Wondering about suitable Gifts For Chai Lovers? My blog about 27 ideas is guaranteed to bring a smile to the receiver’s face. So, let us scroll and have our Eureka moment.

I am a passionate tea blogger based out of Kolkata city and a self-proclaimed tea addict. I also run my own tea cafe and dream of brewing my own blends. 

Gifts for chai lovers

Gifts For Chai Lovers: 27 Ides To Speculate & Guaranteed To Remember

Running a tea cafe isn’t easy and often I have heard people coming to my cafe to discuss what gifts would be an apt choice for a chai lover? This conversation got my mind churning and I thought of putting an end to this dilemma once and for all. Read my blog about 27 gifting ideas that will bring a smile on the faces of chai lovers across the world.

Gifts for chai lovers

1. TeaMugs Will help You In Holding The Beverage

Tea mugs are an awesome way to hold your beverage and they guarantee a no-spill. Irrespective of the brew you can carry one with you for a convenient sip anywhere.

Nowadays, these dainty-looking cups are available in bone china, ceramics, plastic, steel, glass, etc. Just pick one as per your liking and carry it with you.

Gifts for chai lovers

2. Kettles Will Keep Your Drink Hot

A kettle is a piece of equipment that proves handy when you want the water to be hot for a long period of time. They save you from the hassle of boiling water each time tea is on your mind.

Gift someone a decorated kettle as a token and be remembered for a lifetime. I use kettles at my shop as it helps me to keep the tea warm and I can serve fresh tea each time without making my customers wait. 

Gifts for chai lovers

3. T-Shirts Spells Tea Like No Other Clothing Item

Who doesn’t love t-shirts? As a matter of fact, this cool and light wear forms an essential part of our wardrobe during the summers. I too like many others can practically live on shorts and a cotton t-shirt.

They can be customized too and I plan to get one for myself with cute tea motifs on mine if I don’t get one as a gift. Wow! an item of clothing that spells of tea will now be justified further with tea prints. A T-shirt sure equals tea. 

Gifts for chai lovers

4. DIY Tea-Kits Are In Vogue As Gifting Items

DIY or ” Do It Yourself”; as the name suggests can be altered as per a design or idea that is completely user-based. Nowadays, the market is flooded with such items or kits so then why should tea lag behind?

I would definitely mix two flavors for starts and make my own blend. 

Gifts for chai lovers

5. Cute Tea Candles To Light & Decorate The House

Tea lights, wax candles, or tea candles are candles that have a metal casing with a wick in the center and are unscented. Also, it would be interesting to know that, unlike normal candles, these don’t drip so you need not worry about wax residue & stay lighted as long as the oil lasts.

Did you know that it was used to keep the tea warm in Japan during the 12th century? 

Gifts for chai lovers

6. Carry Your Favorite Tea With You In The Form of Lotions

Lotions are creams that aren’t thick and protect our skin from drying. Nowadays, they come in varied colors and many shops that excel in selling lotions often have offers on them too.

Tea has seen more adaptations than any beverage on the planet & its usage in the lotion industry is no surprise. So, just take your pick from any brand and aroma and carry your tea-inspired lotion.

Gifts for chai lovers

7. Tea Soaps As Another Gift Item For A Chai Lover

Soaps are tiny bars that cleanse our body and are available in all shapes or sizes. They are widely used for gifting purposes too.

Now, which chai lover won’t love to receive a chai-inspired soap? I would love my soap to be either made from black tea or fruit tea. 

Gifts for chai lovers

8. Ever Considered Presenting A Chai Lover With Tea Based Shampoo?

Shampoos are another versatile bath item that is used to cleanse the hair. The shampoo market is quite huge and to allure customers, many brands are now introducing tea-based shampoo range.

A lustrous hair is every girl’s dream and flavors like Hibiscus, Green, and black are some tea varieties that I highly reckon. 

Gifts for chai lovers

9. Nothing Intrigues A Chai Lover Than Quirky Infusers

An infuser is usually a small metal mesh that holds the loose tea leaves and is used primarily to steep or brew tea. They have come a long way now and are available in quite a few unimaginable varieties. These are also called tea-balls. 

I suggest baby dinosaurs, elephants, deep tea diver, and llama as some cute yet idiosyncratic infusers that are sure to bring a smile to the receiver’s face. 

Gifts for chai lovers

10. Tea Strainers Will Ensure A Smooth Drink

Tea strainers help by straining the tea leaves when the beverage is poured into a cup. They hold the loose tea leaves and prevent them from falling onto the cup so you get a smooth liquid.

Steel and plastic are ruling the market and I suggest using a steel strainer if a long-lasting item is what you prefer. 

Gifts for chai lovers

11. Lay The Foundation of The Tea With Tea Leaves

Just like there’s no smoke without fire similarly there cannot be tea without tea leaves. Black, Butterfly pea tea, organic, herbal, fruit tea, white, yellow, Oolong, Green tea, Japanese green tea, Matcha, etc are some recognized players that have been ruling the market for quite some time now.

I suggest infusing blends like black currant tea, mint tea, blueberry Merlot tea, Darjeeling tea as some select choices and worth cherishing. 

Gifts for chai lovers

12. Gift A Tea-Inspired Key Chain To A Chai Lover

Key chains are used to keep keys intact and also so we do not lose even one important key. Now, when we gift a tea-themed keychain to a chai lover, imagine their level of happiness.

Tea quotes, kettles, cups, teapots, tea bags, etc are some noteworthy options to consider. For your information, I have written a blog on 97 unique captions for the milk tea lover. You can use them but, please tag or mention me.

Gifts for chai lovers

13. Tea-Box Will Ensure Longevity & A Cool Storage Option

Tea boxes are used to store tea leaves so as to protect them from moisture, water, and rodents. Available as tea box dimensions, gift sets, and personalized ranges too they sure make gifting easy and make the receiver feel special.

I suggest a tea box filled with varied tea blends or flavors instead of just one type. This will excite the person to brew tea more frequently.

Gifts for chai lovers

14. Assorted Treats Are A Treat For Every Chai Lover

Treats or munchies are snacks that are often eaten with tea. Now, the ground rule to remember is not to stuff yourselves on the pretext of munching with tea.

Teacakes, cookies, crackers, pancakes, toast, sandwiches, etc are some mouth-watering items to munch with tea. Looking for more options, do read my blog about accompaniments with cheese tea and check out some amazing options.

Gifts for chai lovers

15. Pillows With Tea Quotes or Tea Drawings Are A Great Gifting Option

Pillows are cloth bags that are stuffed with cotton or any equivalent soft material and ensure a comforting sleep. I was gifted a pillow that takes the shape of my head, so I do not have to adjust it each time.

If you are gifting it to a friend and want to remind them of the times spent together, I have the solution for you in the form of my blog, 91 alluring tea with friends captions. Feel free to pick from the list and please mention me.

Gifts for chai lovers

16. Decorate Your Room With Cushions & Turn It Into A Cozy Nook

Cushions work in the same manner as that of a pillow but, are smaller in size. One can use them as a support, to kneel on, or simply as a neck support.

Imagine when you get the cushion printed with drawings or markings that reminds the receiver of tea each time. 

Gifts for chai lovers

17. Drink Tea Like India With Earthern Cups

Earthern cups are used in India at large to drink tea. You will find them sitting proudly in small shops or cafes that sell tea. I too serve tea to my customers in these cups as they can be easily carried, can be disposed of quite easily too and the smoky taste that it adds to the tea are some factors that have made them so popular.

These cups are called Kulhads in India. These cups are now made in different sizes and prints. Gift this to a chai lover and bring them close to Mother Nature with these cups.

Gifts for chai lovers

18. Keep A Track Of Important Dates With A Calendar

Calendars help us to keep a track of the day, week, month, or even the year and we can mark important dates too. Our grandparents used to hang them on the walls and over the years we have seen the humble calendar evolve.

Give them to a chai lover with all important tea-related dates marked and you can even get it printed with tea quotes, a picture of them drinking tea, or any gesture that will be cherished. 

Gifts for chai lovers

19. Ever Thought About A Tea Journal?

Tea journals are planners or diaries and I suggest putting them to keep a track of a variety that you might have tasted, findings about tea, how you can blend two varieties together, etc.

Nowadays, the journal too has advanced with technology and has become digital. Did you know that blogging is a form of a journal? My tea journal is called sippersneha.com. You are free to read about my take on tea and am open to conversations too. 

Gifts for chai lovers

20. A Chai Hamper Tickles The Senses of Every Chai Lover

Gift hampers are tokens or gestures of love and appreciation that reflect your personality. You can get one customized or DIY(do-it-yourself).

A typical hamper is a choc a bloc with assorted tea packs, tea bags and if you are lucky, a treat or two can be found too. I suggest a DIY or do-it-yourself hamper if you want your hamper to be a class apart from the rest. 

Gifts for chai lovers

21. Tea Samplers Is Your Safest Bet When Precaution Is What You Want

Tea samplers allow you the luxury of varied blends. Nowadays, the internet is flooded with companies that offer a wide range of samplers that can be gifted.

I would include iced tea that can be enjoyed during the summer months and some classics like black tea, green tea, herbal or tisane varieties, or chocolate chai samples. Now, if you wondering how tea and chai differ, then my blog about 27 crucial differences will help you to get a better perspective. 

Gifts for chai lovers

22. Enhance Your Chai With Teapots

Teapots resemble a traditional in many ways and are often confused with a kettle too. However, they are different from a kettle in more ways than one. They come with a handle, a lid, and a stout but, unlike kettles cannot be placed on the gas directly. 

Teapots are available in different shapes, sizes and also offer customization. I would opt for elegant glass or a ceramic teapot as an ideal gifting item for a chai lover. 

Gifts for chai lovers

23. Coasters Will Add Charm To Your Tea Table

Coasters are small mats that are used to keep hot food and beverages. Now, if you want to denote a hot drink, then place it on top of the glass.

Silicone, glass, plastic, ceramics, corkscrew, marble, and brass-finished are some options that are commonly used for gifting. I suggest ceramics as they are easy to dry and are colorful yet elegant too. 

Gifts for chai lovers

24. Read In Style With Bookmarks

Bookmarks are used to mark a spot where a work was left unfinished so we don’t have to beat around the bush or rack our brains in trying to remember where we had stopped.

Stringed, ribboned, or custom made they sure make for great gifting options. Nothing would delight a chai lover than some quotes. Now, to find a suitable caption just head to my website and select the blogs tab where you can find cool quotes. Do mention me.

Gifts for chai lovers

25. Tea-Bags Will Ensure Chai On The Go

Teabags are small pouches that are filled with loose tea leaves and are used in most tea-loving countries to brew tea. They just need to be dipped in hot water till the desired consistency is attained.

I suggest masala chai tea bags or black tea as some popular choices that will bring a smile on someone’s face. 

Gifts for chai lovers

26. Vintage Kettles To Sip Brew Tea Like Royalty

Vintage kettles will remind you of an era gone by. Believe me, they look trendy and will wow! guests too.

Kettles from the Victorian and British era, Yongzheng period, etc are some ideas that are highly recommended and are winners in their own ways. 

Gifts for chai lovers

27. A Face Pack Made From Tea Is Water For The Skin

Face packs are used with the aim to help us cleanse, rejuvenate and moisturize our face giving it a fresh feel. Chai does the same for me and I would make my own pack.

Ever tried making your own tea pack? Read my method for a hassle-free method. Place the loose leaves in a bowl and add hot water. Now, allow 2-3 minutes of steep time and drain excess water. Now, add honey, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar and mix well till it reaches a consistency that can be applied to my face. Leave for 15-20 minutes and rinse with cold water.  


This concludes my blog and I hope that by now you must have a fair idea about some options that can be gifted to a chai lover. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments section below and I will gladly answer them. Also, do sign up for my newsletter so you never miss out on new content whenever it is published. Click on my website and go to the About Tab. 

Happy Sipping!