Are nylon teabags safe? If this question has haunted you whenever you dip the pouches, then this blog is definitely worth a read as I guide you through 12 jaw-dropping realities. 

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Are nylon tea bags safe


Are Nylon TeaBags Safe- 12 Facts That Will Change The Way You Have Been Looking At Your Teabags

Who doesn’t know about teabags as it is no doubt, the easiest way and the quickest way to make a cup of tea. My blog with 12 proven facts will make you rethink your decision. So, ready to know about nylon tea pouches & should you use them?

1. Why Are Nylon Teabags Used In The First Place?

Nylon as a fabric is believed can tolerate high temperatures and still not lose its composition. Owing to this attribute, the temperature of the water doesn’t have any effect on them.

At the same time nylon is believed to be environmental-friendly too as compared to plastic and together they have contributed to the fabric being a preferred choice in the making of teabags.

2. Nylon: Is It Really Bio-Degradable?

I have already mentioned what is nylon and why it has become the preferred choice in the tea industry. Some teabag companies claim that nylon is bio-degradable or at least their teabags are. I am here to break this myth. Nylon isn’t biodegradable and my reasons mentioned below will tell you why.

Nylon as compared to plastic will stay in the environment as a pollutant for 30-40 years approximately unlike plastic which tends to remain for eternity. Having said this, some varieties of nylon can be considered bio-degradable but, then there are no facts to prove it and I will suggest going with studies that claim otherwise ie. nylon isn’t bio-degradable. 

3. Are Nylon Teabags Harmful?

Teabags on the whole contain plastic, nylon, and other harmful chemicals. This is why tea experts advise using loose tea leaves to brew tea. Let us now understand if nylon teabags are safe from the below-mentioned reasons.

Studies and research is divided and no evidence is available to prove this fact. Some though claim that 11.6 billion microplastic is released in a single cup of tea that’s brewed using teabags. Now, till the time there are no fact-based reasons to prove this theory, I will advise you to stop using tea bags but, that depends on your sole discretion.

4. How To Identify Nylon TeaBags From The Many Available In The Market

Let us know how to identify a nylon tea bag. You should be looking for teabags that resemble pyramids or are shaped like envelopes.

The tea industry is constantly upscaling itself to keep up with the changing demands and thus, some quirky or new nylon teabags might be round-shaped too. It is a known fact that round-shaped bags can fit snugly inside a box and there’s always room to add more bags. 

5. Getting To Know The Reason Why A Typical Nylon Teabag Is Shaped Like A Pyramid

I have already mentioned that on the whole nylon teabags can be told apart by their pyramid or envelope shape. Well, every design has a logical reason behind it and the same goes for the teabag. Read on further to know why nylon teabags are built this way.

We all know that tea leaves on coming in contact with hot water tend to expand. Now, round teabags have a small circumference that stops the tea leaves from opening fully when subjugated to hot water. Nylon tea bags being pyramid-shaped leaves a lot of scope for the tea leaves to expand and you get a rich tasting tea as compared to other teabags.

6. Do I Have Better Alternatives If I Want To Ditch My TeaBag

I hope by now you have a fair idea to the question if nylon teabags are safe? Surely a lot is still left to be discovered and I will reveal all the facts. Now, before moving ahead let me tell you about a few substitutes that can be used instead of a tea bag when you are faced with doubt about its usage.

Loose dried tea leaves are and will always be the number one choice of tea-lovers and tea experts alike. Apart from loose tea leaves, tea bags made from paper or do-it-yourself teabags are some considerable choices to weigh.

7. So, Can Nylon TeaBags Be Called A Better Choice Than Plastic Tea Pouches?

Plastic teabag is what I have always wanted to write about and I am sure glad I finally got the chance through this blog. However, I will not lament about it too much lest you get confused if we are talking about nylon teabags being safe or plastic tea bags. Let us begin.

Plastic no doubt is very convenient but, at the same time poses some major threats to our environment. I shudder when I imagine my tea mixed with plastic or any other chemical that cannot be recycled. Now, plastics when exposed to heat melts and drops their content into food or beverage items it comes in contact with. Nylon on the other hand is heat-resistant and will not contaminate your tea. Thus, nylon teabags can be safely deemed a better choice than plastic tea bags.

8. Can I Steep Nylon Tea Bags For A Long Period Of Time?

The next point that should be discussed is what happens when nylon tea bags are steeped for a long period of time or often more than required. Some people believe that the longer the steep, the richer the taster and the stronger the tea. Is this thinking really true? Let’s find out below.

Over-steeping means you are boiling the tea leaves which will only make the tea bitter. having said this, can nylon tea bags be considered an exception to the rule? I would definitely suggest otherwise. Steeping more than the required time will result in a bitter-tasting liquid and which is a result of excess tannins that contribute to the bitter taste of the beverage. So, nylon tea bags cannot be considered an exception here.

9.  Are Nylon Tea Bags Safe To Squeeze?

The question if teabags should be squeezed is indeed a debatable topic amongst tea lovers who rely on tea pouches to brew their tea and keeping this in mind, I have written a blog on it too. Do read my blog about Should tea bags be squeezed and through 11 eye-opening points get to know the logic and decide for yourself. 

As a tea-lover, I surely would suggest not to squeeze the tea bags for obvious reasons and some of which you can know about if you read my blog and the link of which is shared in the above paragraph.

10. Can I Re-Use Nylon Tea Bags?

The next important point that I would like to clear is if nylon tea bags can be re-used. Let us explore this point in depth.

Nylon tea bags or any tea bag are good for a maximum of 4-5 dips. Remember, with each dip the bags lose their luster and aroma which will result in a diluted drink each time. It would also be justified to mention that tea bags will always give you a feeble drink as compared to loose tea leaves. Also, excess dips especially in hot water will release harmful chemicals and will make the drink bitter.

11. What Kind Of Tea Leaves Can Be Found In Nylon Tea Bags?

I hope by now you have a fair idea about the safety of nylon tea bags as we near the end of the blog with just a few more points to go. Let us then understand the tea leaves grade that can be expected in a nylon tea bag.

Some people are of the impression that since nylon teabags have a cut above other tea pouches they are filled with loose tea leaves. Tea experts will tell you that all tea bags irrespective of the material they are made out of are filled with the remains of loose tea leaves and which includes dust, fannings, and powder. Nylon tea bags are no exception to this rule. 

12. Are You Buying Bleached Tea Bag In The Form of Nylon Tea Pouch?

The last but definitely an important point that deserves a mention is if you are buying bleached tea bags? If this has you confused, read further as the truth is unveiled.

Nylon or tea bags, in general, are made from bleached paper that is further sealed with glue or any binding chemicals. This when exposed to hot water releases its chemicals along with plastics into your cup and makes the tea toxic. Now, I don’t want to scare you but, I am stating the bare truth here so that you are better advised. Rest, I will leave it upon you for the decision is yours to make.

This concludes my blog on if nylon teabags are safe and I hope my blog will be an eye-opener for you. Now, if you think you want to ask me questions or share something do drop them in the comments section below and I will be happy to answer them. I have written more blogs centered around tea and all you have to do is, visit my website and select the Blogs tab. 

Happy Sipping!