Ever wondered how to flavor bubble tea at home using brown sugar? Being a self-proclaimed tea lover, I also run a tea cafe in Kolkata city where a question, “Do you have other sweeteners other than white sugar?” often arises. My answer came in the form of brown sugar. 

Brown sugar is not only simple but, you can make it from the comfort of your home. Don’t believe me? Read my guide where I have explained the methodology in 3 processes and am sure that after you learn about the methods you will want to switch to brown sugar. 

How to flavor bubble tea at home with brown sugar

Flavoring Bubble Tea At Home With Brown Sugar – 3 Methods That Are Not Only Fun But, Easy Too

While sipping on bubble tea have you ever wondered that your favorite tea can be flavored using brown sugar?

What if I am to tell you that not only is brown sugar tasty but, when combined with boba will uplift the taste and you would want to have brown sugar boba each time. Brown sugar is not only tasty but, super easy & can be made in minutes. Now, if this doesn’t interest you to try boba I don’t know what else will. By the way, have you ever wondered what makes bubble tea so special? Do read my blog about the 27 ways that makes bubble tea so special. 

1. Flavoring Bubble Tea At Home Using Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is a great and simple way of flavoring bubble tea at home.

Once you have taken out the cooked tapioca pearls, let them come to room temperature. In the meanwhile in a mixing bowl, take around 8 tablespoons of brown sugar and mix the bubble tea pearls with the brown sugar.

Since we are not using brown sugar syrup, gently roll the pearls in the sugar till the sugar sticks to the boba pearls.

Check for the sweetness. Add more sugar on top if required.

2. Flavoring Bubble Tea At Home Using Brown Sugar Syrup

Making brown sugar syrup is very easy. In a saucepan combine sugar and water. over medium heat.

Keep stirring occasionally till the liquid reaches boiling point. Now, stop stirring. Take off the heat once the liquid has attained the desired consistency.

Now, add the cooked tapioca pearls to the cooled syrup. Let it absorb the liquid for approximately 30 minutes or till you are happy with the sweetness.

Once you’re happy with the sweetness level, add the pearls to your drink. 

3. Flavoring Bubble Tea At Home By Adding Brown Sugar To The Pearls

The third and most interesting option is incorporating brown sugar directly into the pearls. Yes, we will be mixing brown sugar at the time of making the pearls at home.

Let us see how we can make the pearls easily at home.

You will need tapioca starch, water and sugar. Combine water and sugar in a saucepan and bring to a boil.

The next process is to add in half of the tapioca starch and mix till it is smooth in texture. Add the remaining tapioca and keep on mixing using your hand until there is no scope for further mixing.

Transfer the mixture on a clean and dry surface to be kneaded into a smooth dough. Divide the dough into 4 equal parts. Now roll the dough to make it look like a log. Then, cut into small round pieces. Roll them into perfect round balls and let them sit in a container where the extra tapioca starch was placed.

Now, once the tapioca balls are perfectly round in shape, shake off any excess tapioca starch. Now add them to boiling water. Keep the flame on medium. After 5-7 minutes check for the texture. The balls should be soft and chewy. Let it simmer in hot water for a longer period of time or till the balls are chewy.

Take off heat and cool by dipping in ice-cold water. This will help the balls from sticking together. 

Check for the sweetness. You can always add more sugar syrup if required.

Now, wasn’t that easy? Do try it out and share your experience with me.

Flavoring Bubble Tea At Home Using Brown Sugar Syrup

Flavoring bubble tea at home with brown sugar requires just 3 ingredients. Milk, brown sugar, and tapioca pearls.

Once the boba pearls are cooked let them soak in some brown sugar by allowing them to sit in the syrup for half an hour approximately. Now, take a spoonful of the pearls and pour them into a glass.

Let them slide to the bottom of the glass and wait till they have settled at the bottom. Now, pour in the milk and mix well with bubble tea pearls. 

You can add ice cubes if you want.  Did you know you can give the tea a tiger stripe effect? Let me tell you how to get the effect.

Take a spoonful of the cooked tapioca pearls and tilting the glass at 360 degrees angle let the pearls slide to the bottom of the glass. Allow time for the pearls to settle and now, add milk. 

The sliding of the pearls will leave a striped effect and which gets highlighted when milk is added. 

Have you considered other ways by which bubble ta pearls can be sweetened? If this has you wondering you can read my blog about 31 ways by which you can sweeten the pearls. 

I have also shared some tips below. Do give them a read.

How to flavor boba tea at home using brown sugar

Some Handy Tips When Using Brown Sugar To Sweeten Bubble Tea

Now, that you know how to sweeten bubble tea at home with brown sugar, here are a few tips that will ensure you gain the maximum benefit from it and your drink is according to your preference: 

Softening Brown Sugar In MicroWave: Place the lumps of sugar in a microwave-safe bowl and cover with a wet towel or any container that is safe to use in a microwave and set the timer for 20 seconds. 

Softening Brown Sugar Without A Microwave: Take a slice of bread and leave it overnight in the bowl or container in which you’ve stored the brown sugar. Remove the slice the next morning. The bread will absorb the moisture that had caused lumps to form. 

Storing Brown Sugar – The best way to store brown sugar is in an air-tight container. This acts as a barrier between moisture and sugar helping the brown sugar stay fresh for long. Never Refrigerate. 

Shelf Life – Brown sugar when stored in air-tight containers lasts for 18 months approximately.


I hope you would want to try these amazing ways to flavor bubble tea at home with brown sugar.  Do give them a try and let me know in the comments section which is your favorite method.  Also, if you have any questions, I am more than happy to answer.

Happy Sipping!