Ever wondered about alcohol and ice tea pairings? Read my blog about 37 amazing pairings and be inspired to make them at your next party.

I am a passionate tea-blogger and a self-proclaimed tea lover. Tea and blogging are my life-lines with the third one being my tea cafe in the city of Kolkata. I have recently developed a palette for tea infused with alcohol and if you are wondering why do read on further to know. 

Alcohol and Ice Tea Pairings

Alcohol And Ice Tea Pairings- 37 Tea Booze Blends Worth Every Sip

Alcohol and ice tea are a splendid combination provided you get the pairing right. So, keeping this in mind I have come up with 37 boozy pairings and I hope you will want to make them at your next party or as a reason to unwind. So, let’s read and learn.

A. Iced Tea & Vodka Pairings

Let us see seven amazing cocktails that can be made by infusing Vodka and Tea.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

1. Pair Sweet Tea With Vodka For A Punch

Sweet tea is made by adding sugar syrup to black tea when the tea is still hot or at the brewing time. Flavored further with peaches, lemon, raspberry, or mint makes it an ideal summer drink.

In my opinion, the tea lacks some sweetness& Vodka with its sweet, spicy, and creamy notes(depending on the variety)will be the perfect answer.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

2. Thai Tea Is Another Tea That Has Rightfully Earned its Place On The List

Thai tea is made from black tea leaves, sugar syrup, milk, spices, and food coloring. The food coloring and spices give it a bright orange color. The tea can be quite sweet and needs to be balanced so that we get a smooth and even sweetened drink.

Vodka fits the choice in this case too and what one gets is an even & smooth concoction that is neither too sweet nor too sour but, a perfect blend.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

3. Vodka Peach Tea Is Yet Another Befitting Spiky Version That Deserves To Be Mentioned

Vodka peached iced tea is simply a type of cocktail that is made by infusing the spirit and peach juice together.

Since the spirit adds a mild sweetness to the tea you can skip adding sugar or sugar syrup. I would suggest adding 1 teaspoon of honey, salt, and a few drops of lemon for a spicy, sweet, and zesty flavor in the drink. 

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

4. Lemonade Iced Tea Compliments Vodka Like No Other

Lemonade is the best summer cooler and I love to have the tea all year round but, more so in the sweaty summer months. One glass is enough to hydrate me and quench my thirst too.

Now that our tea is ready, let us now dilute it with vodka, which would make the tea sweet and each sip that is taken will be a party in the mouth.

B. Ice Tea And Rum Is Another Note-Worthy Pairing That Ought To Be Considered

Rum is best described as an alcohol that though is made from sugar and, is not too sweet owing to its distillation process. On the contrary, it can be quite dry but, still offers a mild sweetness when mixed with other beverages. Let us see some iced tea pairings below.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

5. Black Tea And Rum Are A Quentenssial Pairing

Black tea is known for its strong or robust profile and bitter taste. Rum too is known to be strong-flavored alcohol. Let us see what to expect when the two are infused together.

When rum and tea are fused as one, we get a sweet flavored tea with a strong profile. The sweetness of the rum helps in cutting down the astringent or bitter taste of the tea. If the sweetness is too much to handle, I recommend adding a few drops of lemon.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

6. Rum Will Add Some Sweetness To Mint Tea

Mint tea is known for its cooling and soothing effects. Rum has a mildly sweet taste that offers some heat and spice when added to cold tea.

I can only imagine the notes or the flavor in my mint tea when I spike it with Rum and if you ask me, I would describe the tea’s flavor as a mixed bag of spicy, sweet, nutty taste with a cool and hot sensation. Overall, giving me a smooth texture with a mouthful consistency.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

7. Iced Tea Mojito When Infused With Rum Is A Party In The Mouth

Iced Tea Mojito can be made any way that you deem fit and can be further spiked with any spirit. However, we will use rum for the below mentioned reasons.

A typical iced tea is made from fruits, lemon, black, or green tea leaves and is further added with a simple sugar syrup. This can be quite sweet and thus, rum with its mildly sweet and nutty taste will help balance the flavor of the tea.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

8. BlackBerry Lemon Iced Tea Gets A Flavor Upliftment With The Addition of Rum

Blackberry can be sweet and tart and lemon is known for its zesty character. Now, when the two are fused in a drunk, one can expect the taste to be quite tart and might not be appealing to the taste-buds. Thus, rum fits the bill here perfectly.

We know the taste of the alcohol a number of times and thus, it would be apt to say that the tea with this new addition will get a hint of nuttiness that will balance the sweetness and sourness of the drink.

C. Iced Tea With Whiskey As A Delightful Pairing

Iced tea is amongst the most versatile summer drinks and I love its infusion with Whiskey Let us see some awesome pairings below.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

9. Honey Whiskey Iced Tea Should Be On Your Summer List

No other alcohol ticks the boxes for me than Whiskey when it comes to my tea cocktails. Iced tea can be made using any tea leaves but, if you are using alcohol to spike the drink, then it is important to pair it with the right spirit. Let us see why whisky and honey make for a classic iced tea.

I love honey for its easy to blend nature and also just 1-2 teaspoons is enough to bring the required sweetness. I follow a very simple recipe that includes home-brewed tea(which I always make a day before). Now, when the liquid has cooled enough, I store it away in the refrigerator(not the freezer) & right before consuming I add the honey finishing it with the liqueur. 

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

10. Pack In a Fruity Punch With Peached Iced Tea & Screech

Who doesn’t love peach iced tea? I surely cannot say no to a glass when offered. Now, peach is known for its sweet and tart flavor and it certainly needs an element of punch. Let us see why our chosen spirit is the right choice.

The alcohol is known for its distinguished flavor and which is best described as a combination of malty, smoky, and sour. This when mixed into sweet drinks compliments the sweet and strong flavor of the tea(derived from the fruit and black tea leaves). I always make my tea with loose tea leaves and if you want the tea to be more infused, ditch the tea bags. 

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

11. When Whiskey Is On Your Mind, Whiskey Sour Is On The Menu

Whiskey sour is a drink that is made from whisky, lemon, and sweetener. Considered a mild alcohol, it can be enjoyed slowly and thus, is considered as a great summer drink. Now, let us see how we can use the cocktail to our advantage by infusing it with tea leaves.

Remember, we are making iced teas that are blended with the alcohol and I suggest using green tea leaves as the tea has a grassy, earthy and spicy taste and will be a contrast when compared to the spirit. This will be a party in the mouth and definitely worth a drink. 

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

12. Green Tea Won’t Disappoint When Mixed With Whisky

Green tea is known to be bland with spicy and earthy notes. Many prefer adding honey to it to add an element of sweetness. However, let us ditch honey and go the spiky way.

We would use whiskey instead and amp the flavor of the tea cocktail with a party of flavors like spicy, grassy, vegetal, sweet, sour, malty, and nutty flavor derived by the infusion of the two mentioned elements. 

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

13. Ever Considered Matcha As A Pairing With Whiskey?

Matcha tea is a drink that is full of surprises. The taste can be anywhere between sweet, earthy, or bland depending on the way it is processed.

Now, when whisky is added to it, one gets a taste of sweet, spicy, nutty, and malty flavors that makes the tea drinkable. Trust me try this once and you will find yourself coming back to this combo again and again.

Let us now move ahead and see what tea goes with wine.

D. Amazing Iced Tea and Wine Pairings

If you belong to those segment of people for whom wine is like second gear, my list of some fabulous tea cocktails will blow your mind and make you reconsider your thinking. So, let us get to explore some great options.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

14. Oolong Tea Is My First Choice To Pair With Wine

If you are to ask a wine lover to describe its taste, they would tell you that you can expect it to be sweet, salty, acidic, or bitter. The fact that no one will tell you is to get your palate accustomed to its taste, sip it slowly, and just let your tongue savor it. 

Oolong tea cannot be classified as black or green tea but, it is a separate category of tea. Its floral, fruity, and mouthfeel appeal works perfectly when paired with wine.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

15.  Chinese Green Tea Justifies Wine In More Ways Than One

Chinese green tea is probably the oldest and the most recognized tea variety. Its taste is defined to be vegetal or grassy with hints of nutty and is a kind of unfermented tea.

I am not a fan of the tea but, of course, after having it as a cocktail at a beach party, I fell in love with the beverage. Now, obviously, the trick here lies in the water that you’re using and brewing the tea a day beforehand.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

16. Ever Heard of White Wine Sangria?

The term ‘Sangria’ is often associated with red wine but, we will be using white wine instead. Let us see to make a Sangria that will be a treat to the taste buds & at the same time break the normalcy.

I recommend any tea with a strong flavor profile. I love making the tea in advance as this way the liquid becomes more pronounced in terms of taste and consistency or texture. Chardonnay wine with its fruity taste is my apt choice here and I would definitely use this wine to make myself a glass of Sangria.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

17. If Sweet & Sour Is Your Kinda Flavor, Fig Tea Is Your Calling

Fig tea is made by brewing the fruit with black tea leaves. Its taste is more close to honey. Now, what makes it more amazing is that studies have proved that contrary to popular belief, the fruit is fit for diabetics too. 

Now, to make the tea into a spiked one I would opt for Prosecco wine. This way I ensure a fresh and vibrant taste with a light feel in my palate and a crisp or pronounced taste from the wine. 

This ends my options of some tea cocktails with wine and before, I move on to the next pairing, let me tell you that I have tried my best to bring the best options based on personal experience. If you think you have something to add to the list do drop them in the comments section below. Let us now see our next pairings, ” Iced Tea With Gin”.

E. Iced Tea & Gin Calls For Immemorable Times

Let us now see how gin and iced tea can be combined together.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

18. Earl-Grey & Gin Unite To Form An Amazing Booze

Drink tea the way Brits do with Earl-Grey and if you want to know more about the tea, do read my blog Is Eal-Grey tea tisane & through 13 factual points, the tea has been spoken about at length. Let us now see why gin makes an ideal choice.

Gin has a strong aroma with a citric taste. Earl-grey is a sweet tea with a hint of citrusy notes and when the two are blended together, one can expect the tea to be mildly sweet.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

19. Do The ExtraOrdinary By Pairing Green Tea With Matcha Powder & Gin

Matcha tea is a high-quality green tea powder that over the years has become very popular. So, if you haven’t tried matcha tea before, make gin your excuse and try this amazing spiked tea.

I have already discussed the flavors of the spirit above and its citric taste against the earthy, spicy and bland taste of the tea is quite a contrast. I am sure you will love its flavors. Do share your opinion in the comments section below.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

20. Add A Pink Color To Your Drink With Pink Gin

Pink gin is the name given to the spirit that has been flavored with fruits like rhubarb & strawberry, grapefruit, and rose petals are further added to further get a pinkish hue.

I would use Chamomile tea simply for its juicy taste that resembles apples and at the same time, I get a tea with a mellow sweetness that when spiked with the gin will make you fall in love with its contrasting flavor.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

21. Ditch The Traditional Teas & Opt For Red Bush Tea

Red bush tea aka Rooibos tea as it is commonly called is known for its natural sweetness with a nutty flavor and a smooth consistency. 

Now, when fused with a spirit like gin the tea will be a mix of mellow sweetness, nutty and slight acidic that will create a flavor punch in your mouth.

F. Iced Tea & Bourbon Make For A Relaxing Drink

I love bourbon and I love my tea  One day, I wanted to have both at the same time and came up with my own versions that I am sharing with you. Let us get to know them below.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

22. With Lemon & Sweet Tea Bourbon Consider The Job Easily Done

Lemon and sweet tea is a concoction that is made from black tea leaves as the base that is further infused with sweet peaches, simple sugar syrup, and lemon is added to it.

Bourbon is a sweet liquor with notes of vanilla, nutmeg, oak, and caramel. Now when it is mixed with the sweet lemon tea one is bound to get a sweet and sour tasting drink. The nutty notes from the caramel and spice from the nutmeg. This makes it an apt summer drink.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

23. Opt For Fruit Tea With Bourbon As Another Classic Pairing

Fruit teas are a variety of tea that is made from the juice of fruits like mixed fruit, strawberry, passion fruit, fig, etc. The tea leaves used depends on the fruit but, are generally made by a strong tea base.

We know the flavor of bourbon and owing to its defining characteristics, the alcohol is a perfect choice when in the mood to spike tea.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

24. Plum Tea & Bourbon Is The Uncrowned King of Tea Infused Hooch

Plum tea and its pairing with bourbon is another option I would like to talk about.

A typical plum tea is a fruit tea that is made by steeping fresh or dried plums in hot water. This Korean Tea is also called Maesil-Cha. Bourbon is a sweet-tasting liquor with notes of vanilla, nutmeg, oak, and caramel that helps balance the sweet taste of the tea. I further recommend using fresh herbs like thyme, mint, or basil for a minty taste. 

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

25. How About Bourbon Tea To Hit The Right Notes?

The last but surely not the least hooch option I would like to mention is Bourbon tea. Bourbon tea is made from green or black tea leaves that is steeped with hot water. Cold-brew teas are what I love to make during the summer months and making it a day before gives me an even tasting liquid that can be further blended in any way I want.

Now, since I have infused the alcohol with the tea, I am sure that the maltiness, smoky flavor, nutty flavor from the caramel, and milk sweetness from the vanilla will make my senses go wow! I am waiting to hear your opinion on the tea. Do share it below in the comments section.

Wow! writing about all the pairings with various alcohol never made me realize that I am almost at the end of my blog with just one section remaining and this is what we are going to explore.

G. Ice Tea That Works With Any Blend

The last option that I am going to talk about is some iced teas that work with any alcohol paired with. Let us learn about them below.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

26. Long Island Iced Tea Is The Best Citebale Example

Let us start the list with Long Island Iced Tea that is a typical alcoholic beverage that is a mixture of various boozes like Gin, Vodka, Rum, Wine, Whiskey, Tequila, etc. 

The addition of all the mentioned spirits can get you drunk quite fast and thus, a few drops of lemon and munching on a dairy product is advised. 

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

27. Matcha Tea Is An Ideal Choice That Blends With Any Hard Drink

Matcha is a tea variety that needs no introduction and is made from high quality matcha powder.

The taste of the tea is best described as bitter, grassy, and nutty. Alcohols are known for being sweet and acidic and which helps to balance the overall flavor.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

28. Why Green Tea Is Your Solution When It Comes To Pairing It With Any Booze

Green tea is a variety of tea that as compared to black tea is a less oxidized tea and is recognized the world over as an after-workout tea.

The tea has a spicy, bitter, and vegetal taste and if you are a first time drinker its taste might be ward you off. Owing to this flavor profile many add sugar or honey to their tea to make it more appealing.

Now, why don’t we add our choice of liquor to it and make it a mixed bag of flavors like sweet, sour, spicy, nutty, salty, etc depending on the kind of alcohol you are using.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

29. Ever Thought That Sweet Tea Could Be On The List

Sweet tea or sweet iced tea is the most easy to make. The tea is usually made by steeping black tea leaves and hot water together. A simple sugar syrup is further added to add some sweetness.

Flavored with raspberry, peaches, mint etc the tea can be overly sweet, and thus, an alcohol that flavors the tea without being too overpowering is of the essence here. This makes it a safe choice for the tea to blend with any alcohol.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

30. Thai Tea Is Another Considerable Bet That Goes Well With Any Aqua Vitae

Thai tea is a tea that is enjoyed both hot and cold.  The tea is made from steeping black tea leaves in hot water which is then added with spices, food coloring, and sugar syrups.

Now, in order to make the beverage more appealing, an element is needed that will add its own characteristics to the beverage and we get a smooth taste with myriad flavors. I usually add rum as it highlights the taste like no other. Whiskey(not any cream or toffee based though), gin, and vodka work great too.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

31. Coz Moments With A Spiked Bubble Tea Are Magical

Bubble tea has taken the world by surprise and boba-enthusiasts are constantly upgrading their game. Now, for those of you who don’t know what bubble tea is all about, do read my blog about 27 reasons that make bubble tea so special.

The tea can be made from fruits, vegetables, milk, or anything that takes your fancy. I would opt for rum mostly as its rich, sweet, and slightly nutty taste can be paired with any variety. To make the drink more appealing I suggest you ditch the pearls and to help you get the flavors right I have written a blog about 27 yummy substitutes for the pearls. 

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

32. Chai Lattes & An Alcohol of Your Choice is A Perfect Solution

When you want to play along with alcoholic flavors and tea and bored with the normal, chai lattes is the perfect boozy solution that will not only set the mood right but, the dairy ingredients used will save you from a hangover the next day.

Chai latte is an Indian-origin drink that is often made by steeping black tea and hot water together along with spices. Milk is then added to it and is topped with sugar and whipped cream. Now, all these additions can make the tea too sweet for your liking. Don’t you think that the tea needs an additional element that will uplift its flavor and create harmony? I certainly do and thus, alcohol does the trick for me.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

33. Lemon Tea Is My Kinda Summery Drink

During the summer months, I find it hard to resist a well made lemon tea that is a perfect balance of sweet and sour. What makes this tea more amazing for me is that I am at the liberty to use any tea leaves and I can let the liquid steep overnight without having to worry about it getting spoilt.

When at a beach party or maybe just hanging out with my gang, I would take any bottle of liqueur and pour some into everyone’s tea. Summer sure is sorted for me.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

34. Mixed Fruit Tea & Booze Anyone?

Mixed fruit tea is a herbal infusion that is made from loose tea leaves and fruit juices. The taste can be a mix of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy depending on the fruit you are using.

Alcohols like wine, whieky, gin. tonic, vodka, rum, bourbon, etc pair quite well and one has to try it to believe its amazing taste.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

35. When In Doubt, Use Mint Tea

Mint tea is prepared from spearmint, peppermint, or orange. It has a cooling and soothing effect on the body when drunk during summers and is also, considered a great thirst quencher.

People love it when paired with white rum or whiskey but, I suggest diluting the tea with gin and tonic when experiment is on your mind. This is something I do a lot and I highly recommend. Believe me, the drinks you can come up with will take you by surprise.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

36. Fruit Tea Another Remarkable Option That Belongs On The List

Fruit tea is a herbal fruity infusion that is enjoyed as a hot and cold version. You can take any fruit of your choice or buy from the easily available varieties from a nearby shop.

The taste of this tea is sweet as fruits are blessed with fructose syrups that gives it a naturally sweet taste. Now, the question  of increasing the taste comes to my mind and I have my solution in the form of a hard drink like rum, white wine, red wine, whiskey, bourbon, Irish cream, Sherry, Chardonnay, etc.

Alcohol and ice tea pairings

37. Toddy You Are Too Precious To Be Forgotten

The last option I would like to talk about is Toddy. Not many know that the drink is of Indian origin and is made from fermenting the sap of palm trees. The drink meant for hot consumption has updated itself and is now enjoyed as a cocktail across many countries.

I would use rum, wine, whiskey & vodka as ideal boozy options. Though fruit-based liqueurs, Irish Cream, bourbon, baileys too are worth mentioning picks,


This concludes my blog about the tea and its alcohol pairings. I would love to hear your opinion on them. Also, if you feel you have something to share or, ask me any questions feel free to drop them in the comments section below and I will be happy to answer them. 

Happy Sipping!