Ever wondered about the accompaniments with cheese tea? Well, if you haven’t read my blog about 53 items that are a foodie’s delight.

I am a passionate tea blogger and a tea enthusiast. I also own a tea cafe in Kolkata city where I love to serve different types of teas with snacks. Well, doesn’t tea taste better when you have something to much on?

Accompaniments with Cheese Tea

Accompaniments With Cheese Tea: 53 Choicest Selections To Bring Out Your Inner Foodie

Cheese tea is a combination of black or green tea, milk, salt, and cream cheese. In other words, the tea is topped with a foam that is made from salty or sweet cream cheese, milk, and whipped cream  We know that tea tastes better when paired with the right food, and thus, I bring you my list of 53 gluttony items that will invoke the food giant within you.

Accompaniments with cheese tea

1. Pair Cheese Tea With Scones

Cheese tea has a sweet and salty taste with mild tanginess and thus, it is important that we pair it with the right food. Scones are baked items and can be attributed for not being overly sweet.

This makes it a perfect item to be paired with cheese tea. 

Accompaniments with cheese tea

2. Sandwiches Compliments Milk Foam Tea Like No Other

Sandwiches are bread things that can be modified as far as fixings, the sort of bread, and the fixings to give some examples. As a food, they are a favored decision when searching for a speedy yet filling nibble to go with tea.

I suggest a coleslaw sandwich with salt and dark pepper powder. The gentle hotness from the flavors will assist with adjusting the pleasantness.

Accompaniments with cheese tea

3. Strawberries Make For A Great Combination With Milk Foam Tea

Strawberries are red-colored fruits that can be sweet or sour and is much-loved fruit.

For long, tea and fruits are known as perfect accompaniments so there shouldn’t be any excuse why it cannot be combined with cheese tea.

Accompaniments with cheese tea

4. Crumpets Will Be A Contrast With Cheese Tea

Crumpets are little iron cakes. As the name proposes they are cooked utilizing irons on a gas oven and are eaten warm

The warm cakes when topped with melted butter and paired with the cold tea will melt in your mouth.

Accompaniments with cheese tea

5. Crunchy Cereals Will Add A Crunchy Element With Milk Cap Tea

Cereals are a powerhouse of energy that is often had with milk as a breakfast item across the world. You can have it chips too ie. without milk.

Cereals provide an element of crunch that is the need of the hour against the smooth and creamy texture of the tea. 

Accompaniments with cheese tea

6. Vegetable Fritters Is Another Food Item To Pair With Milk Cap Tea

Milkcap is another name for cheese tea and vegetable fritters are deep-fried snacks that is made by mashing potatoes, adding vegetables to it, and spices are added further.

These deep-fried tidbits when eaten with the tea will make your taste-buds jingle with the differentiating flavor blend.

Accompaniments with cheese tea

7. Do You Know The Secret Why I Love Mangosteen With Cheese Tea?

Mangosteen is a tropical fruit that is described as a delicious cross of fruits like lychee, peach, and pineapple.

Mangosteen offers me a taste of varied fruits and at the same time, I get a flavor of sweet and sour that when paired with the tea helps me to attain a flavor balance.

Accompaniments with cheese tea

8. Try Bagels For A Satisfying Bite With Cheese Tea

Bagels are round ring-formed bread items favored the world over for the flexibility they offer. You can have them with eggs, buttered, or a meat of your decision.

I recommend sour cream that will aid in striking a balance of sweet and sour. 

Accompaniments with cheese tea

9. Break The Sweetness Chain of Cheese Tea With Bruschetta

Bruschettas are another savory bread item to consider and are typically served as a side dish or an appetizer. This grilled or toasted food can be enriched with a number of topping and sun-dried tomatoes with seasonings is synonymous with the food.

I recommend tossing in some green vegetables with seasonings like salt, peppers, herbs and using them as a topping. The crunchiness and the seasonings will be a contrast against the sweet and salty tea.

Accompaniments with cheese tea

10. Banana Bread Is Certainly A Desirable Pairing With Milk Cap Tea

The blend of bananas and bread is a treat for any taste buds. Banana as a fruit is known for its slightly sweet taste and when made into bread, it gets a toasty and crunchy texture that makes it Moorish.

I would toast the bread as that will give me some crunchiness and balance the flavor of the sweet cheese tea. 

Accompaniments with cheese tea

11. Pretzels Are Slowly Climbing The Ladder As A Pairing With Cheese Tea

Pretzels are exquisite bread. What separates them is the bunch solidly in the center and they are prepared treats.

Join jalapenos for an ideal flavor balance, particularly when blending it with cheese tea.

Accompaniments with cheese tea

12. Burgers Will Help With The Right Flavor Combination With Cheese Tea

Burgers are another bread item & are highly customizable. One can pick the bread, the stuffing, and sauces even.

I suggest a few fries with ketchup on the sides for a firm component with the tea.

Accompaniments with cheese tea

13. Avocado Toast As Another Accompaniment To Pair With Milk Foam Tea

Avocado is a green cultivated natural product that is very flexible. The flexibility incorporates avocado paste and oil to name a few uses.

The natural product tastes nutty and when had with cheese tea helps in getting the perfect balance of sweet and savory.

Accompaniments with cheese tea

14. Cookies & Milk Cap Tea Make For A Classic Combination

Cookies are baked goodies that can be made with a number of ingredients. No matter the flavor they make for an amazing tea-time snack.

I prefer blueberry as the tart from the fruit helps create a harmony of flavors and the beverage isn’t excessively sweet.

Accompaniments with cheese tea

15. Pair Cold Cheese Tea With Hot Potato Wedges

Potato wedges are unpeeled cuts of potatoes that can be heated or singed.

I suggest finishing off it with dark pepper powder so the flavors of the tea and the wedges delight your taste buds.

Accompaniments with cheese tea

16. Cute Little Dumplings Will Ensure You Get The Right Flavor Combination With Cheese Tea

Dumplings are charming minimal uncooked pockets loaded down with different fillings like meat, corn, vegetables, and so on

Steamed or pan-fried(shallow fry) they taste incredible in any case. Have them with a zesty sauce to eliminate the pleasantness of the cheese tea.

Accompaniments with cheese tea

17. Tea-Time Cakes Are A Befitting Pairing With Cheese Tea

Tea time cakes originated in Britain and are often served with afternoon tea. Light, fluffy, and not high on sweet quotient makes them a great pairing with cheese tea.

A sponge cake would make for a classic pair and I would definitely love to have one with my milk foam tea.

Accompaniments with cheese tea

18. Try Tea-Time Crackers With Cheese Tea

Crackers are crunchy baked items and what works for me is that they aren’t overly sweet. Also, they come in many shapes, sizes and flavors.

I would recommend a strawberry & watercress cracker for its differentiating flavors like sweet, spicy, zingy & bitterness. 

Accompaniments with cheese tea

19. Rice Cakes To Accompany Milk Foam Tea

Rice cakes are level hard food made with puffed rice. These cakes are light and this trait makes them an ideal food with my tea.

I would select a caramel syrup that will add some nuttiness to the generally sweet tea.

Accompaniments with cheese tea

20. Brussels Sprouts Will Add The Right Texture With Cheese Tea

Brussels are mini versions of carrots that can be roasted, fried, pan-fried, or grilled. No matter the method used, these savory items are an ideal snack with cheese tea.

I would opt for roasting them as this will add some crunchiness and top it with nuts to help me balance the sweet tea’s flavor. 

Accompaniments with cheese tea

21. Sushis Make For A Great Pairing With Cheese Tea

Originating in Japan sushis are small pieces of raw fish wrapped in rice and seaweed. You can have them with assorted dips.

Sushi is a gently seasoned food and when plunged in soy sauce adds a sweet and pungent taste. This impeccably balances the tea’s flavor.

Accompaniments with cheese tea

22. Ever Tried Muesli & Cheese Tea Together?

Muesli is an oats dish that is best enjoyed cold. Fruits, nuts, and yogurts are frequently added as an incredible flavor mix.

I recommend garnishing it with nuts for a crunchy & nutty taste that will be an unparalleled match with cheese tea. 

Accompaniments with cheese tea

23. Try Tarts For An Element of Crunch With Mousse Tea

A tart is a heated dish that comprises of a cake base and fillings are added to it. The fillings range from sweet to exquisite.

I suggest a stuffing of spinach. The vegetable’s hearty and tasteless notes will make an extraordinary blending with the tea.

Accompaniments with cheese tea

24. Boa Buns Ought To Be On Your List When Pairing Foods With Cheese Tea

Bao buns with its sweet and savory options makes it an erstwhile pairing with milk cap tea.

I would suggest meat stuffings with a verdant serving of mixed greens as an afterthought for a match of gritty & hot,  flavors with the milk foam tea.

Accompaniments with cheese tea

25. Cinnamon Rolls For A Spicy Element With Milk Cap Tea

Cinnamon rolls are baked confectionaries that have a woody, sweet and hot flavor.

I highly recommend them for their spicy attribute that is a welcoming change against the sweet taste of the cheese tea. 

Accompaniments with cheese tea

26. Nutty Popcorn Will Help Break The Sweet Monotony of Cheese Tea

Popcorn is made by popping corn pieces and it is a famous thing with individuals. As a youngster, I wanted to see the manner in which popcorn was made and the sound was music to my ears.

The crunchy taste and nutty appeal that popcorn has makes it an ideal pairing with sweet cheese tea.

Accompaniments with cheese tea

27. Pair Hot Noodles With Cold Cheese Tea

Who can oppose a plate of hot noodles? Independent of the reality whether they are veg or non-veg, noodles sure are inviting.

I love my noodles with chilly sauce and vegetables for a perfect balance of crunchiness and spice.

Accompaniments with cheese tea

28. Ever Thought Of Pairing Cheese Tea & Granola Bars?

Granola bars are crunchy treats produced by using oats alongside different fixings like brown sugar, fruits, nuts, and so on

I would select these bars for their traits that make for a treat with cheese tea.

Accompaniments with cheese tea

29. Croquettes Are Another Pick-Me-Up Item With Cheese Tea

Croquettes are seared nibble things that can be formed into any shape and reach in the stuffings utilized.

My mom makes them for me and serves them with a hot sauce that adjusts the sweet kind of the tea and adds a crunchy component as well.

Accompaniments with cheese tea

30. Onion Rings Are Another Considerable Food Items With Cheese Tea

Onion rings are deep-fried snacks. Being round in shape has acquired them the name. Onion rings are generally presented with ketchup.

I highly recommend them for their sweet and tart attribute that is a pleasant change when paired with cheese tea.

Accompaniments with cheese tea

31. Consider Petite 4s With Cheese Tea When A Light Snack Is On Your Mind

As the name recommends petit 4s are scaled-down sweet or exquisite confectionaries & makes for an undeniable pairing with the tea. Petit 4s are likewise called mignardises.

I would opt for the savory ones to go with my cheese tea. 

Accompaniments with cheese tea

32. Hot Dog Is Another Savory Item That Will Help Balance The Sweetness of Milk Foam Tea

Hot dogs are exquisite food items that come in both veg and non-veg options.

I would surely pair it with my cheese tea for a balanced profile.

Accompaniments with cheese tea

33. Croissants Is An Undeniable Pairing With Cheese Tea

Croissants are baked confectionery items that are a delight with tea. These days, they come in many flavors like strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. Pick one as per the sort of cheese tea,

I recommend applying spread on them and them warm in a broiler for around 30 seconds. The dissolved spread will make them gentler. Trust me, the flaky taste will add crunchiness to the tea.

Accompaniments with cheese tea

34. Pair Cheese Tea With Sauteed Vegetables

Sauteed vegetables are prepared in a wok using very little oil with the aim to retain the green color on them.

I suggest garnishing it with some nuts and rock salt that will add some crunchiness and I can enjoy the tea more. 

Accompaniments with cheese tea

35. Consider Corn As Another Impeccable Pairing With Cheese Tea

Maize or corn as it is popularly called is my favorite snack to much on with tea. I enjoy it either by roasting it, or taking out its kernels and eating it separately.

I though suggest you take out the kernels and boil them, thereby adding some butter salt, 1 or 2 drops of lemon juice, and pepper. This will give you a fulfilling snack when paired with the sweet flavor of the tea and its salty, sweet and spicy flavors will add a contrasting flavor that will grow on your taste buds. 

Accompaniments with cheese tea

36. Nachos Are Cute Little Snacks To Much With Cheese Tea

Nachos or tortilla chips are cute little triangles or circular snacks. They are eaten with salsa and cheese sauce.

I would avoid the cheese and be more inclined towards the salsa with the goal that the hotness or the zestiness can help me in finding some kind of harmony between the tea and the snack. 

Accompaniments with cheese tea

37. Fluffy Pancakes Is Surely A Treat With Milk Cap Tea

Light and fluffy pancakes are a quite famous food item and are known for their flexible nature. One can have it plain, with honey, fruits, chocolate, or maple syrup.

Pancakes aren’t sweet and this makes them an ideal pairing with the cheese tea. I would toss in some nuts like pecans and walnuts to help me get some crunchiness. 

Accompaniments with cheese tea

38. Pair Cheese Tea With Nuts For Some Crunch

Nuts are pop in your mouth crunchy snack items. They are enjoyed either soaked overnight, roasted or straight out of the packet. 

I generally roast my nuts and sprinkle a little salt and pepper. This trick helps me get some element of spice with the sweet cheese tea.

Accompaniments with cheese tea

39. Sausages Will Add Some Gaminess With Cheese Tea

Sausages are a kind of meaty food that is usually made from pork. However, with changing times, it is now made from venison, beef, poultry, etc, They can be grilled and fried and are best enjoyed hot.

I would be generous with my spices and pair them with cold cheese tea. 

Accompaniments with cheese tea

40. Puffed Rice Offers A Light Snack To Have With Cheese Tea

Puffed rice or Poha, is an Indian savory item that is light and in my country, each state has its own version.

I would recommend tossing in some vegetables and garnishing it with onions that will add some crunchiness, salty, and spice(from the onions). Thus, I ensure that sweetness isn’t the only flavor I get. 

Accompaniments with cheese tea

41. Ever Considered Matcha Tea Cakes With Cheese Tea?

Matcha tea is a high-quality green tea powder that over the years has become very popular and can be used to prepare tea cakes too.

Matcha cakes are known to be woody with a bitter after-taste. I recommend them with cheese tea so that you get some complexity in flavors and not sweetness. 

Accompaniments with cheese tea

42. Focaccias Is A Perfect Pairing With Milk Cap Tea

Focaccias are a type of bread that can be sweet or savory. My take is with corn and olives and I love it toasted with butter applied to it.

Now, when pairing it with cheese tea I suggest opting for the savory version that will be a pleasant experience with the tea. 

Accompaniments with cheese tea

43. Hot & Spicy Spring Rolls Compliments Cheese Tea Perfectly

Spring rolls as the name suggests are another deep-fried food item that I would certainly recommend as a pairing with cheese tea. Meat, cheese, cottage, cheese, vegetables, etc are some items you can use as stuffings. 

Accompany the spring rolls with a spicy sauce and have it with the tea. I am sure the heat from the sauce and the crunchiness from the pastry will help break the monotony of the sweet and smooth texture of the tea. 

Accompaniments with cheese tea

44. Pair Blueberries With Cheese Tea For A Hint of Tartness

Blueberries are round fruits that are known for their sweet and sour flavors. Fruits are known to be a great pairing with tea and thus, why can’t we include them?

I highly recommend the fruit for its zingy and mild sweet flavor that will complement the sweet cheese tea perfectly. 

Accompaniments with cheese tea

45. One Cannot Go Wrong With Vegetable Sandwich & Cheese Tea Pairing

Vegetable sandwiches leave little to the imagination and are quite versatile when it comes to making one to your liking. They can be grilled too

I recommend serving them with chips that will add some crunchiness against the smooth and sweet cheese tea. You can also add a spicy sauce for a more pronounced flavor combination. 

Accompaniments with cheese tea

46. Ever Considered Kimchi As A Pairing With Milk Foam Tea?

Kimchi is a Korean delicacy that is made by tossing cabbages and radishes together and then garnished with seasonings like spices, salt, a few drops of lemon, and other condiments like ginger or garlic can be added too.

I love the heat and acidity that Kimchi offers and would definitely pair it with my cheese tea. This way I will get to enjoy a blend of spices, zinginess, and sweetness that together will make my taste-buds sing. 

Accompaniments with cheese tea

47. Ramen With Its Contrasting Flavor Is A Perfect Pairing With Cheese Tea

Ramen is a Japanese soup that has noodles as the main ingredient. Sea foods, meats, or vegetables are further added to the broth at the time of cooking.

Ramen with its sweet and sour flavor is quite a fiery match with the cheese tea and is a reason why I highly recommend pairing it with the tea. 

Accompaniments with cheese tea

48. Pair Spinach Fritters With Sweet Cheese Tea

Spinach fritters are made by coating the leaves in a batter that is seasoned with salt, black and red peppers and then is deep-fried till a golden layer is formed.

Spinach is known for its bland and woody taste and this works great when paired with the otherwise sweet milk foam tea. 

Accompaniments with cheese tea

49. Pork Cutlets Is Another Stupendous Pairing With Cheese Tea

Pork cutlets are deep-fried snack items that have minced meat as the filling and is tweaked with salt and spices. They are then coated in batter and fried till golden brown.

A complete package of crunchiness, salty and peppery they elevate the taste of the cheese tea and is another item I highly recommend with the tea. 

Accompaniments with cheese tea

50. Ever Thought Kebabs Could Help In Getting The Right Notes With Cheese Tea?

Kebabs are grilled food items that can be made from cottage cheese, vegetables or, meat. Chunks of your chosen item are arranged on skewers and then grilled on an open fire or clay ovens.

I recommend garnishing the grilled pieces with salt and pepper and serving it with some pickled onions. I would also add a mint-based sauce for a varied flavor. 

Accompaniments with cheese tea

51. Sweet & Tangy Pasta Will Be A Perfect Pairing With Cheese Tea

Pasta is a popular Italian dish that is traditionally enjoyed when tossed in olive oil and spices are further added. Pasta is comfort food for me and is something I love to cook when a quick fix is on my mind.

I recommend a spicy sauce as a great addition that will neutralize the sweetness from the tea and I can expect a combination of sweet and spice with each bite. 

Accompaniments with cheese tea

52. Tea Buns Is Another Note-Worthy Food Item With Cheese Tea

Tea buns are baked goodies that are enjoyed with tea or otherwise too. I find the smell of a freshly baked batch quite intoxicating and is a favorite item with tea at my cafe.

I serve it with butter that adds to the taste appeal of the tea with its salty texture. At times, some want it with a sprinkle of black pepper or for a more hearty snack, stuffings are in demand at times too. 

Accompaniments with cheese tea

53. Sago Fritters Is A Perfect Answer To A Light Snack With Cheese Tea

Sago is called ‘Sabudana’ in India and we use it in various ways. Made into a porridge, as fritters(deep-fried till golden brown) or sauteed in a wok they offer a light evening meal. Now, if you want to know more about sago, do read my blog about can sago be used for bubble tea wherein via 11 facts I have mentioned all there is to know about this food. 

I recommend sago fritters with a spicy sauce when pairing it with cold cheese tea. The spiciness from the sauce, heat from the fritters, and sweetness from the tea will create a myriad flavor in your mouth. Trust me you will come back to this combination each time. 


This concludes my blog and I hope you will want to try the lip-smacking options I’ve mentioned. Do share your pick(s) or you can add your own options to the list too. Also, if you think you have a question for me or share something, just drop them in the comments section below and I will be happy to answer them. Do visit my website for your daily fix on tea. 

Happy Sipping!