Looking to caption a holiday memory but, seem to fall short of appropriate words? Look no further and let my 91 Christmas and tea quotes be the solution.

I am a passionate tea-blogger and a self-proclaimed tea lover based in Kolkata city. I also run my own tea cafe in the city. Recently, I thought of writing quotes to celebrate tea and Christmas and this is how the blog was born. 

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Christmas and tea quotes

Christmas & Tea Quotes- 91 Brewable Captions To Tea This Holiday

Christmas is synonymous with Santa, snow, Earth dressed in white, winters, family-time, holidays, and most important the spirit that Christmas brings. Now, moments like these should be cherished & with my 91 spirited captions, I hope to ignite a holiday spark in the gloomiest hearts. Let us brighten everyone’s lives this holidays.

Snow Captions To Color The Town White

1. Let it snow outside, drink tea inside.

2. Show snow that you’re made of Vitamin T.

3. Looking for me where the snow ends? Trace your steps where tea whisp takes you & you’ll find me there sipping tea.

4. Stand by me Tea and protect me from the snowfall coming my way.

5. Snow & sleet might ruin your Christmas celebrations. Tea will fall in cups and brighten dull moments.

6. Snows everywhere outside, Tea sure is in places inside.

7. If only the flakes would drink Tee, they wouldn’t be as cold as snow.

8. No matter the piled-up snow, you be piled up with tea on the go.

9. Just because I don’t hit you back with snow, doesn’t mean I am weak, I’d make you whine by not offering tea.

10. Not all good things come with a tax. Tea and snow are just that.

SnowMan Quotes To Pile Thy Snow

11. Know the similarity between teabags and snowman? Both are white and melt when warm.

12. I love to build the snowman and warm my palms with a hot cup of tea.

13. Sorry snowman for you cannot drink tea to keep yourself warm. Alas! Melt away you will.

14. Snowman has carrots instead of a nose, Teacups has handles.

15. Oh! Dear Snowman, you are all white and round. Look at me, I am thin and sweet.

16. When tired from stretching your arms all day, come to me oh! Snowman and I shall show you what cold brew is.

17. Winter calls for snowman. Kettle calls for tea.

When It Snows It Hails Quotes

18. Hail came with its full might, but, when it touched the warm cup it melted like ice.

19. Give me hail and I will bless it with Tea.

20. When winter raises its bar with snow, hail & chill, you raise your bar high too with frothy, creamy & hot tea.

21. When hail threatens you, wrap it in tea.

22. When winter wakes me up with snow, hail, and nip, I make my way to the kitchen and brew myself a cup of hot masala tea.

23. If only Hail wouldn’t have added to the chill, I would have sweetened spirits with tea.

Some Ho! Ho! Captions To Welcome Santa

24. Dear Santa! Pls, grant me an endless supply of tea.

25. All Santa wants is a glass of hot tea.

26. Santa has had enough of hot chocolate. Give the old man piping tea when you see his head popping from thy chimney.

27. Fill up the stockings dear Santa, with an unlimited supply of T.

28. Adorning a red hat, Santa comes with cheeks flushed oh so pink. Serve him tea with marshmallows I must, so he can spread merriness around.

29. Santa comes with a clause. Tea teaches us to live life without a clause.

30. When Ho, ho, ho sound fills thy chimney, know Santa is beckoning.

31. Santa’s here with his reindeers busy soaking up some warmth. When given hot chocolate tea, they couldn’t say No.

32. Jingle bells commemorate Santa’s arrival, like the kettle’s whistles announces Tea that’s yet to come.

Reindeer Quotes To Ensure A Smooth Sleigh Ride

33. Rudolph would you like to warm tired bones with freshly brewed tea?

34. Rudolph, come hither in the shelter and turn your shiny red nose into a warm brown shade.

35. Hey Rudolph! Wanna give those frosty feet some warmth? Come right in and I will offer you straight of the pot tea.

36. My house is giving Christmas vibes with Santa’s reindeers in the house. Let us care for and tend them by offering hot chocolate tea.

37. Christmas eve conversation with Cupid was disturbed by the sweet whistle of the kettle and hearing which “Dancer” couldn’t resist his feet from tapping.

38. Dasher, aren’t you tired of dashing from one house to the other? Tea is ready and so are we.

39. Prancer, you might love prancing around but, come home to tea you must & warm your icy body.

40. Comet is quick to deliver parcels but, am sure you get tired by pulling the sleigh all night. Rest some time dear with hot spiced tea on a cold winter night.

Some Winter Quotes To Tea By

41. When winters are gloomy befriend tea and brighten your day.

42. Winters ain’t gonna last long. Tea surely is.

43. When the weather is harsh and drastic measure is what you seek, opt for tea and wine & get a shot at both the worlds.

44. Too lazy to get out of bed on a winter morning? Let tea be the brew ti ful reason.

45. Winter calls for snowmen. Kettle calls for tea.

46. A winter spent in T-land, is a perfect tenner I say.

47. White is the new brown that makes the whole world bright.

48. They say the aura never lies and so does a hot cup of tea to kindle spirits on a cold winter day.


49. I can kiss you goodbye nipping winter. Now, saying the same to tea. Stop the nightmare somebody pls.

50. Nasty winters call for tasty tea.

Christmas Quotes To Unclog The Fogged Mind

51. Angels atop the tree, Wanna come down for tea thee, so warmth you may feel and happily adorn thy Christmas tree.

52. People love Christmas carols. I love tea carols.

53. Oh! Cold cold Christmas wanna fight tough? Try holding a cup of tea and prove that you’re worth your flakes.

54. The harder it snows, the merrier tea shall be on a cold Christmas day.

55. No one should be alone on Christmas but, if you are, know that Tea isn’t far.

56. I may be far away from home on Christmas but, I make sure am never away from tea.


57.  Christmas is all about families and what better than Tea to make for perfect moments.

58. I ain’t seen Christmas without snow. Just like I haven’t seen kettles without T.

59. Peekaboo Christmas! The stout has spotted you and is comin to melt thy off the snow.

60. Just chill is the new Christmas mantra. Tea is my all-time go to mantra.

Winter & Tea Puns To Pile Some Wits

61. Know why tea is perfect to keep your spirits high?

Coz, smoke only knows its way upwards.

62. White can sure glow and cause sore eyes.

Tea’s reflection will bring the color back in your eyes.

63. Know the similarity between tea and Christmas sky?

They both love to bleed blue.

64. How said Christmas tree and tea aren’t similar has probably never thought about their brown color.

65.  Snow falls on Earth, draping all things in white. Tea pours in cups and makes hearts bright.

66. Snow, sleet, and hail might come down with all their might. I fear them No Siree, for my tea is mightier than snow, sleet, or hail.

67.  Break the ice with tea and clear the driveway.

68. When winter gives you no choice but an unlimited supply of cold, calm the shivering and chattering with tea.

69. Know why flaky flakes considers tea as its enemy? Coz, tea melts its coldness.

70. Winter told me, that it will keep pouring and make life hell.

I smiled and threw tea on its face. Poor chap. vanished into the chilled air.

Christmas & Tea Quotes

71. Nothing’s gonna stop us from drinking tea this season.

72. Sitting by the fire will warm the body temporarily, tea warms the heart permanently.

73. No matter the piled-up snow, you be piled up with tea on the go.

74. When Mother Nature gives you cold shoulders, warm her heart with Tea.

75. Snow might hurt and numb you, tea will calm and soothe you but, never be the reason to hurt you.

76. You sure have your way of calling me tea, just put on your best brown suit and tingle my senses with your aroma.

77. Take my hand stout and take me to Tea land, where its always warm, sunny, and a supply of never-ending tea.

78. Not all good things come with a tax. Tea and snow are just that.

79. Did you call me dear tea? I am right under your stout.

80. Christmas and snow go hand in hand. Similar is the case with tea leaves and water.

Quotes When You Can’t Have Enough of Snow

81. Freeze that cold breath with tea.

82. Looking for wood to get the fire started? Offer it tea and see the spark glow with its might.

83. If snow is winter’s weapon to make bones shiver, tea is my bolt to fight chill away.

84. Doesn’t thy heart just scream for Tea on a snowy winter morning?

85. In tea and snow, my winter wish is granted.

86. Know the similarity between teabags and snowmen? Both are white and melt when warm.

87. When winter gives you snow make hot tea to calm shivering bones and chattering teeth.

88. Winters gifts are frozen. Tea gives you kettles and comfort.

90. Stand by me Tea and protect me from the snowfall coming my way.

91. Doesn’t the Earth look divine dressed in white? Just like my teacups that’s dressed in Color T.


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