Who doesn’t love pairing versatile fruits and tea together? I cannot say no to fruits and tea is my life. So, to break the myth that fruits and tea cannot be combined together, I decided to write a blog about it.

I am a tea blogger & a tea enthusiast. At the same time, I run my own tea cafe in Kolkata city. We drink fruit tea so, why not have it in its raw form with tea? Read my blog about 27 delish juicy fruit and tea pairings. 

Do fruits and tea go together

Do Fruits & Tea Go Together- 27 Flavorful Options To Delight Every Tea and Fruit Lover

Who doesn’t love fruits? They are small powerhouses of energy and each season has its own variety. As a tea lover, I am in awe of the variety this beverage offers. Now, as a tea cafe owner, I often offer fruits with tea to my customers, especially when words like tasty, on the go, or a fulfilling food item is in demand. Having said this, it is important to get the trick right and my blog about 27 tea that can be paired with amazing fruits will help you in getting it right. So, ready to embark on a drink and eat journey?

Do fruits and tea go together

1. Black Tea When Paired With Fruits Is A Pleasurable Drink

Black tea is known for its astringency and is a result of the high oxidation it has to undergo. Often drunk without any milk or sugar, it can be quite bitter to drink. Fruits are our perfect answer that not only lends natural sweetness but their juicy taste only enhances the flavor of the tea.

I recommend opting for fruits like kiwi, strawberry, lemons, melons, passion fruit, and oranges. You can though add any fruits that you think will add the required sweetness so you get a complete balance of flavor. 

Do fruits and tea go together

2. Fruits Are A Boon To Be Paired With White Tea

White tea is known for its sweet flavor that resembles honey and is quite a delicate tea. The name has been given to it as it is derived from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant when they are still young or have white hairs on them. Now, it is essential that we pair them with fruits that will complement its taste.

I suggest pairing it with fibrous fruits like apples, pears, avocados. Additionally, the tea can also be combined with tart fruits like lemons, melons, or seeded fruits like cherry, I love mangoes that are more inclined towards tartness with my tea. 

Do fruits and tea go together

3. Oolong When Paired With The Right Fruits Is Worth Thy Sip

Oolong is often confused with green or black tea and this is where many goof up. This is a one-of-a-kind tea class altogether and its flavor as tea connoisseurs might say can range from being vegetal to having a candy flavor with a floral aroma.

 I suggest fruits like cherries, raisins, coconut, plums, peaches, melons, lemons that will assist with restraining its differentiating flavors.

Do fruits and tea go together

4. Jasmine Tea Cannot Be Ruled Out When Delicious Fruits Are Considered

Jasmine tea is a herbal infusion and a typical serving will give you a sweet taste with a floral aroma that balances its slightly bitter taste.

I propose fruits like berries, oranges, and grapefruits would go a long way by adding some zinginess to it that will contrast the sweet flavor of the tea. 

Do fruits and tea go together

5. Rooibos Gets A Flavor Booster When Paired With Delish Fruits

Rooibos or red bush tea is a tea that is distinguished by its bright red color. The tea offers a light and sweet texture with nutty notes and moderate sweetness.

I love to pair the tea with fruits that are more inclined towards tartness and thus, I recommend blackcurrants, dragon fruit, passionfruit, lemons, mangoes. I would also include diced apple for some juicy elements. 

Do fruits and tea go together

6. Drink Like The Brits With Earl-Grey & Add Fruits To Your Afternoon Drink

Earl-Grey is a kind of black tea but is low on astringency level as it is infused with Bergamot oil that gives it a sweet taste. Nothing can be more synonyms with Brits than Earl-grey. I have written a blog is Earl-grey tisane. Do read it and find out the reasons through 13 gripping points.

 I recommend tangerines like raspberries, blackcurrants, and lemons for a sweet and sour taste with the tea. 

Do fruits and tea go together

7. When Fruits & Tea Pairings Is On My Mind Darjeeling Tea Is Never Far Behind

Darjeeling tea is called the “Champagne of tea” and rightly for its taste resembles Muscatel wine. This is why tea experts suggest having it without milk or sugar.

Peaches, grapes, apricots, apples, blackcurrants, strawberries, banana, papaya, kiwi, dragon fruit, etc are some fruits that are highly recommended. 

Do fruits and tea go together

8. Thinking of Adding Some Zestiness To Assam Tea? Let Fruits Be The Ideal Choice

Assam tea like any black tea is high on caffeine and thus, is considered an ideal breakfast drink. It has a bitter, malty taste and offers a mouthful.

I would pair it with pineapples, apples, mangoes, plums, figs, lemons, melons, peaches, dragon fruits, or any fruits that offers me some sweetness and tartness at the same time. 

Do fruits and tea go together

9. Nilgiri Tea Compliments Fruits Like No Other Variety

Nilgiri tea is a type of Indian tea that has hints of fruits and is a light-textured tea. The best part is that this tea never curdles and is an ideal choice to be had with milk. Want to know more about this variety of tea? Read my blog about Assam tea vs Nilgiri tea & find out all you want to know through 23 defining points. 

I would additionally pair it with lemons, coconut, bananas, and melons. You can team it with any variety that offers a combination of sweet, sour, and nuttiness. 

Do fruits and tea go together

10. Break The Bitterness of Ceylon Tea With Moorish Fruits

Ceylon tea is a full-bodied tea with citrusy notes and this is what sets it apart from black tea.

When paired with peaches, figs, apricots, bananas, apples the drink gets a sweet taste too and this is one pairing I have grown to love. 

Do fruits and tea go together

11. Vanilla Tea & Fruits Make A Perfect Dessert

Vanilla tea has slightly sweet and goes well with milk or sweeteners. The tea can be mixed with other tea blends or had otherwise too.

I recommend fruits like coconuts, watermelons, water chestnuts, citron, cucumber, or fruits that are have a mildly sweet flavor but are high on water content and add some nuttiness at the same time. 

Do fruits and tea go together

12. Irresistible Chocolate Tea and Fruits Anyone?

Decadent chocolate is now available in your tea too and this flavor is a crowd puller at my cafe. I use chocolate syrup as it gives me a more refined and strong taste in my tea. However, I never go beyond 2 teaspoons as adding more might overpower my tea. 

Strawberries, figs, and mangoes are amongst some lip-smacking combinations though other fruity options like oranges, ripe or yellow bananas, peaches, apples, coconuts, water chestnuts, etc cannot be ruled out. 

Do fruits and tea go together

13. Consider Floral Lavender Tea As An Exemplary Team With Fruits

Lavender tea is made by infusing different parts of the flower & hot water. When I am tired and need a booster, Lavender tea works wonders for me. This herbal infusion has a minty and soothing effect that helps you relax.

The tea can be sweet to nutty and have a floral aroma. I would sway towards a mix of sweet and sour fruits. Oranges, grapes, kiwis, blackcurrants, lime, etc make for an ideal choice. 

Do fruits and tea go together

14. Pu-erh & Fruits Is A Gratifying Alliance

Pu-erh is a type of fermented tea that is grown in the Yunnan region of China and thus, can be described to have a similar taste to that of mushrooms.

Coconut, bananas, passion fruit, dragon fruits, kiwis, oranges, mangoes, plums, prunes, pineapples, etc are some note-worthy pairings with the tea as they are a combination of sweet and sour flavors. 

Do fruits and tea go together

15. Indian Spiced Tea Is A Classic Example To Be Paired With Fruits

Indian spiced tea is just an excuse for me to drink tea and I grew to love this variety from quite an early age. The tea is a perfect amalgamation of a strong tea leaf as the base, milk, spices like cloves, black pepper powder, cardamom, ginger, milk, and sweeteners.

Now, I recommend bananas, coconut, water chestnuts, pears, apples, watermelons, etc as the mentioned fruits will add some nuttiness against the sweet taste of the tea. 

Do fruits and tea go together

16. Summers Are Incomplete Without Mint Tea

Mint tea is made by infusing spearmint and water. It is known for its cooling and refreshing effects. The tea is best enjoyed cold topped with ice.

To add some bounciness to the tea, I would throw in fruits like raspberries, strawberries, coconut, blueberries, cherries, grapes, kiwis, pears, figs, irresistible mangoes if I am drinking the tea during the summer months, etc. You can pair the tea with any fruit that takes your fancy. 

Do fruits and tea go together

17. I Would Add Russian Tea To My List If Only To Check How It Works With Fruits

Russian tea is a robust black tea that is made by a combination of sugar, pineapple juice, lemon juice, orange juice, and spices like cinnamon sticks or cloves are further added to increase the flavors. I suggest a hot tea and without milk. Now, to enhance the taste I suggest you use a metal container to heat or boil water. This is called Samovar and is widely used in Russia to prepare tea. 

Fruits that are high in citrus content like passion fruit, tamarinds, cranberries, gooseberries, green mangoes, limes, etc are recommended so you get some tartness with the tea. 

Do fruits and tea go together

18. Serve Moroccan Tea At A Party & Pair With Agreeable Fruits

Moroccan tea is made from green tea and mint leaves. The tea is brewed till dark brown in color and is had without milk. It is traditionally served in tulip-shaped glasses. If I am to describe its taste I would put it as a tea that can be sweet or bitter depending on the tea leaves used.

I would play it safe here and pair it with fruits like bananas, figs, peaches, grapes, pineapples, kiwis, water chestnuts & prunes. 

Do fruits and tea go together

19. Thai Tea Meets Its Match In Fruits

If you walk into a cafe you are sure to be drawn to Thai tea like fireflies to light. The tea can be distinguished by its bright orange color that is a result of food coloring, spices, milk, and sugar infused together. If you want to know more about the tea, do read my blog about Chai tea v/s Thai tea and find out all about the variety by means of 32 steeped points. The tea is a perfect combination of sweet and spicy.

Fruits like papaya, guava, banana, peaches, figs, avocados, etc. I really can write an entire blog about the fruits that the tea can be paired with and one day I will. I would also like to mention that if it’s a milk option you are drinking avoid fruits that are zesty or sour. The sourness, when paired with milk, can cause stomach-related issues. 

Do fruits and tea go together

20. Ever Considered Fruits To Balance The Flavor of Green Tea?

Green tea is a less oxidized tea compared to black tea. If I am to describe its taste I would say that it has a vegetal taste to it with hints of nuttiness and peppery notes. This can be unappetizing especially if you are drinking it for the first time. Now, many people love to add honey to make it appealing to their taste buds.

As an individual, I have always advocated on taking the road less travelled and thus, fruits are where I would be more inclined towards. Not a fan of the tea, the times that I drink it I make sure to keep citrus fruits handy. Lemons, melons, and berries work best for me. The mentioned fruits are known for their sweet and sour taste making the tea more appealing. 

Do fruits and tea go together

21. Matcha Tea & Its Fruity Delight

Matcha tea is a high-quality green tea powder that over the years has become very popular and I recommend trying this variety. The tea can be bitter and unappealing especially if you are drinking it for the first time and thus, a little sweetness won’t hurt right?

Fruits that have a sweet and bitter taste are what I reckon pairing with the tea and hence I suggest, strawberries, melons. lemons, blueberries, raw mangoes, or sweet fruits like dates, fresh figs, pears, sapodillas(called chickoo in India), pomegranate, pineapples, etc are what you should be opting for.

Do fruits and tea go together

22. Balance The Sweetness of Sweet Tea With The Right Juicy Food

Sweet tea or iced tea is a popular summer drink and is quite easy to make. It requires basic ingredients like a simple sugar syrup and black or green tea leaves as the base. I suggest using black tea leaves and making the tea in advance for a smooth and even-tasting drink.

Owing to the sweet flavor I would opt for fruits that offer me tartness and cranberries, lemons, oranges, tamarind, green mango, green apples, kiwi, blackcurrants, etc are some names I strongly emphasize.

Do fruits and tea go together

23. Sweet & Creamy Cheese Tea Meets Its Match In Fruits

Cheese tea is the latest variety in the world of tea and is gaining popularity quite rapidly. The tea is made from black or green tea leaves topped with a layer of cream cheese foam. The foam makes for a sweet and salty tea and thus, it won’t be wrong to say that the tea has a savory finish. Also, it is best enjoyed cold.

Peaches, figs, mangoes, avocados, bananas, and pineapples are some fruits that I can roast on a grill to bring a char on them. This will add some crunch and give me a savory taste against the sweetness of the tea. 

Do fruits and tea go together

24. Pink Tea & Its Delish Fruity Counterpart

Kashmiri pink tea is known by many names like noon chai, sheer chai, or gulabi chai & rightly so for the tea’s pink color makes it appealing aesthetically. The tea is made by using gunpowder tea at large, sugar, salt, milk, and baking soda. 

This sweet and salty tea is best paired with fruits that can be roasted to add some chariness against the tea’s sweet flavor. I would bend towards apricots, figs, pineapples, mangoes, peaches, plums, and pears. 

Do fruits and tea go together

25. Have You Ever Thought About Balancing An Exquistive Tea Like Yellow Tea?

Yellow tea is a rare and perhaps the most expensive Chinese tea. The tea is known for its yellow color that resembles alcohol and resembles green tea in terms of flavor.

Fruits like figs, dates, apples, melons, lemons, peaches, plums, pears, red grapes, honeydew melon, cantaloupes, watermelons, etc are some note-worthy names worth mentioning and what I would opt for to get the desired flavor profile with my tea.

Do fruits and tea go together

26. Chamomile Tea And Some Fruits That Glam Up The Taste Quotient

Chamomile tea is a variety that is quite confused with any other tea. The fact that it falls under a different category might surprise you. This is a herbal tea that has a sweet, spicy taste with a floral aroma. Now, if you are wondering what is herbal tea all about, do read my blog about tea v/s tisane and find out through 31 comparable attributes. 

Having said this, I would pair the tea with some credible fruits like watermelons, kiwi, blackcurrants, goji berries, passionfruit, dragon fruits, star fruit, raspberries, etc.

Do fruits and tea go together

27. Lemon Tea With Its Fruity Pairings Steals The Show

I would like to end my blog with lemon tea and the fruits that one can combine with this variety. Lemon tea can be drunk hot and cold. The tea is more on the sour side and sweeteners like sugar or sugar syrups are added to it. This versatile tea can be made using any fruit and I would tweak it with some mint leaves.

Peaches, sweet mangoes, oranges, star fruit, passionfruit, berries, watermelons, custard apples, apples, persimmons(called Japani phal in India), etc are some fruits that I would fall back on to make an ideal summer drink. The respective fruits would help me in gaining a balanced flavor profile of sweet and sour respectively.

This concludes my blog and I hope I was able to offer clarity about 27 tea varieties that can be paired with fruits. At the same time, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you after carefully retrospecting the choices. Feel free to ask me any questions or raise your opinion. Just drop them in the comments section below and I will gladly answer them for you. Also, for all tea-related nuggets, do visit my website.  

Happy Sipping!