Want to mix tea and brandy together but, unsure how to pair them? Read my blog about does brandy go well with tea and discover 19 amazing possibilities. 

I am a passionate Tea-blogger who runs a tea cafe in the northern parts of Kolkata city. For a person who loathes alcohol, it took me by surprise and I cannot help pairing it with my tea. So, if you too love your tea to be boozy, this is the blog for you. 

Does Brandy Go Well With Tea

Does Brandy Go Well With Tea: 19 Boozy Options To Raise A Toast To Tea

Tea and alcohol are synonymous with versatility and since they are known for their easy to adapt characters they have earned a name in the food & beverage industry. Now, the question that might trouble you is if brandy and tea blend well together. Well, fret not for I have brought 19 options that will make you celebrate tea and your favorite liquor. So, let us find out about them below.

Now, before we move further into the blog and see some pairings let us understand a few basics.

Cognac: This is a variety of brandy that is named after the Cognac region in South-West France. The symbol of French luxury has been rightly called the “Liqueur of Gods”. Now, to understand it clearly let us treat it in a way that we would with wine.  This is distilled twice using copper pots

Brandy: The alcohol means”Burned Wine” and is considered a type of liqueur that is made by fermenting fruit juices. The drink can be further classified into fruit brandy and Pomace. While fruit brandy is made from fruits like raspberries, peaches, pears, and apples(not from grapes); Pomace on the other hand is made from crushed grapes. Now, since they aren’t aged one gets a stronger flavor from it.

Now, that we have a fair idea about the booze let us then see how it can be paired with tea below.

Does brandy go well with tea

A. Hot Tea And The Type of Brandy It Can Be Mixed With

Brandy is known for an instant surge of warmth that one can feel on drinking it. This is the prime reason why it is so commonly drunk during the harsh winter months. The alcohol is rubbed on the body too and I remember my mother massaging me with the booze to protect me from catching a cold. Tea too offers momentary relief from the cold and thus, both make an awesome pairing.

Does brandy go well with tea

1. Toddy Speaks of Adaptability Like No Other Spiked Tea

If you have read my previous blogs, you will find that all the blogs have Toddy in common. This is because no alcoholic drink can come close to this beverage in terms of adaptability.

Toddy works with any tea leaves as the base, can be made using tea bags, drunk hot or cold and what makes it stand apart is the ability to blend with any tippler added to it. I recommend Udyan tea company for they offer a wide selection 

Does brandy go well with tea

2. Black Tea & Brandy Can Brighten Mundane Mood

Black tea is a type of tea that is known for its acidic and bitter taste. Some people thus like their tea with either sugar, honey, or adding lemon drops to it. This helps in balancing the flavor and offers a smooth texture.

If you are to describe the flavor of brandy, I would say that it is a perfect blend of sweet & acidic flavor profiles. So, the next time the tea makes you squirm, tweak it with a little brandy and be amazed by the pleasant change. I recommend Vahdam black tea for its great taste and use it to make tea in my shop.

Does brandy go well with tea

3. Honey And Lemon Tea Is Another Pairing To Bet On

Honey and lemon tea need no introduction and are loved for their hot and cold versions. However, we would we will be talking about the hot tea here.

Nothing works better than the tea to soothe a sore throat and when it is further flavored with brandy, the amalgamation of sweet, sour, and nuttiness(from the brandy that is a result of it being stored in oak barrels) only uplifts the taste of the tea.

Does brandy go well with tea

4. Ginger And Honey Is A Tisane That Deserves a Place On the List

Ginger and honey tea is another hot option that is often drunk for many reasons. The slightly sweet taste and spicy notes of ginger are balanced by the sweetness from the honey. Now, the only element that is missing here is a nutty flavor.

Brandy as discussed above depending on how long it is aged and storing method can be nutty at times. Thus, I highly recommend this alcohol above any other.

Does brandy go well with tea

5. Mint Tea & Brandy Make For Another Awesome Pairing

Mint tea offers a sweet and cooling sensation when drunk and thus, let us see why it makes for an awesome pairing with brandy below.

The spirit offers a subtle sweetness without being too overpowering and with a hint of acidity. This increases the flavor profile of the tea giving the alcohol a cut above other spirits.

Does brandy go well with tea

6. How Brandy Compliments The Taste of Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea resembles apple in terms of taste and offers a mellow sweetness that resembles honey on brewing. The tea is light to drink and offers a smooth consistency with a floral aroma.

Brandy when added to the tea makes the tea sweet, nutty, and slightly bitter without ruining the tea’s natural flavor or texture. This is why I chose this alcohol as a pairing with the mentioned tea.

Does brandy go well with tea

7. Ever Considered Apple Tea & Brandy As A Pairing?

Apple tea is a concoction that is made by boiling apple slices and black tea leaves. It is further flavored with spices like cinnamon and cloves. The tea is enjoyed as a hot or warm beverage. I would surely not use any sweeteners to ruin its taste but, instead, I would opt for brandy.

The alcohol would add some subtle sweetness, acidity and nutty flavor that would make the tea more appealing to the taste buds and I can just relax with a cup of warm tea and a book in hand to while a cold day.

Now, that we have seen more hot tea and brandy pairings, it is now time to move to the next phase. I would like to tell you that I would be sharing some tips towards the end that will make brandy and tea infusion a delight. Do give it a read. On this note,let us get started on the next pairing.

Does brandy go well with tea

B. Cold Tea & Brandy Pairings

Come summer months and the demand for cocktails or iced tea is on the rise. So, I thought of fusing two amazing ways of using the spirit and tea together that can be enjoyed in both summers and winters. In this section, we would be seeing some cold options.

Does brandy go well with tea

8. Brandy Slush Is The Ideal Summer Drink & A Great Way To Welcome The Season

Slush is a drink that is made by using cold water and can be made into a number of flavors like raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, mangoes, etc, and is topped with lots of ice. I love slush but, since it is high in sugar I often shy from drinking it until recently.

I had a slush cocktail at a summer party before Corona decided to become a permanent member of our lives and the drink re-kindled my love for slush once again. The difference was in sugar. Brandy is mildly sweet and when it was mixed with my drink added the required sweetness and also added some acidity to it. 

Does brandy go well with tea

9. Sweet Tea+ Brandy Makes For A Great Breezy Drink

Sweet tea is made by adding sugar or liquid sweeteners to black tea. Many people add sugar to the tea when it has completely cooled down and this is a practice I strongly advise against. Sweeteners, granulated or liquid blend evenly in hot mixtures than cold & so, I recommend adding the sweetener to the tea when it is either hot or warm. 

Let me also tell you that tweaking the tea with the spirit will help strike a balance between sweet and tart that will make the tea more desirable to drink.

Does brandy go well with tea

10. Ever Heard of Brandy Tea Punch?

As the term suggests the tea punch is a combination of tea leaves as the base, fruit juices, sweeteners, and alcohol of your choice. Tea punch is something I love to make during the summers and I am sharing my method below.

I use black tea leaves to make my tea and prepare my tea and I ideally make it a day before so that it gets plenty of time to cool down and I can skip adding ice to it. I recommend a steep time of 8 hours to overnight. Then I add fruit brandy to the tea right before consuming and give it a good stir. 

Does brandy go well with tea

11. Yummy Mangoes Makes For A Great Fruit Pairing With Brandy

If you’re someone like me for whom summers are incomplete without heavenly mangoes then I can vouch you would want to drink mango tea. This tea is a combination of mango puree and water that is sweetened with sugar. Let us though skip the sugar here and add a twist to it by applying the below method.

Once you have made the tea and it has cooled down then at the time when you think of adding sugar just add Pomace Brandy instead. Pomace offers a stronger flavor as compared to normal or any fruit brandy and will compliment the fruit tea perfectly. 

Does brandy go well with tea

12. Sweet Maple Tea Makes A Great Pairing With Pomace

Made by combining maple syrup, black tea leaves, and water maple syrup offers a natural sweet-tasting tea and thus, you can omit adding sugar. This tea is quite sweet to my liking and I would definitely love my tea with additional flavors. So, what can be done to decrease its sweet appeal?

I would add a few drops of lemon and Pomace Brandy to freshly brewed tea. The sweetness of the tea is balanced by the addition of Pomace and lemon drops. I further suggest garnishing it with mint leaves for a cooling effect that will also freshen the breath so that you don’t reek of alcohol. 

Does brandy go well with tea

13. Amazing Thailand Tea & Brandy Make For A Relaxing Summer Drink

Thailand Iced tea is a dink that can be drunk both hot and cold and is known by its sweet taste and distinguished orange color. Let us see the reason behind the color and why brandy should be used below.

The distinguished color of the tea is a result of combing black tea leaves, condensed milk, sugar syrups, spices, and food coloring. Now, the tea is sweet, and brandy or eau de vie with its sweet yet acidic flavor profile will create a harmony of sweetness and tartness.

Does brandy go well with tea

14. Ever Considered Strawberry Tea & Brandy As A Cocktail Pairing?

Fruits, alcohol, and tea are immortal pairings and so why should we stay behind. I will definitely opt for strawberry tea and infuse it with brandy. Let me tell you my recipe that is not only quick but, one that will wow! each time.

Strawberry tea is nothing but black tea leaves that has been steeped with freshly made strawberry juice. Once the tea has cooled down I would add sugar syrups. In this case, since I am adding brandy I would give sugar a skip and instead make the tea more desirable with the alcohol.

Does brandy go well with tea

15. Orange Tea Is Another Fruity Tea That Gives A Smooth Texture When Paired With Brandy

Made from the juice of the fruit, orange tea is another fruit tea that offers a hint of sweetness with high notes of tartness. This no-fuss tea can be made from loose tea leaves or tea bags even.

I usually make iced teas a day before as this gives a more even and smooth tasting cold brew and I can skip adding ice. Now, in order to avoid the tea from being too tart Cognac is the apt alcohol that comes to mind. The taste is best described as a mixed bag of sweet, bitter, spicy, and with a hint of fruity aroma. I have my cocktail sorted.

Does brandy go well with tea

16. Ever Considered Orzo Cocktail?

Orzo is made from barley or wheat and is considered a substitute for coffee. The taste is often described as toasty and earthy with bland notes & thus, adding an element of sweetness would be a good idea. Let us see what spirit we cab use to enhance its flavor.

I would simply add 1.5 ounces of any fruit-based brandy for a taste of sweet, sour with a floral aroma and hints of dried fruits. This will add some zest to my drink and believe me, you will want to try this brandy to flavor the tea each time.

Does brandy go well with tea

17. Green Tea & Mango Is Another Pairing That Is Worth A Mention

Green tea is often described to be bitter and spicy. Mango does add some sweetness or tartness depending upon the variety. This makes the tea appealing though, an extra element of punch won’t harm, right? Now, when the thought of spiking the tea comes to mind, brandy is my choice.

The alcohol is known for being mildly sweet, with a hint of sourness that will balance the tea and the fruit and I will get a drink that is a perfect combination of all elements done right.

Does brandy go well with tea

18. Look No Further, Red Bush Tea Is Here

Red Bush tea or in other words is Rooibos tea. The tea is known for offering a light texture with a smooth consistency and is known for its natural sweetness with hints of nuttiness. Let us now see the booze we can tweak the tea with.

I suggest opting for Armagnac for this variety of brandy offers a taste that is a cross of caramel, chocolate, and burnt orange. Moreover, its strong flavor profile that gives a mouthful would make the tea more appealing. Do give it a try and share your experience in the comments section below.

Does brandy go well with tea

19. Lemon Tea Keeps You Hydrated & Is An Ideal Summer Drink

Lemon is known to be rich in Vitamin C and when made into tea, it keeps one hydrated and helps to stay cool. Let us now see how by just adding alcohol we can elevate its flavor.

I would add fruit-based brandy for its amazing flavor profile as mentioned above. So, by adding the right amount I have a drink that offers me an amazing flavor profile with a smooth consistency.


This concludes my blog and I hope you enjoyed reading about the pairings with the respective tea. Do share your views in the comments section below. Also, if you think you have any questions to ask me feel free to drop them in the comments section below and I will be happy to answer them. I have also written some interesting blogs about tea and its pairings with various spirits. Just login to my website and choose the blogs tab on the homepage. 

Happy Sipping!