Looking for a suitable caption to show your love for tea but, unable to find one? You can put your worries at ease with my list of 97 captions to choose from that have been penned keeping milk tea lovers in mind.

I am a passionate Tea blogger and to take my passion for tea further I opened a small tea cafe in Kolkata city. We all love to showcase our love for the beverage but, words aren’t always our best friend. Well, you can use my 97 captions for milk tea lovers and express your love for the beverage. Please do remember to mention me.  

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Captions for milk tea lovers

Captions For Milk Tea Lovers- 97 Taglines Brewed With Love To Make Tea Time More Special

Inspirational Captions For Milk Tea Lovers

1. I love to live life like tea. No room for Nega-t-vity.

2. Aren’t humans like teabags? We never want to face hot waters but, when we do so, the fighter in us surfaces.

3. All of us are like tea leaves. Adaptability is the middle name that makes us dwell as per situations.

4. Spend your tea time amid nature and be surrounded by happiness.

5. Boil your egos and sweeten your life the way you want is a strong message that Tea wants to put across to one and all.

6. Hones-T is certainly the best policy.

7. Life will not be sweet always. One just needs to keep adding sugar and steep it with love.

8. Be someone’s special cup of tea.

9. You are a limited version & not everyone’s cup of tea.

10. Lead the way Tea and take us towards calmness and serenity.

11. As you filter tea before drinking. In a similar way, life needs to be filtered from things that bind us down.

Headlines To Make Tea Time More Enjoyable

12. Tea invokes senses in me I didn’t know existed.

13.  Waking up to the smell of freshly brewed tea, is the best feeling ever.

14. No time is better than the time you make tea.

15. Happy hormones sure know how to become more active when they come in contact with tea.

16. Need to plan your day? Drink tea and consider it done.

17. Tea always helps me in connecting to my inner self.

18. Just like a good shower is essential for the body, a cup of tea has the same effect on my tired soul.

19. Warm cold hearts with a magical concoction called “Tea”.

20.  Just let every cell and pore of your body absorb tea and feel a surge of freshness.

21. Never shy away from things that need to be done. Drink tea and make merry while you do your chores.

22. Can someone please take me to a place where every road and lanes leads to Tea?

Funny Captions To Tickle Your Laughing Bone

23. When asked, “How do I like my tea?” My answer is “Oh! I take it very seriously”.

24. Know what true pain feels like? Drink tea that has become ice-cold and you will know.

25. If I would have it my way, I would make all a “Chai-vinist”.

26. Wanna know what comes after the first cup? Why it’s the second, third and fourth cup.

27. The world has lost its shine. Only tea can add glory to the world.

28.Oh! Life. Can you be like tea at times? Granting me my wishes galore at times?

29. When you step out to find love but, sure you are gonna return disappointed? Well, find a tea kiosk and you have founded love.

30. If only one could have a blood group called T- Positive.

31. People tell me to be self-dependent. I’d rather be T- pendent.

32. Brew me baby one more time.

33. Oh! Tea. Stop staring at me with your teacups.

Two Lines Milk Tea Headings For Those Who Prefer A Longer Steeping Time

34. Take me to tea-land for tea never hurts.

For that will be the point of no return.

35. Standing in the crowded streets and listening to my own heartbeat chanting

“Tea is too hot to handle”.

36. Nothing’s gonna change my feelings for you.

You should know by now “what your sip means.”

37. With tea in my hand, a confident female I am.

Now, moments alone don’t scare me, for am surrounded by a love called “Tea”.

38. Small, medium, large, or extra-large are all fine.

As long as Tea is on the cards, am okay with the size offered.

39. Ever thought about why tea is so loved?

Coz even English language knows that it is incomplete without the letter T.

40. Tea is an addiction and am happy being its prisoner.

Just give me lifelong convict.

41. No one told you life was going to be this strange or about the curves ahead?

Tea is there for you and will always be.

42. Tea, the only savior of the world that has alone shouldered the responsibility of keeping people sane.

Has it ever complained? No Sir!!!

43. Dear Tea. I celebrate you each day and minute.

Tear me open & pretty little teacups underneath a tea mountain is what one would see.

44. A human isn’t a human if he doesn’t drink tea.

And if you aren’t a tea drinker, just tell me so for I will be long gone far from your way.

Milk Tea Captions Steeped For All Taste Buds

45. A little bit sweet and a little sour. I love you the way you are.

46. Let’s get the par-tea started with tea.

47. Many a flavor, many a name, the emotion remains the same.

48. You’re one in a tea gazillion.

49. Let’s say “Cheers” to tea.

50. Live the way tea lives. Survives only till the last sip but, the taste and emotions stay etched forever.

51. Life is a cup of tea. Filled to the brim and enjoyed.

52. Great conversations start with tea.

53. Camellia Sinensis must be a Goddess, for it has given mankind the greatest gift called Tea.

54. “What would you like to drink?” is my favorite question of all times.

55. I love my days that starts with Vitamin T.

Pun T Tags For Milk Tea Lovers To Choose From

56. Tea is a great way to spread Tranquili-tea.

57. Tea lovers favorite question is “Care for more tea ?”.

58. Get your crea-t-ive juices flowing with Tea.

59. I love tea for its pur-i-tea.

60. Need more tea to get my positivi-tea back.

61. Now that’s what I call tea-licious.

62. Follow the precautionary measures and sail towards safe-tea.

63. To save yourself from a hot tea pan, never meddle in things that don’t concern you.

64. She is a mul-tea talented girl.

65. Taking one steep at a time will make sure you don’t fall.

66. Don’t kettle till you find the best.

67. I have miles to go before I steep.

68.  I wish you steep dreams.

69. Take me to a place where it’s tea ‘o’clock always.

70. I went to a place recently and felt deja-brew.

Messages From The Heart Of Every Tea Lovers

71. Worshippers of tea do exist & for us Tea is akin to God.

72. Even if my tea becomes cold, I will still drink it.

73. A drop of tea wasted is like a drop of bloodshed.

74. “Knock! Knock on the door. Tea is here, wait no more”.

75. Tick tock on the clock. Tea-time says it all.

76. Tea is a habit the world should inculcate.

77. If we tea lovers had it our way, the eath would be brown with Tea flowing in all its might.

78. Suddenly brown has become my favorite color.

79. Go left or go right, all roads lead to tea no matter the turn you take.

80. You don’t choose the drink. The beverage chooses you.

81. If there’s a treasure at the end of a rainbow, it better be tea.

82. Just because we don’t scream for tea, doesn’t mean we don’t crave it.

83. There are many reasons to fall in love with a tea lover. Their no-fuss habit is on in many.

84. Tea lovers are easily pleased. Just give us some tea and you’re free.

85. Teacup is surely the best way to a tea lover’s haert.

Captions To Help You Have A Sweet Day

86. A boring meeting is not so tea-dious the moment tea comes into the scene.

87. A tea a day keeps grumpiness at bay.

88. Tea and the company of like-minded people is a day well spent.

89. I drink tea like my life revolves around it.

90. The art of making tea cannot be learned. It is to be felt.

91.  I like my afternoon and evening tea to be large and that is tea-rrific for me.

92. Let there be tea, not war.

93. Every tea has a story to tell. A story best heard and understood from a tea lover’s perspective.

94. Inhale the whiff and end your day with the sweet smell of post-dinner tea.

95. I want butter in my bun, tea in hand, and love in my heart.

96. When afternoon starts to merge in the evenings, that is when tea cravings are at an all-time high.

97.  Ever since tea has entered my life, my world has changed for the better.

I hope that you would want to try my captions and remember me the next time you have your cup of milk tea. Do mention me and let me know your opinion on them in the comments section. Feel free to contact me in case you have any questions and I will be happy to answer them. 

Happy Sipping!