as they pierce better and are a better option than their plastic counterparts. Now, taking it by its string, tie it to the mug or cup so that it stays fixed and squeeze it gently. Presto! our drink is ready to be consumer.

How to strain tea without an infuser

18. Consider The Teapot As A Makeshift Strainer To Help Strain Tea When An Infuser Isn’t Handy

The teapot is used to steep tea by combining hot water and dried loose tea leaves. The prepared tea is then poured into cups directly and served. However, it can be used to strain tea too when an infuser cannot be procured or you are on the go. Scroll below to read how to use it to strain the tea.

When you are ready to pour the brewed tea, cover the spout with a plate of the same width. Now, very slowly, gently, and carefully start pouring the liquid ensuring that the plate is blocking the mouth and no tea leaves whatsoever can gain an easy passage. Since this is a time-consuming process, I reckon to apply this technique when a small brew is what you seek. 

How to strain tea without an infuser

19. Use A Spork To Help You Strain Tea Without An Infuser

Let us consider spork as another exceptional item that can be used to strain tea when an infuser isn’t an option. Tea is a very giving drink and there’s no one method to make it. So, why should we limit ourselves? Let us inspect how to use a spork as an infuser.

A spork is a dual form of cutlery that serves as a spoon as well as a fork and has been around for a long time. This will prove handy in catching the bigger tea leaves and will further prevent them from coming in contact with the strained liquid. I discovered this tool at an ice cream parlor and immediately thought of using it as an infuser. Was I surprised by it? You bet, I was. Now, I no longer rely on an infuser to help me strain my beverage.

How to strain tea without an infuser

20. Put That Paper Towel To Good Use By Doubling It As An Infuser

We all use paper towels or napkins in our kitchen to wipe our hands, keep the platform clean, etc but, no one would have thought of using it as a replacement for an infuser. Confused? Read further and discover exactly how this will work for you.

Tear enough paper towel so that it covers the vessel that you would be using to strain the brewed liquid. This vessel will in this case be the first source that should be used ideally to strain the tea before you pour it into cups. Applying this technique will ensure that the beverage is free from tea leaves and you are left with a smooth drink. I would be very cautious and ensure that the vessel’s surface isn’t too hot to handle least I scald my hands in the process.

How to strain tea without an infuser

21. Spout Strainer Is What You Can Opt For As A Great Substitute For Your Infuser

By now we have discussed and learned about some unique methods to strain tea when we are unable to lay hands on an infuser and I hope you will want to try them out. So, let us learn how a spout strainer can be used for the same purpose.

Just insert the strainer in the kettle’s spout to prevent loose tea leaves from pouring into the cup. This will block the mouth and there will be no scope for the leaves to fall into your teacup. This is a very easy, hassle-free, and time-saving option that I highly insist upon. I have used this in my cafe too and can say that since the mesh is made of steel it is important that we keep it clean and germ-free. 

How to strain tea without an infuser

22. Consider The Handkerchief As Another Exemplary Alternative To An Infuser

Handkerchief needs no introduction and can be found in purses, handbags, or pockets. What if I am to tell you that this personal hygiene product can be used to strain tea too? Yes, you read that right, and let me tell you how.

The first thing that we need to ensure is that the fabric should be clean and soft. Now, we will be placing this on top of the vessel that is to be used for straining the tea. We have to make sure that the cloth covers the vessel fully and then we would be passing the brewed liquid through it. The cloth will trap the loose tea leaves and the beverage that is in the container is what you wanted right? Pour this liquid into the teacup or tea mug. 

How to strain tea without an infuser

23. Ever Thought of Using Flour Sifters To Strain Tea Without An Infuser?

Flour sifters are meshed kitchen utility item that is used to sift flours and make it free from any unwanted particles. Having said this, let us see how we can use the sifter to strain the tea. I would advise using this near a sink as this is a messy process and you wouldn’t want to ruin the kitchen platform.

I would use the same method as I did with a sieve as this is good for catching big tea leaves and one sift is what you need. Place it directly on top of the vessel that you would be using to strain the brewed tea into. Now, once you are happy with the texture and consistency, pour it into your teacup.  

This concludes my blog and I hope you would want to try the methods mentioned. Do share your experience with me and if you want to ask me any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments section below and I will be happy to answer them. I have written quite a few blogs on tea and I try to publish new blogs frequently. Do visit my website and sign up for my newsletter that can be found in the About section, so you can know when a new blog is up. 

Happy Sipping!