Wondering what gift to give to a bubble tea lover? Look no further than my blog and let my 19 fascinating ideas blow you over as you ponder about gifts for boba lovers.

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Gifts for Boba lovers

Gifts For Boba Lovers- 19 Warming Ideas Worth Every Bubble

Boba is called by many names and in my opinion, the immense popularity that this drink has seen is certainly credible. As you sip your pearl milk tea or tapioca tea or simply boba, has the thought about what makes the drink special crossed your mind? Do read my blog about 27 reasons that make bubble tea special to know why it is hard to resist.

Gifts for Boba lovers

1. A Lipstick To Remind You About Bubble Tea With Every Wear

Lipsticks are worn by us girls all the time, especially when gorgeous lips is on our minds. Nothing enhances the lips better than a matching color bar or lipstick that blends with our outfits.

A lipstick or a color pencil that reminds you of your favorite flavor of pearl milk tea is indeed an erstwhile gift.

Gifts for Boba lovers

2. Carry Your World With You With Backpacks

Backpacks are storage items that make travel easy and one doesn’t have to worry about what to include or leave behind. These spacious items make carrying stuff easier and are available as per requirement.

I would get one personalized with either tapioca milk tea keychains or boba motifs. 

Gifts for Boba lovers

3. Socks Helps Protect The Feet

Socks are clothing for the feet and absorb our feet’ sweat. Available in a variety of colors, prints, and sizes, the fact that they help protect the feet cannot be ruled out.

I would get a pair printed with cute pearls or bubble tea ensembles and gift one to my boba fanatic friend.

Gifts for Boba lovers

4. Add To The Upholstery Charm With Cushions

Cushions are square-shaped upholstery items that are filled with soft stuffing. I would get creative with my cushion with cute boba glasses or quotes. 

Now, if you are looking for some cool captions, my blog on 95 unique boba captions for Instagram will help you. Choose one that you like and do mention me.

Gifts for Boba lovers

5. Totes or Bro Bags Are Cool Gifting Ideas

Tote bag is to women while bro bag is to men though both solve the same purpose, ie, staying organized while on the go. So, gift one bag and be etched in their memory forever.

Now, when gifting one such item to a pearl milk tea addict, I would suggest personalizing it with cute boba sketches. 

Gifts for Boba lovers

6. Never Misplace A Key With Keychains

Keychains are small round metal rings that help to hang keys so you do not misplace a key ever. Called keyring or key fob these sleek items can be put anywhere and do not occupy much space.

Now, a keychain with boba cups as hangings is a cool idea to consider as a gift for your bubble tea friend. 

Gifts for Boba lovers

7. Gift The Gift of Carrying Boba With Ease When You Present Bubble Tea Holder

Boba holders will help you carry or keep the drink intact so you can carry it around in style. Spills are now a thing of the past with bubble tea holders. Gift someone ease and make tapioca milk tea a pleasurable experience.

Just choose the sleeve or the kind of holder you would like to use for gifting purposes and help bring color on someone’s face.

Gifts for Boba lovers

8. A Gift Hamper That Speaks of Bubble Tea Is Another Considerable Option

Gift hampers are cute little baskets filled with selected goodies that are complete in itself. They are highly customizable and this makes them an apt choice for gifting purposes.

I would fill my basket with DIY Boba kits, tapioca pearls, sweeteners, etc, and increase its aesthetic appeal. Now, if you are wondering what sweeteners can be given read my blog about 31 super delectable ways to sweeten the pearls. 

Gifts for Boba lovers

9. Phone Case With Cute Little Pearls To Adorn The Cover

Phone case or helps protect our phones from damages though, I use them to add some charm to my smartphone. They are available in eye-catching prints. Now, bubble tea has seen more popularity than any other drink and so introducing bubble tea cases are no surprise.

Just choose your color and print as per the phone’s model and gift this bubbly gift to a boba affecionade. 

Gifts for Boba lovers

10. Ever Considered A Pendant That Speaks of Bubble Tea As A Gift?

Pendants are cute little hangings that increase the appeal of jewelry and are available in intricate designs or colors. They can also be made to order so you can have one made the way you want.

Now, I would surely opt for boba cups as cute little hangings and see my boba-loving friends dance in joy each time they wear one such piece.

Gifts for Boba lovers

11. Who Can Say No Fashion Jewellery Inspired By Bubble Tea?

Fashion jewelry is worn by men and women alike. When buying a pair for myself, I make sure to choose one that reflects me and this is a crucial aspect to consider when gifting someone.

Now, imagine cute pearl milk tea danglers or drop earrings to match your style and make a fashion statement called bubble tea jewelry line.

Gifts for Boba lovers

12. Boba Cups Will Help You Drink Tapioca Milk Tea In Style

Wherever there’s tea, teacups cannot be far behind. Not only do they offer a comfortable way to drink your tea but, also the level of personalization offered has seen increased demand. Now, the fact that they can be reused deserves a special mention.

Did you know that bubble teacups have a name? Yes, they are called Bumbler- The Original Boba Tea Tumbler. Gift someone the gift of love with tapioca milk teacups.

Gifts for Boba lovers

13. Protect Thy Feet With Boba Printed Slippers

Slippers help protect our feet from dust and water thus, keeping it dry. Who doesn’t love fashion statement slippers? Own up that we all at least once have had a signature pair. I surely had one that I had bought from a Las Vegas hotel.

Offlatelty, slipper manufacturers are offering quirky pearl milk tea range slippers to attract bubble tea lovers, and let me tell you that it is a hit with the youth.

Gifts for Boba lovers

14. Charms Are Perfect For One and All That Ups The Glam Quotient

Charms are wearable memories that adorn necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings with each piece adding to the sentimental value of an individual.

You can have one made with their first time drinking boba to depict a memory or play safe by boba shaped charms. 

Gifts for Boba lovers

15. Increase The Romance With Matcha Candles

Candles are wax sticks with a small wick on the top or in the center and offer light when darkness prevails. They come in various shapes, sizes, scented and unscented varieties, and vary in color too.

Matcha candles are known for their floral aroma that isn’t overpowering and thus is preferred as meditation candles. Now, if I am to believe my friend who breathes romance, just light one and have a cozy time with your partner.

Gifts for Boba lovers

16. Inspire Your Wardrobe With Boba T-Shirts

T-shirts are clothing items that are named after their T-shaped body and sleeves. Wow! An item of clothing that has the letter T and which reminds me of tea is sure to be close to my heart.

I would get one made in such a way that it has a boba print to make it seem like the person wearing it is drinking tapioca milk tea right from the T-shirt. 

Gifts for Boba lovers

17. Wall Art Are Great Conversations Starters

wall arts or wall hangings are used to adorn living rooms, bedrooms,s or staircases, and each item holds a special memory for the house mates. These range from mirrors, to family pictures, paintings, etc.

I would get one made with a picture of me drinking bubble tea with my gang and getting it captioned further.  

Gifts for Boba lovers

18. Slimy Slime Is The New Craze To Hit Bubble Tea Market

Slime is a toy that is squishy, cold, clammy, and can be quite slimy. Having said this, slime is the most popular toy that helps to relax.

When you think about boba slime expect the top to be adorned with straws that help suck the pearls and with colorful or brown pearls. 

Gifts for Boba lovers

19. Do-It-Yourself Boba Kits Is The Way To Go

DIY or DO IT YOURSELF bubble tea kit is a set of instant ingredients that can be used to make tapioca tea in a rush. These come in various combinations and we shall see what can be expected in a box. 

A typical kit contains a strong flavored tea like jasmine or black tea, taro milk powder, a non-dairy tea creamer, and tapioca pearls. It also comes with instructions that are easy to follow and suffices for up to 10 drinks.


This concludes my blog and I hope you will give them a thought whenever you run short of gift ideas that can be given to a bubble tea lover. Also, if you think you have questions for me, do drop them in the comments section below and I will be happy to answer them. To get your tea fix, do visit my website. 

Happy Sipping!