Does rum go well with tea? If you have wondered about this quirky pairing let me tell you that yes, rum and tea can be paired together but, getting the pairing right is important. Now, don’t let this give you sleepless nights, and just read my blog about 67 spiky parings to wow! you.

I am a passionate tea-blogger and a self-proclaimed tea lover who also runs her own tea cafe in the northern part of Kolkata city. Now, at times when I do drink, I love rum and recently thought of infusing it with tea. Well, the results are in the form of my blog. 

Does Rum Go Well With Tea?

Does Rum Go Well With Tea-67 Toxicated Ideas To Brew With Tea

No alcohol is as versatile as rum and if you are looking to mix tea and booze together, make rum the perfect excuse. Read my blog about 71 options to intoxicate you and up your mixology.

A. Hot Tea & Rum Pairings

Hot tea and rum are both known to be an instant cure for cold and are cherished more during the winter months for some much needed warmth that the drinks are quick to offer. Let us see some hot tea and rum pairings below.

Does rum go well with tea

1. Hot Toddy Deserves To Be On Top Of The List

A hot toddy is a drink that uses black or green tea leaves as the base and which is further diluted with an alcohol of your choice.

Now, there are a few suggestions I would like to make in order to make a great tasting drink. I recommend using loose tea leaves as the base instead of tea bags if you want an even and refined liquid. Now, add any alcohol of your choice. I suggest adding rum, whisky, and vodka. 

Does rum go well with tea

2. Maple Rum Is Another Option That Is A Worthy Choice

The second option I would like to mention is maple rum. This is an alcoholic drink that is native to Canada as it uses native sourced ingredients like maple syrup and rye whisky. Black loose tea leaves should be used as the base so that you get a more robust flavor.

I recommend adding a few drops of lemon in order to balance the sweet flavor profile of the booze.

Does rum go well with tea

3. Hot Buttered Rum Tea Is Another Fore-Runner On The List

When hot rum and tea come together few things like an instant surge of warmth, good riddance from the common flu, and like me if you are pumped under the weather then look no further. Let us ee what this drink is all about.

Hot buttered rum is a mixed drink that contains rum, butter, apple cider, or hot water, a sweetener, and an amalgamation of spices. Though rum and black tea are known to be great pairings I insist on breaking normalcy and using Gunpowder tea in place of everyday tea leaves.

Does rum go well with tea

4. With Rum & Masala Chai My Winters Are Sorted

Often during the winters when I want a dash of warmth within no seconds masala chai infused with rum is the first choice that I love to make. Believe me, nothing can be more versatile than Indian spiced tea and the addition of rum takes the drinking quotient to a new level.

Indian masala chai or Indian spiced tea is made from loose tea leaves. Spices like cloves, ginger, cardamom, etc are added to boiling liquid and lastly, milk is added. You can add vodka or gin too but, I prefer rum for its hard-hitting taste that gives me a kick with my tea.

Does rum go well with tea

5. Mint Tea and Its Spiked Version Needs No Introduction

Ever considered mint tea could be paired with alcohol? If you haven’t I suggest heading to my site and clicking on the blogs tab. Now, coming back let us see what spirited options can be blended with mint tea.

Mint tea has a cool and soothing effect and its characteristic gets enhanced when tweaked with white rum that will add the required element of sweetness to the tea and will blend well with the tea too.

Does rum go well with tea

6. A  Classic Cup of Black Tea & Rum Cannot Be Missed Earning Its Rightful Place

From my very first blog ie, when I started writing about alcohol pairings that work great with tea, black tea somehow always finds its place. Now, I do not mind writing about it coz, when rum is on your mind black tea cannot be far behind.

Rum and black tea are both known for their robust flavor. However, one cannot deny that black tea can be bitter and acidic. On the other hand, rum is known for being sweet and this attribute makes it an ideal choice to be paired with robust black tea.

Does rum go well with tea

7. Oolong Tea Is Another Tea Type To Reckon

Oolong tea is a tea on its own and is a traditional Chinese tea and is a semi-oxidized tea. Its taste is described from being grassy to having a sweet floral aroma or at times can resemble green tea too. Now, a tea with such a varied flavor can best be justified when paired with dark rum.

Dark rum with its strong flavor yet and sweet taste will ensure you get an even & smooth-tasting spiked tea. Thus, for these reasons I highly suggest you choose the mentioned liquor.

Does rum go well with tea

8. Coconut Tea & White Rum Makes A Smooth Tea

Coconut is a seeded fruit that needs no introduction and the skin, roots, flesh, etc are used too.  Now, when coconut is used it is important to keep in mind that the milk should never be boiled & only heated. Coconut is known for being rich in oil and which when boiled will cause the milk and oil to separate. The end result will be split or curdled milk.

Coconut water is not overly sweet and thus, makes it an ideal choice to be paired with rum. I recommend topping the drink with citrus fruits for a sweet and sour taste in the boozy tea. 

Does rum go well with tea

9. Tarty Hibiscus Tea Meets Its Match In Dark Rum

Hibiscus is a herbal tea that is known for its astringent notes and thus pairing it with a spirited drink that will help balance its flavor is important.

I recommend dark rum as its addition will lend some sweetness that will tone down the acidity or the tartness. 

Does rum go well with tea

10. Hot and Refreshing Tandoori Chai With Its Spiked Option Makes An Inseparable Combination

Tandoori tea is a tea that instead of the traditional way is prepared in a clay oven and served in earthen cups. The serving style makes the tea smoky and you get an aromatic and sweet tea. Let us see how to balance the tea.

The tea is best paired with dark rum as the liquor is known for its sweet taste and its bitter taste balances the sweetness. 

Does rum go well with tea

11. Rum and Chocolate Tandoori Chai Is a Celebration of Taste

Chocolate and rum have always been known to make a great pairing. I love eating rum-based chocolates as, unlike milk chocolates, they are less sweet and which is ideal for me to eat when chocolates are what I crave(I crave it all the time).

Any drink when consumed in moderation and all the more caution needs to be ensured when drinking chocolate tea and rum. Both are known for their sweet attributes and I recommend using dark chocolate as it has a bitter taste that will be quite a contrast with sweet rum. 

Does rum go well with tea

12. Ever Come Across Someone Who Doesn’t Love Chocolate Tea & Rum?

I love tea and at the same time, I am crazy about chocolates and when two of my favorite things in the world were fused as one to form chocolate tea it was like a dream come true. Now, we all know that chocolates can be paired with alcohol, and let us consider rum as a perfect pairing.

Dark rum and chocolates make a quintessential pairing. The slightly bitter taste from rum will compliment the sweet flavor of the chocolate. I suggest you skip the sugar if you don’t want to make your tea overly sweet.

Does rum go well with tea

13. In the mood for White Tea But, Cannot Do Without An Alcohol?

Do you want your tea and at the same time, the weather demands some alcohol? How about fusing the two as one to make spiked tea? Yes, it is possible and is quite a trend to follow. Let us see the pairings below.

White tea when tweaked with white rum gets an acidic taste which compliments the sweet taste of the tea. Another attribute to use to your advantage is the color of the booze. Now, since we are using white rum it will aid in a perfect blend and make the tea more smooth.

Does rum go well with tea

B. Want To Pair Cold Tea With Rum But, Unsure? Read My List of Amazing Tweaks and Chill

You were blown away by rum and cold tea pairing that you probably had at a party or when out with your gang. Now, you plan on making it but, stars are all you can see in broad daylight, I suggest you pick a glass of booze and read my 9 amazing bets that are not only easy to make but, delicious at the same time.

Does rum go well with tea

14. Make Long Island Iced Tea and Save Yourself The Hassles

When it comes to cold tea and rum pairing, long island iced tea definitely tops the list. This drink is a quick one to make and at the same time, a giving drink too.  Long island iced tea is a drink made from merging more than one alcohol and Rum forms a major component of the tea as it gives the drink a sweet taste. 

Now, in order to make a perfect iced tea, I suggest using loose tea leaves instead of teabags. Loose tea leaves give a better infusion as compared to a flat and inconsistent liquid that is a result of using tea bags. Also, prepare the tea in advance, adding ice right before consumption. 

Does rum go well with tea

15. Don’t Be Fooled By The Humble Daiquiri

Daiquiri is an alcoholic beverage made by using lime juice and has rum as the main ingredient. It would also be worthwhile to mention that this no-fuss drink can be made using any type of tea leaves.

In case you are using sugar, I suggest using a sugar syrup as this will mix well and give you a smoother and evenly sweet tea. 

Does rum go well with tea

16. More Is Less As It’s Said & Pina Colada Is A Testimony

Pina Colada is an essential summer cocktail and thus, has rightfully earned its place in this section. So, let us get to know about it.

Pina Colada is a drink that is made with rum and coconut cream or milk and pineapple juice that is either blended or stirred with ice. Now, many would use black tea to make a tea-based drink, I, however, would suggest making this exemplary cocktail with white tea.

Does rum go well with tea

17. Team Fruits & Rum In a Tropical Drink Called “Tropical Escape”

Tropical Escape as the name suggests is a drink that is made from using tropical fruit juices like grape or berries. It has tea as the base. White rum is added right before garnishing it with a flower.

White rum is considered to be light as compared to dark rum and this quality makes it a perfect choice to be paired with fruits. 

Does rum go well with tea

18. Considering Rum Mule As Yet Another Classic Drink

When cold iced tea and rum is on your mind Rum Mule deserves a notable mention. Rum Mule is a tweak on Moscow Mule that uses Rum at large instead of Vodka. Now, the drink is also made using tea leaves as the base and the kind of tea leaves would depend on the rum being used.

The drink can be made using either dark or white rum depending if you want a fuller drink or a light version. Dark rum will leave you full while white rum is easy on the body. 

Does rum go well with tea

19. Getting Familiar With Dark N Stormy

Dark and stormy has a very interesting theory behind its name. The tale suggests the name was given by an old sailor when he decided to compare the drinks’ color with storm-bearing clouds. 

The drink is made using black tea leaves, dark rum, and freshly squeezed lime juice that is garnished with lime wedges and hence, the name. 

Does rum go well with tea

20. Ever Thought Of Using Blackberry And Lemon Together?

Blackberry and lemon when incorporated give a perfect blend of sweet and sour. Together they form a great no-hassle drink called “Blackberry Lemonade”.

This uses rum and tea leaves(as the base). I suggest increasing the aesthetic appeal of the drink by topping it with mint leaves or decorative umbrellas. Also, sugar syrups are recommended so they can mix well and give a smooth-tasting beverage. 

Does rum go well with tea

21. The Humble Iced Tea Cannot Be Missed

Iced Tea is the second most hydrating drink(after water) and is quite a sparing drink that can be made as you desire. When using rum it is a good idea to use white rum. I have already mentioned why this rum should be used & thus, I will mention a few tips to make a great-tasting tea.

Use sugar syrups as they dissolve easily giving you a smooth & clean taste. I prefer making my tea in advance and refrigerating it for eight hours. At times, the liquid might not be smooth and you might see it forming a white layer. In this case, just add a small amount of boiling water. 

Does rum go well with tea

22. Come Summer Months & Sweet Tea Is A Constant In My Kitchen

Sweet tea is also called sweet iced tea. Though the tea is quite popular across the globe, the tea has its roots In America, and sugar is added to the liquid while it is still hot. This way the sugar gets absorbed more easily and you end up adding less sugar.

I steep my tea for 15-30 minutes or till I am happy with its texture and consistency. At the same time, if I think more sugar is needed I would incorporate it after making sure that it has blended well with Rum(White or black). This is done so as to prevent the tea from being too sweet. Remember, we want to taste the tea & alcohol too. 

Does rum go well with tea

C. Green Tea, Rum Pairing & The Array of Drinks That  Can Be Made

Green tea and white rum is considered as a classic pairing and I have curated 5 amazing boozy drinks. Let us see what they are below.

Does rum go well with tea

23. Let Us Start The List With Mojito

Mojito pronounced Mo-Hi-To is a versatile drink and can be made as a non-alcoholic beverage too. Let us have a closer look at it below. This is a drink I love to drink during the summers.

Mojito is made from five prime ingredients namely, white rum, soda water, lime juice or syrup, and a sweetener. However, we would be using green tea instead of soda It is a perfect combination of mint, sweet, and sour that accolades white rum and thus, is considered an ideal summer drink. 

Does rum go well with tea

24. Green Tea Punch Is Another Breezy Drink To Keep You Hydrated

Green tea punch as the name suggests is made by incorporating ingredients like fruits, green tea, and white rum. White rum with its light characteristics will not dry your body like dark rum and this is why is considered an ideal choice with green tea.

This is one of the few tea booze that can be made from any fruits though I suggest pineapples, oranges, or fruits that are citrusy by nature. I also would make the tea beforehand as I do with cold tea so that I just need to add my fruits, rum and give it a good stir. 

Does rum go well with tea

25. Ever Heard About Green Tea Toddy?

Toddy is another great example of an alcoholic drink that can be customized the way you want. However, we will see what green tea Toddy is below.

Green tea toddy is nothing but a tea that is cold-brewed tea that is made from green tea leaves and white rum is used. Now, it is best advised to prepare the tea beforehand and add the rum when the liquid is still hot. This way the hardness of the alcohol will tone down a bit and you can taste the tea. 

Does rum go well with tea

26. Break The StereoType and Treat Yourself To Asian Iced Tea

Asian iced tea is a drink that is traditionally made by a mixture of rum, orange, ginger, and made from green tea leaves. I have always tried to bring something new for my readers and I have a few tips to upgrade the mundane tea. Do read them below.

Use fruit-based ice cubes(cut fruits into small pieces that will fit into ice trays). Then pour water on them and freeze like you normally do. Add these fruity ice cubes right before consuming. Also, making the tea beforehand and freezing it is a wise decision that should be made each time iced tea is on your mind. 

Does rum go well with tea

27. Drink Green Tea The Way Morocco Does With Moroccan Green Tea

Moroccan green tea as the name suggests is a tea that is made using fresh mint leaves, sugar, water, and gunpowder tea. 

Green tea has a cooling effect and when mixed with iced tea makes an awesome hydrating drink. White rum for its qualities as discussed above offers the same benefits when added to hot pre-made tea.

Does rum go well with tea

D. Dark Rum & Iced Tea Pairings

We have seen some pairings of white green tea and white rum, now let us see nine drinks that can be made by incorporating dark rum below.

Does rum go well with tea

28. Spiked Lemonade Cannot Be Missed As An Authorative Pairing

Iced lemonade is my go-to summer drink for not only is it high on water but, keeps me hydrated too. Talking about spiking my lemonade Rum is my ideal choice. I love the fact that rum pairs well with any drink and mixes well too.

Now, my choice is rum. The sweetness from the rum is balanced by the tartness of the lemon. Garnish it with lemon wedges and mint leaves. 

Does rum go well with tea

29. Mango Rum and Iced Tea Makes An Ideal Summer Drink For Me

Ever considered using a bottle of mango rum to tweak iced tea? If you haven’t or not sure what mango rum is read about it below.

Mango rum is nothing but, a medley of mango juice with a zingy orangy taste. You can get a bottle of mango rum easily from any liquor shop and all you need to do is add some of the booze to your iced tea mix and top with ice. Give it a good shake and your mango rum iced tea is ready.

Does rum go well with tea

30. Add A Fruity Punch To Your Iced Tea By Adding Raspberry to it

Raspberry is a loved fruit and is known for its sweet and sour taste that makes it an ideal choice to be made as syrups, toppings, ice-creams amongst other usages. But, have you ever considered teaming it with iced tea and rum?

If your answer is negative, I highly suggest considering using raspberry and mango together. Now, when rum is added the drink not only gets some required sweetness but at the same time the tartness stops the beverage from being high on alcohol too. 


Does rum go well with tea

31. Tread The Path Unknown With Rhubarb Iced Tea and Rum

Rhubarb is a vegetable that can be distinguished by its pink color and its taste is best described as a cross of sweet and sour lemons.  This is best paired with rum and to know the reasons, let us read further.

Rum is known for its sweet taste and is never bitter. This, when mixed with sweet rhubarb tea will make the drink sweet and at the same time won’t be too overpowering so you can enjoy a taste of both worlds. 

Does rum go well with tea

32. Less Is More As They Say & with Peach Iced Tea You Have Struck Gold

Peach is an orange-skinned fruit that can be either sweet or sour and summers are incomplete without juicy peaches. Peaches make for a great pairing with rum and we shall see why.

Peaches like any fruit is high in sweetness and though unripe peaches can be tart, the fruit is generally known for its sweet taste with a hint of tartness. Dark rum has a sweet caramel flavor with a hint of cinnamon that makes it an ideal pairing with peaches. 

Does rum go well with tea

33. Pair Thyme and Citrus In An Iced Tea and Cool Your Body Naturally

Thyme is a herb that is known for having a cooling or a soothing effect and is added to water as a refreshing summer drink. I have often thought as to how the cooler can be made more appealing and a bottle of leftover rum came to the rescue. Let us see how.

The naive me, who has no idea about the quantity decided to be guided by my intuition and sense of taste. Here’s what I do I always prefer making iced tea beforehand for I get a sweeter and more rich-tasting beverage. Now, use the cap as a measuring instrument and taste the concoction. This method has had my back always. 

Does rum go well with tea

34. When on The Go Use Mango Puree To Make Mango Iced Tea

Mango puree is made from the pulp of ripe mangoes to which preservatives and sweeteners are further added. The puree or the juice is my rescuer and I always prefer keeping a bottle handy so that I never run out of mangoes. 

When I make it at home I prefer using honey, brown sugar, or other alternatives like Sugar-Free, Stevia, Splenda. Dark rum makes an ideal pair and to help cut down on the sweetness I sometimes prefer using spices or still better, use a combination of spiced rum and dark rum in equal ratios. 

Does rum go well with tea

35. Time To Consider Thai Tea & Rum As A Summer Perfect Tea- Cocktail

Thai tea is made from steeping black tea leaves in hot water to which star anise, brown sugar, and condensed milk are added giving the tea its brown color.

Many people use white rum and this is a big mistake that one can make. White rum has a lighter feeling and texture and is also sweeter as compared to dark rum. This attribute can make the drink too sweet and turn it into an unpleasant tasting drink. Thus, dark rum(for its characteristics) discussed above is suggested. 

Does rum go well with tea

36. Considering Watermelon And Rum As Another Modification To Iced Tea

Watermelon is a multi-seeded fruit that is high in water content and thus, people love eating it during the summers.  Let us now see why dark rum is suggested as an ideal pairing with watermelon iced tea.

The fruit is often described as having a sweet, bitter, or sour taste. Dark rum is known for its sweet, nutty, and caramel taste that balances the taste of the fruit and makes it a divine drink.

Does rum go well with tea

E. White Rum And It’s Amazing Iced Tea Pairings That Are Worth Mentioning

Let us now see a few white rum and tea pairings that give us great tea-based aperitifs. So, ready to know about the ” Awesome 12?.” 

Does rum go well with tea

37. Lemon Ginger Iced Tea and White Rum Is a Soothing Blend

I would like to start this section with lemon ginger iced tea. Ginger is an amazing spice to relieve sore throat and at the same time cures pains or cramps. Lemons are a good source of Vitamin C and thus, make them a great pairing.

White rum on the other hand is a mild-tasting sweet alcohol as compared to dark rum and thus, makes it an ideal choice that packs in a punch.

Does rum go well with tea

38. Did You Know That Apple & Rum Make For A Great Combination?

Sweet and juicy apples are a much-loved fruit and is used in a number of ways in the food and beverage industry. This makes it fit to be used with alcohol too.

Apple can be used with a number of alcohols but, I suggest pairing it with white rum (its characteristics have been discussed above)making it an excellent hootch.

Does rum go well with tea

39. Pair Cherry & White Rum In This Bubbly Drink

This cherry-based cocktail is quite easy to make and a typical serving consists of black tea leaves as the base to which cherry juice is added. Many people pair the fruit with Sangria and I did too until I had a sip of cherry cocktail with white rum.

White rum blends in well with the drink and the taste so derived can only be experienced when drunk. Now, why white rum makes for a classic spirit has been discussed above.

Does rum go well with tea

40. Kombucha Infused With Berry & Rum Deserves To Be On The List

Kombucha is a fermented tea that is made from black or green tea leaves. Known for its yellow color and sweet taste  Now, it might interest you that homemade tea contains more alcohol than its commercially produced counterpart.

Rum and Kombucha are both sweet and thus, adding berries to the drink will add some much-needed sourness. To get a taste of alcohol in the berries, I reckon dunking the fruit in rum.

Does rum go well with tea

41. Make Coney Island Iced Tea And Enjoy With A Book

In the blessed year of 2019, I had gone to a wedding where I got to taste this amazing cocktail called Coney Island and the bartender told me that this drink can be made using tea leaves too. This had me intrigued and I didn’t leave the counter till I got to know the whole recipe from him.

Now, the drink that I was served was made from Darjeeling tea(the only variety of tea that is a perfect blend of green and black tea leaves)as the base. He then added white rum, a few lemon drops, salt and topped it with mint leaves. I was instantly blown away and wanted to share my experience. This blog gave me a chance and thus, I chose to write about it. 

Does rum go well with tea

42. Give Coconut Tea With White Rum A Shot & Be Surprised By The Unique Flavor Profile

Coconut as a fruit is known for its tender meat(the white part) which has a nutty taste to it. This nutty texture helps in balancing the sweetness in food.

Now, coconut is known for its oily texture and when infused with white rum, the alcohol adds some sweetness that balances the nuttiness and the oily texture so that you get a smooth and tasty tea drink. I suggest using black tea as the base. Black tea has a strong flavor profile and which helps the tea retain its composition. 

Does rum go well with tea

43. Pomegranate Iced Tea Is An Apt Cooler

Juicy Pomegranates for their high water content are a perfect summer fruit. I love them with a bit of salt sprinkled on top, or enjoy them as iced tea too. Did you know that the fruit makes for a perfect pair with rum?

Pomegranate when paired with an alcohol like rum is more pronounced in taste as the sweetness is perfectly balanced. I would opt-in for white rum for it blends quite well giving me a smooth flavor with a light consistency. I also would add few drops of lemon for a dash of tartness.

Does rum go well with tea

44. Orange With Its Sweet and Sour Taste Is Another Fruit To Consider Pairing With Rum

Orange is a fleshy fruit that is high on Vitamin C and its taste can be a combination of sweet and sour. People love to have it during the summer months as it helps them stay hydrated. I love orange ice-creams and juices.

Now, last summer I had a spiked orange drink and fell in love with it. The method that I learned on observing was quite simple too. Using pre-made iced tea, the mixologist just added orange juice, white rum and topped it with ice and basil leaves. he used the readymade juice but, when making it at home I always prefer using fresh juice and I suggest you use freshly churned juice too.

Does rum go well with tea

45. Ever Considered Dandelions As A Cocktail Option?

Dandelion tea falls under the herbal or tisane range of tea and its roasted form has a close resemblance to coffee. In other words, the taste can be described as nutty and bitterness can also be called an attribute.

Now, with a flavor profile like this don’t you think that adding an element of sweetness would compliment its bitter and nutty taste? Thus, I recommend rum for it will lend some sweetness without overpowering the tea.

Does rum go well with tea

46. Another Herbal Tea To Consider Is Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea is known for its sweet and floral aroma with a nutty taste. The lovers of this tea will tell you that one can expect the taste to be light, earthy and its sweetness depends on the taste buds.

In my opinion, the only thing that is missing here is some sweetness with a slight acidity that will strike the perfect flavor harmony and white rum is what comes to mind as an answer. I have already spoken about the characteristics of the spirit above and suggest you give it a good read if you aren’t familiar with its flavor.

Does rum go well with tea

47. Ever Considered Iced Tea Sangria & White Rum?

Talk Sangria and red wine is what the mind pictures. I always say that tea is a beverage that can be molded into any flavor you want and so, why cannot we have Iced tea Sangria with white rum?

Iced tea can be made beforehand & I suggest that you let it steep for 8 hours or overnight if a strongly brewed tea is what you seek. I also suggest tweaking the tea with white rum. Ditch the old and embrace the new is a saying that I believe in. Do try this and let me know your opinion in the comment section below. 

Does rum go well with tea

48. Pear Fruit Tea Cannot Be Avoided When Iced-Tea Is The Buzz Word

The taste of pear is best described as tangy(sour), sweet and spicy with a smooth and juicy texture. Used as syrups or consumed raw the fruit is indeed a delightful treat. Now, let us enhance the taste more by making it into a tea-based cocktail.

White rum being light and more effervescent than dark rum, blends well with the fruit giving you a smooth and even consistency. At the same time, the flavor of the tea isn’t lost and you get to enjoy one hell of a drink.

Does rum go well with tea

F. Who Said That Vegans Cannot Drink Alcohols?

As a vegan, if you are accustomed to hearing that spirited drinks aren’t for you give them a good laugh. Life for the blind or in this case for the unknown can be dark. Studies have revealed that all spirits like rum, gin, tonic, and vodka are safe to be consumed by vegans. However, it surely depends on the way the booze is processed or distilled. Now, keeping this in mind, I have curated a list of boozy tea drinks that can be consumed by the vegans of the world. Let us read about them below.

Does rum go well with tea

49. Cranberry Mojito Punch Is The First Beverage That Would Be Discussed

Cranberry is a seeded fruit that can be sweet or sour depending on the plucking time. The fruit is used as a juice, syrup, or used as topping in many food and beverages. Let us see the ideal distilled beverage that the fruit can be combined with.

Cranberry tastes so much better when incorporated in Mojitos made by mixing white & dark rum. You can also add sweeteners to it and to make it more appealing I suggest you skip adding honey. The sweetener is sourced from bees and this makes it anti-vegan. 

Does rum go well with tea

50. Black Daiquiri Is Another Boozy Idea That Deserves A Mention

Black Daiquiri is a jazzed-up cousin of the classic Daiquiri(that is made with either white rum or dark rum or a mix of both). Let us see the rum that is largely used in the drink.

The drink is made from spiced rum(a type of rum that has been flavored with various spices) and sweeteners are used too. It is a natural understanding that rum drinkers get drunk quickly and thus, moderation is recommended. Also, snacking on fruits, cheese or crackers with the drink will prove beneficial as the drink will have less impact on you. 

Does rum go well with tea

51. In A Mood For Cucumber Iced Tea?

Cucumber is high in water content making it an ideal summer fruit. Let me also tell you that the fruit can be used to make drinks too and I suggest using green tea leaves. Also, a steep time of 5 minutes is recommended.

White rum is suggested for its mild yet sweet flavor profile that will ensure the taste of the fruit isn’t lost. I suggest adding mint leaves at the time of brewing for a minty taste that will make the drink more soothing. 

Does rum go well with tea

52. Sweet Pineapple Iced Tea Is The Ideal Beachy Cocktail

Pineapple is a tropical plant that is quite sweet and for long fruits & tea are known as a great combination. So, why can’t one use it as a fruit tea instead and improvise it with an intoxicant?

Yes, pineapple fruit tea can be made into a tippy drink by adding white and spiced rum. While white rum will blend well giving you a smooth and light texture, spiced rum will add some heat and balance the sweetness so you get a sweet and spicy note with each sip. 

Does rum go well with tea

53. Ever Thought That Creamy Egg-Nog Could Be Considered Vegan?

Egg nog is a drink that is traditionally made from milk and egg whites. However, veganism is on the rise, and thus, to cater to the growing market, egg nog has adorned a plant-based approach. This version is made by using ingredients like cashew milk, dates, and spices. Let us see what alcohol will make an ideal egg nog drink below.

Vegan egg nog involves pre-made tea as the base with other additions like soy or coconut milk, a liquid sweetener, and rum. To make it more appealing aesthetically, I suggest using cinnamon sticks, whipped cream, or nutmeg powder. 

Does rum go well with tea

54. Horchata Cannot Be Missed When You Want To Serve Vegan Tea Based Drink

Horchata pronounced as Or-Cha-Tah is a Mexican drink that is made from white rice soaked in water. It is flavored with cinnamon and granulated sugar is used to sweeten it. I would also like to mention that each country has its own version and I suggest giving it a try.

The traditional recipe doesn’t use tea but, I came across a recipe that uses tea bags over which boiled water is poured and is steeped for 5 minutes. This rice tea is further spiked with white rum though, I suggest you add spiced rum too for two reasons namely, i)the drink can be sweet from the rum and (ii)the making process involves sugar and milk. These factors with the addition of rum can make the drink too sweet and thus, spiced rum will help minimize the sweetness making it an enjoyable drink. 

Does rum go well with tea

55. Gingerbread Margarita Is Another Credible Option Fit To Be Put On The List

The last but, definitely not the least option that I would like to talk about is the gingerbread Margarita. A typical and traditional cocktail is served with tequila but, I suggest you give white rum a try.

Made from orange liqueur and lime juice when adding a spirited drink, white rum is my go-to choice as this rum can blend with any tea leaves or if a quick drink is on your mind, tea-bags can be used too. I prefer going with tea-bags

Does rum go well with tea

G. Rum & Tea Blends That Are Enjoyed As A Hot & Cold Variant

Let us now consider rum and tea infusions that can be drunk both and cold without compromising on the taste or basic profile for which they are loved and the pairings are as mentioned below.

Does rum go well with tea

56. Matcha Tea Can Certainly Be Enjoyed As A Cold & Hot Tea

Matcha tea is a high-quality green tea powder that over the years has become very popular. However, did you ever think that Matcha can be spiked with alcohol & take the shape of a cocktail? Yes, this is surely an option and worth trying. I have shared my chosen alcohol with the reasonings below.

The tea can be bitter especially if you’re drinking it for the first time. or developing a taste. Now, in order to make the drink likable, sweeteners are added and then spiked with either gin or vodka. I suggest you use rum instead for its natural sweet texture that will add contrast against the bland or bitter taste of the tea. Trust me, no other tipple can Matcha up and if you are looking for more puns do read my blog about 99 morning tea captions for Instagram. Please do tag or mention me. 

Does rum go well with tea

57. Break The Traditional Way Fruit Tea Is Infused and Opt For Fig Tea

Fig is a sweet purple colored fruit that can be roasted, used in desserts, as toppings, syrups, or eaten raw. No matter how you include it in your diet, figs make for an apt fruit that can be mixed with any type of rum.

The tea is made by using tea bags that is dipped in hot water till you are happy with the consistency. Figs are known to be sweet and thus, I reckon that you make an amalgamation of white, dark, and spiced rum. This concoction will add some spice and sweetness. 

Does rum go well with tea

58. Toddy Is Enjoyed In Both Hot & Cold Spiked Tea

The last option that I would like to mention is Toddy. This is a multi-faceted drink and can be enjoyed both as a hot and cold drink.

I have made the drink so many times now that I can make it with my eyes closed. Jokes apart, just make the drink using black or green tea leaves as the base to which you have added a rum of your choice and topped it with lemon slices. 

I hope by now you know how to pair tea and rum together or will follow my blog. Let me also tell you that I just have one last section to write about before I sum up my blog. So, ready to know about spiced rum and tea pairings? Let us read about them below in the last section. 

Does rum go well with tea

H. Spiced Rum And Tea Pairings That Needs To Be Celebrated

Spiced rum as the name suggests is a type of rum that is sweet and is further made with a number of spices hence, the name. A favorite at any beach or tiki party is now a favorite at tea parties too and certainly worth the efforts. Thus, I decided to dedicate an entire section to it. Now, let us get acquainted with the parking as mentioned below.

Does rum go well with tea

59. Rosemary Tea’s Flavor Is Highlighted With Spiced Rum

Rosemary is a herbal infusion that is refreshing and light and at the same time offers a woody taste with a peppery note. Now, you might think that spiced rum will add more heat to the tea and you are not wrong to think.

Well, let me tell you that no matter the type of rum you opt for, the basic quality of rum is sweet and it can never be bitter. So, the rum with its spicy & sweet notes will add the required sweetness to the tea.

Does rum go well with tea

60. Ceylon Cinnamon Tea Makes For A Strong Bet

As the name suggests, the tea is made from the barks of the cinnamon tree. It can be made by either breaking the spice into small sticks or as a powdered form. Its initial taste and aroma can be described as sweet and spicy & which later on acquires a taste profile that is akin to black tea.

Spiced rum with its sweet and peppery notes will help balance the otherwise bitter taste of the tea and this attribute makes it an ideal choice to spike the tea.

Does rum go well with tea

61. Why Chai Tea Is Considered As One Awesome Option?

Chai tea is a brewed and aromatic beverage. The aromas are a result of spices and milk that is often brewed together. Sugar or sweeteners are added and which makes the tea quite sweet. So, spiced rum ticks the spots in all manners. Interlinking of chai tea and Thai tea to be done. 

Not only is the rum spicy that tones the sweetness, at the same time its sweet attribute ensures that you get an amazing drink. This is a winner for me. I would love to hear your opinion. Do share them in the comments section below.

Does rum go well with tea

62. Thai Tea’s Flavor Profile Is Enhanced When Spiked With Spiced Rum

Known for its bright orange color Thai Tea is a sweet drink that is made with black tea leaves infused with spices and coloring. I once had the tea and found it too sweet but, being a tea lover, I couldn’t see my favorite drink go to waste. Thus, I walked up to the barman and asked him if he could do something to cut down on the sweetness?

I got my answer in the form of spiced rum and I couldn’t be happier. Did you know that there exists a substitute for the rum? Now, if you are the sorts who don’t like the taste of the rum, then simply opt for a smoked bourbon and mix it with a spice of your choice. 

Does rum go well with tea

63. Consider Spiced Rum Chai Latte When Playing Safe is What You Want

Spiced rum chai latte is a tea that uses black tea as the base. The process is the same as making any black tea with alterations like adding milk when you are happy with the color of the liquid and the liqueur is added to the hot tea.

Do you know why alcohol should be added to the tea when it is still hot? Alcohol blends easily in hot liquid and you get a smooth and evenly tasting tea. 

Does rum go well with tea

64. Maple Tea Gets Some Spice With Spiced Rum

Maple tea is a kind of tea that is made from maple syrup instead of normal sugar. If I am to describe its flavor I would say that it offers a sweet taste with nutty notes that is due to its caramel taste and I would certainly love an element of spice here.

Spiced rum comes to my rescue as its characteristics will add an element of spice that balances the sweet taste of the tea. I reckon you give it a try at your next afternoon tea party.

Does rum go well with tea

65. Serve Red Velvet Tea With Spiced Rum & See It Fly Off The Tray

Red velvet tea is a range of herbal tea that is made from white tea and its flavor can be best described as chocolate infused with nuts with mild sweetness.

I am a lover of foods and drinks that are a combination of sweet and sour and what better than red velvet tea with spiced rum. However, this is just my opinion and I would love to hear your opinion too.

Does rum go well with tea

66. Butterfly Pea Tea Ought To Be On Your List When A Boozy Tea Rules The Mind

Butterfly pea tea is also called blue tea is a herbal tea and is caffeine-free. If you ask me about its taste I would tell you that the tea bears resemblance to green tea and can be bland or tasteless with an earthy and nutty profile.

Thus, I highly insist on flavoring it with spiced rum that will give me a sweet & spicy taste.

Does rum go well with tea

67. Goguma Tea Is The Last But a Rare Option That Deserves A Mention

The tea is commonly called sweet potato tea and contrary to popular belief, the tea is mildly sweet.

Now, when spiced rum is added, it gets a pungent and hot taste from the new addition. Trust me, this will definitely be a party in your mouth.

With this, I conclude my blog and I would love to hear your opinions about the pairings. Also, if you want to know some options that work well with hot tea, I have written a blog on 27 awesome hot tea and alcohol pairings. Do give it a read. 

Happy Sipping!