Do you know how to pair cheese and tea correctly? If No is your answer, my blog “does cheese & tea go together” wherein my 37 combinations will help you get the right pairing.

I am a passionate tea-blogger who can survive on tea. I love to write about tea and its various aspects. Times when I am not blogging, I love to engage with my customers at my tea cafe and this is where I draw inspiration for my blogs. 

Do Cheese & Tea Go Together

Does Cheese & Tea Go Together: 37 Brews With A Sweet, Salty & Sour Saga That’s Worth A Read

Cheese and tea are commendable pairings but can be quite tricky too. Running my own tea cafe isn’t easy and I have to keep the cheese pairings in mind that will go with the right tea type. I remember my husband and myself having a lengthy discussion with our cooking staff and after a lot of contemplation, we reached our “Sauve 37” which I am sharing with my precious readers. So, let’s work out the pairings.

Does cheese and tea go together

1. Green Tea & Its Cheesy Pairing

Green tea is known for its spicy, earthy, and woody taste that can be quite unappealing. I am not a fan of the tea myself and thus, I would definitely love for some cheese to gulp my tea.

Also, the tea is less oxidized, and cheeses like goat’s cheese, Brie, Cheddar, or any soft cheese will go a long way in complimenting the beverage.

Does cheese and tea go together

2. Make Black Tea A Variety To Remember With The Correct Cheese

Black tea is known for its strong or robust flavor and the high oxidation level makes it a bitter tea. Now, I don’t mind drinking the tea for a change and often alter its taste by adding honey or lemon drops to it. I, during the tea-tasting session at my cafe, came up with a few cheesy options that will make you forget the bitter taste of the liquid.

Creamy cheeses like Camembert, smoked Gouda, or blue cheese will work wonders when paired against the bitter-tasting black tea.

Does cheese and tea go together

3. Are You Familiar With The Types Of Cheeses That Can Be Paired With White Tea?

White tea is known for its sweet flavor that resembles honey. It is also considered the most delicate tea in the world and thus, pairing it with a strong variety is a huge mistake. Unfortunately, many do commit this sin and thus, I decided to include this in my list. I have also written a blog about white tea v/s black tea. Do read it to know more about the tea via 27 vital points. 

Pair the tea with any fresh cheese variety that has a light taste. Burrata, Mozzarella, Ricotta, Raclette, etc are just examples that will give you a hint about the pairings.

Does cheese and tea go together

4. Steep Oolong Carefully & Pair With The Right Cheesy Range

Oolong is a tea on its own and if I am to describe its flavor, I would say that it has a sweet taste with floral notes. Let me also tell you that it should never be treated as a variety of black or green tea. Now, then what cheese will be a perfect fit with the tea is what we will learn about below.

I reckon pairing it with Gouda or any cheese that is made from goat’s milk, Cheddar, Comte, Vermont, or any soft-ripened cheese are some types that when paired with the tea will make it a stand-out pairing.

Does cheese and tea go together

5. How To Pair Darjeeling Tea and Cheese Together?

Darjeeling tea is known as the wine of teas and rightly so, for its taste is best described as a tea that has mild, sweet notes resembling Muscat wine. In fact, I have written a blog about Assam Tea versus Darjeeling tea where the various aspects of the tea have been covered. Let us then see the right cheese pairings.

Camembert, Smoked Gouda, creamy cheese made from cow’s milk, Brie, etc are some examples of the cheese that works best.

Does cheese and tea go together

6. How To Pair Fruit Tea and Cheese Like A Pro?

Fruit teas can be a tricky one for each type is unique than the earlier. This at times confuses the experienced too and thus, I am here to ensure you get the pairing right leaving no room for errors. Did you know that fruit teas are herbal tea? I have written a blog about tea v/s tisane & explained all about how they differ via 31 practical reasonings. Do give it a read.

Smoked Gouda or semi-hard varieties of cheese like Cheddar, or Gruyere will balance the sweet, peppery taste of fruit-based infusions.

Does cheese and tea go together

7. Ceylon Tea and Its Cheesy Pairings Guaranteed To Earn You Praises

Ceylon tea as the name suggests is a variety of black tea that is grown in Sri Lanka. It has a distinctive taste profile and ranges from a strong tea to a sweet and light one depending upon the leaves you are using. For your information, I have written a blog about Darjeeling tea v/s Ceylon tea. I urge you to read it and find out 27 pivotal differences. 

Coming to its amazing cheese pairings, I highly suggest you pair it with any smoked cheese range like Gouda or Cheddar that will balance the sweet and bitter taste of the tea by adding some smokiness to it. 

Does cheese and tea go together

8. The Tricky Yet Cheesy Business of Pairing It With Assam Tea

Assam tea is known as the Champagne of teas and is famed for its malty flavor with a rich and sweet aroma that makes it a perfect tea to be used as a breakfast tea.

Cheeses like Manchego and Scottish Caboc are mild sweet tasting cheese with nutty notes to them. Thus, when paired with the tea the sweet and smooth texture is balanced by its nutty taste, and is why I highly reckon them.

Does cheese and tea go together

9. Ever Thought That Niligiri Tea Could Be Paired With Cheese?

Nilgiri tea is another type of black tea that can be compared to Assam or Darjeeling teas in taste. Now, if you want to know more about the tea, do read my blog about Assam tea v/s Nilgiri tea and find out all about the tea via 27 points. 

The tea is known to have strong, fruity flavors and unlike black tea doesn’t have the bitter after-taste. Thus, I reckon Tomme cheese for its grassy, nutty, and creamy attributes. Also, it is noteworthy to mention that if you are looking to substitute the cheese look for an option that offers similar or close resemblances in terms of flavor, texture, and making process. 

Does cheese and tea go together

10. Earl-Grey Tea Is The Preferred Tea When It Comes To Tea and Cheese Pairings

Earl-Grey is a black tea that has a sweet and citrusy note which is a result of Bergamot oil that is incorporated into the tea. This is a reason why many believe it to a herbal tea. But, is it really tisane? Read my blog about Is Earl-Grey Tisane and find out the answer via 13 gripping points. 

Keeping the flavors in mind the tea tastes sublime when paired with cheeses like light blue cheese like Cambozola or semi-hard cheese options like Cheddar and Gruyere. 

Does cheese and tea go together

11. Rooibos Cannot Be Missed Out When It Comes To Cheese and Tea Pairings

Rooibos or red-bush tea is a herbal tea that is known for its smooth and light texture with a natural sweetness and a hint of nuttiness. When brewed, the woody aroma hits the senses immediately. Let us then see how we can do justice to the tea by pairing it with the right cheese options.

Cheeses that are creamy and strong at the same time will work best with the tea. So, we can best pair it with Cheddar or Camembert. The flavors complement each other perfectly.

Does cheese and tea go together

12. Iced Tea & Its Cheese Pairings That Will Be A Perfect Shade To Take Shelter

Iced tea can be made in any way you want and works great as a cocktail too. The taste can be sweet, salty, and acidic depending on the way you make it. I have written a blog about 37 alcohol and iced tea pairings. Do give it a read and check out the swag of the tea. 

Keeping the myriad flavors in mind, I suggest you pair it with any creamy, salted, smoky, or nutty cheeses. I suggest blue cheese that offers a mild spiciness and salty. This will be a perfect pairing with any type of iced tea flavor.

Does cheese and tea go together

13. Amp Up The Taste of Spiced Tea With The Right Cheese Pairing

Spiced tea is true teas to which spices are added at the time of brewing. A classic example of a spiced tea is The Indian Masala Chai or Indian Spiced Tea and which is my favorite tea all year round. Let us now get acquainted with some cheese pairings that will increase the taste of the tea.

Owing to its spicy and sweet taste cheeses with a salty and mild sweet tastes amp up the tea’s flavor profile. Rightfully then, Ricotta, Brie, and Cheddar go paired together. a long way in helping you get the desired results.

Does cheese and tea go together

14. Chocolate Tea and Its Pairing With Cheese Is A Classical Combination

Chocolate tea is the new trend and is prepared by infusing chocolate syrup into the tea and adding spices. Now, since it has already acquired a sweet flavor from the chocolate you can skip adding sugar. This is a hot-selling tea at my shop. I love the hot tea more when it is paired with the right cheese.

To make the tea and cheese sing together it is essential that we pair the beverage with a smoked or aged cheese and Cheddar comes to my mind. However, Provolone, Gouda are some other options that can be paired with the tea.

Does cheese and tea go together

15. Do Cheese and Tea Go Together? Thai Tea and Its Cheesy Partner

Thai Tea is made with milk, sugar, spices, food coloring  & tea. The thing that makes the tea stand out is its bright orange color that is derived from spices and food coloring. This is a sweet tea on the whole and if you are looking to examine the tea more closely or how it fares up with other tea, do read my blog chai tea v/s Thai tea and find out all about it via 32 points of comparison. 

I suggest pairing it with blue cheese varieties like Roquefort, Feta, Halloumi, Mozarella, and Raclette for they will lend some smokiness to the tea. 

Does cheese and tea go together

16. Bubble Tea For No Tea Can Be A More Apt Choice To Be Paired With Cheese

Bubble tea is a hot and cold variety of tea that originated in Taiwan and is now the most loved variety across the world. Now, if you want to know the reasons, read my 27 reasons that will tell you what is so special about bubble tea. Do share your favorite reasons in the comments section below.

Now, any kind of cheese would work with this tea and I can only suggest you pick one depending on the flavor thus, chosen. I would, however, stick with smoked or aged cheeses, blue cheese would work great too, and then obviously we have the normal options that will be a great pair too. 

Does cheese and tea go together

17. Mint Tea Cannot Be Missed Out When Tea and Cheese Pairing Is The Need of The Moment

Mint tea is a type of ice tea that is usually made with the help of lemon, soda, salt, ice, and sugar syrups. Now, if you want to make it as a cocktail pair it with just any kind of alcohol.

Mint is added to the tea for a cool and soothing effect that keeps you hydrated. The drink is quite light and smooth to drink and pairing it with cheese will help you to hit the bullseye. I generally love to pair the tea with cheese when I am drinking alcohol. Mascarpone or any cream cheese, Brie, Swiss cheese, salty or smoked varieties would be my priority. 

Does cheese and tea go together

 18. Matcha When Paired With The Right Cheeses Is A Marvel In A Glass

Matcha tea is a high-quality green tea powder that over the years has become very popular. As a first-timer, you might find the tea to be bitter. Let me tell you that on the whole, the flavor is described as bitter with woody and vegetal taste, and owing to these attributes it is often paired with sweet foods. Now, have you ever thought of pairing it with cheese varieties?

I would pair my tea with cheeses like Burrata, Goat’s cheese, Mascarpone & cream cheese. These cheeses are salty, creamy, and are mildly sweet in flavor & thus I highly recommend them. 

Does cheese and tea go together

19. Ever Thought That Cheese Can Balance Sweet Tea?

Sweet tea is most normally made by adding sugar or basic syrup to dark tea either while the tea is blending or still hot, The tea tastes best when served super cold. It very well may be seasoned with lemon, peach, raspberry, or mint. In spite of the seasonings, there are still some key elements that are missing and thus, cheese plays a critical role here.

Have you ever considered blending the tea with smoked or pungent and zesty cheddar choices? Smoked Gouda and blue cheddar like Roquefort will lend a smoky, pungent, and zesty component separately. These when joined with the tea won’t cause the tea excessively sweet and you to get to partake in a blend of flavors.

Does cheese and tea go together

20. Know The Trick To Pair Lemon Tea With The Correct Cheese

Lemon tea is a refreshing summer iced tea that helps you stay hydrated. I love homemade tea as this way I have full control over it and moreover, it is so much more refreshing than compared to the pre-mixed tea. I prefer loose tea leaves as I get a better infusion and at the same time, the texture is smoother too.

Lemon tea is made by squeezing fresh lemon or lemon juice into the liquid when it is still hot or brewing for an even-tasting drink. Having said this, I would pick Roquefort, Mozzarella, Feta, Raclette, or comparable cheeses for their rich, smoked, and pungent profiles.

Does cheese and tea go together

21. Turkish Tea & Cheese Is A Delighful Pairing

Traditional Turkish tea is made with black tea leaves and has a quite distinguished taste. Sweet with a hint of astringency is what the tea is all about and is served in Tulip-shaped glasses. Also, it would be apt to mention that sugar is a natural in the tea and cannot be missed out on.  Let us consider how cheese can help us in getting the flavors right.

Owing to its rich bitter taste but at the same time, keeping the sweetness of the tea in mind, I would pick cheeses that are somewhat sweet, smoked, and simultaneously are pungent as well. The smokiness, slight pleasantness, and pungent surfaces would make the tea more worth a beverage, and Raclette, Roquefort, smoked Gouda, etc are some applaudable options.

Does cheese and tea go together

22. Consider Kahwa As Another Tea That Can Be Paired With Cheese

Kahwa is a fragrant green tea that is made by an infusion of spices, saffron, almonds and is widely consumed in the Kashmir valley of the Indian sub-continent. The valley has a harsh climate and this beverage helps one stay warm. I cannot resist a cup during the winters.

Owing to the natural taste of the tea I would pair it with cheeses that are sweet, salty and at the same time offer some creaminess too. Hence, cottage cheese, Mozarella, goat’s or cow’s cheese, Ricotta, etc are some erstwhile pairings that I would opt for.

Does cheese and tea go together

23. The Ultimate Cheese That Can Be Paired With Kashmiri Noon Chai

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the tea let me tell you that this is another variety found in the Kashmir valley of India and is quite unique in its own way. The tea is pink in color and thus is called pink tea. Sheer chai is another name by which it is called and when consumed offers a mixed taste of sweet and salty. Baking soda is used at large in the preparation of the tea along with milk and salt.  I will be writing a blog on the tea soon. 

Owing to these profiles, I would opt for smoked cheese varieties as mentioned in quite a few places. Kalari excites me and the most effective way to eat the cheese(as proposed by a Kashmiri friend)is to prepare it with flavors and finish it off with sauteed vegetables. This locally produced cheese is gooey & delicate on the inside with a firm yet soft exterior. 

Does cheese and tea go together

24. Learn How To Pair Moroccan Tea and Cheese Correctly

Maghrebi mint tea aka Moroccan tea is a green mint tea that is made by infusing spearmint and sugar. If I am to describe its taste, I would say that it is an overly sweet tea and to help me break the chain of sweetness, I would definitely opt for foods that have a salty, smoky, nutty flavors to them.

I found my answer in the form of credible options like Mozarella, cheddar, blue cheese, smoked Gouda, Havarti, Gruyere. You can though use any variety that has a similar taste to the ones mentioned and tone down the sweetness from the tea.

Does cheese and tea go together

25. The Best Approach To Pairing Panda Dung Tea and Cheese

Panda tea or Panda dung tea as the name suggests is a tea that is made from the poop or dung of pandas. This is considered to be an exotic tea and is also a prized collection to brew. The tea makes for a nutty taste and when brewed correctly emits a bamboo aroma that uplifts the senses.

Cheese and tea since long are a remarkable pairing and I would opt for varieties like Mozarella, brie cheese, fresh Ricotta, Mascarpone & Stilton. The mentioned varieties are known to be sweet and pungent that taste extraordinary when matched with the tea.

Does cheese and tea go together

26. Vanilla Tea and Cheese: Yay or Nay!!

Vanilla Tea is a herbal tea that is made by infusing vanilla beans or extract with either black tea, white or orange pekoe tea. Though they can be had on their own, are preferred with milk & sweeteners. If you are wondering what orange pekoe tea is, read my blog about 23 differentiating points between Darjeeling tea and Ceylon tea. 

The tea is best described for its slightly sweet taste and is considered a dessert tea. Having said this, the tea lacks some salty, smoky, or nutty textures, and to help me get this straight I would pair it with Buratta, Smoked Gouda, Roquefort, Cheddar or similar profile cheeses. 

Does cheese and tea go together

27. Mushroom Tea and Its Cheesy Considerations

Made by steeping mushrooms or mushroom powder with a tea base either black or green & is considered a herbal option.  Let us see the cheese that we can pair with the tea.

Mushroom tea has a nutty and earthy taste and I would opt for Gruyere, goat’s or cow’s milk cheese, Danish blue cheese, Buratta, etc to name a few. 

Does cheese and tea go together

28. Yellow Tea and Cheese Makes For An Amazing Combination

The rarest and most expensive tea variety of China, Yellow tea is known as a Miracle drink for its various health benefits. To describe the flavor, I would say that is somewhat similar to green with the only exception of it being sweet. Let us now see the awesome cheese options the tea can be paired with.

Brie, fresh cheeses like Ricotta, cheddar, soft cheese, Feta, Mozarella amongst other varieties are some erstwhile pairing that I would opt for blindly. They are known for being mildly sweet and like any other cheese have the right amount of saltiness to them.  

Does cheese and tea go together

29. Add An Element of Surprise To Your Cup of Lavender Tea With Cheese

Lavender tea is another herbal variety to consider and is made by infusing the buds of the flower in hot water. The taste of the tea is another story and each blend is different than the other. You can expect a taste that ranges from being smoky or woody, to woody and sweet with hints of floral aroma.

Keeping the taste profile in mind, I would pair the tea with fresh cheesy varieties or any cheese that has a creamy texture. Thus, Danish blue cheese, Feta, cottage cheese, Mascarpone, etc are some names that I would cherish as a guilty pleasure with the tea.

Does cheese and tea go together

30. Cheesy Profile That Should Be Considered When Pairing With Butter Tea

Butter tea, Gud cha, Gur cha is drunk at large in the Ladakh region of India. The tea is made from Yak’s milk that unlike cow’s milk is naturally creamy, salty, and buttery in texture. This helps against the harsh climatic conditions of the region but, can do with an upliftment in terms of taste.

We know that the tea will be salty owing to the presence of butter and to help strike the right flavors, I suggest Smoked Gouda, Habanero Cheddar Cheese, Pepper Jack Cheese, Provolone, Smoked Cheddar or Cheddar, Raclette, Gruyere, etc. Wow! quite an overwhelming pairing don’t you think? Now, as long as you stick with varieties that are smoked, spicy, or have a mild sweetness to them you should be okay. 

Does cheese and tea go together

31. Familiar With Russian Caravan Tea?

Russian Caravan tea is a tea blend that is made by combining equal parts of Lapsang Souchong, a classic black tea like China Keemun or Oolong. It is an aromatic yet full-bodied tea and is often described as having a sweet, nutty taste with a floral aroma.

I would thus, pair it with Brie, cottage cheese, Parmesan, Cheddar, Emmental, or any cream cheese so that I get to enjoy some zesty flavors from the cheese with hints of sweetness and nuttiness from the tea. Hmm! my tea-time is sorted.

Does cheese and tea go together

32. Bai Mudan Tea and Its AmazeBalls Cheese Pairings Worth Mentioning

Bai Mudan is a kind of white tea that is known for its fragile flavor and traces of hot with somewhat sweet and floral notes. Let us now see the cheesy options that would prove to be a contrast with the tea. I have listed some choicest selections below.

I would pair the tea with Goat’s cheese, Mozarella, Ricotta, Raclette, Brie, and Buratta. At the same time, the tea can also be paired with other fab options like Gouda, Parmesan. This way I am ensuring some smokiness, with hints of salt.

Does cheese and tea go together

33. Considering Butterfly Pea Tea & Some Cheesy Amalgamations

Butterfly pea tea is a caffeine-free herbal tea variety that is known for its bluish hue. The tea is known for its floral, mildly sweet flavor, which is similar to Chamomile tea.

I would combine it with herbed cheeses like Boursin or smoked Gouda. Brie, Cottage Cheese, Parmesan, Provolone as some credible choices. 

Does cheese and tea go together

34. Hop Onto The Latest Trend of Herbal Tea & Cheese With Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea is another infusion that is made from the Hibiscus plant and its pink-reddish color makes it stand out from the rest. having said this, the flavor can be described as a tart tea but is quite a refreshing drink irrespective of brewed hot or cold.

I highly recommend Milky Gouda, Brie cheese, Havarti, Mascarpone, Danish blue cheese, Parmesan, Feta, Provolone, etc for a sweet, salty, and creamy texture that will help to tone down the tartness of the tea. 

Does cheese and tea go together

35. Drink Tea Like The Japanese With Kukicha Tea and Pair It with The Right Cheese

Kukicha or twig tea is a Japanese green tea that is slightly nutty in taste yet offers a creamy and salty texture. Thus, pairing it with the right cheese becomes more essential.

Raclette, Formaggio, Scardello, or any French cheese would go really well for they aren’t too sweet. On the contrary are known for their rich, salty, and smoked flavors that make them a perfect pairing with any kind of tea so how can Kukich tea be an exception. 

Does cheese and tea go together

36. When Cheese & Tea Pairing Is on My Mind Gunpowder Tea Isn’t Far Behind

Gunpowder tea is a type of tea in which the tea leaves are rolled in such a manner that they resemble pellets or bullets. This can be classified as a type of green tea for it too is spicy, bland with woody or earthy notes to it.

I would pair the tea with sweet and creamy cheeses like Camembert, Provolone, Parmesan, brie, cottage cheese, Burrata, Comte, Gorgonzola, Roquefort, etc. I also would like to point out that irrespective of the flavor, salt is a constant that cannot be ruled out when it comes to cheese. 

Does cheese and tea go together

37. Come Home To Mongolian Tea and Cheese To Gulp It All Down

Mongolian tea or Suutei Tsai is a tea variety that offers a deep, tangy & savory taste. The tea has a distinctive light to dark brown color and is made from cow’s milk that is further infused with tea leaves, salt, and water. Let us see some cheese that will make for a great experience.

Keeping the mentioned flavors in mind, I would pair the tea with cheeses that’s been made from goat’s or cow’s milk for a sweet, salty feel. However, brie, Mozarella, blue cheese, Ricotta, Parmesan, cottage cheese are some classified options that cannot be ruled out.

This concludes my blog about some tea and their cheese pairings. I hope you will want to try them out. Do share your experience with me. Also, if you think you need to ask me something, do drop them in the comments section and I will be more than happy to answer them for you. Let me also tell you that you can get your daily fix of tea by simply logging on to my website and pick your tea nugget. 

Happy Sipping!