Can you mix wine with tea? I will let you decide after you read my blog and make an informed decision.

I am a passionate tea-blogger and a self-proclaimed tea lover. I also own and run a tea cafe in Northern Kolkata. Being a tea lover, I know that at times, you have to add alcohol in your diet to save from the adverse weather. This, need of the hour gave birth to the blog.

Can You Pair Wine With Tea

Can You Mix Wine With Tea: 23 Drinkable Quotients To Consider

If you have heard people saying that wine and tea cannot go together, I hope my blog about 23 awesome tea options with wine will change this conditioned mindset. So, ready to know some options?

Can you mix wine with tea

1. Tea Infused With Wine

Allow me to start with tea mixed with wine and get what this implies in straightforward terms. The tea is only, a mix of wine and a blended tea that can be either hot or cold.

Black or green tea would be my choice and wine would be added right before consumption. This way I would get a strong yet even flavored cocktail.

Can you mix wine with tea

2. Sangria In Tea Will Not Disappoint

Sangria is a red wine that is produced using apples and can properly be known as a fruity variant. Utilize this to make the tea when a smidgen of organic product is the thing that you look for.

Make the tea ahead of time and save yourself some time. This way you can add the wine bang on time. Now, if you prefer a sweet element I suggest opt-in for any liquid sweeteners, and don’t forget to serve chilled wine. 

Can you mix wine with tea


3. Tweak Your Tea With Chardonnay & Give Its Taste A Boost

Chardonnay can be very recognized in taste contingent upon its developing and making process. The wine is a full-bodied liquor and can have traces of vanilla, oak, nutty and fruity.

Continuously recall that wine tastes best when served cold and change it further with a couple of drops of lemon for some acidity in your cocktail. 

Can you mix wine with tea

4. Long Island Iced Tea & Wine Are A Great Boozy Pairing

Long Island Iced Tea is a cocktail that is made by blending various hard beverages like rum wine, bourbon, tequila, gin, tonic, and so on; and this booziness can get you high right away. In India, coke or a dark circulated air through drink is utilized which is a typical misstep made. I recommend halting this training and utilizing tea leaves all things being equal.

If you aren’t a seasonal drinker, LIIT can hit you quite hard, and thus, nibbling on milk products or a light cracker will save your head from embarrassment. I also suggest staying away from sweet stuff. 

Can you mix wine with tea

5. Green Tea With Sherry When A Strong Booze Is Desired

Sherry is a sort of plonk that is made of white grapes and its taste is depicted as a cross of nutty, dried organic products with a pungent taste.

Sherry can be dry for some and thus, when paired with green tea the combination will leave a soothing and refreshing taste in your mouth. 

Can you mix wine with tea

6. Coz Nothing Speaks Summer Than Iced Tea Berry Sangria

Chilled tea Sangria is by a long shot the least demanding mixed drink to make and is likewise among the most misjudged flavors. You can take any organic tea and simply change it with Sangria.

Sangria tastes better without the expansion of ice cubes as it will weaken the tea and I suggest refrigerating the tea for at least 1 hour for a chilling impact. Berries like blueberry or raspberry will give the drink a citrusy and fruity punch making it more summerish. 

Can you mix wine with tea

7. Ever Wondered The Name Given To Hot Wine Fused With Tea?

Hot wine and tea when melded as one is called Toddy. The drink can be quite speculative in terms of origin and which is divided. Some claim it to be an Indian-origin while some claim it was discovered in Scotland. I honestly don’t care where it originated apart from the fact that the drink allows me to mix tea and alcohol together and still tastes heavenly.

Though the beverage can be produced using any liquor however it does taste better with the addition of wine. I would propose utilizing dark tea leaves and adding basic sugar syrup to the fluid when it is hot or as yet blending. Now, if the drink is too hitting for you, a few drops of lemon will do the trick.

Can you mix wine with tea

8. When Everything Ditches You, Mulled Wine Will Ensure A Smooth Sail

Mulled wine is a cocktail made with red wine, flavors and is served hot. To get a sweet flavor profile raisins are added to it.

Mulled wine can be infused with any wine but, I suggest using a wine that you are familiar with and I further recommend adding a couple of drops of lemon to add that zinginess to it.

Can you mix wine with tea

9. Make Taste Buds Jingle With Raisin Wine

Raisin wine is made by drying grapes to separate its juices and is then made into the liquor. I would surely love to infuse the wine with black tea. This way I will get some sweetness from the raisin & bitterness from the tea.

 I propose blending the mixed drink further with delicious fruits like apples, oranges, or lemons. Garnish it with lemon wedges or mint leaves.

Can you mix wine with tea

10. Chardonnay Will Compliment Chai Tea In More Ways Than One

Chardonnay is the most famous white wine that can be dry with notes of citrus, pleasantness, and nuttiness. This however relies upon the locale it is made and filled in.

Chai tea is a mix of milk, dark tea leaves, and flavors that when run with the wine gets an upgraded flavor profile of pleasantness, zest, sharpness, and nuttiness.

Can you mix wine with tea

11. Be Summer Ready With Orange Tea Infusion

Orange tea is produced using the juice or the strips of the leafy foods well with Rooibos, Oolong, or dark teas. Dark tea is my favored one here for it is the most oxidized and a full body tea when contrasted with the other two teas referenced.

Presently, when I utilize orange tea, the gentle pleasantness and its zinginess will make my tea an ideal drink that will have gentle pleasantness, traces of caramel & nuttiness in my tea. I am so summer-ready. 

Can you mix wine with tea

12. Green Tea and White Sangria Is A Picturesque Drink

Green tea is known for its light texture with notes of earthy, vegetal, and spicy. I hope by now you are aware of the characteristics of wine and let us see why white wine is our right choice.

White wines are known for being fruity & light in taste and when paired with green tea adds the required element of sugar that helped tone down the tea’s flavors and at the same time, isn’t too overpowering.

Can you mix wine with tea

13. Go Caffeine-Free With Red Berry Tea

Redberry tea is a herbal fruity tea that is caffeine-free and its taste is best described as a cross of sweet and tangy that gives you a full-bodied tea flavor.

I would recommend Sherry as this would add a saline taste(salty) with hints of dried nuts to the tea that would help the tea from becoming too sweet or acidic. 

Can you mix wine with tea

14. Ever Considered Passion-Fruit Tea As A Summer Cooler?

Passion fruit tea is a herbal tea that is quite refreshing to taste. I would use green tea as the base to retain its light texture and smooth consistency.

Now, I have already prepared the tea and the only thing that remains is to add my alcohol and I would use Champagne. This way I am ensuring I get a rich and smooth texture with a floral aroma & at the same time I get the mild sweetness and slight acidity from the alcohol used.

Can you mix wine with tea

15. Sweet Tea Cannot Be Left Out When A Refreshing Drink Is On Your Mind

Sweet tea is a cold tea that is made from black tea leaves which is steeped overnight. The sugar syrup is added to the tea at the time of brewing or when it is still warm.

Now, since we have a tea that is already sweet I would suggest sticking with normal wine as this will help add some acidity to the tea. 

Can you mix wine with tea

16. Can You Mix Wine With Tea: Lavender Tea Is Your Answer

Herbal tea range seems my new found range and I have my reasons too.   The ability to select from a wide range that is different from the other and its caffeine-free aspect is the deciding factor for me.

Lavender tea is made from the buds of the flower that is steeped in hot water and if I am to describe its taste, I would say that it is a mix of sweet, floral, fruity, and woody. Now, when I add wine to it, the tea will be a little on the acidic side. I suggest pairing it with spicy foods like chili cheese toast, kimchi, etc. 

Can you mix wine with tea

17. Green Tea Sparkler Is Right Up My Alley When I Think of Mixing Wine and Tea Together

Green tea sparkler was an accidental kitchen discovery and one that made me really happy. This tea instantly refreshes me and I love to garnish it with mint leaves, squeeze some lemons, add spices like cinnamon and ginger and leave it in the fridge to chill overnight.

Now, the next day I will tweak it with sparkling wine like Champagne right before I am to drink or serve the drink. 

Can you mix wine with tea

18. White Tea And Wine Is What You Should Be Drinking Under The Sun

White tea is the most delicate variety and as the name suggests, is made from the leaves when they still have white hairs on them.  The tea is known for its sweet honey-like taste with subtle vegetal notes. Now, if you want to know how the tea fares with other varieties, do read my blog white tea v/s black tea where I have spoken about 23 reasonable reasonings. I hope it will help you get some answers. 

I would definitely not want to ruin its delicate flavor profile and would pair it with white wine. The slight notes of acidity from the wine will be a welcoming attribute against the sweet and delicate profile of the tea.

Can you mix wine with tea

19. Lemon Tea & Its Amazing Wine Pairings

Lemon tea is made from the juice of citrusy lemons with a tea base that is usually enjoyed chilled. Sugar or sugar syrups are added when the tea is either brewing or still hot. This ensures an even sweetness throughout.

Now, I insist you add honey instead and make the tea the day before. I have learned that this trick gives a sharp taste and also, I needn’t add ice. Top it with cherry and if you want to add a wow! factor use fruity ice-cubes in place of the everyday cubes. Cut any fruit of your choice into pieces small enough to fit in ice trays, pour room temperature water, and freeze them. 

Can you mix wine with tea

20. Consider Herbal Tea & Wine To Help You Sleep Like A Baby

Tea especially herbal varieties help with the sleep cycle too and which is another reason why it is so popular. Now, if you are looking for more reasons to fall in love with tea, do read my blog about 27 practical reasons that will make you love your tea even more. 

Wine like any alcohol aids in sleep and when the two are infused together you sleep soundly. Chamomile tea has always worked for me and is the reason why I recommend it. Now, there are other options too like lemon balm tea, Lavender, Passionflower, etc. 


Can you mix wine with tea

21. Black Tea Gets A Taste Appeal With The Fusion Of Wine

Black tea is the most oxidized tea and this is a reason why it is quite bitter. High on tannins, that gives the tea, its taste needs a taste enhancement, and what better than wine to do the job right.

Wine is known for its mildly sweet taste and a hint of acidity. This when mixed with the tea helps to balance the flavors perfectly and make the infusion more appealing.

Can you mix wine with tea

22. Oolong Tea Is Another Worthwhile Pairing

Oolong tea is a variety of tea that is a tea category on its own. People confuse it with black or green tea at all times, but, it should be considered as another variety altogether. The tea can be quite a mouthful with floral or fruity notes.

Wine is the perfect booze that will help strike a prolific balance and you will enjoy the contrasting combination of two very different drinks fused as one.

Can you mix wine with tea

23. Mint Tea and Wine Is An Exemplary Pair

The last pairing that I would like to mention is wine and its pairing with mint tea. Mint tea is known for its cool and soothing effect with a light feel.

Sweetened with honey mint tea gets a hint of more pronounced or a crisp taste with hints of nuts when it is mixed with the tea. I wouldn’t think of altering it further and just drink up.

This concludes my blog on can you mix wine with tea and I hope you will want to try the drinks mentioned. Do share your experience with me. Also, if you think you have some questions for me, do drop them in the comments section below and I will be happy to answer them. I love to brew steaming topics that center around tea. Just visit my website to read about tea-related topics. 

Happy Sipping!