Looking for Instagram-friendly bubble tea captions? You can put your worries at ease with my list of 95 bubble tea headings that are not only Insta friendly but, are sure to strike a chord.

I am a passionate tea lover and a boba noob who runs a tea cafe in Kolkata city. My cafe is at times filled with youngsters and I once happened to overhear a conversation that lead me to the topic of this blog. Captions are a thing now and hashtag the new cool. Thus, I decided to write a captions blog. You’re welcome to use my 95 captions but, please do tag me. 

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95 Boba Tea Captions For Instagram – Funny And Witty Captions That Deserve Your Attention

A boba noob like me and on the lookout for a suitable caption to showcase your love for the drink? Now, if words aren’t your forte well let me tell you that you needn’t fret. I have the solution with me in the form of 95 boba captions for Instagram that are sure to make your perfect hashtag moments more magical. Feel free to use them as you like but, please do mention me.

Witty Boba Captions

1. Boba teaches you to suck your problems like it’s big straws that suck boba.

2. Who says happiness cannot be bought? Try buying boba and you will never ask the question again.

3. Make your life as vibrant and colorful as boba pearls are.

4. Ain’t life boba-licious?

5. Boba thy name that will bring a smile on your face.

Matcha Bubble Tea Captions

6. Bubble tea, you make lives Matcha better.

7. Matcha bubble tea is the key to my posi-t-vity.

8. Know why Matcha always is so positive? Coz it has the bubbles of posi-tivity.

9. Matcha with Boba is the way I want to spend moments with you.

10. Grass isn’t always Matcha on the other side but, with boba it sure is.

Classic Bubble Tea Captions

11. Want to know the meaning of true friendship? Just look at me and boba.

12. Bubbles and more bubbles are what it has to take your heart away.

13. Ain’t I Tea-riffic.

14. Hangovers were always a pain until I suffered from boba hangover and life isn’t the same.

15. I guess I’ve been smitten by boba and I sure love it.

One-Liner Captions Dedicated To Boba

16. I’ve never known a dull moment since I found boba.

17. Be the sugar in someone’s bubble called life.

18.  Ain’t nothing more adaptable than a boba.

19. Nothing is impossible in bubble tea land.

20. Boba is the journey and the destination.

Bubbly Captions On Boba Tea

21. Treat life as you would to the bubbles.

22. Just like sweetening of the bubbles seems simple, lead your lofe with the same motto.

23.  Just have faith in the pearls. They won’t leave you ever.

24. Be inspired by the bubbles and be your vivacious best.

25. Always sail with life just like the bubbles in boba tea.

Tasty Bubble Tea Captions For Instagram

26. For boba makes munch time complete.

27. Trust the pearls to tingle your taste buds.

28. Soak me and soak me more, I don’t mind. Sweetness is my middle name and I guarantee that.

29. There ain’t a snack that isn’t boba-worthy.

30. “Boba”. The name is enough to make you jump in joy.

Boba Picture Captions For Instagram

31. With boba in my hand, I feel complete & cool.

32. Boba in hand and the morning sun behind sure will make my picture complete.

33. Nothing fits the hand better than a glass of boba.

34. Boba moments are a reflection of sugar n spice & everything nice.

35. The cups are what the heart reciprocates.

Pun Intended Boba Captions For Instagram

36. Never take a glass for granted. You never know which one you’ll land up in tomorrow.

37. Serenita: The absence of stress when you are drinking boba.

38. There ain’t a problem big enough that cannot be gulped with boba.

39. No matter the heat, keep your calm like the bubbles and you’ll come out stronger.

40. Getting intoxicated with boba is my kinda tipsy feeling.

Boba Greetings Captions For Instagram

41. Hey! Cu-T. Wanna hang out together.

42. Have I told you lately that you’re the bubble in my boba?

43. No one can oolong better than you.

44. Never knew what Heaven’s feels like unless I met you and bubble tea.

45. I wish your day is a carefree day like the pearls in bubble tea.

Flirtatious Bubble Tea Captions

46. You give me boba-flies.

47. I am boba over you.

48. You are the boba to my sorrow.

49. Boba will find its way around your heart and then thy heart shall beat for me.

50. I want to spend the remaining sips of boba with you by my side.

Boba Captions To Make You Feel Happy

51. If you wanna be touched by a bubble of happiness then learn to embrace some chewiness.

52. Cheer up & open your eyes to a world full of possi-b-li-tea.

53. Life is fun n full of surprises when you have a boba in hand.

54. Walking towards a land of bubbles n happiness is now possible with the straws of boba.

55. Just be calm and drink a glass of tapioca tea.

How To Say I Love You Boba Style

56. All the bubbles of my body reciprocate my love for you.

57. We were made to be as one boba.

58. My heart goes boba over you.

59. You complete me just like the pearls do to the boba.

60. Life is like the sweet pearls of bubble tea when you walk with me.

Captions For Bubble Tea Always On My Mind

61. Sip me one more time.

62. Do you believe in life after boba?

63. I am boba strong.

64. Now that you are over, craving for you.

65. My thirsty soul seeks only boba.

Captions On What Life Would Be Without Bubble Tea

66. Life taught me many things, but living without you is something I can never be prepared for.

67. Life without boba is like rain clouds without rain.

68. The sky wouldn’t be blue anymore if boba bids the Earth goodbye.

69. Life it seems has lost meaning without boba.

70. You’re seeing a dead soul walking, for the bubbles have long since left.

Confessing Your Love For Boba

71. Hey boba! Turn around and show me your pretty cups.

72. Just walk into my life, is what the heart sings.

73. I will keep you in my heart for that’s where your home is.

74. My feeling is firm and only you can take me from darkness to light.

75.  You make my heart skip a beat each time I see your straws.

Inspiring Bubble Tea Captions

76. Smile for bubble tea is here.

77. Cuppa cuppa yet again. Why don’t you teach us to live again?

78. Be like the pearls that never lose their virtue, no matter the hot waters thrown their way.

79. If only boba could be words, sweetness would reign supreme.

80. Let your procrastination be as myriad as boba flavors.

Funny Boba Captions

81. Go away tensions or else face my straws.

82. You ought to show respect to boba. Troubles take a bow when thy name is called.

83. Fall adorns a golden shade. My boba is the king of spectre.

84. Know why boba straws are thick? So, that all problems can be sucked up as easily as the pearls in boba.

85. The sun is out brighter for it too has tasted boba.

If Only Bubble Tea Captions For Instagram

86. If only boba could speak. It would tell us to smile some more.

87. Life was as vivacious as the bubbles in boba tea.

88. We could be cradled to sleep with boba as the lullaby.

89. The world could be as sweet as boba it would be a beautiful place.

90. Life was a smooth sail like tapioca tea.

2 & 3 Liner Boba Captions For Instagram

91. Hey Human!! Mind if I bubble in?

Saw you sitting alone in a corner and thought of peeping with my straws to get you out of your mundane mood.

92. Our life is as unique as the various flavors of boba.

If only we learn to be as cool as boba.

93. Boil the pearls, chew on them, add flavors or suck them through a tunnel of straw. The tea never complains.

It knows that it is meant to spread just love and smile but thinks,

If only humans could be like me they would be happy.

94. Conversations that start and end with boba are always special.

Boba always lends a supporting ear and isn’t biased.

95. Somewhere in a parallel universe, boba must be reigning supreme.

Please do take me there if only for a sneak- peek.

 I hope you loved reading through my captions as much as I loved churning them up. Feel free to use them but, do mention me as that would make me bubbly inside. Also, if you have any questions that you think I can answer, feel free to ask them in the comments section below and I promise to answer them at the earliest. 

Happy Sipping!