Can you use tea bags in infusers? As a tea lover, if this question is a cause for your trouble, then my 10 no-nonsense facts is what will help you in getting the right information.

I am a self-proclaimed tea lover and a tea blogger. I run my own tea cafe in Kolkata city and I love to impart the fact that tea is not just a drink but has other uses too. Tea surely has more to offer than meets the eye.

Can you use tea bags in infusers

Can You Use TeaBags In Infusers- 10 Unsweetened Facts To Flare The Senses

Can teabags be used in infusers is a question that is a much-discussed topic in the tea world and my blog will help you in giving the answers through 10 mindful facts. Now, whether they are sweetened or unsweetened, is for you to decide. So, let us get exploring and learn the facts.

1. Getting Familiar With An Infuser Is Important To Know If Tea Bags Can Be Used In Infusers

Tea lovers the world over have some or the other time used infusers to brew tea. However, not many know what it is exactly. This is exactly what this point will be covering.

Simply put, an infuser is a round mesh that holds loose tea leaves required to brew or steep a cup of tea. This humble device is also called a tea ball, tea egg, or tea maker. 

2. How Does A Tea Ball Help Us To Brew Or Steep Tea?

We have already discussed what an infuser is and so let us learn how to brew an ideal cup of tea.

Using a tea egg is no rocket science. This requires hot water and loose or dried tea leaves that are added to the infuser and then placed directly over a cup used to prepare tea.

3. Ever Wondered The Tea Leaves That Can Be Used In An Infuser?

Tea depends a lot on the tea leaves and which is prioritized when brewing tea the traditional way. How about maintaining the same trend with an infuser?

Now, an infuser will help to brew tea with just any tea leaves. Black tea and herbal teas or tisanes are generally brewed with the help of an infuser. Now, if you are wondering what tisane is all about, read my blog about tea v/s tisane and the 31 gripping points will help you understand what tisane is all about. 

4. Retrospecting The Types Of Infusers That Are Available

Infusers have come a long way from its traditional avatar and are now available in quirky designs and shapes. So, let us consider some options that can be used and serve the same purpose.

Glass Infusers: A glass infuser or an infuser with a bottle not only helps steep tea the way you prefer but, at the same time can be carried with you wherever you go. I highly recommend this type of infuser.

Silicone Infusers: Silicone infusers or infusers made from rubber are easy to clean and use items. Furthermore, you can expect them to be available in animal designs too and make for great gifting items.

Tea Infuser Basket: A tea infuser basket is simply a cup or a bottle that comes with a lid and an attached infuser. One just needs to add loose tea leaves and rest assured of a smooth cup that’s devoid of any particles.

5. How To Use Teabags In An Infuser Is A Must Know When The Question Can Teabags Be Used In Infusers Is On The Mind

Teabags are small pouches that offer tea on the go. Just dip it in hot water till you are happy with the color, texture, or consistency. Now, it is a common practice of taking the tea leaves out by cutting the bag and using it to make tea. The reason people believe that tea tastes better. 

I beg to differ here. Tea lovers will surely advise against this method for loose tea leaves definitely gives a smoother, richer, & enriching cup of tea that refreshes you almost instantly. 

6. Weighing How Teabags And Tea Eggs Differ So We Can Decide If Teabags Can Be Used In Infusers

I hope by now you know exactly what one means when an infuser or a tea bag is mentioned. They are common items that will be found in every house worldwide though still very few people know how they differ. Let us consider a few key points that draws them apart.

Teabags are small pouches that hold tea leaves and are preferred in many tea-drinking countries. They also offer a quick sip and you just need normal distilled water. Just a few dips are all it takes and your tea is ready.

Infusers, on the other hand, are round steel mesh that holds the loose and dried tea leaves you would be using to make your cup of tea. Unlike tea bags that are dipped in hot water, infusers are completely immersed in the liquid. Also, it would be worth mentioning that unlike tea bags infusers come in multiple shapes and sizes.

7. How To Choose The Right Infuser That’s Best Suited For My Needs

I hope by now you have a fair idea about what an infuser is and also the types that one can choose from. Having said this, one should also know how to choose the right one that would cater to an individual’s needs. I have both ie, a basket and a normal infuser and which I use from time to time depending on the need. Let us now get to know a few pointers that will help us in our selection. When you want to steep a huge quantity, then a tea basket is suggested as this is more spacious and hence, is able to hold a large number of tea leaves.

Do you know that tea masters prefer a tea basket infuser over the normal mesh variety? The reason, they believe is the bigger and more spacious a basket is the infusion and flavor will be that many times better.  The standard tea ball infuser is best for a quick brew that is good enough for 1-2 cups. If you are looking for tea on the go, a bottle with an inbuilt or an attached infuser is the one while on the other hand, if you want to impress at a party, quirky infusers should be opted for. 

8. Having A Tea Bag Why Do You Need An Infuser?

We have read about how a tea bag and an infuser differ from each other and now we should consider the importance or need of an infuser when we are using teabags.

Teabags, as we all know contain broken or partial tea leaves(not whole tea leaves) and are called dust and fannings. Wondering what dust and fannings are? Read my blog about is Darjeeling tea black or green where I have mentioned it in detail. Loose and dried tea leaves are added in infusers and we get a rich, smoother, and flavorful brew. This is why loose tea leaves should be used and I highly suggest you ditch teabags for infusers. You can even choose your infuser from the vast selection. 

9. Understanding How An Infuser Works

By now we know what an infuser is and so, let us learn how an infuser works. Infusion is a process when the tea leaves comes in contact with hot water.

An infuser allows water to mingle with the tea leaves and as the leaves soak water, their flavor gets mixed too. The tiny holes in the infuser release the liquid giving you a smooth and rich-tasting beverage. Your tea is ready and just the way you like it.

10. Some Common Mistakes To Avoid For An Enriching Tea Experience

Let us now dwell on some common mistakes people make and why we shouldn’t make them.

Water forms an important component of tea and is where people go wrong all the time. Being an avid tea lover myself, tea is something I learned to master at quite an early age. I always made sure that I use normal filtered water and not refrigerated water. Normal water gives a richer or a strong brew as compared to the cloudy or pale tasting liquid that is a result of chilled or frozen water. The second point to stress is the tea leaves, Always use loose tea leaves for all the reasons discussed above and the last point that cannot be undermined is the right infuser that depends on your need.

This concludes my blog and I hope I was able to answer your question if teabags can be used in infusers. I am open to questions and if you think you want to ask me something, drop them in the comments section below. I will gladly answer them for you. Also, do head to my site for your tea fix. 

Happy Sipping!